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  1. We are not hanging out enough and having a good enough time in our imaginations
  2. Hello friend! Welcome to Ultima! I am already imagining us hanging out and being great friends, not to mention we are having a great time! Cheers
  3. I really enjoyed having Emewm around. I think we had some great perspectives and sparked some interesting discussions. I would love to see him welcomed back to the forums! What do you think, Ultima?
  4. He was unfairly discriminated against. A few weeks later, here is a chance for the community to let their opinions be heard!
  5. I'm imagining all of us hanging out drinking beers and just generally having a great time

    1. RIPBenny


      Oh god that would be so cool

    2. Kotta


      I would be on the talking floor, that's for sure :onion-head09:

    3. Heather Prime

      Heather Prime

      yes i now alive,  i fixed old account login.  long time, 


  6. I'm imagining all of us hanging out right now and just having a great time
  7. I think we all need to hang out and have a great time drinking beers and just generally hanging out
  8. Hey can you give us an update on your dads? How are they doin? thnaks.

  9. r u ashamed of your dink?

    1. RIPBenny


      No, my dad taught me not to be since it's such good size.

    2. CFlo


      falcon approves

  10. You and your dads would really enjoy this set: https://vods.co/v/ccmrzt

  11. well if you ever get logged in, you're welcome to join team SLIMJESUS, just slide on into my PM's for details
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