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  1. Virec


    Offering ... 192 DTs Wedding Dress (4 slots) Sacred Bow (30 hit) 45 pds NOTE: THIS IS MY OFFER , TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT.
  2. Buying STA

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    2. Virec


      I been away for a few months what are they currently going for like 150 ?


    3. Virec


      @Gui check ur PM

    4. Gui


      @Virec check ur pm

  3. Just wanted to wish everyone well during these hectic times across the world.   :)

    1. Trigunman


      Hear hear, same to you Virec.  So take heart my friends, a cure has been found.  Hydroxy-chloroquine, originally used to treat malaria.   It's only a matter of time now, the corona virus will be gone and this world-wide insanity will cease.

  4. Sorry for my extended stay away, I had some personal stuff going on. my list is updated and I am back now
  5. @Hawk - Gonna missing playing with you buddy, you were a great asset to this community and a wonderful friend. I hope this next chapter in your life brings you endless happiness and longevity. Dont be a stranger, stop back in and say hi from time to time . Take Care -Virec
  6. I completely forgot about this song :)   my old TDA (DotA) Warcraft III account name is mentioned in the song :)



  7. Happy Anniversary of the great escape bringing you screaming into the world.

    1. Virec


      Thanks brother I appreciate it :)

  8. happy bee day buzz buzz

  9. Happy birth day buddy!

    I hope you enjoy it a lot ^^

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