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  1. Quick question, do any of you guys know what "program:win32/uwasson.aml" is? I know this is super random, but most of you might have ran into this before.

    1. Terrybriggs711


      most of the time its related to game files and if you downloaded a game from a trusted site  its most likely game/crack files showing false positive for virus

    2. Trigunman
    3. nnorton44


      False positive unless you are being bombarded with ads 

  2. Ok, i just got it back. So we are good for now, but take it away again... and I will ruin the economy again, I did it once apparently, and i'll do it again... eventually 

    1. Virec


      Darn you Soge!!!! with you and your economy ruining tactics LOL

    2. Zabby


      @Lone Ranger ruin it, start giving away STAs and dark weapons for free.

  3. I use to watch the morning cartoons, but those dont exist anymore. So just sleep, laundry or whatever else i can do to keep busy if awake.
  4. Mines is that one movie where he is a pimp and he helps Paul Blart get laid. I forget the name, but it had that hot latina chick from Training Day in it.
  5. I have none, anyone wanna adopt me?
  6. More mini events. If you are gonna start hunting events late, might as well give players something to do to keep them engaged with the server and not leaving it out of boredom. 🤔
  7. I remember the first time I met @Zabby I just saw his Avatar called Cyldefrog and i already knew he was a South Park fan lol, I started to talk to him about the show and just regular life bs and we became super cool afterwards. Another good friend of mines is @yeyy we did that ep 4 mission for the type weapons and I remember he let me keep his... I like it when people give me free stuff, so me and him have been on great terms since then. I have a lot of other people who i would like to mention, but they have already been mentioned like 2-3 times by people before me and will probably get more mentions after me :"L
  8. trade stella shard in prof of sonic team

  9. What can i use Stellar Shard on? I forgot what it makes

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    2. Lone Ranger

      Lone Ranger

      That Outlaw Star Caster gun is a lot bigger than i remember lol

    3. Trigunman


      Stellar Shard info - https://www.phantasystaronline.net/forum/index.php?/wiki/item&id=030E2F

      Yea, ole Gene's caster pistol put on some serious pounds in PSOBB.

      It's currently the best launcher in the game though, which sadly isn't saying much, but it does have a piercing hell special! 

      It's quite useful against those friggin' reconoboxes when they get lined up.

    4. anthonyplays
  10. Is it just me or is Ultima getting a lot more depressing? What's with all these super emotional or personal post? I think it's about time we promote a Therapist as a mod :"L

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    2. Grimoire Greys

      Grimoire Greys

      Do you like One Punch Man tho

    3. Lipelis
    4. Trigunman


      Nonsense, I enjoy having fun posts at other's expense! (and sometimes my own XD)

      It's all about the lulz bro.

  11. just wanted to make a post too


    1. Grimoire Greys

      Grimoire Greys

      stop it. get some help.

  12. dont you already have all the things? why must you find new ways to beat me :'(
  13. Lone Ranger

    Yas Set

    i have a pair of all blank ones too... wouldn't call them much of a set without any specials on em xD
  14. Some of these might have been mentioned, i didnt see everyone's post but i will try to name some i didnt notice Shiki Basilisk Deathnote Future Diary Immortal Samurai Hunter x Hunter S-cry-ed Code Geass Akame ga Kill Another Texhnolyze(9 out of 10 of you would not like this one lol) Notable mentions: Death Parade, Assassination Classroom, Erased There is more i can't remember
  15. I already ate my pizza... but i can give you my Cheese sticks for it
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