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  1. Trading DM (100/0/0/100/80) for DM (0/100/0/100/80) 

  2. Great Job @Soly on the pallette manager :) 

    1. mudkipzjm


      a little late on that, don't you think? It's been done for months


  4. Drop Table
  5. Who has the best trade list right now?

  6. I had this same thing happen with a power mat in very hard temple
  7. Good Morning Everyone !

    1. mudkipzjm
    2. radezz


      good morning :3

  8. Thanks Cake, I appreciate it next question wanna hunt one with me I have a level 200 oran
  9. That is not from a GM and I do not show the source of this users information so nothing can be confirmed or denied except for the users that physically find the items and post screenshots.
  10. Can anyone confirm exactly what ID and what monster is dropping v00 this year? Perferrably a GM There is some conflicting information and I want to be sure I am hunting the right runs for it. : )
  11. awesome.... I took a breather for a few months and started playing again under my old accounts that not many but Cy and a few others know of definitely gonna be hunting
  12. added to favorites thanks Kajex
  13. They will be missed
  14. Take care buddy, hope all is well in your future endeavors
  15. Welcome to the community, I have abeen around for a long while and remember playing on Dreamcast v1 and v2 along with Gamecube and then Xbox. Those were the days