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  1. While this is wholly your decision, personally I would only focus on a character's main stat. For RAs and HUs, that's POW mats for ATP, for FOs, it's MIND mats. (save FOmar/FOmarl, as they rely on POW as well for melee attacks) For all difficulties except Ultimate, defense is a priority. However the game changes towards evade in a BIG way when you hit up ultimate. The EVP on certain monsters is crazy, therefore you want more of it than DEF, but having a good balance is important IMHO. Again as others have stated, let your armor handle those stats, I'd try to find a good balance on your frame/armor and barrier selection when it comes to DEF/EVP. (high def armor/high evade shield or vice versa) However, some classes excel in defense better than others, namely RAcaseal. If you focus too much on defense or evade, your mind or ATP will suffer when you get to ultimate. Plan and choose wisely, therefore I'd refer to a mat plan for your character before I'd go eating mats on the fly. Hope this helps, good luck!
  2. I'm pretty certain those are disabled, I know exactly what you're referring to, I've tried to load that list for years. There is no continuity or association between respective episodes multi-player and single-player missions. They are meant to be played independently, only episodes in a respective episode have any continuity or association, i.e. completing a quest unlocks other quests in that episode ONLY.
  3. Welcome, hail and well met good sir!
  4. YOU CANNOT ESCAPE MWUAHAHAHAHAHAhahaha... *cough* *cough* *cough* I mean welcome back Hawk ole boi!
  5. That can be fixed, I have some armors and addslots Karasu. The other problems you're going to run into however is getting your mag to lvl 200, getting enough pow mats to raise your ATP, getting hit weapons and your ATA high enough to even hit the stupid high evade monsters of ultimate. Regardless, those things can be resolved over time and plenty of levels of course. But if you need some further help, holla at my Tri or Quad characters in-game in the lobby.
  6. *checks calender* Yeaaaaaaa, that's great R-78, you get right on those changes there mon cheri. Oh and happy April Fool's day to you too sweetheart. Thanks for all you do!
  7. I do know they keep backups of all the accounts Rapidz in case of emergencies,(not the first time Ultima has been hacked) but I doubt they have backups that far back... My humble suggestion is to get in touch with Soly and pray he's not too busy to investigate for you, again, good luck!
  8. Okay, stupid questions time: Do you have any family/friends/roommates who knew about your account/the game itself to "hijack" it? No offense, but hacking a completely random account, deleting/recreating characters, items with no evidence of the hacking seems rather dubious. Not saying it can't happen, but without evidence to support it, it's near impossible to trace, especially after a long time period of the said "hacking". I doubt Soly can give you any solid information on who, what or where, possibly save log in times and IP addresses, which can be spoofed. I do hope you can get whatever might be missing back, but that's not my call to make. If you do intend to continue playing here I'd urge you to secure your account(change the friggin' password, make it LONG & with symbols) and log-in info posthaste so that this can never happen again. Ultimately, your account's security rests solely in your own hands, live and learn man. Good luck!
  9. In short, until the cold day in hell Sega graciously releases the source code for PSOBB, I'm afraid your hopes and dreams of modeling for this game are sadly in vain. Sorry DarkMadDog21, but my humble suggestion is to just enjoy the game for what it is, we're quite fortunate we still get to play this and for free to boot. Other companies typically don't turn a blind eye to free private MMORPG servers like Sega has done here, they usually get slapped with a pretty quick legal cease and desist letter in such matters.
  10. I'll go or take you anywhere you wanna go you're brave enough to tread good sir. I've got lvl 200 characters or others that are near your range, which ever you'd like to run with. I've been doing alot of DQ Builders 2 on Steam lately, but I'll take a break for a bit and hit up the server from time to time. Look for my Tri or Quad characters and hit me up if you see me running about Ace. Regardless, good luck and good journey man.
  11. In the "Lost 'insert weapon here' Son Hopkins quests" the objective is the return the weapon that Hopkin's Son has lost in certain area of that respective episode, usually "held" by the boss that respective area. You unfortunately do not acquire said weapon though... Now, if you're looking for super rare, powerful yellow boxed weapons with the best specials, insane percentages and hit, you'll want to get strong enough to survive ultimate difficulty in EP4, where you can do the solo quest, "Restless Lion". There the NPC hunters once defeated will drop random yellow boxed, highest tier named weapons with 3 attributes with percentages or 2 attributes & hit with percentages, in their respective attributes of either native, abeast, machine, dark or hit. For example, you could find a "perfect" Charge Arms +9 RA shot with 50/0/50/0/50 stats, a yellow box weapon, but even still a formidable weapon that nearly rivals a Baranz Launcher with 50 hit. This is also where people will hunt to find "perfect" caliburs and arms weapon candidates to create dark weapons with by use of a Parasite Gene FLOW, to create the strongest HU and RA weapon in the game, Dark Flow and Dark Meteor, respectively. Hope this helps, good luck!
  12. He's referring to acquiring a M-Type weapon, of which is similar to S-Ranks, of which they have no special and rather high grind rates on them, but can get a special added to it by a GM. There are two ways to get one to my understanding, you might want to start reading HERE:
  13. If you think you can survive a Dorphin Eclair on ultimate in EP4,(or possibly with help, i.e. 3 other players) you can get your hands on a Cannon Rouge, arguably the strongest AOE launcher a RA can get year around. The Spread Needle, Frozen Shooter and Panzer Faust are all great staple weapons to try to acquire as well in the short term, acquire those with haste. Make every effort to try to get your hands on either some Baranz Parts or a Baranz Launcher in the long-term. Mille Marteaux is another weapon, some nice mechs with divine punishment that will come in handy in certain situations is also something you want to work on long-term. Also, while the Valentine's event is active, a photon booster will be great for the Panzer Faust to upgrade it to Iron Faust. Hope this helps, good luck!
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