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  1. Hella jealous of that serene swan 😩
  2. FOmar and RAmar are probably the cheapest characters to gear, just because FOmar gets a fantastic custom frame at level 1 that costs less than 10pds and has access to 30 sd/jzm RAmar has the highest ATA, which means you can get away with lower hit% weapons for longer than other classes. Both of these classes can get away with v101 as well since you'll be as far away from enemies as possible. Cent batt is a major upgrade, but once you get a handle on trading its not too hard to get one. Good luck out there, if you manage to snag a hit Lindcray or master raven this event you'll be of
  3. Kroes sweater - ep1 - melqueek - blue Amore rose - ep1 - Every single drop - all IDs
  4. It really doesn't. As I pointed out you can use a HUcast Cent/arms mag and be fine. I understand this criticism, and I probably wasn't clear on my thinking while making this plan. While teching you you will be stonewalled by enemies such as dorphons that need demons. So the possibility of just switching the V801 for a Cbatt (or smartlink) when need for those situations or room where those spawns take place would solve this issue. Instead of just casting RAbarta or barta 15 times or switching mags and losing PB. It's still not ideal, but that's the frustrating thing about this c
  5. With the melee mag you would have both ATP and Luck maxed. But I think I see what you mean, while the teching mag is being used 70 ATP would probably be more useful than 20% chance of 1.5x damage (especially considering that you get 50 luck and +20 to RA techs with samurai armor)
  6. I don't think you understand this guide. The plan I provided maxes MST when using Hylian shield and Ali's resolve, both of which have higher boosts to techs than merges. Merges are outclassed on this server by the, custom barriers that were added. Just like V101 is outclassed by Cent/battle, which is why your criticism to my other max stat plan was just as ridiculous. The only reason you would use a merge is because you want an extra 10% boost on GIfoie or GIzonde and you plan on using those techs exclusively. Otherwise those merges are also outclassed by virus shield volt opt, whi
  7. Ink have you played on this server before? Anyway. The Hylian is broken on the calculator and doesn't add the 20 mst, so I put a RR instead
  8. Sorry for spamming this thread but worked out another plan for FOnewm in addition to this plan. The adept plan is somewhat restrictive on units, so here is an alternative: #4. FOnewm no units plan Mats Pow - 75 Mind - 40 Luck - 35 Melee mag 0/76/124/0 Nuking mag 1/0/0/199 or 0/0/1/199 This plan is a nice alternative to the adepts plan I posted above. If you don't plan on using demons while nuking then this would be the plan to use. Maxes ATP, ATA, and luck with melee mag equipped and no units (giving all k
  9. This plan loses Cent/battle and max MST. If you want max defense you can easily acquire it with the plan I provided, you just would sacrifice max MST. https://www.phantasystaronline.net/forum/index.php?/tool-box/calculators/max-stats/&c=3&l=200&m10=71&m11=23&m12=108&m13=33&m14=15&m15=0&m16=0&m20=0&m21=186&m22=14&m23=0&i0=-1&i1=39&i2=78&i3=91&i4=-1&i5=-1 Here's a tank RAmar build using adept and cent/ability. On fleshies adepts are always going to net higher overall stats than a Cent ability beca
  10. Was reviewing some stat plans for my characters as well as the suggestions given in this guide and I'd like to offer some additions/alterations to some of the plans in this guide #1. RAmar - change 2 cent/ability "max everything" plan to adept + cent ability plan Mats Pow - 71 Mind - 100 Def - 31 Eva - 33 Luck - 15 Mag 0/186/14/0 Link: https://www.phantasystaronline.net/forum/index.php?/tool-box/calculators/max-stats/&c=3&l=200&m10=71&m11=100&m12=31&m13=33&m14=15&m15=0&m16
  11. yeah i followed that part, but what was that about not needing the 1 dex on the mag? does this mean that for example, RAcast can have 29 dex on his adept plan mag since he does not get the extra .5 ATA from hitting the max so the .1 really doesnt matter as much as other chars?
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