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  1. I don't really want to continue dog piling on you, but you were complaining about attendance on this server earlier and tried to ascribe it to chatbox bickering, as if RocketTots making inside jokes hurts the server somehow and discourages new players. But here is a GM and leader of the server that can't show empathy for players that participated in his event, but won't get a prize because of something they have no control over (other players submitting times). Which do you think looks worse to potential new players? If they missed out on farming items for summer event just give them a cent/battle or PBC. It's really not hard.
  2. I think people are just upset to see those that chose to invest the time in your event get absolutely nothing. This seems like an easy fix as you are a GM and can offer them something for the time and effort they put in. And it would also encourage participation in future events you organize.
  3. Isn't Ultima bringer only equip able by three classes? Or is the item database wrong again? I was just using burning as an example of how literally any special would be more useful than rainovs current one. As in it would be nice to be able to hit Falz when he goes white and shiny in the final phase (perhaps I was being hyperbolic, but I don't like sitting around waiting for him to change back). And I would use a chaos piercing rifle for baranz if I had one available. I've seen people use choas all the time through traps but as I'm not a cast, I don't really bother with it I would also be interested in seeing what kind of damage a beserk special rainov5 would put out. My charge TYB with 100% machine does around 2k damage on epsis with my Sue's coat huney, so I'm guessing a rianov would be in the 1.5k area 🤔
  4. The reason I'm using the enemy weapon hit game as a template is that it get progressively harder the more hit you want. And the entire point of this would be to help new players and eliminate the grind of hunting for weeks to find a hit weapon. Making the cost a sphere seems like it only caters to veterans who have deep pockets Fair enough, but the original idea I posted was for a Yas series shot with customizable specials. Rather than relying on type shots or non-rare shots. Demons would work since bringers rifles are still just entry-level demons gear (I doubt a 50hit rainov would sell for 10pds) and could still be used by forces. While rainov is ranger only Surely we aren't using del ra lie as the standard for what's broken? The boss dies in 30 seconds if you are even a little geared. Gush would be useful, even burning would be useful as you could hit shiny Falz. Chaos would also have it's uses. These are just examples I pulled from the top of my head, but I think these still work. It would take the server a couple weeks to hit a million kills (when I'm rafoie-ing on normal to unseal I still could only hit around 16k kills max in one day) so green names would only last for a couple weeks in this scenario. And I never said the drop rate had to stack. If it's not possible to do without stacking then there can simply be a different reward. Like guaranteed daily HHs, or lower drop rate on an item like red ring for the remainder of the month. Or the addition of an event item to the drop tables out of season. Etc.
  5. I just made a force class character and I chose FOmar over FOnewm specifically because I didn't want to deal with carrying multiple mags/units around. 200 stat points is a HUGE difference, 100 stat points is a still a big difference. To say that regen TP while idle is a fair trade for 200 stat point allocations is laughable. Further, huney suffers from this same problem. She HAS to equip a cent arms, even though an Adept would fit her playstyle much better. I'm not saying we should raise the stat cap on newms, just make their max stat plans comparable in viability to other classes
  6. The special is dark, which is one tier below hell. While not completely useless, there's not really a scenario where you would use it over another weapon's hell special. Also it's the only rainov series with a special, all other can be customized How would allowing newms to more freedom with units/mags imbalance the game? Newms can hit max stats now, but to do so they have to put up with the tedium of constantly switching mags/units. This make newms less fun to play with as a result
  7. Some random ideas for server: - expand the enemy hit mini game to all weapons. This feels like a fair use of PDs. The pricing and % chance to add hit can be adjusted obviously. But if a player has a 20% chance to add 10 hit with 5 or 10pds, that would be fun and addictive to those of us who like gambling 😜. Plus it would provide a nice risk/reward from spending hours trying to get a hit weapon to drop vs just blowing a stack of PDs. You can cap it at 50 or 40 or whatever hit, but this system would greatly help. - Have Zalure lower enemy resistances as well as defense. The resistances on some enemies in Ult is just silly. There's almost zero situations where a FO would be better off using RAfoie vs banana cannon for example. This kind of defeats the whole purpose of using the MAGE class in the game if you're just going to be a pseudo-ranger. - raise newm mat allotment to 200. Every newm class has trouble maxing stats, while the TP Regen is nice, it doesn't really make up for interior stats or being limited to one or two free unit slots. Humans should have the most mats because they don't really have anything else going for them, and casts should have the least because they don't have MST to worry about, so newms should be placed in the middle. - Monthly server-wide goals/rewards. A good example of this was when Shiida set the goal of finding which enemy in ep1 dropped SS. Something like that with a PD or DT reward could be presented at the beginning of every month. Or, alternatively, a server wide goal could be in place. Something like "kill 1 million total enemies to unlock green names for the remainder of the month" or "achieve 12 banners in 24 hours to unlock 1.5 drop rate for the rest of the month" - remove/change special on rainov 5. It's such a waste - Yas series shot (10k?). Typical Yas features: extended range, weak base ATP, customized special, etc. Would be a nice alternative to DM as well as a freeze option for RAmars/RAmarls other than SQ. Kind of pathetic that forces have a weapon like Banana Cannon, and Rangers have a combo locked 50 base ATA rifle. - Adding more customizing options to character creator. Honestly was surprised the options were still so limited when I first download this game in 2020. Options like changing eye color, more than 4 skin tones, more hair styles, etc. Would be great. I'm running into players who look just like me all the time, and the server isn't even that populated. - new special *charm* turns an enemy against your opponents (obviously only low level/certain enemies would be able to be charmed). A more effective version of chaos essentially. I just like the idea of watching my pet gulgus fighting for me while I feed my mag.
  8. Prettyyyyyyy sure I saw your name on banners regularly
  9. Now that Summer Event is officially over, thought it would be cool to share what drops everyone managed to get over the last 5-6 weeks. As for me I got: - 9 Serene Sean's (none with hit) - 3 pshyco Black Crystals (made a PR and a TYB, keeping the last one in bank) - 1 Sealed J Sword - 32 Centurion/TPs My best day was around July 4th, I got a SJS and a PBC in the same HH 😁
  10. TA is easy. The trick is to alt-backspace as soon as you hit 100pb
  11. Some great ideas brought to you by Ultima after hours chatbox. Can we make EggsZanbacon a slicer so it looks like I'm serving em breakfast? It'll be a nice throwback to when I was a waiter at Denny's. Plus the Bartles are basically the same shape as the old people who used to come by on Sundays and tip me with coupons
  12. Hey sorry I know this is an old post, but I'm considering doing the same hunt as my 25hit BT isn't cutting it. Your post states the yellow ID gets a bump in drops with hit%? Am I reading this right? Is this the only ID with that buff? And are there other ID with the same Buff/ similar buffs? Thanks!
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