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  1. i thought trading with non ultima currency was a banable offence, anyway ill take those dark weapons if youre not using them anymore <3
  2. hey i was thinking its been a while since we had a new weapon. i was thinking maybe we could base it off of the new weapons the WEF is using. its like a invisible laser, melts metal, doesnt harm trees or bushes or anything the color blue. i think it would be really cool to replicate the same weapons that destroyed maui hawaii, parts of washington california canada and greece. it could look like heaven striker but the special should just 1 shot everything. unless its blue or a tree. this video time skip to (2:56) boats on fire it would be so cool to get a weapon like this in ultima #directenergyweapons
  3. if youre talking about the 1-0 slots for your character, you CAN customize those. for example you want to put the resta spell on number 1. make sure you are in a game, not in the lobby. you open your menu, go to customize, now if you press enter again, it will select the attack pad where normal attack is on default and bring up a menu, if you select resta at this point, it will go on your attack pad and replace your normal attack with resta, which is not what you want. instead bring your cursor over the resta spell and simply press the 1 key and it will bind to 1. you can follow this process for 2-0 and fill them all up. i recommend moons sol atomizers and trimates for sure hope this helped
  4. yeah i dont think it works. i also play on laptop and i cant use it, not sure if you could use it on a normal keyboard or not
  5. yo virec come play sometime
  6. weather effects takes about 5 minutes before you see epsilon, and you get 1 more epsilon in the next room and the monsters are pretty easy to deal with, you can solo this. its not great though. best bet is focus on something else like roct reward and go for that, and host with the id you want epsilon drop on and maybe youll get it while youre farming 85 hit yas 9k. roct is probably the best "easy" epsilon quest. and LHB is probably the best one all around but i think its a little harder than roct (but you dont have to bring a force) or you can just set your desire on PDs and WOI all day, it has epsilons in the quest but your host could die before epsilon does
  7. i want a shot that shoots like a mechgun :O
  8. cool man welcome welcome. we also started no english recently, its one of the more active teams. if you end up wanting to join let me know
  9. try clicking the non ppp mag for ramarl no units plan. thats the link that didnt work for me this time but i have come here over the years and i get this problem all the time. maybe i just need to try again i know sometimes the website has a little trouble
  10. are these calculator links broken? every time i click one i just see humar no equipment no mag etc
  11. 2b where u been i dont see you play
  12. selling one for 30 dt
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