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  1. Yeah, when I mentioned that detail about megid being slightly more effective than hell in some few instances, it was more for trivia sake than to be really serious. These monsters are better be demoned 3 or 4 times or so, then grantsed or pounded or something of course. However, I'm surprised by what Lemon says. Then again, with Megid 30, MG+, ADEPT and pwand to megid around, I guess I was less likely to notice the general little TP effectiveness he's explaining. That makes the use of a Hell Raygun + V502 unit more compelling, then. I hope that Electrochemist will find them. Then again, she's
  2. I distinctly remember playing as an offensive elementalist and getting by okay most of the time, even in groups where, details for performance aside, things were pretty fine (as a FOnewm, but still, I had met a FOnewearl who was also doing quite well), but now I see the messages at the beginning of this thread, I suppose that changes were made on this server to raise the monsters' resistances, sadly for magic users of that type. Caves are good (or were) to use magic in, especially when you solo, but even in teams, you have your SI techs. In mines, Magical Piece + Gifoie, is not so bad, ev
  3. Sorry. I guess I left the server before that item appeared. Do you see a MST malus applied? Maybe it's something like a hidden stat, a bad joke from a dev or so... They must have created this item as a bad joke towards new people, lowering the other stats without saying it or so. I'm surprised that it cuts your damage this much. This is not a normal item in this game anyway... Try with a Heavenly/HP instead. I 'm actually curious now.
  4. Oh yeah. Marina's bag is ideal for foney if you can have it available. That and Skiker of Chao are a lot more foney-friendly. You don't have to raise your strength so high. From an event I guess. Parasols are indeed rather great for fomarls, or if you want to trade performance for simplicity. If you want to be original, Guardianna, with its last hit, can do a lot of damage to a Chaos Bringer! It's just in case though, because you won't likely obtain one. Just for the anecdote... Demoning high HP monsters can really make killing a lot faster for the other team members, since it takes
  5. You should not waste your life on hunting the psycho wand... especially as a foney since it depletes your HP. It's simply not worth it. Your three elemental scepters are good enough as long as you play well, which matters more. Magical Piece is great if you want to maximize GI techs, and Summit moon, or the three elemental clubs (laconium, adaman, zumiuran) if you're anal about power for SI techs like I could be sometimes. Other than that, just those three scepters are nice for nuking. Mercurius Rod for Grants if you can find it. I say all that, but I suppose Ultima personnel implemented a lot
  6. 3in1 fonewm ready to do all three recognized functions at any time. No specialization. Be great at all three: 1 resta (maybe star atomizers? 8D) 2 anti 3 moon (to be quick after all) 4 gifoie 5 gizonde 6 gibarta (yes ^^) 7 jellen 8 zalure 9 grants 0 megid (so that it's alles in Ordnung; my taste in aesthetics) < special attack (yes on the left one) v normal atk > H atk (yes on the right) swap<rabarta (I hold on all 3 RA techs when there's a PB, and cast them through the submenu instead, when I really want to cast th
  7. I'm using Parallels and it works just perfectly. I'm not using coherence mode.
  8. Those who used to blame another for overbanning are no different I can see.

  9. I decided I will be away for probably a very long time. I don't even feel like coming anymore. Maybe some time in the future. Goodbye Ultima.

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    2. Grimoire Greys

      Grimoire Greys

      Take care out there.

    3. Sylph777


      i will miss you bro, thank you for all the good games we had ( especially in cmode lol ) and i hope to see you back sooner or later

    4. Trigunman


      Damn Clown! Y R U LEAVE? =^( Evie will be very sad...

  10. oh yeah, the IA is not so good and the normal difficulty is indeed recommended. i guess that if you made her get thatlose you were playing with a hunter. those go fast with simply nuking. anyway good luck
  11. I could add tons. Uploaded with ImageShack.us
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