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  1. B<C/Battle

    I will offer

    really well.

    Edited by MadOrNah
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    2. radezz


      indeed :3 just do it!

    3. MadOrNah

















































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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    4. R-78
  2. t>DF mech/dark or n/d DF  for PGF or DM any stats.

    t/s> 90dark 80hit PR for 70dts or decent statted guld milla

    b<fury of the beast with native%




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    2. R-78
    3. MadOrNah
    4. yanvbraz


      I agree with all the comments above R-78's post.

  4. lol, and I've been hunting baranzes in ep 2 for parts of egg blaster.i feel so stupid not knowing this.
  5. That skin is broken, here's the fixed one. https://www.phantasystaronline.net/forum/index.php?/topic/29661-player-made-easter-drop-chart-3/&do=findComment&comment=178586
  6. I think this also.
  7. Don't quote him, he's a legend. fool.
  8. S/t 80hit 90dark PR+80

    looking for guldmilla decent stats+hit or 90dts(so)

  9. I got a some 80hit 90dark PR if you're interested.

  10. Are you really 150 years old?

    1. MadOrNah


      Yes, it's true. I'm currently one of the oldest and smartest people in the world.


      Edited by MadOrNah
  11. I buy Rianov 5


    1. Gadita


      I do not have this gun, I want to buy it.
    2. MadOrNah


      do you take 20pds for rianov 5?

    3. Gadita