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  1. Ahh well still can't find the rest or that WG. I just placed them in my bank because they were glitching out still
  2. @Soly I've logged out of the account hopefully this helps. Inventory has been disappearing on there for 2 days, still missing a 25 hit Water Gun that I had transferred from my other account to Fae's. I don't know what the heck is going on
  3. I'm on if you look in my common bank 23 are there, I can log off after this ROCT if you need me to
  4. I had 99 of them used them then got kicked now everytime I log in it only shows 23 and when I try to use those it kicks me......
  5. Ok I got that but now I don't have a full inventory and what I did have disappeared. It says I only have 23 and Jacks left.
  6. My account with guildcard 42163560 is messing up. This is the second time in 2 days that something weird has happened. Yesterday I lost a Watergun with 25 hit, today I was opening a full stack of Jack O' Lanterns and now it shuts down when I open the last of them and all the stuff I recieved from them has disappeared. @Soly Please help!
  7. You fixed for me already we can close this, thanks again!!!
  8. No I don't argh ok np
  9. I had a 25 hit Water Gun that I transferred from Eliana guildcard: 42172233 to Fae guildcard: 42163560 and I can no longer find it. Help please
  10. Doing PPP mags, traded to my Whitill Ramarl but they still turned into Varuna with Farrla and added 1 point in defense. Please help, I've changed blocks and logged out of that account and it is still the same
  11. Saint Million Redria Ultimate Stellar Shard
  12. Red Kondie Ultimate Stellar Shard I was in the run with him when he got it. We are for sure on it.
  13. Cent/Luck Redria Astark Ep 4 ultimate
  14. Happy Birthday to my friend @Virec!!!!!

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