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  1. lol i just watched howls moving castle last night.... yeah Silver you should watch studio ghibli films for movies bro. there are 20 in total, there are a few like earthsea that arent the best movies but most of them are amazing. they are considered the Disney of japan so take that for what its worth. my favorite movie is probably naussica vally of the wind
  2. i loved it but the only thing i remember was this guy describing to me how bad his drug trip was when i was 14 years old so... maybe other had better or worse experience on that (i think he said it was like a robot forest in his living room)
  3. okay im in, RAcast, RAcaseal, RAmarl lv 200, i can play HUcast or FOney/FOmarl if i have to.
  4. welcome back. i left for a year and came back but i dont think i ever met you
  5. where you been hiding

    1. McLaughlin86


      Playing the new zelda, drinking beer and college basically.

      I'll try and hop on soon lads.