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  1. Other servers have this capability, but I guess it hasn't been implemented here (yet?).
  2. For as long as I can remember, literally everyone has been asking for year round PGF. I haven't seen a single person besides Larva that doesn't want it, it just doesn't make sense to make it available for one month out of a year. I've never heard a valid excuse to why it is the way it is either. Also if DTs weren't a thing, I think it'd just be there in another form (probably with way more RMT).
  3. B> Ultima Bringers

  4. Given the amount of discussion that's occurred in this thread, that statements factually wrong.
  5. Honestly after this whole shitstorm I'm going to try my hardest to just not participate drama. It's just exhausting at this point. At this point I really just want to play PSO and have non of the hassle.
  6. I do realize that I tend to sh**post a lot, but these criticisms I posted come from someone who has several thousand hours played in this server. I want to see this server flourish, and in my opinion, the things I posted are some of this things I see people complain the most about. This wasn't just about the SS stuff, although I guess you could call it the straw the broke the metaphorical camel's back.
  7. Water Gun was nerfed(rightfully so, made several other items worthless), 100 Souls used to be 1600 atp instead of 1100.
  8. The nerf, now that apparently the Force restriction is gone, sounds less bad now. It's less of a broken item now but still quite useful. That being said, I'm still annoyed this was done after it was said that it wouldn't be getting nerfed, and having spent a fair amount of DTs and PDs on it myself I feel even more annoyed. Also I'd appreciate it if this topic would not be derailed into drama since I'm hoping this will spark a change and I don't think that'd happen if we just spend half the time bickering with each other.
  9. This post may be seen as an attempt for drama, but I honestly need to get my thoughts out in the open. I have Ultima's best intentions in mind and honestly it's heartbreaking to see Ultima in the state that it is. I enjoy most of the people here and have fun playing here. This isn't to stir up drama, I only just hope this serves as a wake up call to Larva. Ultima's lead admin, Larva, is effectively killing his own server. Countless suggestions have been ignored/shot down even though 90% of the server base has backed them. I realize it's his server and he can do whatever he want, but whatever he's doing now is obvious not working. Ultima barely peaks over 50-60 during the week, and that's even with Happy Hour. I've seen others servers, as of lately, peak at almost 150 people, probably more. Things I see that contribute to its decline: Lead admin is hardly around, except during events. Events are often started late/ended late because of this. EVP buff is a blatant cash-grab for donations looking into from the outside. It may have no been the intentions of the server, but it drives away people from playing because it just looks like you almost have to donate just to hit anything when starting out. Repeat abusers of the forums go unpunished/unbanned. There are users with several warnings who go unbanned or unpunished, therefore leaving them to continue trolling. Perhaps a 3-strike rules within a certain time-frame could be something that could be implemented in the future to prevent frequent abusers. End-game gear is event only. PGF is only available during Christmas, a time where many people are busy visiting family over the holidays. Even if you have more time, the rate is usually obscene to where you're lucky if you get one. If you don't have time or aren't lucky enough, you're either forced to trade for one, or just try again next year. It has been suggested countless times to add this to the drop-tables year round, even at a difficult rate, but it's been ignored countless times. This is especially inexcusable when Olga Flow drops nothing 3/4 of the year except when they add event drops to his drop table. Lead admin is very impatient. Lately, valid criticisms have been seen as $/%tposting or attempts to cause drama in his eyes. Honest criticism and suggestions have been responded with malice and labeled as $/%tposting even though the original poster had no intentions as such. In conclusion. It's been exhausting as well as almost heart-breaking to see Ultima's status as of the last few months. There has been an increased amount of drama(that I realize I'm guilty of contributing to it), events have been starting/ending late. 5x exp has lasted months at a time. It's all just declining. When I started back in 2015, we had active GMs(Soly, Cyane, and kind of Kajex and Mio), events started on time. Drama was a bit more rare, although it still was pretty prevalent. But now we only really have Mio and R-78(I appreciate them both for putting in the hard work that they do), and drama is almost every other day. I would LOVE to see this server be the best that it could be, but honestly I'm not sure if it'll even get there at this rate. I reiterate that this isn't a drama post or an attempt to stir up something, it's an honestly post listing grave concerns of a server I've come to know and care about over the almost 4 years I've been here. I don't doubt this'll be deleted/locked soon after posting, but I please encourage Larva to read this with an open heart.
  10. Don't be surprised if I take an extended break,

    DW though, I'll be around to shitpost still.

  11. Sorry to derail the impending shitstorm. We had confirmation from R-78 that it was not going to be nerfed. Therefore people thought it was safe to go ahead and max theirs out. Nerfing this after a confirmation like that is extremely poor judgement, at least without compensation to those who donated/sold things just to max this weapon out.
  12. I do recall the vast majority of people saying to leave it alone, and absolutely no one said restrict force from using it lol. It's a shame, weapon had potential but now is useless like 90% of the other items that get added these days.
  13. Luigi is one of the most slippery substances known to man.

  14. I've started to drink Soylent. Not sure how I slept on this wonderful drink! @RIPBennythank you for this wonderful suggestion!

    1. Dutch Ride

      Dutch Ride

      Vanilla best! Enjoy 

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