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  1. Good Morning Everyone!!! - Its been a long while since I retired from this game/community Anyways I was going through some old bookmarks and ran across the Ultima Forums and decided to stop in and say hi . Hope everyone is doing well.
  2. Virec


    64 Monogrinder x83 65 Digrinder x99 66 Trigrinder x65 67 Power Material x17 68 Mind Material x16 69 Evade Material x19 70 HP Material x6 71 Def Material x16 72 Luck Material x3
  3. Maybe I am blind but what is your discord name ?
  4. This is such a cool idea, I have played all of the RE games on Playstations. my favorites are the 1 and 2 but I thought 3 was pretty cool
  5. Looking for TJS 

    1. Rivaul


      I have these for sale

      Tsumikiri J-Sword +50 [0/45/0/60|80] 
      Tsumikiri J-Sword +50 [100/0/0/100|50]

    2. Virec


      @Rivaul I attempted to reach you on Discord but could not find you.  

      sent you PM 

  6. Virec


    Offering ... 192 DTs Wedding Dress (4 slots) Sacred Bow (30 hit) 45 pds NOTE: THIS IS MY OFFER , TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT.
  7. Buying STA

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Virec


      I been away for a few months what are they currently going for like 150 ?


    3. Virec


      @Gui check ur PM

    4. Gui


      @Virec check ur pm

  8. Just wanted to wish everyone well during these hectic times across the world.   :)

    1. Trigunman


      Hear hear, same to you Virec.  So take heart my friends, a cure has been found.  Hydroxy-chloroquine, originally used to treat malaria.   It's only a matter of time now, the corona virus will be gone and this world-wide insanity will cease.

  9. Sorry for my extended stay away, I had some personal stuff going on. my list is updated and I am back now
  10. @Hawk - Gonna missing playing with you buddy, you were a great asset to this community and a wonderful friend. I hope this next chapter in your life brings you endless happiness and longevity. Dont be a stranger, stop back in and say hi from time to time . Take Care -Virec
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