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  1. If you're looking for gear it's much cheaper to search the trade forums and buy from other players than to use DTs for what's on the donation ticket list
  2. Yeah same. Sunshine is the only mario game I completed 100%. It was also the last game I played before getting PSO ep1&2
  3. My second submission: Been playing this with my nephews on switch and this song is so happy and fun I love it
  4. Green names are turned on right now with 5x experience which means you'll level up super quick. Be sure to keep up with your mag, it's very important to have a level 200 mag when you reach ultimate mode at level 90. Also remember that ultimate mode on this server is buffed, so don't freak our if you get slapped around when you first try to play it. With 5x exp you can still play very hard to level, or just join a room with other players that know what they're doing. Pretty much everyone on this server is happy to help out. And if you need help ask around the lobby, there's usually people sitting around waiting for something to do. Save your PDs for items you want to buy, and check the boards for players selling those items using the search feature. Welcome! I started on this server back in May after not playing since Gamecube as well. Game is as addicting as it was for my 13 year old self. My in game name is Jon, if you see me online say hello and I'll help you out
  5. Viridian - Kondy - normal - zelda magazine
  6. Possibly the most hype battle music in RPG history. I'll be back with my second recommendation, but this one was a no brainer
  7. I couldn't find a drop table for the 2019 event, but here's the link for 2018:
  8. Thanks for this little event! it was fun and a nice intro to challenge mode
  9. I'll be free to do some runs Friday evening/Saturday. I'll be around. Also, this challenge could use some "endgame rewards" if you know anyone that's willing to sweeten the pot 😉
  10. If I lived on the pioneer 2 I would spend most of my time trying to get that cutie from the clinic to go to Seaside with me
  11. Time: 14:19 I was running FO and had to carry two HUcasts @RocketTots and @Duja but I think it was a solid time all things considered
  12. Online: ✔️ Full of BBQ: ✔️ Down to clown: ✔️
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