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  1. @Tro & @kojiro  check your PMs

  2. Happy Birthday Brother 

    1. MrHucast


      hey man thanks so much! Its nice to see you are still around man :) Best wishes and take care

    2. Virec


      You know I cant leave you buddy :) 

  3. HH just started

  4. I am logged on now,  my offer still stands.... I am paying people in PDs to help me hunt Cent Battle

  5. I will be logging online in 6  hours and I am offering to pay PDs  for anyone who will help me hunt 2 x Cent/Battles

    1. Lemon


      I can't get on to help, (at work), but good luck!

    2. Virec


      Thanks Lemon :) 

      so far no bites :( 

  6. Yeaper, hey buddy wanna get together and hunt some time ?
  7. AOL Cup anyone

  8. Anyone up for helping go through cmode for the first time later this evening ? If so inbox me

  9. Anyone want to do a few runs on ult?   I am bringing my lvl 182 force along 


  10. Trading DM (100/0/0/100/80) for DM (0/100/0/100/80) 

  11. Great Job @Soly on the pallette manager :) 

    1. mudkipzjm


      a little late on that, don't you think? It's been done for months


  13. Drop Table
  14. Who has the best trade list right now?

  15. I had this same thing happen with a power mat in very hard temple