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  1. Mother Garb + is all Forces on Ultima, and Wedding Dress is all classes.
  2. It has a tech boost to Foie techs, so it's pretty decent. It's up to you, but it's between MG+. Wedding Dress, or Samurai Armor. Can also use Dress Plate for places you need dark resist.
  3. Honestly any of the Forces are very playable. If you want to play a teching Force, then FOnewm is a good choice.
  4. It's not too hard to get a budget force build going. Psycho Wand is 20 PDs at most at the moment, and Hylian Shield is around 15 DTs. There's several different choices for Frame that force can use but most go with Mother Garb + for the TP reduction. Can also go for Wedding Dress at level 191 whenever you get there. Melee force is a lot more expensive to gear, though, so that'll probably be a bit later down the line.
  5. Techs are actually pretty effective in Ep 4. But the main reason they aren't suggested in Ep 1 in 2 is that techs aren't as effective. There's this glitch(?) called Damage Cancel(DMC for short), which is present in most versions of PSO, where if you and someone else damage something at the same time, one of the damages will be cancelled, usually the lower one. Techs are especially bad at this since a lot them are AOE and therefore can damage cancel a lot. It's fine to use techs if you're in a solo party, but just keep in mine usually spamming techs in a party just ends up making things harder and longer than they need to be. Also, tech damage just kind of sucks in Ultimate for most of Ep 2.
  6. Techs aren't suggested for end-game force, besides the support ones and a couple others ones that are useful. PDs are the base currency, but DTs are pretty much 'premium' currency. DTs are used for the more expensive things. Here's a guide I wrote awhile ago that lists end-game gear for the 3 main classes:
  7. The year is 2025, green names have been on for 2 years. Summer event has been left on for a year, the 42069th Centurion/Battle has just dropped, lowering the value to 5 pds.

  8. Try running the game in windowed mode. I forget if Soly fixed it or not, but fullscreen is/was a common source of crashing on Windows 10.
  9. Honestly Ranger has enough OP items as is. I feel like Hunter could honestly use some love, and maybe force as well.
  10. Slicer is a very valid option for hunter. 80 hit SJS is pointless when Ultima Reaper has more range and ATA, I'd only suggest it to people who have a bit more gear. Anyway, Arrest is really only helpful in Ep4. Charge Vulcans are also good when things are frozen if you don't have Psycho Ravens. Jizai is still pretty powerful, so it can't hurt to carry those, although 10 year blades with special are better. Master Sword, Crimson Sword, Sil Dragon Slayer, and TJS are all decent dps options for sword that aren't too expensive. although for CCA I don't find myself using a sword too much. You mainly want good mechs and a high hit hell weapon. Pyscho Ravens are what you obviously want but they are a bit expensive with stats. Hell Raygun, Hell Suppressed Gun, Hell Water Gun, and Asteron Striker are all decent choices but I'd personal go with Asteron Striker because it's cheaper and has more ATA than the other choices IIRC, plus the auto-aim is pretty nice for Gees and stuff you might find in CCA.
  11. For Arrest there's raygun, s-rank j-cutter, boomerang, and Morolian blaster. There aren't really any good freeze options though. For hell, there's Kiss of Death(slicer), Ultima Reaper(partisan), Asteron Striker(handgun), and probably some others I'm forgetting.
  12. Everyone's asked Larva, including the other GMs, for year round PGF drops. But when you let people donate hundreds of dollars per month for in game pixels, I guess there really is no reason to have it be all year round. Having end-game gear only be available 1 month out of the year is a terrible idea and should've been changed years ago.
  13. We already have enough broken stuff on this server. If AN was given rifle range, it'd outclass anything else rangers would use besides maybe some mechguns. Let's please attempt to keep whatever bit of balance we still have left on this server.
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