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  1. Good journey Luna, see you in the next (MMORPG) life.
  2. No, that light at the end of the tunnel is not an oncoming train...  It's a laser from a US Navy Destroyer aimed at YOU.  XD

  3. I regret nothing. But it's usually because I'm too busy screwing something else up... As the old sayin' goes down here in de bayouz, "Hold mah beer and watch this crap!"
  4. Good journey and be blessed, perhaps one day the vortex of Ultima will suck you back into it's event horizon. Until then, take care!
  5. Still not tired of winning.


    1. McLaughlin86


      Lol are you referring to what I think you're referring to?

    2. leezy


      Meet me outside how bout dat

    3. rayblasterx
  6. HAPPY MAGA DAY - January 20th 2017!  :onion-head11:

    1. ZenReborn
    2. Trigunman


      If' I'm wrong then I don't wanna be right baybeeee XD


      Hereeeeee comes the Trump trainnnnn choooo chooooo XDDDD

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  7. In roughly 24 hours, many things are going to change...  Or will things once again persist to remain the same? 

    In every end there is a beginning and to every beginning there will come an eventual end.

    What will be birthed will begin in the hearts of each of us, therefore what will this bring?

    Our eventual demise?  Or a glorious new beginning?



    Ultimately this fate begins with a decision we must make of with the reality that surrounds us each day.


    Deuteronomy 30:15-16 - "See, I have set before you today life and prosperity, and death and adversity; in that I command you today to love the LORD your God, to walk in His ways and to keep His commandments and His statutes and His judgments, that you may live and multiply, and that the LORD your God may bless you in the land where you are entering to possess it.…


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    2. MadOrNah


      You sound like a bitter old fart, who just now started going to Church.


      I'm to young and immature to take what you're saying seriously. > Trigunman

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    3. mrchibbs


      Human's were cursed with the conscious mind. It causes us to think of what the right choices are and think of where our ends will take us. I for one think there is nothing awaiting me when my time comes, and find it in myself to try and spread peace and love while I still can on this beautiful world. God bless you Trigunman.

    4. Trigunman


      Actually MadOrNah, I was raised in church for all my life.  Imperfect, pontificating old fart?  Haha, maybe I am... XD  Or maybe I still annoy my neighbors with my loud music/guitar amp and don't fit into societal norms with no wife or kids while keeping down a good day job at an engineering firm.   Who cares really, I sure don't...  Oh yea, GET OFF MY LAWN LOL!

      What is important though, being young and naive however is no excuse unfortunately for what will come.  For none of us are guaranteed another moment's breath on this minuscule rock of a planet we call Earth in the vast, massive universe.  I've sadly seen quite a few friends of mine growing up as a teenager I knew for years, then suddenly one day wake up to find they were in a horrific accident and are GONE, never to be seen again among the living.

      But realize that some people do actually care whether you suffer physical separation, torment and anguish for all eternity, someone cares about YOU enough to warn you of your eternal destiny.  This isn't about proselytizing, this is warning you along the lines of "the plane is going down, it's fixing to crash and I have a parachute for you that will save your (eternal) life, please consider using it".   I'm one of those persons, the other DIED FOR YOU over 2,000 years ago on a cross for every sin you'll ever commit and HE is the only acceptable atonement for those sins to our Creator and His Father, YAHWEH.

      This man is Jesus Christ.

      Regardless, again, believe whatever you will, but the truth will seek you out one day.  I pray then it will not be too late for you...  Yet a seed hopefully is planted.

      Until then, peace be unto you.


      P.S. Thanks Mrchibbs ^_^  God bless you sir! :)

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  8. Yea, okay I know what you're talking about Misombre, that info is also here: BTW, they all have an AUW date, it's just the real Flowens is very distinct in appearance from the "fakes" as well it being the newest AUW date. Bottom line, the "real" Flowen's Sword "AUW 3084" cannot be given another special as it already has one. The fakes have never had a special on them, hence why Kajex included this in his previous mini events. I have a question kinda off-topic though, but related... Does anyone know if the Flowen's Shield, Flowen's Frame will interact with the "set bonus" with all of these swords or just the "real" AUW 3084 sword? (or does it even work on this server honestly?)
  9. Errr ahhh, that's what the event is all about Misombre... Just got spirit put on a AUW 3083 Flowen's Sword to get the next best thing to an actual "real" Flowens. And to those who ask is it worth it, does it actually make it stronger? Well, I've got a Tsumikiri J-Sword with 80-hit and the Flowens can hit harder than it using Spirit. Sadly, I've only got 35 hit on the Flowens though, so technically, it's not near as accurate as my Tsumikiri. As always, thanks Kajex for all you do and for putting this event back on the server.
  10. Here's to 2017, Happy New Year my fellow Ultimites! *raises glass*

  11. U GIB 2 TRI NAO! XD plis? XD
  12. But who was phone...?!?!?
  13. To my fellow Ultimites, I pray you all have a wonderful Christmas and a very happy New Year!  Be blessed, enjoy this time with your family and I pray all your Christmas wishes come true. 

  14. It's the journey, not the destination dear Selah. I am an adventurer at heart. PGF or no PGF my main objective is to still have fun doing it. We still play this game for fun right? Right?
  15. Yea I know you've been here a while Saith, but honestly I don't remember the drop being across all IDs... Meh, I guess since I finally got a DM for Trigunman way back when I just haven't really cared terribly about or paid much attention the drop IDs for the PGF... Well that and it's probably still a pain in the ass for one to even drop I imagine. XD *shrugs* Ahhh maybe I'll get off my sphincter and work on it some this year during my vacation time... Along with some more L&K 38s, giggity. XD