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  1. hello! i am looking for a teamflag that existed on this server back in 2016 roughly. team was called Agents, and for a long time they had a yellow background with a black hat for a team flag. i am trying to find that image! please do any of you know the image i am speaking of? can you help me acquire these most desirable pixels? please and thank you! ps, the current team flag for Agents, if it still even exists, is not the team flag i am looking for sadly. im not sure who changed it. also i miss pete ggs help a bro out thanks love you bye!
  2. i think shiek was the one who made the lists. he just did it as a favor to the community, and recently he decided he didnt wanna do that anymore. so if anyone has the smarts for that kinda thing, the throne is empty
  3. was tbat post removed? i dont see a video or time or anything
  4. check this guys lv and time lol. this the guy im currently working on speaking of sweetheart and safty heart btw. i looked on the wiki and sweetheart gives like 20 EDK which should be enough to survive the lv 3 megid in cca ultimate from gibbons. so for females it is a great choice. also i think safty heart gives a little more. it also has very high fire resist. you can max fire resists with... cent res i think. the only upside to this for cca would be the little fire traps wont hurt you and the sinows rafoie wont hurt you, but they dont do much damage anyway xD. on the other hand sweetheart saftyheart combo boosts atp if you are standing very near a male character. the more near you the more the buff is. i think its like 90 for 1 male, 150 for 2 males 200 for 3 males... maybe? but you gotta be like RIGHT on top of them for it to work. and most ppl think you're being weird and will run from you lmao! on this newest character i decided to use my cent arms and serene swan on the falz fights, i would bring extra arms units so i could swap. it made the falz fight much faster in very hard difficulty
  5. ive made some new characters recently and here is what ive been using for armor. lv 1 armor for males that gives high edk (dress plate) and whatever is the best barrier at the blue shop focusing on RES (page 2 of the stats) i ignore dfp evp for this part of the game and just focus on hp materials, power materials etc at lv 50 or 60 or so ill go back to the blue shop and look for divinity barrier this will give you resists like 27 30 27 60 0 with both equipped yes 0 resistance to grants. however fighting falz has never been an issue for my character, hucast. perhaps because of higher hp he has. at least in very hard it shouldnt be an issue if youre playing a female this wont work as she cant use dress plate. also females have lower hp... but dress plate and divinity barrier carries me to lv 150 where then i swap to samurai armor and ylvis costume. i like this set up because it has low lightning resist and when you fight gal gryphion the lightning will nock you down instead of multihitting you do death in my strategy for making new characters. i solo ttfu until lv 90, ttf from 90-100 (usually with help) and then 100-200 cca or RT (with help or solo, with help is much faster.) the last toon i made, hucast, took about 36 hrs of game time to get from 1-200. it can be done faster than that too. to start out i get prepped first, i eat all my mats for my plan at lv 1, (115 pow 35 luck) equip pow mag (the end game mag for hucast is fine (3 182 15 0)) and equip as many units i can to increase power for hucast, if i was playing ranger i would boost ATA/ DEX instead because its much easier to equip big guns at lv 1 than big swords. id use (cent battle cent power cent power cent power) until i get to lv 100 hucast where i swap to (cent battle cent arms cent arms smartlink) and equip a serene swan. if playing hucast this should max your ata and youll be feeling pretty comfy in ep 2 as long as you dont get hit lol OR SHOCKED (NURF THE DAMN BROWN MONKEY HE IS THE BIGGEST THREAT IN EP2 XD) at lv 199 or 200 you can chaange the second cent arms to a free unit. most ppl use cure confuse but u can use whatever just dont forget smartlink centarms cent battle on the other hand for racast if using a DEX mag 0 75 125 0 (fonewy melee mag) you can equip dark meteor lv 1 with only 2 cent arms i think. 2 or 3. giving you room for cent battle and 1 free unit (cent power maybe) using these strategies and weapons you can go through the lower difficulties in lightning speed. but if you dont have dark flow dark meteor i would just go as close to that as you can. perhaps for hu tjs/crim sword/ultima reaper/ master sword? and arrest needle/ iron faust for RA also some low lv gear that carried me that i didnt expect (ULTIMA REAPER) you can equip this guy at lv 1 with my set up and its strong enough to one shot everything in normal so killing all the enemies in ttfu isnt too bad. also tjs is something you will be able to equip before dark flow (around lv 20? 