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  1. Due to my lack of creativity, I decided to come up with this: I lobbywhore so long that my character ends up turning to stone, photon chair and all. People in lobby start praising my statue in hopes of better RNG. When people notice that my statue brings good luck, they make a plaque and label it "Prophet of dw". All good drops and good RNG to those who praise my statue and dw. dw
  2. Was there a reason that the lobby event hotkeys had to be removed? I kinda miss not having to type out /lobbyevent # every time i wanted to listen to something else.
  3. Finished C-mode finally, got this:
  4. S> Banana Cannon 0/20/40/0 - offer

  5. Freeman, you fool!

  6. Then maybe Sinnow gold? That was the only other mob in the room when I was doing that run besides Garanz.
  7. That's honestly one of my favorite messages boxes in the game. It's on par with this one:
  8. dw, Karmer and I do unspeakable things so odds are whatever you two have going on is fine
  9. I petition to rename Fury of the Beast to Fury of dw.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Lemon


      Should really be 'Beast's Fury' anyway.  4 word names is a little much imo.


      On a more on topic note, I think Furry Beast is better name.

    3. yanvbraz


      Still the weapon is really ugly imo... It looks like a White Fake Nei's Claw (unless something changed on the past hours).

    4. Fyrewolf5


      it looks different now

  10. Finally a GM event ;-; Nice to see you back Cy, even if it's only for a bit I'll write my submission later.
  11. The influx of new people as comes with an influx of beggars. I must step up my shitposting game and make these beggars suffer.

    1. Space


      Abuelita/battle and godric/ability for them all

    2. JanenbaDMS


      Hope everyone kept hold of some TJSabers :3

    3. SelahIsASpot


      Feed them to the rappies.

  12. "The bann is final" - patrickbell
  13. This is a general idea of what you might want to work towards. There's alternatives, but that's a pretty good idea of what you might want to look into hunting/buying.
  14. I posted that in the actual event thread yesterday. but nice to have it both places I guess haha.
  15. Lmao, I seriously thought you'd say something like that. But hey I have to separate myself from the noobs somehow.