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  1. S>2x Min Wedding Dress

    SJS 0'd 20 dts

    200 scapes 10:1


  2. S>200 Scape Dolls 

  3. Tbh I wouldn't mind them being a little more difficult, but almost getting oneshot at level 200 is a bit excessive.
  4. 2017 OlgaFlow PowerUP!

    ... How are you supposed to get good if you can't get the item you need to get good? Having a super-buffed Olga during a time when one of the most important items drops is a terrible idea. Maybe if it was all year round or something, but when the drop rate is already going to be 1/200+, I just don't see it happening. It's just a huge middle finger to the new people hoping to get PGF. Don't get me wrong, I'd love to have an actual challenge when facing the supposed hardest boss of the game, but when you're going to be grinding the same boss over and over for about a month, it sounds more annoying than it does fun.
  5. S> a couple of things

    I've got a 75 hit one, so I don't need it. If I don't get a trade offer by the end of today I'll pm you about it.
  6. S> a couple of things

    Still really wanting a trade for another Gael Giel, or maybe a D-Core. If I don't get an offer with that soon I'll probably just sell it for the amount you said.
  7. S> a couple of things

    Not really looking for rappy souls since I have half a stack of pumpkins in my bank still. And I paid a bit more than I should for this Gael Giel so 20 dts is a bit low for me right now. Also I added my wants.
  8. Sealed J-Sword 0'd - 25 dts Gael Giel 0/170/30/0 - Would really rather trade for another 0 def Gael Giel that I don't already have but I'll take other offers if they're nice. Hit me up with offers. Wants: PDs/DTs Gael Giel with 0 def or a D-Core Excal/100s with hit
  9. I have been listening to this all day. I am not ashamed. 


    1. Grimoire Greys

      Grimoire Greys

      Good, good. Let the beats flow through you~ this is the kind of stuff i've been listening to these days so i'm creeping around Artzie's channel among others. Great music.

    2. Lemon


      Made me think of this for no readily available reason.


  10. Is this game still still worth it?

    I don't think you're really offending anyone, just annoying people. Either you're a troll, or have non-existent social skills. We've told you how to fix the negative rep, so it's up to you to do it.
  11. Is this game still still worth it?

    Here's my advice. Don't take things personally or seriously. When you learn to laugh at trolling/mean comments, the internet gets so much better. Also the excessive posting/rep fishing doesn't go well with people. Posting stuff just for the sake of it doesn't go well with people. Taking things personally doesn't go well with people. Just chill, learn to laugh at things, and you'll have an excellent time here. I've been playing constantly for almost 2 years now and it's been fun 100% of the time. I've had people write whole topics bashing me and I laughed along with it. Chill out, post things when it's appropriate to and just not for the sake of it, and you'll find your rep go up.
  12. Is this game still still worth it?

    People are nice, but not to people who appear to be trolling. Just chill and stop spamming, and people will be nice. Not sure why you would post things though if you can't even play the game yet. It's like signing up for a race without a car.
  13. Technique disk Drops.

    This is, uh, pretty illegible. Would be better to link to the PSO-World page you got it from, or try to format it better yourself.