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  1. Yeah seems like they switched it up for this summer event 😂
  2. Bluefull Ultimate Episode 4 Astark: Parasitic Gene Flow
  3. Yeah I assumed my laptop (some random HP laptop I picked up for like 350 dollars lol) was just bad so I assumed the mass freeze dropping my frame rate would be expected. So surprised to see it's an issue with high performance PCs. 😅
  4. I have same issue with Frozen Faust but my lag/frame rate is like 10x worse than yours lol xD
  5. Updated! Buying Frozen Booster, Psycho Black Crystal and some Mats!
  6. Edited! Buying Chromatic Orb ~
  7. Updated mostly on the selling list!
  8. Updated! New buying list!
  9. Edited buying new items.
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