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    • Enemies in hard multimode are not buffed from vanilla. A multimode hard booma is roughly equivalent to a multimode normal So Dimenian. Also the other problem is you are trying to use photon claw. Claw animation on males is easily the worst in the game, being nigh unusable. I'd recommend making sure you are playing in multiplayer mode and not oneplayer mode, and taking some time to study and practice some of the mechanics. Understanding monster ai and attack range, how to bait attacks and when to move to dodge those attacks, and how long you have to combo delay, etc. Even using just a buster without native, a lvl 40 humar with a mag like that can take out multimode boomas in 2 NH combo (normal>heavy, dodge, normal>heavy, can do with NNH x2 on the oneplayer mode ones). I'm sure you have something better than a 0 stat ungrinded buster to use though. I don't think the issue is with your gear, or with buffed enemies. Multimode ep1 is not buffed at all, and you should be able to take out even harder things than 1p forest at that level with basic gear. You can maybe use a slicer to soften up a group from range, then take them out with a saber weapon to finish them off. 2 combos to kill does not sound like an issue of spongey enemies, I made a humar at level 40 with those mag stats and a blank buster to be absolutely sure of it myself; perhaps just some more practice at understanding their attack ranges to dodge them, or combo delay practice to avoid counterattacks could help you out.
    • I borrowed the meme from @C01D1, it was even entered into the summer forum mini-event lol. I agree 100%. The point is to have fun, however that may be.
    • That's because it was inspired by you! The quote was to legendary and had to be memed with Spongebob. I originally even posted it under your comment on chatbox! lol    
    • Why does it seem like the creation of that Spongebob me-me was inspired by me? I have said those same exact words in chatbox before. Interesting. Let me find out folks are using my words to create silly me mes.  The contents on your post are true nonetheless. There are a lot of pay to win users on this server, but there is nothing wrong with using DTS. I donated for the first time because Prophets of Motav is the only weapon I refuse to hunt, so I bought one for my 16th character.   Some of the users on this server have lost so much on other servers that they don't mind receiving gifts nor mind getting back what they've once lost via DTS if possible.   However, some things can't be achieved without DTS on this server. Whether you trade or buy DTS doesn't matter. The fact DTS is required for a lot of things still holds true.   I say not to discourage users from donating because you never know how much effort they put into this game on other servers, losing it all, and how they just might want all their shit back real quick on this server.   That being said, if anybody wanna enjoy this game from scratch without help, then do solo mode or join a room of new players. It's usually fun running as a low level with 3 other users equally. For many years while playing GC offline, that is what I wanted to try the most. Running with users online.   I don't see why anybody would wanna play PSO alone at this point, but it is what it is. Have fun either way.   Sent from my SM-J727T1 using Tapatalk      
    • For most people here, this server is pay2win. They donated real $$$$ to the server for a fast-track to obtain rare items and gear that they didn't find. You're basically their antithesis. They can't relate, so they hate. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Your best bet is playing on One Player Mode, if you want to solo. I would suggest going through the government questline. Raising your mag will truly make progression a lot smoother. The command "/magtimer" is your best friend.  The Max Stats Guide will give you guidance on how you should raise your mag and use stat materials according to class. Sounds to me like you should try playing some of Normal Episode II, it may be your next step up before you move on to Hard Episode I.
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