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  1. kinda dead atm :w: but 333 give or take 20 feet thanks for that if anything we raffle the prizes xD
  2. =D found your codes it was fun. Best luck in life. Nice to see we share our birthdays

  3. Volviste D: :33333 si la felicidad en última se a restaurado

  4. Happy Holidays Cy

  5. To leave it clear, I'm engaged, the fluffy leg on the floor is my fiance leg I left a present for the clever mind that figures the last riddle, i have left a name hidden in the previous challenge to be used with the code, the code is something from the picture.
  6. this is your code the one that finds something with the clues let the others know about your finds, there's only prize for the first
  7. no numbers, the ones on the bottom should be kept as numbers, the rest missing is letters, this was already cracked by 2 peoples, but they are still missing the final clue to finish it
  8. out of my church !
  9. This one i will ask everyone to cooperate, but let at least 2 days pass before you say anything of what you figured, since other clue that will help solve it will be released at a later date.
  11. Congratulations yaten! Suck in the D no way xD sooo close D:
  12. think this was tried before but was not possible