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  1. Quadral Log

    dont you already have all the things? why must you find new ways to beat me :'(
  2. S>Red Sword 80 hit

    I already ate my pizza... but i can give you my Cheese sticks for it
  3. Christmas Event 2018

    Started to late and ended to soon... but thats how it is every year lol. Thanks for the event
  4. Can´t connect to server

    Sounds like you are gonna have to wait until someone logs off lol
  5. 10 Anniversary Ultima

    ... everything about that sounds like a riddle lol. So just hunt with blue id and you will get a random unknown weapon A.K.A Missing No. xD
  6. Yooo

    OMG dude we've missed you <3 can't wait to see you back on again.
  7. Good Bye from Arlene

    You seemed like a cool guy, sucks your time here ended on a sour note. Best of luck bud
  8. Dude no one is hating on you. It's just doesn't look good that you want something named after yourself and keep using the excuse "rep their team" as if the whole server is in your team. I am not on your team and I dont wanna rep you, and it's nothing against you, it's just a big reach to expect us not to notice what you are doing here. Now if your ego demands you have a weapon named after yourself, go do some C-mode and name your S rank after yourself.
  9. I prefer not to kill people simply because i hate being killed, i like to keep my mags Sync at 200 so dying isn't something i am fond of. Plus if i am playing with people under 200 i want them to gain the xp. Unless a Red Ring drops for em that run i would feel bad they didnt at least get the xp lol
  10. Always finding new ways to break the game xD I dont know if you ever looked at the drop table for the ep 4 bosses, but if you did you'd know the Rare version would have crappy drops with lower rates. So instead of a Gal Wing, we'll probably get a mag cell or something. Btw I am unaware of what you have done or contributed to Ultima to deserve an item named after you, especially such a game breaking weapon... the ability to set traps is exclusive to Cast for a reason. Chuk who helped make and maintain the original site for Ultima got a dildo(now banned) named after him, I would hate to think what you would get lol
  11. hey clean ur inbox lol

  12. Why is hard so hard

    Well see, thats the issue. "Struggling to kill things quickly" I dont recall ever being able to kill things quickly on Hard during my GC days, even in level 70. This is a simple hack and slash game, but at no point is it that easy without end game gear lol. The rares that drop on Hard/Very Hard are crappy as hell and some are even weaker than the highest level regular weapons. Besides Forest all other levels on ep 1 are pretty long and would take over an hour or two to get thru minimum. Even is your Humar(Human Hunter) had a lvl 200 mag it would still be hard. Make sure to feed your mag as often as possible, use any power mats you find and try to play with others if you can. I think it's harder to run thru the game with smaller parties.
  13. Hello!

    Welcome to Ultima.... now do a Barrel Roll! xD
  14. Why is hard so hard

    I could have sworn the game is only buffed in Ultimate lmao. Dude believe it or not but Hard has always been for the lack of a better term... HARD lol. It's just that players get here and get carried or get handouts that they shouldnt have in lower levels making the game look easier than it actually is. I know you only need to be level 20 to play Hard but even playing it at lvl 40-50 which is the minimum for the next level is way to low to be playing hard especially alone. The good thing about playing online is that you can play with others, i am sure there are other players who wouldnt mind playing it vanilla with you, if offered the chance.
  15. So long, 112 ok, and Farewell

    It was really nice knowing you man. Had so much fun hunting Wedding Dresses with you and never getting any...well, you never got any. Bring me some fries when you come back