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    hey guys, i'm about to tell you my life story. it all started ba
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    Zabby, ClydeFrog, CliveFrog, ClaudFrog
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    MMA, boxing, martial arts in general, sushi, gummi bears

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  1. Yooo

    You're garlic though, we all know that
  2. How do I install pokemon blue for the gameboy pocket

  3. So long, 112 ok, and Farewell

    hey guys, I just wanted to let everyone know my time on this server is coming to an end. I've enjoyed every minute of this long journey, and i most certainly will not come back -- it's time to put PSO behind me and focus on the future. P.S I'll be back from burger king on Friday, so I'll be on soon :):):):)
  4.  5aa58a5bdd973_redbox.thumb.jpg.e126b4485dd8ae40a9bc47bd862c01a9.jpg

    1. yeyy


      Inkling is gonna be a class in psobb?

    2. Zabby


      I thought you knew, it was in the Ultima manifesto for 2018

  5. 我不给人干

    1. Zabby


      pls explain what's going on

  6. My chains of oppression have been broken. Shattered.

    Why must I have been treated this way, for defending the newer players of Ultima and fighting for the rights of the community aspect of this server? Unjust.

    I am now free to roam the utopia that is www.phantasystaronline.net/forum but at what cost? I fear my soul will never be the same.

    End journal log #1192 and three quarters

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    2. Zabby


      @yeyy watashi wa no zabby san: hyper force zx

    3. McLaughlin86



    4. Lone Ranger
  7. this is honestly the best suggestion in the thread. I don't know what kind of idiot would disagree with this. see, look at the suspense @yeyyhas created! excitement.
  8. Advanced Price Guide™

    I appreciate the use of my favourite pic on the internet. You have my full support now.
  9. giphy.gif

    1. yeyy


      Great gif to celebrate serry jeinfeld 

  10. @Zabbyhappy new year me

    1. yeyy


      Happy New year @yeyy