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  1. Need Help with Sign In

    Soly helped me last night thanks guys
  2. Need Help with Sign In

    Hey guys I haven't played for a while and now my computer has been completely wiped when it was fixed. I can't remember my log in for one of my accounts and the email that I used for that account was purged by Yahoo when their merger with ATT ended... Can someone please help? Even all my old logs with my ID's and screenshots were wiped.... Please help guys, Fae
  3. Happy Birthday.

  4. Happy Birthday Fae :) 

  5. Ultima's Hit Event 2016

    Got a quick ? if I have 2 yas9k's with 65 hit can I split the 30 hit between them for a total of 80hit?
  6. B> MG+ I am so sick of hunting for this please sell me one!!!

    1. Sophia


      Hi Fae!I think I have 1 extra. Let me check later when I can. Or tomorrow. 

    2. Faelynn


      Oh great thanks so much!!! I would appreciate.

  7. B>Spread Needle, please help, need one with hit if possible.

  8. I think we all want/need 5xp before the event hits!!! Please please please, lol. 

  9. Lost Noob/HP and Mag

    Made a room it's Fae, thanks
  10. Lost Noob/HP and Mag

    I think Kappy must have picked up the other 2 because Bounce didn't come in until later on I think, and PSOAddict I made a room named Fae
  11. Lost Noob/HP and Mag

    Ok thanks, still missing 2 noobs though Cy
  12. Lost Noob/HP and Mag

    It's ok, hopefully I can get them back, they were given to me and I really really would hate to lose them over giving away free things.
  13. Lost Noob/HP and Mag

    Damn no I don't think I do, let me look at my logs Kappy 42173407 Bounce 42174495 Chobits 42174408 I think it was with these in there. I really hope we can recover them and my Agastya, it was a lvl 200 with Power/Defense, though for the life of me i can't remember the exact stats
  14. Lost Noob/HP and Mag

    I didn't drop them thats the problem, when I dc'd I think it did it