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  1. Can you hold on to the Type Demon Mechs for me? I can try to grab them after while
  2. I need to buy a D Photon Core, will pay DT's or I have several things I can trade for one. Please message me, I will get that faster.
  3. Ahh well still can't find the rest or that WG. I just placed them in my bank because they were glitching out still
  4. @Soly I've logged out of the account hopefully this helps. Inventory has been disappearing on there for 2 days, still missing a 25 hit Water Gun that I had transferred from my other account to Fae's. I don't know what the heck is going on
  5. I'm on if you look in my common bank 23 are there, I can log off after this ROCT if you need me to
  6. I had 99 of them used them then got kicked now everytime I log in it only shows 23 and when I try to use those it kicks me......
  7. Ok I got that but now I don't have a full inventory and what I did have disappeared. It says I only have 23 and Jacks left.
  8. My account with guildcard 42163560 is messing up. This is the second time in 2 days that something weird has happened. Yesterday I lost a Watergun with 25 hit, today I was opening a full stack of Jack O' Lanterns and now it shuts down when I open the last of them and all the stuff I recieved from them has disappeared. @Soly Please help!
  9. You fixed for me already we can close this, thanks again!!!
  10. No I don't argh ok np
  11. I had a 25 hit Water Gun that I transferred from Eliana guildcard: 42172233 to Fae guildcard: 42163560 and I can no longer find it. Help please
  12. Faelynn

    B> PPP Mags

    Looking to by PPP mags. Willing to pay in PD's or DT's if you have a lot. Please let me know!!!
  13. Doing PPP mags, traded to my Whitill Ramarl but they still turned into Varuna with Farrla and added 1 point in defense. Please help, I've changed blocks and logged out of that account and it is still the same
  14. I want if still available
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