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  1. Buying 15 x NYC's

    1. Terrybriggs711


       i have 2 you can buy , hmu when your around

  2. Virec

    Happy Birthday @Soly

    1. Soly


      Thank you!

  3. if I capture again ill send you screen shot :)
  4. Ganondorf Shield - Yellow - Mercuil - EP2 NOTE : The banner showed up as boomerang @R-78 @Soly
  5. Centurion Resist - Blue - EP1 - Forest - Hildetor
  6. Thank you @Larva @R-78 @serverus  and the rest of the Staff for making this event possible.   

    my favorite event is here :)   



  7. Virec

    Hit Event 2019!

    @serverus - I appreciate the event and the time you and the rest of the staff put into this event. @Larva - @R-78 - Thank you for your dedication and participation you and Mio seem to working around the clock to try to accomodate all of us (Ultima Community) through this event. Please dont let this event burn you guys out. I know some of the recent requests have been bizarre and must be draining The last thing we need is our last two active GM's to get burned out and leave Keep up the great work and even though we dont show it but all of us really appreciate you guys.
  8. @Starlord - Has Saved my soul ,  hes such a great person :)

    1. Shin


      @Starlord is a gentleman and a scholar.

    2. Virec
  9. Virec

    Hit Event 2019!

    This is a great event and I personally look forward to it every year :)
  10. Where were you 18 years ago?  RIH  all the souls who lost their lives on this day .   Such a sad time. :(  


    1. Show previous comments  15 more
    2. Virec


      @Emewn - are you freaking kidding me right now ?  You realize that just as Americans grieved this day , that millions of people across the planet felt the same way?  When tragedies like this occur it doesnt just affect  the area of impact, it affects everyone, everywhere.   A little history lesson for you, this wasnt the first attack on the World Trade Center.  <----  Key Word "WORLD".   

      This a difference of opinion on 9/11 as you believe one scenario happened and we believe a different one.   End of Story let it go.  Go voice your concerns at the White House if it bothers you that much.  I really dont think anyone is going to join your raid "Spartacus" about your theory of what happened on 9/11.  

      I am respectifully asking you to avoid posting any further about this as I dont want to take down this status to avoid any further drama.   This status update was intended as a remembrance  or memorial of the tragedies that happened on 9/11, the loved ones we lost and to the families that endured loss.  Also, to all the other brave souls who risked their lifes to try to save someone else's on that tragic day.  :(

      @C01D1 - Thank you for your service ,  I know this was very tragic for people all over the world.  



    3. Emewn


      The fear and sadness were perpetuated by the media.
      I wouldn't dwell on 9/11 if I were anybody without acknowledging all those other lost souls who passed away before all sorts of unfortunately. Especially without caring about true justice, and putting the man who caused it in jail! George Bush.
      Folks act like straight up tend-riders.

      I could name various groups of people in the millions who were utterly destroyed unjustly in much worse ways, but you'll still miss the point huh?

      I'm done here. Folks will never understand how vast the level of conditioning has been taking place is. Yes, it's the whole world.
      Most folks don't know their own history let alone the history of the world. My grandmother died too. Do we all cry about it? Of course not. People die all the time right? But what about those who were killed? They only matter if they're Americans? Check yourself, because that whole idea doesn't fly with me.

      What about the Taino Indians of the Carribean?
      What about the aborigines?
      What about the Native Americans Indians?
      What about the Jewish holocaust that was funded by rich Jews?
      What about the Chinese genocide that was caused by rich Chinese folk?
      What about the Cambodian Genocide?
      What about the Armenian Genocide?
      What about the Indonesian Genocide?

      The list of Genocides throughout history goes on, and nobody cares even though those number of MURDERS were in the millions!

      The ignorance and hypocrisy displayed on 9/11 each year by the United States populous shames the living hell out of me. 
      Who is a true Patriot these days? 

      To only feel pain and sadness for 3,000 lost American souls is a serious offense. It's interesting how nobody sees that.

      My severe depression which I've experienced all my life isn't for no reason. I don't pick, and choose the way everybody else does.
      We are not the same. 

    4. C01D1


      Man just stop. 

  11. S> PB for best offer.   Some of the stuff I am interested in are listed below :


    Cent Battle (2 x)

    Arrest Needle

    Demon SH/SHot

    DM (any percent)  - I can wish right :)

    SoV with high percents

    Master Sword High Percents

    Ylvis costume or MineCraft Costume

    just a list of stuff ......

  12. @Ricardof14  thank you for the trades buddy

    1. Ricardof14


      I thank you my friend.

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