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Cyane last won the day on May 30 2017

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    Ebie's Hubbie!
  • Birthday 08/17/1992

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    Professional job juggler/Master of busy

    PT's e BR's qualquer ajuda peçam :3

    PS2: Vexx ;o; last game.. for my collection´~

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  1. Happy Late Birthday Cyan it's been a long time since i talked to you, I really hope everything it's been going good in your life. And also I hope you know you can count on my with wherever i can help!

    have fun in life! be strong!

    1. Emewn


      Happy Birthday! :D 

  2. Happy Birthday Cy,  I hope all is well with you .  I miss you :(

  3. Happy birthday Cyane, we miss you ;--;

  4. you are not here anymore and i am never know you... but all friends i am have are always say the best stories of you, so i am wishing happy birthday for you today

  5. not English sorry  je vais ou je fait quoi pour améliorée mon arme ou autre  vous avez un site ?


  6. R-78

    Happy Birthday @Cyane.

    I do not know if you will ever read this message but you were my idol as a GM and I will never forget everything you did for Ultima.

    I hope you are doing well and miss you.

    - Shiida

  7. Hi how do I get donation ticket i just purchased?

  8. Happy birthday Cy :3


    -with love from Luna

  9. Happy Birthday Cy,  hope all is going well :) 

  10. Hi pretty lady i wanna wish you a happy birthday and i hope you hvae the best day ever <3 :D 

  11. It says today's your birthday owo I know you won't be on probably but Happy Birthday ^~^

  12. Hello cyane i would like to add 20 hit on my dark meter and i would like to know how d is that you is available?

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