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  1. Fried pink slime pieces for $6.99? Harrrrrrrdddd pass sir.
  2. Hot damn! Summer event is early, whoooo hoooo! Nice artwork as usual Falcon, love the FOnewearl! P.S.: Prepare for Serene Swan debates...
  3. Yes and you've missed MY point. Katanas are a single-target weapon. Swords are multi-targeting weapons, up to 10 targets. At best a "Katana" clone of Excalibur/100 Souls can only hit up to 3 CLOSE targets. I.e. for a hunter, katanas and even sabers are INFERIOR for hitting multiple targets, which is far more desirable. They simply do not have many weapons to choose from for hitting multiple targets at once, save partisans or slicers. Can you guess which blade Triblader my lvl 200 HUmar uses about 95% of the time? Look, I love katanas too, I own 2 IRL shinobigata swords myself, but in this game... Compared to other melee weapons HUs have available, they suck. (and I take no joy in saying that) So IMHO, you want a awesome katana for a HU? Stick with a TJS or get the staff to make a clone of it with some other special on it. My 2 pesos amigo...
  4. You already have one, it's called the Tsumikiri J-Sword. It's also the second strongest sword in the game, next to a Dark Flow. https://www.phantasystaronline.net/forum/index.php?/wiki/item/&id=003200 Sorry, but J-Swords single-target combos are rather useless next to a Sword's multi-target, wide arc combo. It is what it is...
  5. No, PSOBB is capable of higher resolutions than the console systems. Any changes in character design will have been made by Sega in the porting the game to PC. The only things that have been modified appearance wise here at Ultima are the custom weapons and armor exclusive to this server. Hope this helps!
  6. I agree with Yannv's assessment... If you have to bring a mule weapon, at least let us get some hit off the thing if it has some on it in the process. 50 PDs + Mule weapon, get it's special and hit percentage transferred to non-special weapon, that seems reasonable IMHO. Besides, 50 PDs ain't exactly cheap...
  7. I hope your birthday is a great one Jade!  Congo-rats and party hard hon!

    We miss you Mag Queenie, hope you come drop by here at Ultima to say hello on the forums and in-game sometime.



  8. Like the new Signature my friend.! 🥅:onion117:

    1. Trigunman


      Hey man, thanks, how are you?  Yea, I joined the merry (clown XD ) men of Triforce some months ago.  While my plans for PSO2 along with joining some of the Tri-hards there with the ARKS have fell through thanks to the utter stupidity of M$'s release of the game, I'm not going anywhere.(the recent reports I've read are that PSO2 release has been an utter damned dumpster fire, until M$ decides to fix it or Sega pulls their head out of their rear and releases it on Steam) So no worries, I still have 4 lvl 143s to get to lvl 200, haha!

      It's funny you mention my Zelda themed siggy Larva, I've currently got the Zelda bug after watching game play of the recent Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening reissue for the NIntendo Switch.  I'm seriously considering getting a Switch just for that game, I still have it (Zelda DX) along with my Gameboy Advance SPs, but the reissue is amazingly well done and looks just as fun as I remember it on the Gameboy! (that and the Switch has some really good stuff coming out on it!)

      I trust you and the family are safe and doing well Larva?  :onion-head11:

  9. FALSE POSITIVE, as Yannv said... Exclude the launcher's .exe via your anti-virus software and launch the game with no worries. Hope this helps, see you there!
  10. Graduated college not too long ago! Will be going back in the fall though for a masters. How you been?

    1. Trigunman


      Oh man, a glutton for punishment, haha!

      Well congo-rats then King Ra, I hope you get your masters then man.   You'll be able to go anywhere you like after that with that piece of paper most likely.

      I'm okay man, dealing with some physical issues ATM but getting older will do that to you.  Getting older is non-optional, growing up is optional, haha.  All things considered, it could be far worse...  I have an aunt who is only 2 years older than me and she's in worse shape than I am. *sigh*

      Regardless man take care of yourself and keep your head on a swivel, things are getting a bit crazy on this planet these days.  Stay well and above all stay safe King Ra, as a wise old Vulcan once told me, "Live long and prosper."


  11. Hail and well met fellow adventurers!
  12. IT IS DONE!  The ashes of the vicious despot DragonLord now rest at my feet!  All of Alefgard is restored and once again, light returns to the benighted, ancient land of the scions of Erdrick.

    What a great real-time RPG/Minecraft clone, such a great game... I had alot of fun rebuilding the various towns of Alefgard and especially Tantegel castle, seeing the classic DQ monsters in real-time instead of a static image of the classic DQ RPGs was cathartic.  I finally beat Dragon Quest Builders over the Memorial Day weekend, it was a long row to hoe but it seemed so short now Iooking back after finishing it. (especially considering how long some of the newer Dragon Quests are haha, I'm looking at you Dragon Quest 11)

    Now with that done, I can focus on the release of PSO2, YAY.

    I really really really hope I'm not going to be disappointed with PSO2...  Even if it isn't anything like PSOBB.(on the Ultima server)  I really enjoyed Dragon Quest Heroes so I'm hoping this is closer to what PSO2 is like.

    Cheers my fellow Ultimites, hope to see you there this week with the rest of the ARKS.


    1. Tiel



      Congratulations, Broski

      PSO2 ALL DAY

      Jah Bless You

  13. Oppai, oppai, OOOOOPPAAAAIIII!!! 🤣🤣🤣
  14. Holy carp I didn't realize you were Fany/Nephenee Palutena!  *facepalm*

    Thank you again so much for the Red Ring for Trigunman the other day hon, you're a real sweetheart.  :onion120:

    Your FO talents are awesome, you did an awesome job in that ROCT run girl!

    If you ever need anything Palutena, please do not hesitate to ask.

    My platoon of toons are here to assist you.  :onion-head11:

    1. Palutena


      Same goes to you, do not hesitate to ask whenever you need help or a force for ROCT. That's what teammates are for. 😊

    2. Yannv


      Fany is a bad fo :"L

      Regards from Hexen/Morpheus

    3. Trigunman


      Fany is a badass FO!  Respect!  :onion89:

  15. Was expecting something epic in a BOOBS UPDATE thread, kinda disappointed. On the other hand, further game modification and customization is always welcomed. Keep up the good work DarkMadDog21!
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