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  1. I do hope this includes M-Type weapons btw...
  2. Duja, this is probably the only specials available for Serverus to add to weapons: Serverus, what other weapons besides the Yasminkov series are you able to add specials to? I know there are quite a few other weapons that do not have specials, like the DB sabers and Flowen's Sword copies.
  3. Am I evil?  666 posts... :blink::wacko:


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    2. Dutch Ride
    3. steelfirehawk


      we are all evil brother, but this number pops up to try, and make you feel like an anti Christ, and it happens to me to. You are not the Anti Christ. I'm sure deep down you want to be a better person. Don't let it bother you. Keep the faith homie

    4. Trigunman


      All good Steelfirehawk, just looking for an excuse to play some old sk00l Metallica I suppose! :onion-head11:

  4. Hail, well met and welcome back Ultimite!

    Rarer than hen's teeth and more difficult to procure than a friggin' PGF folks! (at less than stupid prices that is, this crap has been out of print for some time, vol 3 I've seen go for over 500 bucks!!!!)

    I've been spending the last few weeks trying to acquire these through amazon.com and dealing with USPS's incredible stupidity, but FINALLY they're here!  The entire 5 volume set of Trigun Maximum Omnibus!

    For those of you manga freaks who'd like to read it,(without paying stupid amounts of money for a hardcopy) you can get an account and check it out here for free at Mangadex.org:


    (P.S. - Yes, I have a bar in my house, no, I don't serve alcohol ;^p )



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    1. Grimoire Greys

      Grimoire Greys

      An awesome find! I have a good friend that would love to get his hands on those too. I'm looking for Akira and a few other Tankobon to fill my shelves and make my new room look even better (moved a couple of months ago) as well as wallscrolls and figures, I need to hit up Amazon next time I get some monies.

  6. Foxen, have you tried using THIS? https://www.phantasystaronline.net/forum/index.php?/tool-box/character-viewer/ Just enter your login information for the game, complete the captcha and you can see your characters items, bank items, common bank items, character level, character info AND guildcard # for that account.
  7. With your results Foxen, I too am convinced there must be some information to the accounts based server-side regarding the key config for PSOBB. It would explain how I can just copy and paste the entire PSOBB folder to a thumb drive, run it off another computer/laptop and it still all works without a hitch. I pray Soly will read this and chime in with his thoughts and hopefully, a solution for ya hon.
  8. All good things in time Warframe, your intentions are quite noble though, I salute you. However... I'd also say get some more experience, a few more lvl 200 characters in your stable and acquire the best gear this server has to offer before seriously venturing out to help others. Rome wasn't built in a day and while this game takes a few minutes to learn, it takes quite a few years to master. (and hell, I've been here nearly 10 years and even I'm not quite there yet!) But again, by all means, do not give up on your idea and your dream. When the time comes, perhaps I can help you achieve those things.
  9. I just updated my post with how to edit the registry, use REGEDIT.exe, just type it from the search line from your Windows Start button. From there, you can do a word search in REGEDIT to find the words "SEGA", "PSOBB", "Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst" throughout the entire Windows Registry file. Once found, delete ONLY THOSE KEYS AND ENTRIES, nothing more. Exit REGEDIT.exe (it saves on exit) and then pray... Then the moment of truth will come to see if it worked. Looking for more .ini files? Good luck, even I wouldn't know where else to look, I also highly doubt the PSOBB install would put .ini files elsewhere on the install drive. I base this on the conclusion of that I play this game occasionally off a USB thumb drive on other computers, with only the install folder on the thumb drive.
  10. Geeez c'mon, what did the big bad mean keyboard ever do to you? Heh, seriously though, breaking it's functionality wasn't necessary... My Logitech F310 has keymapping within it's own software/driver suite. There is more than one way to skin a cat as they say. Bottom line, your keyboard in PSOBB is now completely borked you say? You've tried trying to find any and all PSOBB .ini files, anything related to the keyboard binds? Alright... Well as far as I can guess, there is one last place you probably haven't tried on your hard drive but this one will be the most difficult and tricky to try to rectify. Your Windows Registry file. My educated guess is to try to find any and all Sega/PSOBB/Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst registry entry references and delete them completely out of the registry, (REGEDIT.EXE) hopefully one of them is tied to your forced keyboard binds. Then try to completely reinstall the game with the original Ultima PSOBB installer .exe file. Again, this is quite risky, one wrong registry entry deletion can possibly seriously screw up your Windows install or another installed program. However, you've exhausted all other avenues of solving your problem, this is a last-ditch solution so tread carefully Foxen. Hope this helps, good luck, you're gonna need it.
  11. Refer to the drop table... https://www.phantasystaronline.net/forum/index.php?/droptable/drop-tables/ You'll see that basically all IDs will get mats of all varieties, but some will get more mats than others, usually due to a certain monster's drop rate. Some of the rarest, like luck mats, are only found through the rarest of monsters, like Sinow Zele. Comparisons of drop rates from the original PSO (v1) are not really comparable here due to this being the latest version of PSO, PSOBB (for PC, i.e. version 3!) and the fact this is a modded PSOBB server. I'm sure drop rates have been tweaked for quite a few items compared to the original PSO's (v1) drop rates.
  12. My proposed solution: https://www.amazon.com/Logitech-940-000110-Gamepad-F310/dp/B003VAHYQY (yes, I have this controller and yes it works perfectly, I just prefer the keyboard) *UPDATE* OH hot damn, the latest Logitech software allows for assigning even keyboard hot keys to the F310 controller! I guess I'm using the controller now! LOL
  13. Hail and well met fellow adventurer!
  14. https://www.phantasystaronline.net/forum/index.php?/wiki/items/ Browse to your heart's content. Take note, you're going to need quite a few characters and their various IDs, as well as very strong, high level ones to acquire these weapons. Nearly all of them drop in Ultimate level of difficulty, oh and you'll want to do this during "Happy Hours" for the best drop rate. BTW, some of these weapons cannot be "found", they must be created with tools with more common weapons. Therefore you'll need to find the tools or in the case of a few of them like Excalibur/Lame D'Argent, you'll have to grind it's weak form with enough "kills" to make it evolve. Regardless, if you're feeling adventurous, contact me here or in-game and I can assist you with 4 lvl 200 characters (as well as my up and coming lower level ones) to help hunt for what you might want. Hope this helps, good luck!
  15. Hail and well met noble adventurer!
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