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  1. The spice must flow! He who controls the spice controls the UNIVERSE! (spice = money)
  2. Holy cow, how did I miss this awesome article? Larva, you're in there too, this was from back in 2017! LOL, Lemon for the shoutout as well! https://www.pcgamer.com/phantasy-star-online-will-never-die-how-the-nicest-fans-in-gaming-keep-a-16-year-old-mmo-alive/
  3. psobb.exe stop working

    Hmmmm, gonna need more specific information than that bro... Are you running Windows 7 service pack 1? What is your computer's specs/hardware? What resolutions have you tried? What video drivers are you using, AMD, NVidia card or Intel intergrated video? What anti-virus are you running? What PSOBB Ultima launcher options are you using? When you say it doesn't work, does it give you the blue screen of death (reboot) or just a crash notification from Windows that the game stopped responding? Or does it even give you any notice at all? Hopefully we can help you get you up and running, but more specific information is going to be needed to ascertain your problem, thanks!
  4. port to Nintendo switch

    If this is true, AWESOME! So then... KEEP THIS QUIET AS A CHURCH MOUSE FOLKS. If word of this gets out to the wrong people, you will see a cease and desist from Nintendo and/or Sega faster than lighting striking from east to west.
  5. port to Nintendo switch

    While this is a noble idea, you've got a number of very serious problems about getting this ported to Nintendo's Switch: 1. Nintendo 2. Yea, Nintendo 3. Seriously, Nintendo 4. Translating the coding to the Switch's programming language, whatever that may be... 5. Most likely as well, Sega, it's their friggin game and IP. If it were an older console system that has been EOL'ed that would be more "under the radar" this might be easier, but with Nintendo it's a non-starter, PERIOD, especially with their latest and greatest console still selling very well on the market ATM. If this were to gain any serious traction and notice to the gaming community, you'd see a cease and desist letter within a matter of days, if not hours from Nintendo's "legendary" legal team, I can guaran-effin-tee you. I really don't want to drag up links of all the incredible fan-based stuff and ports that Nintendo has killed un-mercilessly over the years... Sorry to bring rain to your parade but them's the facts bro... I'd say just keep playing here and enjoy the fact we can still play this for pete's sake! I'm amazed Sega has apparently turned a blind eye to these private PSOBB servers running their still legally bound IP and game code like the Ultima does, rather graciously for so many years now. Count your blessings good sir...
  6. ...And lo, it has come to pass.

    Ahhh, actually our drummer is recording our practices at the moment with his phone via his wife. But, we've got our first gig this weekend, maybe he'll record & upload that to his Facebook page after that. I'll keep you posted.
  7. ...And lo, it has come to pass.

    Haha! Not quite my old friend, I'd honestly love to do some runs with ya tomorrow Larva, but my "other" job unfortunately is going to interfere with that idea sadly. Gotta go play bass in two of my bands tomorrow, can you take a raincheck?
  8. ...And lo, it has come to pass.

    With over 1000 hours on Trigunman to boot.
  9. ...And lo, it has come to pass.

    Actually, look for "Quad" names.
  10. Wat do now? Well, aside from my usual being a game guide and mentor to new players... Ahhh well, it's been a long nearly 10 years here, hard to believe it's taken that long to max this account out. Thanks to Larva, all the staff here at PSOBB and to all the many friends I've made over the years here, it's been a helluva adventure. Maybe it's time to become a n00b all over again. Where's that old Quadhits backup account, hmmmm.... Time to learn all about the female characters? Get in touch with my feminine side? LOL Ahhh well, we shall see.
  11. Gah, poor lab rats, I know how they feel today...

    Eyes dilated from optometrist, neck a bit stiff from chiropractor, gauze on my arm from blood taken by phlebotomist at Dr's office.  Sheesh.

  12. Mrgoat joins the world!

    Good to finally chat with you Mr. Goat, hopefully we'll hook up again soon so where I can put my characters to use towards your benefit. Good journey and see ya on the server.
  13. Long Time Lurker, Finally Introducing

    Hot damn I lurk alot too, you're in good company! Welcome! XD
  14. Welp, looks like I'm off to the lands of Erdrea folks, no telling when I'll be done helping The Luminary defeat the Dark One.  Good hunting during the Anniversary Event!

    1. Samuel Oyler

      Samuel Oyler

       thanks man good luck to you as well

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      Is that the trig i know?