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  1. This email alert startled me.
  2. Interested in both, I'm out until tomorrow. I'll get in touch then if that's cool.
  3. I'd love to see a new modifier item to combine with Diska weapons, I know rainbow baton exists, but something like Blizzard or maybe something unique would be rad. Always liked slicers for some reason, and I've got a 85h gush diska chilling in my bank I'd love to do something with.
  4. Really love the idea of some new mags and other assets.
  5. What are those 70 DTS going toward in that case? Type shot of some variety?
  6. I think buffed personally. Higher drop rate is nice, and a little danger with friends is a lot of fun.
  7. Slvg

    B>SQ w/hella hit

    Interested in that, not sure what it would go for though tbh
  8. Thanks for all the reccos guys, gonna go with hit
  9. 80/85 would be nice
  10. Sounds fun, Lootbox 7 for me please. About time I get some tunes.
  11. I mainly use Ramar and wondering if I should triple stat or go with hit and 2 stats. Prob Machine and Dark? I guess I'm asking what are the important ata thresholds throughout the episodes and when is hit on PR necessary with each class?
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