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    I still live in emewms forehead
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    studying the forehead of emewm (fun fact I'm trying to get my degree in emewmology: the study of inhumanely big foreheads)

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  1. 10 Anniversary Ultima

    eh sounds pretty dang fair to me
  2. Holiday Battle Tournament

    count me in!
  3. B> tsunami J sword I'll pay 150 pds please:)

  4. They should give @Emewn the most dislikes in a day award

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Lemon


      What happened now?

    3. McLaughlin86


      LUL nvm

      Edited by McLaughlin86
    4. Starlord


      He’s at negative in rep. How can someone be hated so much? He’s like a modern day Dane Cook lol

  5. Yooo

    Nah ily
  6. Yooo

    Guys I'm making a return on ultima
  7. Good Bye from Arlene

    I once knew a girl named saxophone
  8. Good Bye from Arlene

    all mud said was "wat", so I think @Emewn is trying to act all defensive because it's a girl leaving and he wants to impress her He wouldn't have said this if I quit Ultima:( I would never quit this server though:O
  9. Where we came from?

    i have lady parts and i call mine a front hole
  10. Where's my boi @nnorton44 at I miss that guy

    1. nnorton44


      Hey boi hey

    2. O9B066


      For real miss em too 

  11. Pthalo's Awful Art Thread

    i really like those drawings
  12. Why u have my Discord name in ur Contact Methodes!?!?! xD

    1. yeyy


      loooool i love you red

    2. RedSniper


      Good luck for you today bro!

    3. yeyy
  13. excuse me can i have barbecue sauce for my big mac

    1. Zabby


      50p extra

    2. radezz


      Only got ranch left, sorry.

    3. nnorton44


      no but you can have $10