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  1. In my opinion, its troublesome having him around at all. He tried to take advantage of someone just recently who got an event item by attempting to trade them junk and claiming to be poor. I think the guy is dishonest.
  2. Resident evil 6 after several beers is what comes to mind when I see your name

    1. theancientsam


      ive done my job then

  3. hi sam,  miss you fren

    1. jezbuz


      Miss you Sam boi ❤

  4. click enter as well
  5. RAcast is going to be the best class for you to make right now. its one of the cheapest classes to max out. its one of the cheapest classes to make good. its one of the best end game classes as well. work on your force and hunter classes later. get a cheap iron faust and a level 200 pow dex mag and some units and good to go maine. start building from a strong base. good luck
  6. Happy birthday homie!!! 

  7. this has been affecting a lot of people, myself included. might be a good idea to make some kinda post making people aware that all they need to do is run the launcher. i saw someone reinstall pso to resolve the issue because they would not listen lol.
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