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  1. Probably wont be on server or forums for awhile (will appear for anniv event probs). 

    1. mudkipzjm


      oh, so you mean in like a week or two? :P

  2. That's the beauty of it. Arrest Needle 0/0/0/0 > POST and spread needle 0/0/0/0. If they arent happy with the action they can simply recombine it. The only thing missing is the grinders in this case. So that is how I would address mistakes. Also, following past mini events, limit the number of redeems could be a possible stipulation. Just food for thought
  3. Mini Event idea We do a UNcombine Event So basically I have been hearing a lot about how people mistakenly used their POST, PBC, HCR, SB, etc., on a poor stat weapon hence suggesting a mini event that undoes that! Perhaps there will be a requirement either 10-20 pds or need to donate bronze/silver/gold badges for a UNcombination. I think this would be very low maintenance because not everybody needs this, just for those users that keep saying "UGH i cant believe i used it on such a low stat weapon!!" thoughts?
  4. S> a couple of things

    thanks for adding wants <3 you cannot receive PM's but Ive got a hundred souls 0/0/0/0/30 and think i still have a blank and 25 hit Excal (double checking). Do you want either? and i can add dts or photon spheres to make up any difference in value
  5. S> a couple of things

    what r your wants people always forget to put their wants smh
  6. Updated my trade list here: 


  7. Mock GM Election!

    People struggle to read thoroughly and understand your directions lmao... Anyways I nominate @Misombre Need more Euro GMs, I like all his mini events in the first place, and always helping out when he can
  8. Lottery Time Attack

    lmao dude Misombre I couldnt do it under 20 minutes holy shiz. good for who ever did
  9. Happy Birthday dood :))))

    1. MadOrNah


      :) thanks. 

  10. B > type sh/shot 80 hit Demons for 60 dts or trading my hell shot for it

    1. jezbuz


      I think you can change your typesh/shot special for 10 DTs. I'm not 100% sure about this, since i never did it, but i've heard about it before. That way probably is faster and cheaper for you.

    2. Ragol99


      You can change this go to saith I know he might do it for even less then 10 dts. I'm not certain but I know he won't even charge 10 dts for a special change typically.

  11. CMode! Read topic fully

    I can attest to this: I have a mean RT run but Im fodder when it comes to cmode (rip my attempts at ryu's pgf challenge)
  12. T> Type shot 80 hit HELL for Type Shot 80 hit DEMON

  13. Hey Misombre! check your PMs, I submitted a run for the DELTA event :)

    1. Misombre


      Don't worry am looking at it =)

  14. T> type shot hell 80 hit for type shot demons 80 hit