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  1. FOs were able to use a rifle range weapon since the old days (bringers rifle) 😜
  2. I agree with some of those things . especially the part about the forums . People should at the very least get warnings for saying things that are inappropriately weird even if they’re just jokes like saying sexual jokes about themselves and their dads cause that’s just disgusting and weird af rather than trip about someone using modern day slang .
  3. Hucast is dope already 🤣 if you strive enough to max hit your weapons you’re set . Hucast is a powerhouse so just 80 hit your weapons and practice more 😛 Combo unlocked Lk38 on a hucast is OP af rendering psycho ravens useless for hucast even if Lk38 atp is really low do to hucast high ass atp. the only classes that would make it not so OP (IN MY OPINION) is Fomar and Fonewearl which for some reason just really suck
  4. Bleach Brave Souls 4th anniversary looks AMAZING 😍 can’t wait 

  5. “Ideas to improve the server” come on guys .... a bad idea is a bad idea let’s move on to the next ... Back on topic , v802 would be nice 👍🏼 we have cent battle so why not v802
  6. Christmas event cause not only does pgf drop but so many other fun items all over the place
  7. Larva stays making bad decisions. Sometimes I wonder how most of us still manage to stick around . Probably cause we would have wasted all that time invested into this game . Let there be Uber weapons every once in a while man ... nerf the rates if you want but dam , this isn’t the first time a good weapon gets nerfed during the event . Edit: @MadOrNah , thanks Christian
  8. 97 EdK and sorcerers Megid still kills me . Bad luck

    1. Ricardof14


      Wow, this is a really bad luck friend. hehehehe

  9. There’s a few more choices . There’s perfect/resist which boosts all resistance by 9 , Adept which also boots all resists by 9 and also has many other benefits to it , heavenly/resist and Then there’s centurion/resists (I think that’s the name for it now ? Use to be wizard/resist) you can look into those Oh and you should take into consideration your armors resistance as well https://www.phantasystaronline.net/forum/index.php?/wiki/items/ https://www.phantasystaronline.net/forum/index.php?/droptable/drop-tables/
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