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  1. Im not sure that I understand the problem your having exactly , I can give you a great tip tho..... try using a program like "xpadder" or "joy2key" they are free programs and lets you program any controller as you wish . for example I have my traps on L2 and R2 ,stars and trimates on left and right d pad, sol and moon on left and right for the right analog . this will allow your the most custom options when setting up controls , if your controller has any other extra or unused buttons you can program them aswell
  2. Hi. long time no see. hope all is well.

    1. Terrybriggs711


      HIIIII!! let play again sometime ! its been forever , hope all is well with ya also


  3. Naka card : RED ULT Barba ray ep2 Hand of justice : RED ULT Delbiter ep2

  4. ♠️♣️♦️

  5. Terrybriggs711


    havnt played it in a few years , but id enjoy refreshing on it sometime 😃
  6. @kimducking let us know when your around, everyone here on @RogueZ team is willing to hook you up
  7. RogueZ wins! sending her 55dts personally for participating , and bc that people only wanna be little crybabys about a symbol chat and the GM didnt handle it very well, thanks to every one that was rude here about it you are such great people..... you all could have handled it more politely, no wonder Ultima has such a bad repetition in the Pso community for rude players thanks for the REP!
  8. HI! I will gift you One free lvl 200 mag! just let me know if u want mind or power 😃 happy halloween
  9. Lets all bitch about who made what symbol chat. Grow the fuk up , i got a symbol chat of a middle finger, you going to bann me if i post it? Way to suck the fun out of a mini event!
  10. Not sure about the bugged item, but have a couple last swans with stats I could gift you if you would like?
  11. Congratulations on your bling bling name!!!!

    Well deserved!!!

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    2. jezbuz


      Nice bling bling name! Congrats Bro!

    3. Terrybriggs711


      Grats to you too @Shin , thankyou  

      @jezbuz, hell ya ill be down for some runs tonight hmu for sure

    4. nnorton44


      Congrats!! Nice to see you active :onion107:

  12. happy birthday yo!! discord me its been a min

  13. Yo man, Happy Birthday, I heard you like Birthdays, so have a great celebration of your birth on your birthday. Peace

    1. Terrybriggs711


      Thanks bro im having a blast

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