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  1. T>Yas 9k 85hit

    1. Yannv


      @R-78 might be interested.

    2. R-78


      What are you looking for?

      Edit: Thanks!

  2. well theres not many card weaps that hold a good utility weap (besides add spec to id cards) but look at it like fs, you never attack 3 time with the spec cuz the first shot freezes (or you just want that dmg :p).But it could be a handgun or maybe daggers or whatever guilty light is with its projectile.
  3. I have a weapon idea. What about a card wep that freezes like frozen shooter projectile( 1 shot to freeze) and call it Icicle or Popsicle?
  4. did you get a chromatic orb? i think i have one from a while ago if you just want it

  5. B>Chromatic orb pm me plz.

    1. donpepe99



      I sell one in 15 dts

  6. B>Bringers rifle 50 hit

  7. B> Bringers Rifle 50 hit

    1. Uranus
    2. onyxdude


      sure if your on now il be in lobby 1

  8. Does the blood sword drop from saint on ult with a pink id?
  9. Guild Card:42090402 Slot:2 Level:170 Materials:ATP:80 MST:0 EVP:0 DEF:0 LCK:0 HP:125 TP:0
  10. Missing ths game every day...

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. onyxdude


      Lol hey guys been a long time.

    3. Wayne Jones

      Wayne Jones

      dam sup hell/ice yeah I know your others charas long time no see how it been

    4. onyxdude


      Nothin much just been workin, not gonna lie very tempted to come back

  11. Did you login on saturday? cuz i think i missed it wen u loged in =l
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