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  1. wait bug catching net is event? i found that from a falz while griding my blufull in ttf... i left it on the floor xD lmao. might have been very hard but not sure... it may have been normal or hard not sure of that
  2. 5 pds each ill jump on this right away
  3. green gigue dropped that power glove ult ep2
  4. ult redria the horse still droppn needle
  5. you may have it already, but try to get yourself a crush cannon with hit% also
  6. ahoy peppa CAT! i just tried to PM you but i couldnt, are you ever online anymore? come play with us


  7. i didnt realise i was using guardian angel on my hucast loll you gotta send me that plugin
  8. How do you open that quick menu you used to cast gifoie at the spinner phase of Dark Falz? I've played this game for a long time and didn't know you could do that.
  9. While in lobby or in game, open your menu and select Options, next select Keyboard Configuration, then you'll go down to "custom" and press right to change to "Action Palette Configuration". Click enter to select "custom" and find the "Symbol Chat Open" key. This is the same key you use to swap weapons with. As mentioned above you cannot select everything you might want, but generally you'll be able to find a usable key. I hope this was helpful.
  10. its like the symbol chat button, which might be Y or triangle for you and ctrl? i think... no idea what that is on a game pad. hope this helped!
  11. We talked about this yesterday in our games. IMO they really dropped the ball with pso2 and ngs. its just a gacha game (insert credit card here). And like, why does it take 50 people to take down one boss? also also also. the entire thing in the game, a big part anyway, is phashion. (Bro, who cares how hard you hit, how cool do you look?) Everyone wants to look cool and the cloths get very expensive but on the flip side when you are playing with 49 other players (god knows why we had to go over 4) nobody can tell how cool you look because your outfit wont even load on their screen, you just look like a grey robot most of the time. Modern gaming is so focused on making a profit they dont seem to know how to make a playable game anymore, let alone fun. its more like work than fun to grind. i know psobb has its fair share of grind but somehow it just feels like it has more soul to it. These games today have no soul, just a state of the art credit card reader.
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