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  1. Buying STA! Update Selling List.
  2. Edit selling list no prices set offer and we can negotiate!
  3. Edit! Now looking to buy min stats on DFP/EVP Wedding Dress!
  4. Buying Ten Years Blades preferred Mach/Dark/Hit and Charge or Spirit
  5. Thanks for replies guys! If anyone else would like to contribute please do!
  6. My personal favorite is RAmarl. All stats being so balanced and having access to the level 20 support techniques and Resta. And I love using guns. Also being a bad ass ranger with a beret is awesome 😎
  7. What’s your favorite class and why!
  8. https://www.phantasystaronline.net/forum/index.php?/tool-box/calculators/max-stats/&c=6&l=200&m10=50&m11=127&m12=15&m13=38&m14=20&m15=125&m16=0&m20=0&m21=61&m22=66&m23=73&i0=61&i1=39&i2=91&i3=100&i4=76&i5=81 FOmarl plan I made:) Maxes ATP MST (it is 5 over with V801 so I can swap it for Cure units and still have max MST), ATA EVP and LCK. Weapons I use with this plan is Banana Cannon, Lindcray, Glide Divine for support and Glide Divine v00 whenever I need to use simple techniques on stuff like Falz final form. I usually don’t use other techniques because of Damage Cancel so I am not using Hylian or stuff like that I just keep Red Ring on. Also with Red Ring and Kroes Sweater you get a pretty nice ATA over the max. edit; just peeped Hylian gives 20 MST and also a 100 Grants boost, so you can even take off 10 of the DEF materials and add 10 more to LCK so with Hylian you can still have maxed LCK. Figured that Grants boost with FOmarl would be pretty nice!
  9. Thank you so much guys! No PGF weapons yet xD good point, at the end of the day it is a game so not to limit myself and enjoy both! Thanks for your opinion guys thanks for taking the time to respond.
  10. Hey guys! So between all the classes, RAmarl and HUnewearl are my top two favorites. My RAmarl is in the 160s and HUnewearl is in the 120s. I enjoy both but would like to settle with one so I can focus on one character getting to 200 and getting better gear for it. Between the two which one would you pick and why? Help me decide! ☺️
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