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  1. TKDmoe


    Are Stellar Shards really that pricey? 150 PD if 10:1 is 15 DTs, if 8:1 thats 18.75 DTs along with another 2 DTs. They are worth between 15-20?
  2. TKDmoe


    Looking to buy 5/165/30/0 Mags. Looking for Tellusis, Agastya, Soniti etc. Let me know what you have thanks.
  3. Still looking to buy
  4. Hi I am looking to buy a S-Rank Launcher named "ZALURE LAUNCHER" w/ the Zalure special thank you.
  5. TKDmoe

    B>PGF closed

    Buying PGF 300 DT and Restless Lion Arms 0/0/50/50 50 Hit. Or a Dark Meteor with Machine Dark and Hit. can close thank you
  6. How much is a maxed Dark Meteor/Flow worth?
  7. If we give one NYC we can still have chance to be selected for item?
  8. TKDmoe


    U can close ty
  9. I want a cannon that shoots milk actually if you happen to have that with some Hit % on it please lmk ;D
  10. B>Cannon Rogue with 50 Hit
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