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  1. I'll partner up with anyone that can record their gameplay and post it
  2. Tomorrow** is  the last day for PBC auction. ends at 7pm EST check it out fam

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  3. Boku No Hero Academia is so hype

  4. Not so disguised auction for pbc 


  5. Fudge it. Buying DM, pm me

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  6. S > Hucast set for ranger set. Includes DF, TJS, SoV, and more

  7. B > Master Raven. Interested in one with x/0/x/x or two stats and hit. send pms with stats

  8. T > TJS 0/70/70/70 for excalibur/ 100 souls high/max stats

  9. T > df 0/100/0/100|80 for dm only

  10. Update shop still has lots of goodies up for trade! 


  11. One day on Ultima server all the dark weapons disappear! Before all the salty players get up in arms and leave the server, they receive a message "The team that completes the mission, will receive all the dw". An array of quests, challenge, and battle events are strung together all with unique and new objectives. Now the players of Ultima will muster up all their skill and strength to be the best team and win back the dark weapons! End: Only the strongest of Ragol's Hunters, Rangers, and Forces persevered up to this point! But with all these new and exciting events with the goal of returning dw, the players have rekindled their love and spirit for the game! With a refreshed feeling for the game, the climax leaves us with the question: do we return the dw or not...
  12. ill give it a shot
  14. where'd you get your Hucaseal gear? At the toilet store?
  15. Cool, lets have some fun with this. Racast lv 200, Ramar lv 200 Fonewm lv 200 and HuCast lv 175