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  1. Welp, looks like I'm off to the lands of Erdrea folks, no telling when I'll be done helping The Luminary defeat the Dark One.  Good hunting during the Anniversary Event!

    1. Samuel Oyler

      Samuel Oyler

       thanks man good luck to you as well

    2. Dutch Ride
  2. HI!  Trigunman is currently marooned on a back-water terrestrial planet called Desseeia somewhere in the Andromeda Galaxy.  Be back shortly to the Ragol sector...  Once I build a ship w/hyperdrive to get off this rock and out of this sector that is.  Empyrion Galactic Survival is quite addicting and well developed for a game still in alpha incredibly.

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    1. Grimoire Greys

      Grimoire Greys

      Make your time. I'm going to be messing around in Deltarune for as long as it lasts.

  3. Starting up a FO?

    Meseta, lots and lots of meseta, for fluids as you will be drinking them like water. Thankfully the GMs open up a Meseta room every occasionally, so keep an eye open for one. Oh, a Pinkal ID is the best ID it seems for certain FO gear and most importantly, finding tech disks. Depending on what kind of FO you choose, either human or newman will greatly dictate your gear needs, as the humans can be capable battle mages (melee & techs) while the newman are best as support/rafoie nukers. Hope this helps, good luck!
  4. Hucast Suggestions

    Start spending considerable resources, funds, using "connections", friends and time to acquire the following weapons: Red Sword/Crimson Sword Zanba (Lame D'Argent) Excalibur/100 Souls Sword (Sealed J-Sword)Tsumikiri J-Sword Laconium Axe (Dragon Slayer) Sil Dragon Slayer Vjaya (Agito - 1975 model) Orotiagito (Monkey King Bar) Black King Bar Girasole/Inferno Girasole Power Glove Jizai Lavis Cannon/Lavis Blades/Double Cannon Ultima Reaper ...and during Christmas you can earn a PGF (and find a good Calibur sword with perfect stats) to get... DARK FLOW Above all, try to get as much hit on the weapons as possible, HUs need all they can get. Hope this helps, good luck!
  5. Hello new to Phantasy Star Online! :D

    Hail and well met fellow hunter!
  6. Argh, figures... Those bonuses only work with the armor on with the non-special/weaker variants of those swords. *facepalm* Still, it's something to look forward to in the future it seems as Saith is on it.
  7. I have absolutely wonderful idea, how about giving the entire DB set some SET BONUSES, same goes for the intended set bonus for the Flowens gear.(that sadly still doesn't work to this day) We have tons of great gear on the server, instead of mixing and matching as an option, give some set bonuses to matched armor and weapons like every other action RPG out there. (This means creating some new sets too!) This will certainly encourage the use of some of the weaker armor pieces out there, as well as the weapons. I see on PSO-world.com's database, both of those sets are supposed to have a "50% boost in power" when all are equipped: http://www.pso-world.com/items.php?op=viewarticle&artid=170&sortby=name http://www.pso-world.com/items.php?op=viewarticle&artid=141&sortby=name
  8. always CTD on episode 2

    Hmmmm... This sounds familiar... I remember going through lots of CTD in EP2 back in the day, I think I lowered some of the graphics options in the game launcher to fix this. Do you have the no-fog patch (no fog in EP2 CCA) for PSOBB installed in your game? I definitely remember installing that and that too helped with the crashes, as the no-fog patch helped with the shaders for the water in the beach and jungle areas. Hope this helps, good luck!
  9. I need help

    Ahhh totally forgot about people doing dual log-ins, good call Larva... I'm starting to think Ricardo may be on to what's happening, if it's not a server-side issue causing the problem, it's client side then obviously. Dual log-in from the same account isn't going to happen I'm sure, which would explain Rockstarwxy getting booted while his friend logs in, them going back and forth trying to both log-in.
  10. I need help

    Possible IP address conflict? Server won't take both of you on the same IP at the same time? If that's the case, perhaps maybe one of you should use a proxy IP and see if that can get the other logged in.
  11. RAmar, RAmarl, FOmar, HUnewarl are all great, flexable soloing classes with access to S/D and other support techs, moreso the FOmar, although without the best gear, he's still rather squishy and not quite powerful as I'd like in Ultimate. His support ability is excellent though while maintaining a degree of offensive ability, I'd probably say the same things for HUnewarl too... RAs will always have a great force multiplier going solo using shots, namely with the Dark Meteor and the Baranz Launcher. I can go just about anywhere and survive going solo with my RAmar and a DM, nuff said. (although my RAcast with a even a 75 hit Baranz ain't too far behind, now that he's got a Wedding Dress...)
  12. Hot damn, I need to stop being a recluse. :onion-head48:

    Also, my anime habit is getting out of control... Help?  :onion129:

    Damn you Crunchyroll and your tasty animated deliciousness!

    1. Grimoire Greys

      Grimoire Greys

      Hey, at least its available in high def. :3 

    2. Dutch Ride

      Dutch Ride

      No such thing.

  13. Ultima Triforce Event 2018

    Ahhhh yay! It's finally here! Here's my obligatory Zelda meme: Dat Masta Swoood...
  14. Pthalo's Awful Art Thread

    Ahhh, that's easy, an exacto knife or maybe a utility knife as well if it's a thin enough piece of plastic. However I will warn you, be extremely careful with both, use a piece of glass or metal as a cutting surface, make damn sure that plastic is secured before cutting and go easy with either.(just enough pressure to cut) Cut away from you and make sure you don't cut close to your own hand with it. The exacto is effectively as sharp as a medical scalpel and the utility knife (that uses a razor blade!) ain't too far behind it. Honestly, you might be better off with a dremel though,(it's certainly safer than those two knives) but how cleanly you can cut with it takes a bit of practice, a dremel has alot of torque behind it for it's size which makes it tricky to get a clean cut.
  15. Pthalo's Awful Art Thread

    Never give up on the talents and abilities you've been blessed with Pthalo. While you may not see the fruits of your labors now, like many famous artists, your recognition and accolades don't come till much later in life or in the fullness of time. Always strive to push yourself beyond what you consider your limits and work harder to sharpen your skills, eventually that work and effort will pay off. Like many of the engineering jobs I do drafting for, sometimes it may take months or years before I finally see it built and enjoy the fruit of my own labors I helped create! P.S. Sorry about never getting back to you on your "box" thingy, I could never get it to import into AutoCAD, you're probably gonna have to give me a hand-drawing of what you want and I'd have to take it from there.