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  1. Ban's lv 200 Ramar is all about it. Can't play until next week
  2. no hit, throw it away xD
  3. B > psycho black crystal pbc... pls

  4. S > WEDDING DRESS [DEF: 0/EVP: 0] [Slots: 4] 20DTS

    updated trade list

  5. i've played with Ban V3.0, good player, when he got the Glide Divine drop, he did a /lobby, so dont count on em till the end FYI

  6. So something I've come across: Awesome that this event dropped Master Ravens. Not awesome that there are no pbc on the market (that we know of). So I think it would be reasonable for a mini event or another event to drop pbc instead of waiting for Summer event again. I know there are lots of substitutes for PR but come on, PR are the most bad ass mechs in the game, I need more of em xD
  7. B > pbc, rr. i got pds and stuff for trade

  8. Well i think most people are going to make the comparison to crimson sword (blizzard and arrest similar effect) but imo the most appealing aspect to Sil dragon slayer is that it is usable by all classes.
  9. S > TJS 0/70/70/70

    1. Onelyfe Veryown

      Onelyfe Veryown

      45 dts starting


    2. Starlord


      I would totally pay 120 for them if they were 100% sadly I would still have to spend 45 more dts to max them :(

  10. Its a year round drop so you can go on the drop table tab and look it up as well as other items you might be interested in.

    How much for new yers card?

    1. anthonyplays


      2 dts @Wilton Ventura

      Edited by anthonyplays
  12. A> Rage de Feu 50 hit ends tomorrow at 7:00 pm EST


  13. T > IF 0/100/0/100/80, TJS 0/70/70/70, and Dts for STA pm me

  14. S/T > TJS 0/70/70/70 for PR maxxed

  15. Another boring night for you and the wife? Looking to spice things up? Well do I have the perfect form of entertainment for you! Come one, come all, grab your popcorn and your 3D glasses for the show of the year! Limited time only now! (inb4 topic is locked and closed lmao) aaaaand its closed. And when you think its all over... head over to the shoutbox! Where the real show is! Happy new year everyone!