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  1. Talk to me about your psycho raven. and your glide divine. How much for them together?

  2. turn off all antivirus especially if you are using Norton
  3. Hello Ultima, How's everyone?

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    2. dmoney1969


      I probably be on this weekend. Hit event :D

    3. Cyane


      ohohoh good luck hoarding!

    4. TripleR


      What up D dollas

  4. The world is in crisis and everyone chasing Effin Pokemons.....I gtg a Squirtle just popped in front of me.  :P

  5. Yah like 4 days ago when I booted up the game it had a update and Norton didn't like it at all. deleted everything and made me reboot my pc lol. Couldnt put back the files Suspicious.cloud 9 it was calling it. Anyways had to turn off Norton completely reinstall the whole game then add to exceptions. Today I logged on a small update and cloud 9 popped up again. Was able to restore the files this time tho and play.
  6. Anyone watch the ending where they go try to find Rico after the fight with falz. I guess you can see her if you use a red weapon to beat falz. I call bs tho on her saying that she can give you a red ring or lol Dark wep. It's supposed to be kill dark falz with a dark wep to see rico's ghost at monument and use red weapon on olga to see heathcliff I think his name is. If i'm correct.
  7. B>PBC  10 dts

    1. Callum Johnson

      Callum Johnson

      I have one for sale, make a lobby please :)

    2. dmoney1969


      Sorry stepped out for a bit. im home now

    3. dmoney1969


      Still looking for one

  8. B>Cent Battle 30dts

  9. Did around 30+ runs of Weather effects with 2 players during HH on Play style 1 Yesterday.  Horrible results. Back to solo for me.

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    2. dmoney1969


      Think I saw one banner During that HH for C battle. Maybe rates were raised I dont know.

    3. leezy


       yeah i only found one running weather effect,,,,oh will

    4. Misombre


      Well one of the issue is the dropstyle 1 to begin with. If you're playing with a friend you trust as duo, don't use it, you'd be better off rolling a dice together to know who will got the drop, then do the run normally with dropstyle 0 in my opinion.

  10. S> Cure/Greed

    1. Misombre


      Ok but only if you equip a cure/lies&delusions before.

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