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  1. Happy Birthday Fae :) 

  2. 9th Anniversary Event?

    haha ..... patience
  3. 2017 OlgaFlow PowerUP!

    I get this, I work alot now so I cant play asmuch as I used to Honestly I play when I can but you learn to prioritize life first and video games second. in my opinion when hunting items especially super rares such as PGFs. SJS's, STAs, etc it helps to have a good team to run with. Also time management assists aswell. Ex: imma play 2 hours of PSO on this day, what can I do for 2 hours that will help the bottom-line goal. Thats how I look at it every time I get on @O9B066 you play way more than I do and yet I still find good stuff . Frustration will make things hard. I tend to joke around and play for fun and thats when i find my best stuff. It also helps to hunt during "Happy Hours" as the drop rates are lower. Greed is a powerful ally but it can also work as a double-edged sword because it angers people when other people find stuff and they been hunting stuff all day.
  4. 2017 OlgaFlow PowerUP!

    most of us with DWs did not donate 3-400 dollars for them, we traded for DTs or hunted the PGFs our selfs. With this being said there was a time when you could purchase a PGF for 65$ from the donation list but that was removed long ago. Trust me 09B066 this is not Destiny, the people on Ultima will not ban you for voicing your opinion In the near 4 years I been playing on Ultima I have never seen anyone get banned for that. I understand your frustration as we all have been there but you need to remember many people with DWs busting their butts grinding for good gear to sell off for DTs or a DW itself. I didnt get my first DW until 8 months after playing on Ultima Patience buddy
  5. 2017 OlgaFlow PowerUP!

    All though I would like to see the challenge, I have to agree with @PSOAddict on this one. With this being said maybe there can be a quest with a level 150+ requirement that leads to this "SUPER OLGA" you speak of. Some of the features this quest could have would be : Super Olga or have 3 x Olgas in one battle room Ridiculous amount of monsters Stronger Monsters Badge Set up, make it like a serious of quests (Ex: if you collect all badges then instead of fighting normal Olga you would fight Super Olga ) - @R-78 I really like the badge idea you did for HoD I & II. <------ I've gotta give credit where it is due I am sure there are many other twists that could be added. Watcha think @Soly @Lemon @chuk @Larva . is this something that could be possible?
  6. No Boss Drops. confirmed 3 times....

    Just as a bench test, I went through and did all of the following quests on Ultimate using single player and multiplayer mode. Also had a team of 4 when doing multi player mode. TTF - Ep 1 TTFU - Ep 1 RT - Ep 2 PoD - Ep 4 We ran each of the above listed quests 2 times over and got boss drops from each boss. I would say the issue is resolved at this point. @Ana G.5 - thanks for the PM
  7. Jack-O-Lanterns Bug

    Patience, young grasshopper it takes time to fix bug issues plus Soly is a master
  8. Well, it's finally time

    I bid a farewell to you and wish you the best of luck in all of your future endeavors. NOTE: If you ever return look me up Take care Auli
  9. Anyone syked for Skyrim on the nintendo switch?

  10. Lantern ate my armor and a unit

    I dont know, I think I have told a few in the past .... what you think ?
  11. Jack-O-Lanterns Bug

    I have had this happen a few times but I thought it was just nothing in the jack o lantern so I kept hunting Well Soly is on it, I am sure this master will figure it out hims a smart cookie
  12. Lantern ate my armor and a unit

    well this kinda sucks but I am sure a GM or a good as you put it will assist you . The GMs on Ultima are usually very helpful when it comes down to this stuff happening Also I do not believe a PGF can pop out of a jack o lantern
  13. Farewell

    Good Bye my friend, good luck with your future endeavors
  14. I need some assistance  with raising these PPP mags...  if anyone can assist please shoot me a PM