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  1. That's easy... Wait for it... Keep leveling, keep finding better, higher level gear, max out your mag, do quests and difficulties (read: ultimate) you couldn't before. It's not exactly rocket science bro, it's an RPG, grind that RNG for all it's worth and then grind some more. Exactly on how you wish to do it, is all up to you IMHO. Although I will mention if you want to get alot of exp fast, once you unlock all 3 areas of the CCA, go take on Gal Gryphon Ultimate as many time as you can before you start having nightmares about it.(you'll probably want some high level help too) Keep on till your character is lvl 200 and maxed out with the best gear. You're welcome, have fun and good journey.
  2. Rest now my little Quad-Tekk, you fought valiantly against Olga-Flow until the very end.  He almost fell to your mighty Lindcray, but your tekk mana ran out and you perished at his hands instead. 

    Therefore, I Triforcer will avenge your death!  By this time next week, I will destroy Olga Flow by my own hands!  I will bury his own Dark Flow into his rotting skull and avenge your blood... This I SWEAR before the gods of Ragol!


  3. PSOBB has a number of great things going for it. It's free, with an number of private servers to play it from, with no legal oversight from SEGA.(and thankfully they no longer care) It's player base is from all over the world, most server populations are pretty friendly and helpful. It's old enough now that nearly all kinds of information and data on how to excel in the game is available through sites like www.pso-world.com. It's game engine is hackable to the extent that new items, weapons and armor can be created into the game on respective servers, given the talents and abilities of it's staff. The game itself can run on a number of different platforms, namely PCs and nowadays, can run smoothly and at high resolutions with relatively minimal PC hardware. Considering it's a game that was released on console (v1) back in 2000, then with PSOBB for PC in 2004 and even after SEGA closed the official servers here in North America in 2003, the fact this game is still being played even in 2019 is nothing short of remarkable for a MMORPG and may outlive nearly all of it's predecessors. The fanbase and private servers have the possibility to continue as long as there are always people wanting to play the game and enough to maintain a server population to support it, which means there is no telling when, where or how, if ever, the game will cease as we know it. As long as the memories of this game exist and there are private servers to play it, PSO will live on in the hearts and minds of it's players, past and present, well into the future. Long live Phantasy Star Online!
  4. Hail friend and well met! May all your adventures and journey here be enjoyable fair lady. If you need any help or assistance, do no hesitate to ask.
  5. 🎂🎂🎂 Happy B-day to the Solyinator!  🎂🎂🎂

    Thanks for all your hard work here at Ultima bro, hope you're still shredding too, keep the fire burning!

  6. Check your firewall/av software and see if the ports PSOBB is trying to access are blocked by it. The AV/firewall/security software may have updated and blocked those ports by default as a result. Hope this helps!
  7. HI STRANGER! :onion-head18:

  8. Just finished up Game+++ difficulty on Pixel Shinobi: 9 Demons of Mamoru, i.e. I've beat the game 3 times now.  Oh and it gets stupid hard folks, talk about rage quit LOL.  I figure 3 times is good, time to move on, (the last levels in the game was also starting to get buggy!) I even found the elusive Shadow Kusarigama (badass sickle & chain) and got the last achievement for the game I think.

    So, time to enable -=END LURK MODE=- and get my rear back on the server a bit more, now that the Triforce event is here, yay.  So holla if you need some help folks!

  9. Welcome back, again! It was good to see you and give it the old run again Saturday Pushan, holla if you want some help! I'm gonna end my lurk-mode this week and get back on the server a bit more now that I've utterly curb stomped Pixel Shinobi 3 times... That and of course the Triforce event.
  10. Once again, it's time to post my obligatory Zelda meme in celebration of this most hallowed event. DAT GANONDORF SHIELD
  11. HI!  I've been getting in touch with my inner ninja lately...


    Damn fine game gents, do give it a go...  It looks like it uses the same engine as Broforce, very retro (and quite gory haha) 2d platformer with slight RPG and crafting elements with a vibe that harkens back to Sega's Shinobi.  Important to note, the difficulty is quite hard, even on easy I got my rear handed to me with blood sauce quite often. 

    The abilities of Hideaki (main character/ninja/YOU) are quite satisfying, nothing like being suspended upside down just above your enemies right before you swoop in and take their life in a split second.  XD



  12. Hail and well met fellow adventurer!
  13. Holy crapcicles man, are you running Windows 10? If you are, my humble advice is to FORMAT C:/ drive and try again with Win 7 Pro or even Win 8.1. The backdoors, shady crap and insidious software that M$ packs in that OS have forever cemented the fact that most likely my next OS will be some flavor of Linux. I also think you've got some serious issues to deal with on your router and/or firewall and how they are configured. Sorry about your problems, but honestly it sounds like this is a major PITA from a combination of your OS, your connection/bandwidth/router/firewall and unfortunate circumstances, mostly from your own preconceived notions I'm afraid.
  14. Ahhh well, I stand corrected... So exactly what is holding back implementation of further account slots Soly? Software issue? Coding problem? Thanks for chiming in, further explanation and all your hard work Soly!
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