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    MudkipzJM, GLaDOS, Mudkipz, Mudo, MuddyCast, etc
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    Music, vidja games, @KarmaTheFoney, @Auli'i, @mclaughlin86, @griffini, @ultrajerky, @SelahIsASpot and @LoneRanger
    also 欠 を 食べる

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  1. sry don't need a exatly price im new -_-


  2. Sylph's Time Attack Records

    Had shitty Falz luck, but eh, everything else went well. 1p TTF No PB Mudkipz - HUnewearl 13:00
  3. Hit me up if any of you wanna play PSO2. Odds are I won't play much for awhile at all after PGF is done dropping.

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    2. Grimoire Greys

      Grimoire Greys

      I seent you on B-012 the other day, we should run together some time.

    3. mudkipzjm


      I just transferred out of ship one, lmao. Also, just shoot me a friend request and I'm down to play any time.

      Edited by mudkipzjm
    4. tru


      I hope you still visit from time to time.

  4. I saw on the chatbox a couple of days ago the you were selling a calibur from restless lion. I was wondering if you still have it for sale.

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    2. JADE


      I would like to buy it, please.

    3. mudkipzjm


      Okey, let me know when you can get in game.

    4. JADE


      I am in game now. In a room jade password mud if you can join.

  5. Snow Queen unlocked would be retardedly broken. Even scht doesn't have it unlocked, which says something. L&K38 is also stupidly broken when unlocked. 5 shots per attack and 3 attacks per combo means you could easily do 10K+ per attack.
  6. Show your screenshots

    I get this before I get a PGF. 1⁄33608 off of HH on Individual drops. I hate this game.
  7. Sylph's Time Attack Records

    Lmao, fixed. Also I was pretty tired, but same thing I guess.
  8. Sylph's Time Attack Records

    Respective Tomorrow Multiman (No PB) 16:33 Insetick (RAcast) BinAflak (RAmar) Selah (FOmarl)
  9. How Many PGF we have!!

    All year round pgf and d-core plx.
  10. Depends on class. LMB is probably the fastest, though.
  11. Either do free roam Sub Desert, do government missions up to 9-8, or do Lost Master Blaster/Lost Son Hopkins.
  12. Ultima Christmas Event 2017

    I think Kajex had an event planned for them but it was turned down. Hope for something cool this year I guess
  13. Dedicated GPU

    My guess is that PSO is too old/stupid to know to use the Nvidia card and will only use the default card. I'm probably wrong but that's just my guess.
  14. Mine is probably Le Cogneur. Looks cool, plus it's a pretty good weapon(assuming you add special to it).
  15. Merry Christmas, you filthy heathens.