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    MudkipzJM, GLaDOS, Mudkipz, Mudo, MuddyCast, BinAflak, etc
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    Music, vidja games, @KarmaTheFoney, @Auli'i, @mclaughlin86, @griffini, @ultrajerky, @SelahIsASpot and @LoneRanger
    also 欠 を 食べる

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  1. pso is a cool game tbh

    1. Starlord


      Not if you have mental problems. Then it becomes bad

  2. People still hate on Ultima because of the weapons and EVP boost (can understand the later, it's pretty dumb), but I dunno I have the most fun here. While I disagree with many things, I don't really see myself playing anywhere else consistently.
  3. Ultima's Time Attack Records

    Towards the Future - PB - 2p - 11'00 remaining MudkipzJM - Hunewearl Jezbuz - HUcast bad run, will be improved soon™
  4. I wouldn't shoutout ladymegid since they're a known pedophile.
  5. Optimal Gear for the 3 Classes

    It's the highest ATP mechs available to RAmarl/RAcaseal. It's good when enemy EVP is too high to land combos with yas special(ill gill, del depth, olga flow, etc), or when you don't have a force casting buffs/debuffs all the time.
  6. Hi guys, how is your day?

    1. Noob Saibot

      Noob Saibot

      jajajajajajaj quiero taco

  7. I want to post my favorite song, but it's metal and that's the music of the devil :onion-head23:

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Lipelis


      You can post some Linkin Park or Evanescence tunes tho, it's allowed on Ultima

    3. scorch2112


      If thats the case, hail satan

    4. Noob Saibot
  8. Ultima's Time Attack Records

    Are you annoyed because I didn't use Rianov 5?
  9. Ultima's Time Attack Records

    Raid on Central Tower - No PB - 2 person - 34:51 Remaining Wheatley(myself) - RAcast Linde( @R-78 ) - FOmarl @R-78's prespective
  10. Constant Crashing

    I thought it was maybe steam messing with stuff, but it wasn't. I do notice however it happens a lot more when I'm dual logging.
  11. Constant Crashing

    https://www.mediafire.com/file/4yo24jf25c7co5q/psobb.exe.1220.dmp/file one finally got generated.
  12. i don't know about you guys, but i personally dont associate with anyone who doesn't like Phantasy Star Online for the Nintendo Gamecube, Microsoft Xbox, Sega Dreamcast, or personal computer.

    1. Hawk


      I been playing Phantasy Star Online since Dreamcast days. Phantasy Star as a whole I been since Sega Master System days.

    2. Starlord


      Sorry we can’t associate then I hate those games.

  13. Constant Crashing

    There's no dump file, and it crashed. I'm not sure if it's actually crashing. It's just closing out with no error or "this program has crashed" window.
  14. Constant Crashing

    Update: crashing started again so windows defender has nothing to do with it.