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  1. Why u have my Discord name in ur Contact Methodes!?!?! xD

    1. yeyy


      loooool i love you red

    2. RedSniper


      Good luck for you today bro!

    3. yeyy
  2. excuse me can i have barbecue sauce for my big mac

    1. Zabby


      50p extra

    2. radezz


      Only got ranch left, sorry.

    3. nnorton44


      no but you can have $10

  3. So long, 112 ok, and Farewell

    bro I'm gonna miss you :/ i cant wait for u to be back from burger king ;( get me a large soda while you're at it B
  4. my name is fir3wolfy5;)illbeyourDTredeemer2nite

    1. nnorton44


      knock it off y'eyy

    2. yeyy


      Who are u firewolf6 or something

    3. Lone Ranger

      Lone Ranger

      I am firewolf7 and i agree, knock it off Yeet

  5. -_-

  6. hey guys im a sour lemon! ^-^

    1. ultrajerky


      Get in my belly

  7. Returning again after 14 years

    Only took me 3 years to get my male magicman to lvl 150 maybe I can carry you someday and give a couple monomates too;)
  8. Shoutouts2 the cool ppl u know u you are :D

    1. radezz


      I thank you.

  9. Omg... I lost 159 pounds in only 3 weeks! Thank you última!

    1. mudkipzjm


      you really were big nibba!

  10. Easter Event 2018

  11. *Bzzt beep boop bop * oh thanks for the 81st tattoo on April 1th 2018 I'll be on my way playing chess goodbye now sir ok bye:)

    1. nnorton44


      luta comigo!!!!

  12. guys it's the end of the world just kidding haha april fools:))

    1. Zabby


      haha you got me :))))))))) i built a bunker and everything

  13. I can't find my left swenus 

  14. I think angel harp looks rly cool with angel wings and sweetheart (or safety heart I forgot which the shield one was)