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  1. So I got all classes to 200

    Ahhh good, here's your atta'boy and a pat on the back for a job well done. Now, we'll need you to delete them all and start all over again! Preferably immediately, but sometime today would be yeaaaa... Greaaaaaattt. It's not the destination, it's the journey maaaaannnnn....
  2. Heyyy!:onion106:

    1. Trigunman


      Ohhh my... You've returned from beyond the PSO2 hitherlands!  YEEEUUUUSSSSS :onion-head72:

      Welcome back dear Evie! :onion-head32: 

    2. Evie


      haha I haven't played PSO2 for over a year and half ! nor any other game really, just been busy with life D:

      Thank you :D

      Imma send you a pm so I dont spam here ^_^ 


  3. Back from the dead

    Hail and well met stranger! Welcome back!
  4. Hey...again...for the third time..

    Haha! Just like the military, you thought you had left but they suck you right back in again! Welcome back (again) Xaero and especially good luck with that Vash tat! Hit me up if you require some assistance sir!
  5. Just wanted you to know I started my half sleeve the other day and this is my first piece.


    1. Trigunman


      Ohhhh nice!  I almost want that on my arm, haha!  Whoever is doing it certainly knows what they're doing so far it seems, awesome linework! ^_^  Definitely show me a pic of in color when it gets done! *thumbsup*  Thanks man! =^)

    2. Xaero


      I chose her mainly for her linework. Happy you like it though. Figured you would. April 1st will be when I get some shading done and make more progress on it. I'll keep you updated. :D

    3. Trigunman


      Yes sir, please do!  My compliments to the lady tattooist, incredible linework!

  6. A WINNUR IZ YUO! Now that is what's funny gents, I like your sense of humor Yanvbraz... As they say a picture is indeed worth a thousand words.
  7. Meh, I got the joke. It's just a stale, boring one at this point honestly... Just sick of getting trolled by stupid amounts of amore rose drops honestly. =^\
  8. Dunno what you're smokin' pal, but I've found enough of those damned things to set me up in business with a rose shop for the next 20 years! Blah, roses, ROSES EVERYWHERE... *facepalm*
  9. Champione has come to ultima server

    Hail and well met noble PSO'er! Perchance thee we shall meet on the field of honor and rout the wicked beasts afoot as one good sir!
  10. Big shout out to Soly and especially Kajex for finally making one of my bucket list dreams come true here!  Thanks you guys for all you do here!  THANK YOU! *raises glass*

  11. Show your screenshots

    2nd best view in the game, 1st to me is the waterfalls over looking the sea in the Jungle 2 / CCA area.
  12. Hey!  I watched you in vain last night time out of the room you were in magfeeding in hopes you'd "wake up" so I could give you a Chu Chu mag cell. =^\  If you still want one, let me know alright? =^)  Have a good day Wayway...


  13. I feel the flow, the power coursing through my veins.... YEEEESSSSSSSSS... I FEEL THE POWER OF A BILLION SUNS BURNING THROUGH MY HANDS! ALL OTHER THINGS IN THIS UNIVERSE ARE NOTHING COMPARED TO THIS POWER! I CONTROL THE DARK FLOW MWUAHAHAHAHAHAHAhaha... *cough* *cough* I mean, oh yea, awesome sword. w00t  ^_^ yuuuusssss

  14. Goodbye Ultima

    Good journey Luna, see you in the next (MMORPG) life.