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    1. R-78


      Thank you Mudkipz! :D

  2. Remove Dark Flow. Having the meta-game centered around using one weapon at <10% HP takes away the enjoyment from others.
  3. But if you get more enjoyment in the long-term, what's the harm? I don't recall you every saying anything positive about Ultima, so if you would have an all around better time there, it'd be worth to start again an eighth time. You wouldn't have people on your back like you do here and you'd have a better PSO experience. Getting to Ultimate probably wouldn't take that much time at all, plus without buffed mobs, it wouldn't be impossible to contribute at low levels like it is here.
  4. I really don't get why you don't bite the metaphorical bullet and just start playing there. Sure, you'll have to level again and acquire gear, but in the long run you'd probably have a much better experience than you do here. 99% people here don't want the grind of vanilla PSO, hence why we play here, among other things. You seem a lot more vanilla-minded, so switching to Ephinea in the long run for you would be way more beneficial for your enjoyment. It'd be a lot better than staying and Ultima and trying to get things to happen that probably just won't. FYI, I have no problem with you, so don't feign this "you probably want me gone" thing, I'm just curious why you continue to stay even though you don't seem to enjoy most of what Ultima has to offer. I even have a mag and some other somewhat okay gear you could have on that server, might as well go to someone that would get use from it.
  5. Since everyone is uploading their PGF find, here's one I found in 2017 XMas event. Sadly the screen of the one I found in 2016 is gone. Also @R-78aren't you forgetting something?
  6. Also found a Skyly card 2 years ago but that screen died with my old hard-drive. There's other stuff like SJS, 2 Lavis Cannons from Gibbles at a rate of like 1/10000, and 85 hit Yas, but those screens are lost to the ages.
  7. u might like this song assuming you havent already heard it idk

  8. because pgf is not dropping for br
  9. Too lazy to read the rest of the replies, but what generally happens during these events is people hunt, complain about lack of HH, GMs make too many HH, Larva nerfs drop, people complain about nerfed drops, last week or so it's back to normal. Luckily I have the DWs I need so I don't need to sell my soul to have a chance to make a weapon I probably wouldn't use too much.
  10. Custom quests, lots of custom weapons, active GMs, several QoL updates over vanilla PSOBB. Also I think the command /exp can change the rate.
  11. Let's talk about the new Fausts

    I'd just exclude the HU androids anyway, since HUcaseal has traps too. Also yea, for how not-useful the weapon is, the drop rate for the boosters are way too high, and therefore literally no one is hunting them.