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  1. Ten Years Blades

    This deserves the biggest face palm ever ...
  2. event DAR failure lol

    Keep in mind STA is the best amor in the game with like 500dfp and 80 resistance to all. I wouldn't like it if everyone had one than the game would definitely be broken . these rates are good i'd say and i havent gotten anything. Cant complain though the armor is just to good to be easy to get . when PGF event arrives you same people will be complaining about its drop rate but its freaking PGF what do you expect . Just have hope and dont give up. It could take you 100 runs it could take 1000 runs but it's very possible .
  3. Question on donating for hit%

    Yes , best way to add stats is by small portions . Cyane does this automatically to save you as much as possible .
  4. force a stronger class

    No mmes elefsis xD ya cada class se chinga cualquier episode solo
  5. These people like easy games , fyreworlf. These people want things handed to them , fyrewolf . Misombre pls .. But anyway , I like ultima the way it is . Most of you don't even know how to use dark weapons anyway .
  6. If larva puts pgf back on the donation list , everyone will buy , everyone will use , everyone will get bored, everyone will leave . dark weapons are pretty powerful on this server especially since they're combo unlocked. Its only reasonable to wait all year long just like other event items such as hylian shield (op ), and cent battle (op) . practice some rt , get faster so that you can do 20 min or less runs .
  7. Hunters Vs Rangers

    Imo hunters can be just as efficient as Rangers .if you learn to play hunter of course. Goodness , misombre doesn't go out much ..
  8. Vanilla Mini TA Event.

    Challenge accepted. I believe in my "ROCT" squad
  9. To become extremely skillful with all classes
  10. Free Candy

    LMAO I didn't read yours . My mistake
  11. Free Candy

    Winners announced on page 1 . Thank you all who participated.
  12. Free Candy

    Abousweid is no longer qualified for this giveaway .
  13. Free Candy

    Hello everyone this is a giveaway (I will be doing giveaways every now and then for now on with unique items . If you win one of the items you will not be qualified to win the other so there will be two winners . Winners will be announced tomorrow , feel free to edit your comment if you change your mind For this giveaway I will be giving away these two weapons TypeSS/SW 0/0/0/0/80HIt CHARGE SPECIAL (These are white twin swords like the musashi seires) WINNER OF THE TypeSS/SW - "fyrewolf" who's number was 327 , my number was 343. & Type DS/D.Saber 0/0/0/0/80HIt CHARGE SPECIAL (this is a white double sided saber) WINNER OF THE TypeDS/D.saber - Izaya who guessed 665 , my number was 657. If you want one of these weapons there's only one thing you have to do .I will think of a number . Pick a number 1-1000 and post it here ,closest two numbers wins . That simple . I will send PM to meet in game Good luck everyone .
  14. 10 DTs to add special to any weapons that doesn't already have one.