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  1. Gankutsuou (2004) anime series based on the Count of Monte Cristo so I think you'd like this adaptation. My bro loved it
  2. what do you mean by "irrelevant" ???
  3. I PM'ed you the other ones!!! My favorite mag is robo chao featured here lol nothing fancy
  4. Gonna gear up my fonewm again

    B> Sam Armor

  5. My submission for the screenshot mini event
  6. I love this xD
  7. T> SB for pbc

  8. Hello want me to open the Lame for you?

  9. B > x/0/x/x stat master raven no hit

  10. Happy birthday bro, hope you have a good time!

    1. anthonyplays


      Hey Luna thanks my man!!!

  11. Happy BDay man enjoy your day :D 

    1. anthonyplays


      Thanks Sab :3

  12. Happy Birthday

    1. anthonyplays


      ay thanks my man!