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  1. I have proof

    1. Sylph777


      k send all the proofs bb, then i'll prove you that Jésus will kill the illuminati ok?

  2. B<Banana Cannon low stats

  3. I'm confused on what you mean on Step 2: Do runs
  4. B<FS 50+hit pm me.

  5. Why do you hate me?

    1. Sophia


      I do not hate you. You hate me 

  6. You're a hacker. I will report this. or You can give me one of those Sambas and the GM's won't have to know about this.
  7. B<Trigrinders/Digrinders

    1. yanvbraz


      How many?

  8. Nice
  9. I'm ready to redeem. dw
  10. did you stop her from jumping at least?
  11. Seems like this happens because people bid before they have the dts/pds on them... Not me though. Or they find said item for cheaper lol I did that once. Pretty sure that idea would cause problems. I'd just not allow the person from bidding in my future auction topics lol.
  12. Not many people read these rules in this topic anyway. joke lol?
  13. Come back please.

    and hbd

    Edited by MadOrNah

      Hello bro, how are you 

      I got banned from Soly because I did some hack...and I did that because my internet so bad :(

      I wish I can back again if I get one more chance from GMs

      I am really miss you and everybody in game :( .


  14. I will buy PB, hylian, lindcray with hit

    just because.