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  1. Sin duda este fue un tema de alrededor del 2010 y estuvo muy sonada chequen, yo justamente estoy buscando la cancion que estuvo antes de esta
  2. The normal way is the default way to play (PVE) with your gear that you get over time which will eventually be with items that make it very easy for you to play and save you time to finish your missions since you use weapons with high hit rates and percentages, in addition to very good armor and shields that today in our server many are customized, that is to say in conclusion, the normal mode is the easy way to play, when you get to have a good gear. On the other hand we have the challenge mode, which, as the word says, is a challenge, that is, it requires certain skills and teamwork to move forward and successfully complete a mission. In the same order of ideas, it should be noted that the challenge mode, you do not have your avatar level 200, you are a special version for the challenge mode where you are level one and do not have your gear that you normally have, but instead you start from zero and you are acquiring level and some items as you kill monsters, and you pass all the missions you finally get the great title Razzam in yellow letters engraved in your account, that in the end everyone can see it in the lobby! 😎 besides that you They reward with a special weapon called "S rank" that is written in red letters and which you can add unique specials that no other weapon can have such as Zalure (21) and Jellen (18). Finally the battle mode, is designed to show your skills against other players (pvp) on the battlefield which you can do with ur own gear acquired, or equally in a level 1 battle and without your gear, something similar to the challenge mode that you are acquiring the items and level only in this case it is killing another enemy player. that in my opinion the level 1 duels, is where you really see who is the one with the best ability! 😼
  3. trick or treat epitaph Happy Halloween!
  4. Psycho Raven(+80) 0/35/35/0/40 trade for Ten  Years Blades charge hit  or offer in dts  pm me.

  5. Selling sacred bown 30 hit at 20 dts pm me.

  6. Sell blank PR grinded for 99pds pm me

  7. alguna idea de como resolver este problema?
  8. Hey man u start to play on ultima in 2010 im after a lobby song around july 2010 the song was before that a instrumental final fantasy theme song let me know if u remenber the first 3 songs when u start to play

  9. Existe algun chance de que recuerdes cual fue la cancion que pusieron despues de la de scatman? Y que estuvo antes de una instrumental de final fantasy
  10. Tal vez a algunos users le entre la nostalgia. Esta fue de las canciones que se puso como en el 2009 he aqui el link... https://youtu.be/O-U75K7MrTQ
  11. Es dificil dar una lista de las primeras canciones del lobby que se pusieron en los primeros años de vida del servidor sin embargo con ayuda de users antiguos tal vez alguno se acuerde de un par de rolas que sonaron para ese entonces. Tal vez el @Larva o el @oficina @dessens @jxlioxxx @vrez@Arthas@hollybass@darkmeter@blue @serverus@Biza pudieran colaborar con algo
  12. Buenas noches! ME PREGUNTABA si alguien tiene un registro de las canciones del lobby que se han puesto desde el inicio del server. Y si era posible q las agreguen al custom de ogg dentro de la carpeta data. Me acuerdo por ejemplo de la de scatman y una de final fantasy saludos.
  13. Regresare pronto...:onion-head69:

  14. yeah im asking for the text font, on the image of the post is a blue burst , im not sure but theres a text font call system, but idk why is not longer on the launcher opcion
  15. http://universps.online.fr/pso/bb/skin/imageSkin/image_1_00900.png is a skin of lobby 11
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