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    the berlas should be stronger! lol freeze>demons>dammage>dead one of the few enemies in the game that dont just fall over flat... we need that cranked mode or whatever its called, a harder version of ultimate. imo berlas should be a bit weaker but maybe not AS weak as ep 2, or as weak as they used to be.
  2. B>charged supressed gun max hit with max abeast or something halfway close to that. ill take a blank gun with 40 hit and abeast or whatever other stat. i got pds, few dts. would prefer to pay in pds. hit me up here if i dont reply tho pm me

  3. do you buy ppp mags?

  4. Youtube Following

    your gear is what makes you strog tho. not the level. the level helps but you can get waaaaaay stronger with nice gear.yeah i freeze a lot of stuff as a cast and in woi i try to freeze the right mobs
  5. Youtube Following

    also "this fo is really keeping us up" or how u said it im not sure. but if you were talking about the freezing, that was the hucast. me brah <3
  6. Youtube Following

    yo i loved your reaction! haha " i guess thats why he told me to stay in the corner" woi is hard af man i play it a lot and i still dont have my own skill where i want it. for a ramarl your level you did great surviving. ramarl is a great class once she is maxed. cheers
  7. Youtube Following

    yo , its the hardest quest in the game, arguably, so i feel a contimplation of run/ fails would be great. nobody can get mad that you died as a lv 120-130 ramarl. her hp is shit. i knew from the get go that you could not hold up. nothing to do with skill that class just is what it is. post em man! to be selfish i just wanna watch myself from your pov tbh, now its out there. xD
  8. Youtube Following

    i thought u recorded on like 3 of them. i was thinking you could put them all in one video? i think we beat that one when the trap killed you. the hardest thing is your character has such low hp at that level. also i can take a peek at your gear if you ever want some pointers.
  9. Youtube Following

    updating any woi footage?
  10. New Year Cards

    ass in hot dog water @David S. Wilson hilarious xD i had about the same luck but i didnt try too hard
  11. So i heard you need a thing

    Agent k and cent arms please! Sent from my C6743 using Tapatalk
  12. Can't Make Account, Email's Already in Use

    I had this same issue and just made another new account. Rip Sent from my C6743 using Tapatalk
  13. Max Stats Guide

    aww this poor guy </3 lmao what happened here
  14. 2017 OlgaFlow PowerUP!

    Dude I like this idea. And those players who are too weak to defeat him don't deserve the pgf imo xD but I think the drop rate shouldn't be as crazy if he is gonna be that much stronger. I don't want the drop to be much easier, but somewhat easier. And maybe there should be two Olga's. One normal and one super. Can we just make the woi Olga super Olga? Just getting to him is trouble enough! And when you get there he is gonna be super op. I don't know that we should make his atp too high though. Make it where a maxed hp ramarl (or whoever has the lowest hp) can survive his critical attacks at full health. Sent from my C6743 using Tapatalk