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    hey guys, i'm about to tell you my life story. it all started ba
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  1. what's up? i'm just stopping in to say hello. 

  2. hey i love the ultima psobb forum it's fair and nothing ever goes wrong here
  3. If there is one person you do not 'threaten or 'advise'', it's @Kikorithis guy literally tries to help every player here.
  4. If you ever want to get your point across sincerely, try not starting your sentences like that. Stop being so conceited and passive aggressive. You may not like Mud or R-78 but they both know more about the game than we both do and probably ever will. Mud actually went full nerd mode and explained things to you and you disregarded it. Relax.
  5. Holy crap LOL you actually went and did it. This is amazing, I love it. IT'S ME. Well, it's frog me. I love how you somehow got our Saturday Morning discussion mixed into this. @RIPBenny it's the Blurred Day Paradox. @McLaughlin86 LOOK AT THIS ^
  6. My favourite event is probably summer, Triforce event isn't bad. Christmas just becomes about PGF so it becomes a bit boring and RT isn't too fun. Why would you willingly play EP4?
  7. giphy.gif

    1. nnorton44


      That is so you

    2. Zabby


      @nnorton44 gimme more rep then, idioto

  8. We already have Last Swan, and this is a Serene Swan? Why not name it Final Goose? This is the only solution. That being said I agree with @mudkipzjm and @Kraven202 (please don't actually nerf PR)
  9. @Faelynn It's been like this since yesterday, just server issues I'm guessing. It's not you specifically hello p3t
  10. @Pthalo can you draw a cheesecake? 🤔
  11. important announcement


  12. I didn't test them out lol, was worried it would make things janky. But sure totally You could try redownloading the launcher entirely? If not, best wait for Soly or someone who knows a bit more.
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