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  1. Happy Birthday.

  2. Happy Birthday Fae :) 

  3. Ultima's Hit Event 2016

    Got a quick ? if I have 2 yas9k's with 65 hit can I split the 30 hit between them for a total of 80hit?
  4. B> MG+ I am so sick of hunting for this please sell me one!!!

    1. Sophia


      Hi Fae!I think I have 1 extra. Let me check later when I can. Or tomorrow. 

    2. Faelynn


      Oh great thanks so much!!! I would appreciate.

  5. B>Spread Needle, please help, need one with hit if possible.

  6. I think we all want/need 5xp before the event hits!!! Please please please, lol. 

  7. Lost Noob/HP and Mag

    Made a room it's Fae, thanks
  8. Lost Noob/HP and Mag

    I think Kappy must have picked up the other 2 because Bounce didn't come in until later on I think, and PSOAddict I made a room named Fae
  9. Lost Noob/HP and Mag

    Ok thanks, still missing 2 noobs though Cy
  10. Lost Noob/HP and Mag

    It's ok, hopefully I can get them back, they were given to me and I really really would hate to lose them over giving away free things.
  11. Lost Noob/HP and Mag

    Damn no I don't think I do, let me look at my logs Kappy 42173407 Bounce 42174495 Chobits 42174408 I think it was with these in there. I really hope we can recover them and my Agastya, it was a lvl 200 with Power/Defense, though for the life of me i can't remember the exact stats
  12. Lost Noob/HP and Mag

    I didn't drop them thats the problem, when I dc'd I think it did it
  13. Lost Noob/HP and Mag

    Unfortunately I don't have any pics with it on Reaper, I have an old pic that shows that I did have 4 noob/hps. It happened around 7:30 am Hawaiian time this morning http://imgur.com/a/fRoEI That is one of the only pics I have right now of them He's character slot 4
  14. Lost Noob/HP and Mag

    I dc'd on my character and now he is missing the noob/hp and an Agastya mag. It is not on any of my other characters and not in bank/common bank. I'm also missing a unit but can not remember what it was. Reaper GuildID 42172691 Please help!!!