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  1. Happy Birthday to my friend @Virec!!!!!

  2. Faelynn

    Hit Event 2019!

    @Saber +7 if there is no hit splitting why was it posted that it was allowed? Just wondering...
  3. I was feeding a mag and it had just turned into a Kama 5/0/30/30 when my window closed out. When I logged back in the mag was a Soma 6/0/27/30. I just need to see if a GM or someone can fix this for me because I would hate to start from scratch again. Guildcard# 42206347 Slot 4 Character Fae HUnewearl Thanks in advance, Fae
  4. Ok I am sorry but they were well know even on their non GM accounts and in main lobby all the time. That is what I am trying to point out. I am sorry if I offended you by pointing this out but I just wanted to point it out there. If GM's were better known then we may not have shit that happens happen. I mean a few times I've been in the lobby I've heard so much negativity about things or inappropriate things that I just leave half the time. And yes I could report it but where would that go. I'm just trying to say a better presence would help to curve things.
  5. Ok I have to put my 2 cents in here to try to get this back on track. I've not played much on this server and I am not very well known but I do know that when I first started we had reliable GM's and events and even mini events between main events to keep everyone's interest. But since I've been back I've noticed that HH is always random parts of the day and night. The event's are always not ran on time and there is a lack of communication between everyone. What we need is set times for HH especially for the people that live in different time zones. We need mini events while there is no main event happening. We need new blood to help round everything out. No offense @R-78 @serverus @Protoss You are doing a great job when you can but I think we need more firm times for things. A set schedule for events and if it's delayed because of new weapons let the server know. I think most of us would be very understanding of it. And those who aren't can just be unsatisfied. Sorry if I have offended anyone by posting this but this is just my view point. When I joined I would always see @Cyane or @Fyrewolf5 in the lobby or playing the game and I just don't see that anymore. Maybe a quick game here and there but nothing like it used to be.
  6. S> Serene Swan 30/0/0/0 10dts

    1. Lacen


      Thank you very much for your Serene Swan Faelynn! :onion107:

  7. I don't have a screenshot but it was a Last Swan that was blank
  8. I traded for a Last Swan last night but it was during the time when the server was down. When I went to look for it today it was not there. Please Help!!! This is the conversation between Cool and me for the trade 21:11:16 42172233 Eliana well server is screwed so I can't get to my pds right now 21:11:25 42172233 Eliana I have 2 pds on me right now lol 21:11:41 42097796 cool deal i dont need it 21:11:48 42172233 Eliana kk make a room 21:12:19 Enter swan 21:12:38 42097796 cool got any crystals 21:12:56 42172233 Eliana nope not on this account 21:13:13 42097796 cool ok 2 pds 21:13:25 42172233 Eliana thanks
  9. I can't even get in right now, at the ship select there is no ship to select!!!!
  10. My game is slow loading, it starts here at the loading screen then at the character screen then ship select and block select. All in total it takes me more than 6 min to get into the game. In game everything works fine and I have no issues it is just coming into the game literally takes 6 min or more and i just timed it.
  11. Pinkal Ep 4 Doggy was Cent/Legs
  12. I personally liked the old system because who cared if they didn't play for a while. I took a 2 year break. Also I don't really care about rep on the forum. My rep is in the game. That is the only place that really matters for rep is how well you play the game. And yes the off topic section has been hopping and it's been fun seeing what everyone likes or how they are lol. I think I'm going to keep posting random stuff just to keep it going lol.
  13. Faelynn


    We have it fixed everyone! Thanks Virec for fixing it lol. This can be closed now.
  14. Faelynn


    I restarted my computer and now I am getting 2 error codes. "The code execution cannot proceed because MSVCP140.dll was not found." and "The code execution cannot proceed because VCRUNTIME140.dll was not found." I have no idea what to do please HELP!!!!
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