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  1. Yeah I think so, you online now?
  2. Ipolyr's favorite restaurant
  3. I can sell you a level 161 sato with twins. If you want 150 pow you just feed it dimates until it dings 200, pretty mindless. These are the colors I have left: Cyan Turquoise Brown Slate blue Fuschia Dark green Olive
  4. Hey guys, sorry it took me a while to reply. This is my old shop, don't have (most of) these items anymore. And I also retired as a mag momma. There's another trade list I made somewhere out there with stuff I actually have. If you find it and see something you like send me a message
  5. You are more than welcome. I love helping new players out!!!
  6. With TTF you at least have RR chances, and Olga and PoD both have solid drops depending on your ID. I just leveled all my characters either doing TTF for RRs or hunting event drops. Really no need to torture yourself with CCA unless it's triforce event and you can get a hylian
  7. It's just the fastest way to get exp. It's also extremely repetitive, mindless, and contains no drops of value for most of the year. many people stop play cause they get burnt out grinding CCA instead of playing the game. Exp is already boosted on this server, just find something you want to hunt and go from there, you'll hit 200 quick regardless
  8. Bumpity bump Been a while, added some items, lowered the price on others. Send a PM and make my dreams come tru
  9. I'm at work for a couple more hours. I'll clear out my inbox when I get home and send you a message
  10. I'll take this if it's still available
  11. It's not possible to make these due to the evolution requirements of the mags
  12. Would rather mute this obvious troll account.
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