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  1. Ultima Triforce Event 2018

    Ahhhh yay! It's finally here! Here's my obligatory Zelda meme: Dat Masta Swoood...
  2. Pthalo's Awful Art Thread

    Ahhh, that's easy, an exacto knife or maybe a utility knife as well if it's a thin enough piece of plastic. However I will warn you, be extremely careful with both, use a piece of glass or metal as a cutting surface, make damn sure that plastic is secured before cutting and go easy with either.(just enough pressure to cut) Cut away from you and make sure you don't cut close to your own hand with it. The exacto is effectively as sharp as a medical scalpel and the utility knife (that uses a razor blade!) ain't too far behind it. Honestly, you might be better off with a dremel though,(it's certainly safer than those two knives) but how cleanly you can cut with it takes a bit of practice, a dremel has alot of torque behind it for it's size which makes it tricky to get a clean cut.
  3. Pthalo's Awful Art Thread

    Never give up on the talents and abilities you've been blessed with Pthalo. While you may not see the fruits of your labors now, like many famous artists, your recognition and accolades don't come till much later in life or in the fullness of time. Always strive to push yourself beyond what you consider your limits and work harder to sharpen your skills, eventually that work and effort will pay off. Like many of the engineering jobs I do drafting for, sometimes it may take months or years before I finally see it built and enjoy the fruit of my own labors I helped create! P.S. Sorry about never getting back to you on your "box" thingy, I could never get it to import into AutoCAD, you're probably gonna have to give me a hand-drawing of what you want and I'd have to take it from there.
  4. Returning Player

    YOU CANNOT ESCAPE THE VORTEX THAT IS ULTIMA PSOBB, MWUAHAHAHAHAHA...ha... *COUGH* *COUGH* *COUGH* ...I mean welcome back good sir! Enjoy your stay!
  5. Hail and well met! There is a keyboard layout diagram btw, the controls are not that terribly difficult IMHO and you have far more control with hotkeys for techs, items, IMHO. (plus the mini-menu CTRL+END is a must for fast weapon switching)
  6. Hello!

    Hail and well met!
  7. Ignoring options Question

    Yep I can confirm this, they "drop off the forums" effectively, aside from other's quotes and their interaction with them. It's quite pleasingly... effective.
  8. While I do agree there are some who are lazy when it comes to events/hunting/etc, etc... There are others as well Starlord who simply don't have the time to devote hours upon hours it takes to hunt such things. I'd probably be one of those people... It's why I was also one of the last individuals to buy a PGF before they cut off the ability to do so years ago, I don't regret it either and would do it again.(but I also didn't buy it till Trigunman hit lvl 200 and I still had to grind Restless Lion quest for that freakin' perfect 50 hit Arms too ) Regardless, time is money and for some, money is easier to come by than time these days. If I was 20 years younger (i.e. not having to deal with stupid health issues rearing their ugly head) and didn't have a job, house, vehicle and other responsibilities that eat up so much time, I'd have no problem grinding for hours too. Right or wrong, that's unfortunately the way it is...
  9. There is a simpler solution... Just make the PGF drop year around, but lower the rate to where it's like a %0.00005 chance of drop. You'll have all year to hunt one, but your chances are... Pretty low. A humble compromise perhaps? Or maybe you'd rather play the lottery?
  10. WHOOOOOO, my self-imposed exile is over!  Thanks for all the prayers, my back is healed up, heck I'm even getting some good sleep this week, GTHO INSOMNIA!  :onion-head11:

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    2. Lipelis


      Welcome back!

    3. Yarokosaki


      Welcome back,  I am glad everything is doing better for you. 

    4. Trigunman


      Ahhh thanks guys, it's good to be back in the hunt again, feeling much better and I can sit in a chair again!  It's the little things we take for granted...  :onion-head72:

  11. *sigh*  I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy...  Accursed lower back pain.  25 years of sitting my derriere' in a chair is now compressing my lowest spinal disk and now I can't even sit without pain.  :onion-head25:

    To all my friends and acquaintances here, sadly I won't be logging in as much anymore and certainly won't be doing any 3-4 hour marathon runs.  Keep me in your prayers and that my back heals up soon...




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    1. Lemon


      I'm sorry to hear about this.  Hopefully it heals right up and we'll see you again soon.

    2. Grimoire Greys

      Grimoire Greys

      The age is creeping up on ye, as it is me. I hope you feel better after taking a break, dood.

  12. Changing character slots

    That's a shame... I had wondered what had become of this, it's too bad this concept has serious security issues. Getting another account is easy, but it's still a pain to swap accounts, at least dual log-in is one way to deal with it.
  13. Infinite paralysis

    Very smart way to un-para'ed, poison is much easier to treat too with Anti lvl 1 or higher. As others have stated, recovery items such as Antiparalysis, a Sol Atomizer or Anti level 4 tech or higher will be your only cure. You can read about the different status effects, their cures and who's resistant to them in great detail here: http://www.pscave.com/pso/condition.shtml
  14. Ultima Summer Forum Minievent 2018

  15. Hail and well met! Holla if you need some help man, I'll take you anywhere you wanna go in this game!