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  1. A few things: 1. A demons type/shot is absolutely not essential. It's very situational and rarely used. There are other demons weapons that are better in most situations, or you can get a Demons s-rank needle and it serves the same function. 2. There is a period for new players when DTs are hard to come by, but once you become established on the server and have a few events under your belt, you accumulate the fairly quickly. So much so that there are people who have never spent a single dollar on the server who have hundreds of DT with nothing to spend them on.
  2. I feel like there's some real cognitive dissonance going on here. You selectively interpret my criticizism of your reply to ONLY being about your opposition to my proposed system, and then spend the rest of the post shitting on numerous things that make Ultima unique, such as the quests, the DT System, the unlocked DM stats. In other posts you've bashed the chatbox, the casual playstyle of others, the quests people choose to run, etc. And you've attributed all of these things to the "fall of Ultima." And the only time of the year when Ultimas numbers are comparable to Ephinea i
  3. I think anytime someone makes a suggestion for the server your response and analysis suffers from an inability to comprehend that people play this game for different reasons than you. People play on Ultima for different reasons than they play on ephinea or GameCube, and rather than purging the server of everything that makes it unique and alienate the people that enjoy playing here in an attempt to be like other servers, maybe we should actually build on those reason and the community that's already here. The most populated place right now can't compare with the numbers Ultima w
  4. As far as MMOs go, PSO has comparable short lifespan. This is commonly cited as by veteran players as the reason they no longer play, or no longer play as frequently as they once did. And while there are some that suggest that "time-attack is the real endgame," for many, if not most, speedruning PSO is just not appealing. So what can we do to keep players playing after they've checked all the boxes of a couple dark weapons, cent/battles, and lvl 200 characters? The problem is not just the lack of things to hunt for veterans, but also the massive investment required t
  5. DMC is in every version of PSO. It's cause the game was made in the era of dial up internet. It's just part of the game
  6. Please for the love of God put this in Ultima
  7. I wouldn't really mind saber if he was just another player on ultima, or another forum troll, but like others have said, he is a mod and therefore represents the server. just in the past few months he's: - Shit on Iron sheik posting a community drop table, said it was pointless. - Shit on a congratulations post for Wavebuster landing 8 pgfs or something wild - Shit on fellow GMs quests (shiida) saying that they are poorly made and people that play them do it because its mindless - Shit on the community poll about morphos buff - Used his access as a mod to try and embar
  8. who checks a private servers website, sees the players having a laugh and joking around and thinks "ahh i dont want to be a part of this!" its just absurd logic. when I go into a bar I don't leave cause I hear people laughing and find a different one, because that's actually a GOOD sign. If Ephinea got rid of the chatbox then good for them, but youre confusing causation with coorelation. Ephinea does not have more people playing because they deleted the chatbox, and they don't have more players because they have embraced the HUcast master race. its just because its a more democrati
  9. People ask and answers questions related to PSO and discuss PSO literally every single day in the chatbox. Every single day. If you ban the veteran players from being able to joke with their friends then there's no reason for them to check the chatbox and answer the new players questions or help people. I know inside jokes are only fun when you're a part of them, but maybe just try and make some friends instead of being bitter about it
  10. its pretty silly to suggest that we just become another Ephinea when ephinea already exists. why would anyone come to play here if its exactly the same? If we are talking about how to increase the server its counter-productive to try and peal off a couple players from another server that already has all of these things. People play Ultima for different reasons they play Ephinea, so we should be refining and improving those differences instead of alienating the people that actually enjoy the game as it is here for the chance of maybe getting some ephinea people to give up their characters on th
  11. The server had 90-100 during anniversary and Christmas event this past year. I've been here for over a year now and there are more people on now then there was at this time last year. Also me and shiek are new people that have stuck around, so there must be something going right. There are other players that have joined in the last year that are still playing regularly. Im just saying that the server is fine, and it's going to be fine. People will come back when they get an itch to play and new players might stick around and they might not. But looking at the "raw numb
  12. I take it all back. Saber is right, you all need to be muted!
  13. I disagree with this assessment. There's currently 20 people on the server even tho it's a Tuesday outside of event, no HH. It's surprising to me that this game has so many people playing regularly still. Back in the fall of 2020 before triforce there was entire weeks where the population was less than 5. The fact is that this game is just old, and it's unreasonable to expect the population numbers to be what they were even 5 years ago. I think the best thing the server can do is to avoid this gloom and doom narrative that it's dying or it's dead or that it died in what
  14. I guess it's a matter of preference, but I would take range and auto-aim over ~5ATA. RAmar has 419 total ATA with a 80 AS and he can't equip gratia anyway Oh okay I didn't know Yas had auto aim special. Thanks for the info
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