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  1. Hey, the attachment is unavailable from your response.

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    2. RazfeldtOmnipotent


      ok wait a second... it says i only go up to 49p/43d when i reach the limit.

      Is there something else im supposed to do?

    3. Trigunman


      That's what I was saying, when you feed it the next dimate, it will hit lvl 100 and the mag evolves.  Therefore you must choose who will feed it that last dimate and evolve it into the range of mags I listed.

      The character class and section ID is the key to a mag's evolution.

    4. RazfeldtOmnipotent


      OK, forgive me, I read it again after posting this.

      Thanks for your help and tolerance, I appreciate it greatly.

  2. Gobble, gobble, gobble...  Happy Turkey Day!


    Oh wait...


  3. Awww c'mon, I enjoy getting smashed right in the face from long range by a huge clawed hand in the morning. Seriously though, don't tell me Larva forgot to turn off the Belras for the Halloween event again? Are they still dropping Ultima Reapers at least?
  4. Well... That certainly narrows down the problem. If you want some help Veapron, give us your computer specs, (OS & hardware) exact controller used. Have you changed anything on your computer when this happened? (MS updates?) Bottom line with Windows, if a problem happens, reboot and see if it persists. Otherwise, it sounds like you might need to update your software. DS4Windows by Jays2Kings Good luck!
  5. I like to think Soly is pretty dern good at modding this game with what he has to work with, but I'm afraid we'll need the game's source code to even consider implementing this IMHO. Item/Weapon/Armor modding is quite doable and has been done for years, but modding monsters with specific abilities is a whole new ballgame.
  6. Good, stop being a McLurky Lurking Lurker ya bum!
  7. Impressive, most impressive... Kinda jelly... *sigh* My artistic abilities end at my technical drawing skill sadly... (draftsman)
  8. DUDE this cold rocks!  I sound like Alex Jones from Infowars now, LOL!  :onion108:

    Cuz me, I gotta go talk about our government and GMOs, BRB...

  9. Did you check your launcher's display and graphic settings Debbie?
  10. Can I get a witness! Linux in some sort of flavor (similar to windows that is) is looking more palatable every day as my next OS. GO TO HELL MICRO$OFT!
  11. Wired keyboard 4 teh win Seriously though, time to update or at least check your keyboard driver for your actual keyboard.
  12. Alrighty!  Some people wanted to hear some music I've made back in the day, well here you are for your amusement/critique/enjoyment/headbanging.

    The majority of the guitar work is by yours truly, save on Nichols Drive, we had 2 guitarists, see if you can pick me out in the mix:


    3 bands demos are available:

    2000-2003 - Zedok - "Quest of the Zedok" demo - prog rock power trio

    2004-2007 - Core Breach - "Warning" demo - metal core, screamo w/ some acoustic instrumentals I recorded (crudely) myself

    2011-2013 - Nichols Drive - "self-titled" demo - "swamp" metal, mix of rock/metal

    Enjoy and rawk on dewds/dewdettes!

    \m/ 😎 \m/

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    2. Trigunman


      OH I nearly forgot Debbie, go check out GTR!  it was a supergroup of Steve Hackett of Genesis/Mike + Mechanics and Steve Lowe from YES.  "Heart Rules The Mind" is probably their best known track, along with "The Hunter".


    3. Deborah Nicole

      Deborah Nicole

      thanx hun

      i have 1 of their cd s (not sure if there's another

      btw did you know that GTR stands for GuiTaR

      and i believe the vocalist in Emerson's group " 3"  (Emerson Palmer and Bacon) Max Bacon was GTR's singer 

      I believe you and I should start a prog rock info data base

      BTW i have all the music we've discussed and i would gladly share them with you :)

      BTW while checking to see if i had 3 i saw i also had the 2 Starcastle releases (Starcastle & Fountains of Light) or as Dad calls them "Yes Lite"

    4. Deborah Nicole
  13. No Deborah, your drop from the Jack o' Lanterns is the same for all IDs, the chance of what you get out of the list of possible mag cells & rappy soul is apparently at a 2/11 drop rate according to R-78's recent post. Hope this helps!
  14. @Dutch Ride - Hey I've got some of my old band demos if you'd like to hear them sometime man, or anyone else for that matter.  It's all prog rock and metal stuff though, from early 2000's to 2013.

    Sending you a post here so we don't clog up R-78's mall thread, let me know and I'll get those demos hosted for download.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Trigunman


      Ahh hey Debbie!  Yea, my old band Zedok was a 3 piece power prog trio.

      It's probably closer to Rush, with a bit of Iron Maiden and perhaps some Metallica mixed in altogether I'd say, an interesting mix to say the least.

      We actually covered Fly By Night and Tom Sawyer by Rush back then too.  Damn I miss that band, they were the best rhythm section I've ever had the privilege to play with. :onion108:

      I'm going to try to get that stuff loaded up today for you guys!  \m/ ^_^ \m/

    3. Deborah Nicole

      Deborah Nicole

      great to see someone not ashamed to admit liking prog

      i was raised in a prog rock home (dad caught the 77 ELP Works tour with and with out the symphony and saw Rush so many times he cant remember how many times) and I was listening King Crimson UK Asia Floyd Gentle Giant etc

    4. Trigunman


      Alrighty, it is done.


      3 bands demos are available:

      2000-2003 - Zedok - "Quest of the Zedok" demo - prog rock power trio

      2004-2007 - Core Breach - "Warning" demo - metal core, screamo

      2011-2013 - Nichols Drive - "self-titled" demo - "swamp" metal, mix of rock/metal

  15. Actually Triforcer is like one of my oldest characters, 2nd after Trigunman, he's probably been around longer than your team, no spoofing. But honestly, Triforcer is actually more like an urban legend... Kinda like Santa Claus... He shows up out of the blue, wears a fancy robe and hands out lots of neat and fun red boxes to all the good little n00bs here at Ultima!
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