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  1. Constant Crashing

    thats weird
  2. Constant Crashing

    I had the same issue when I returned and I uninstall/re-installed. This corrected the issue for me .
  3. Launcher Update issue

    nvm I fixed it . This can be closed.
  4. Launcher Update issue

    Good Evening All, I just started playing again after being off for a few months and I cant update my launcher, it keeps giving me a error advising access denied. So far I have uninstalled/reinstalled, manually set the patch up. I even tried using the update tool from Ultima downloads list. Nothing seems to be working. Any assistance on this issue would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time, -Virec
  5. Well its official I finally quit.  :)

    I will miss some of the people here at Ultima.  For the most part I had alot of fun.  :)  I gave all of my stuff minus my hucast to @Starlord .

    My Hucast gear is going to @Moiy Sanchez

    Take care everyone.

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    2. Mr Noob

      Mr Noob

      Man thanks so much for the dts. I will always remember the times we played together and made trades. It was really fun, you were one of the nicest guys I meet here, I hope we meet someday in the future, and who knows :o maybe not PSO but in another video game :) 

      Take care buddy

    3. Terrybriggs711


       hate to see u go!!! I just loged in seen nu sent me some dts! ty i appreciate that , come back some time if you can man ill always be lurking around

      let me know in pm if your playing other games in the future Im be willing to play whatever hmu

    4. Lemon


      Thank you for all the games we played together. I wish you luck in all your future endeavors.

  6. Ultima Triforce Event 2018

    ALso isnt wizard/resist now considered Centurion/Resist ?
  7. If possible would someone look over my trade list and tell me if my pricing is correct or not please?


  8. Seeing as everyone is offering for a PGF or DW right now,   Ill offer up a DF (0/0/100/100/80)  for 450 DTs not a penny lower :)   I only want DTs.   

    Please no troll posts or spam  I just want to trade  with no extra drama.

  9. Returning Player

  10. Ahoy

    Welcome !
  11. Offering a DM set for best offer in items.

    DM +25 (0/100/0/100/80)

    DM +25 (100/0/100/0/80)

    NOTE:  If you post outside of anything that is not pertaining to this topic, your post will be deleted.


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    2. Mr Noob

      Mr Noob

      If you post outside u will be deleted? :huh: 

      how can someone overbid him if we didnt even know what the guy was bidding Lol

    3. R-78


      3 hours ago, Starlord said:

      I think shiida might have bought these items. Very little people have a POM.

      I will never trade the best item of this game for a useless Noob Meteor set.

    4. Virec


      my exact post read as follows :


      It does not say anything about you must post your offer in the status update.   It merely advised that I do not want any trolling posts or off topic posts.  :)  


  12. Also you can make this setting your default to help prevent the issue from recurring.
  13. Ignoring options Question

    Well some of them didnt deserve apologies to be honest. In fact some of them should be apologizing to me. I am not claiming innocence nor am I saying that I didnt play my part in some of the stuff from the past. Truth be told your not innocent ether. Pertaining to lying constantly, that is only what you have been told. Most of the crap about my past is just hearsay or rumor. I am not here to redeem myself, I am just hear to put an end to this. The worse part to this as I tried other communities and dislike all of them. Ultima seems to be the only place for me regardless of the drama. For a while I just put the stuff behind me and ignored most of it. The only reason I even have an issue with you as you always find away to bother me. If what I do is so wrong why do you even attempt to cross paths with me ? I just want it to stop. I am not sure what you want here (NOT THAT I HAVE ANYTHING TO PROVE TO YOU)? What do I have to do in one line to make you stop all of the shenanigans? I do not want anymore of this ever. I just want to play and be done with it. You tell me before this topic gets closed .
  14. Ignoring options Question

    ill let you believe what you will, once a troll always troll. You will never change. I am publicly asking you to leave me alone and move on. At this point you are no longer trolling, this is turning into harassment. Before you attempt to counter what I say , please dont. I am not here to feed into your bullshit. Regardless of who you know, that doesnt matter as I have escalated this above your little buddy that is covering for you. SO PLEASE STOP! Get past this bullshit and let the past go. MAN IM SICK OF THIS SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. Ignoring options Question

    SMDH!!!! Still wont let it go