30? i forget) if you have them, which also did a lot of carrying. the tjs special in the lower levels when your pb is really easy to increase is pretty awesome. also it seems like if you use tjs on a huge mob with 100 pb it can proc your mag again even though it depletes your pb. so if youre using tellisus /love rappy/ sonoti whatever/ you might get 30 seconds invunerablility just for blasting on the caves mobs or whatever. (also cool trick with tjs master sword, or pb drain weps: if you do attack combo: normal normal special attack, with full pb, and swap weapons quickly to another weapon, you will be left with 60 pb instead of 0) so you can abuse your tjs and mag while you abuse the lower difficulty monsters to any hunters out there who dont have a good sword at all, try ultima reaper its not something to sleep on if you are struggling with mobs and dont have a good sword yet. and its relatively cheap if you arent looking for hit stats on the weapon. you wont need hit for these lower difficulties or stats so if you can find ultima reaper for a few pds it could be a great beat stick for a new player. this can also be used on fomarls and other classes so its pretty good to have one of these. also type mechs have a pretty low req for ata, youll be able to equip those around lv 30 or so without putting anyting into dex/ata. and it can do good damage to falz with berzerk on the lower difficulties. hits pretty hard. if anyone has some specific question or something i can help with lmk ill be doing some cca/rt today (olga drops EXCALIBUR) if anyone wants to tag along and grind some exp
  6. theres a lot to it. if you need help in game i could give you a few pointers... playing in ultimate is difficult because the monsters have boosted stats compared to vanilla so you are gonna want over 200 ATA to hit monsters in ep 1 and over 200 ata, plus hit on weapons to hit monsters in ep 2. ep2 is where you can grind out the most exp to lv up quickly as well. on ultima if you wanted to donate to the server (ultima does not have a monthly charge to play like the original pso did) you can add hit to your weapons (MAX 80 HIT) though i would only do this to the best items you have. also on ultima we have ultima exclusive weapons you cant find on other servers. i would save my DTs to add hit to stuff like that. for basic starter ramarl i think id go for... frozen shooter 30 hit or more (3pds?) millie mariteau 40 hit or more / later you can upgrade to female exclusive millie faucillie (best mech gun for ramarl) (20 pd or so for the first wep but upgrading you will need an event item called stellar shard ( a shard probably costs like... idk 15 dts? 20 dts? or like 99 pd or 198 pd not sure exactly) you can farm durring an event, cant remember which event, but valentines event is coming soon. bringer rifle 40 hit or more for demons/ rifle range (demons cuts enemy hp by 75%. demons has an activation rate of 50% so it will look like it misses a lot but when you land it it will do lots of damage. use this on enemies who have a lot of hp slicer of finatic would also be good for demons, multiple enemies, but ramarl can use type SH/shot demons later on which is super over powered compared to the slicer but the slicer is still good if you can find a good one for cheap. youll want 40 hit or more. arrest needle 40+ hit for now this would be your main mobbing tool for taking down lots of monsters quickly until you get a dark meteor (or if you swap to racast you can use Iron Faust) outside of weapons and im sure i forgot something important... you gonna want a lv 200 mag, and probably some heavenly/ arms units to max your ATA. ramarl has almost the highest ATA in the game which is gonna help you a lot, your weapons wont need as much hit as ...say a hunter or a force would. if you can get an armor called kroes sweater and equip it, you gain an additional 10 ata but i think you need to be lv 180 something to equip that. so for units you will want something like (v101, h/arms, h/arms, h/arms) the goal is to max your ATA. if you can max your ATA with less than 3 h/arms then only use what you need. the number will be gold when maxed out red ring will help also, at lv 150, equipping red ring will boost your ATA 20 over max, this is the only item that can do this and is used by 99% of players. there are also variations of red ring on this server called red ring costumes. my favorite for ramarl is franks costume (doubles range of your jellen and zalure) it will be like having glide divine on your head and the buff is always active as long as it is equipped. also gives you cute bunny ears which looks pretty good on ramarl. not so much on humar haha any questions hmu good luck HUNTER!
  7. dont know why this force with almost 0 atp, equipping a weapon with 1-5 atp, is doing 0 dmg wild! must be the gun
  8. edit: got the syncesta and swan thanks
  9. hey i will take that 40 0 35 0 swan 30 pd and the mats for 50 pd so ill gather 80 pd for you. that sounds good man ill take that ... syncesta so elusive
  10. offering 25 pd p booster also 2 stacks of pow mats 3 stacks of hp mats thanks flerb and drago for the recent trades
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