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    Professional job juggler/Master of busy

    PT's e BR's qualquer ajuda peçam :3

    PS2: Vexx ;o; last game.. for my collection´~

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  1. This might be easier to judge than i thought >:3
  2. Bem vinda de volta! Espero que estejas bem senhora Banana!

  3. Ultima will always be my home. 

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    2. Cyane


      Can always have some mad parties >:3

    3. TripleR


      Come home!

    4. Trigunman


      Remember, just tap your shoes together three times and repeat, "There's no place like home".

      Haha, good to hear from ya Cyane! ^_^

  4. Oh.. *cleans dust in this section* hello there!... Cof cof.. I've missed my bums! So let's do a small mini event to keep you guys inspired! Challenge: Imagine Ultima was starting a manga series about their players adventures. Write the start of the plot and the end in a minimum of 5 lines. Best entries will win avatars drawn by me(up to 5) and the winner will win a full picture! Prize Samples: More samples you can search my deviantart or patreon DEADLINE: 14th of May! Good luck! Any questions just ask! Note: English/Spanish/Portuguese/French entries will be allowed
  5. Foi banido por usar cheats. Envia uma PM para o Soly.
  6. kinda dead atm :w: but 333 give or take 20 feet thanks for that if anything we raffle the prizes xD
  7. =D found your codes it was fun. Best luck in life. Nice to see we share our birthdays

  8. Volviste D: :33333 si la felicidad en última se a restaurado

  9. Happy Holidays Cy

  10. To leave it clear, I'm engaged, the fluffy leg on the floor is my fiance leg I left a present for the clever mind that figures the last riddle, i have left a name hidden in the previous challenge to be used with the code, the code is something from the picture.
  11. this is your code the one that finds something with the clues let the others know about your finds, there's only prize for the first
  12. no numbers, the ones on the bottom should be kept as numbers, the rest missing is letters, this was already cracked by 2 peoples, but they are still missing the final clue to finish it
  13. out of my church !