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  1. Ryu's 2nd PGF Event

    The Fear is real buddy
  2. I know this is a long shot,  but would anyone like to do some ult TTF runs I would like to hunt a Master Sword  I have a Blueful I can dual log on with :) 

  3. My condolences to all of the people affected by Hurricane Harvey in Texas 

  4. are here virec?

  5. Cool, are you going to design a cover for it and mod it to the keyboard?
  6. What is the difference between a NUG Bazooka and a Panzer // Iron Faust?    I know im noob :(

    1. Patrick Bell

      Patrick Bell

      the pl radius

    2. Virec


      is there any damage difference ? 

  7. Happy Birthday Cy,  hope all is going well :) 

  8. Trading a Gael Giel Mag (0/185/15/0) // (Twins//Farilla//Dolphin)  for best offer  ........  Please note I do not want DTs or Pds........ I want items for a ranger that are unique and not your normal typical build.    

    Please shoot me a PM with your offer.......... NOTE: when I say offer I mean you PM me your offer,  this does not mean ask me what I am looking for or what I want for the MAG,  this means PM me your OFFER.

    1. Virec


      Any and all you posted offers on this mag I appreciate it,  I just sold the mag to a friend.    Thank you :) 

  9. Trading PSYCHO RAVEN +80 [0/0/0/5|10] 

  10. every Rose has its Thorn <------------- such a good song

  11. LOBBY 11 (MAIN)

    ^^^^^^^^^^^^ that would be you
  12. LOBBY 11 (MAIN)

    Oh .... internet trolls LOL
  13. Trading PSYCHO RAVEN +80 [0/0/0/5|10] for best Yas 9k offered

  14. Does anyone play PSU on Clementine servers?