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  1. When the game crashes 7 times in a row, I begin to actually believe some form of a higher being is telling me to go do something else with my fucking time.

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    2. HHawk4


      Didn't Soly fix the Crush Cannon thing? Could that have messed with it?

    3. Fyrewolf5


      I don't think it's related to crush cannon per se, but I'm just trying to figure out what's up.

    4. McLaughlin86


      I exclusively crashed when I was either joining a room with a RAcast, or a RAcast was joining my room.

      One of the casts had SoV equipped, the other had crush canon.

  2. s> ricos parasol 10 dts



  4. Lock yourself in a room doing 5 memes a day for 3 summers.

  5. Is there a list of PSO's OGG files that also shows what areas in game they correspond to?

    1. Aigis


       I dont thik thats all of them but thats what i found in the topic where i posted the Ogg Packs i made.If i remember correctly i got the full list of them from the Old SCHTHACK forums which are down now and i have no idea if theres a Complete list somewhere or a Backup of the old forums somewhere but heres what i got (all of these can be changed without the game crashing if they are changed which some ogg files do if changed):

      -TITLE – Title
      -ADVR – Character selection
      -LOBBY - Lobby
      -GUILD – Hunter’s Guild
      -CITY – Pioneer 2
      -MEDICAL - Hospital
      -SHOP - Stores
      -SOUTOKU – Principal’s Office
      -slbgm_forest – Forest
      -DRAGON - Dragon
      -slbgm_cave – Caves
      -DELO – De Rol Le
      -slbgm_machine – Mines
      -VOL_OPT1 – Vol Opt form 1
      -VOL_OPT2 – Vol Opt form 2
      -slbgm_ancient – Ruins
      -slbgm_dark– Dark Falz arena before appearance
      -DARK1 – Dark Falz phases 1 and 2
      -DARK2 – Dark Falz phase 3
      -ENDING_LOOP – Victory theme after Dark Falz is defeated-
      -LABO - Lab
      -slbgm_ruin – VR Temple
      -DELO2 – Barba Ray
      -slbgm_space– VR Spaceship
      -DRAGON2 – Gol Dragon
      slbgm_jungle – Central Control Area
      -GRYPHON – Gal Gryphon
      -slbgm_seabed – Seabed
      -PROTO1 – Olga Flow phase 1
      -PROTO2 – Olga Flow phase 2

    2. Fyrewolf5


      there are some others that those that don't specifically correspond to areas, but could be useful, such as music disks, lobbies, rico/flowen encounter, or special quests replacement. Here is a full ordered list that I use as a template for my music packs:
      TITLE – Title                                                        
      ADVR – Character selection   
      CHARA – Character creation                                                    
      CITY – Pioneer 2                                                                
      MEDICAL - Hospital                                                        
      SHOP - Stores                                                            
      GUILD – Hunter’s Guild                                                        
      SOUTOKU – Principal’s Office           
      LABO - Lab                                                            
      slbgm_forest – Forest                                                    
      slbgm_cave – Caves                                                            
      slbgm_machine – Mines         
      slbgm_ancient – Ruins                                                            
      slbgm_ruin – VR Temple                                                        
      slbgm_space – VR Spaceship    
      slbgm_seabed – Seabed                                                    
      Forbidden Four (mutlistream only, insanely  hard  to do properly)
      slbgm_jungle – Central Control Area / Tower      
      slbgm_wilds – Crater Routes                                                
      slbgm_crater – Crater Interior          
      slbgm_desert – Subterranean Desert          
      DRAGON - Dragon                                                                    
      DELO – De Rol Le                                                            
      VOL_OPT1 – Vol Opt form 1                                                    
      VOL_OPT2 – Vol Opt form 2                     
      slbgm_dark* – Dark Falz arena before appearance        
      DARK1 – Dark Falz phases 1 and 2               
      DARK2 – Dark Falz phase 3                                                    
      DELO2 – Barba Ray                                                    
      DRAGON2 – Gol Dragon                                                    
      GRYPHON – Gal Gryphon                                                    
      PROTO1 – Olga Flow phase 1                      
      HALL – Olga Flow arena before phase 2 appearance  
      PROTO2 – Olga Flow phase 2                                                
      slbgm_boss09 – Saint Million                      
      slbgm_boss09b - Shambertin                                                              

      clear – Quest complete/milestone jingle in quest           
      CLEAR_ST – Unknown                                                    
      MINICLEAR – Event jingle in quest                       
      EPI1 – Happy ending in quest                                                
      EPI2 – Melancholic ending in quest              
      ENDING_LOOP – Dark Falz Victory theme  
      CUBE_ENDING_LOOP – Olga Flow Victory theme      
      EP_ENDING_LOOP – Saint Million/Shambertin/Kondrieu Victory theme       
      T1 – Rico Tyrell encounter                                 
      T2 – Heathcliff Flowen encounter                    
      WEDDING – Disk Vol.1                                                            
      EVENT – Casino; Disk Vol.2                                           
      HEARTS – “Burning Rangers ~ Burning ANGEL” from Burning Rangers; Disk Vol.3                                    
      OPEN – “Open Your Heart” from Sonic Adventure; Disk Vol.4
      LIVE – “Live and Learn” from Sonic Adventure 2; Disk Vol.5 
      DREAMS_KIDS – “Dreams Dreams : Kid Ver.” From NiGHTS into Dreams; Disk Vol.6                                            
      ED_PIANO – Disk Vol.7; also plays during “Soul of Steel” 1 Person mode quest                                
      HEART2HEART_LOOP – Disk Vol.8            
      strangeblue_LOOP – Disk Vol.9               
      ReunionSystem_LOOP – Disk Vol.10         
      pinnacles_LOOP – Disk Vol.11       
      InTheSPACESHIP_LOOP^^ – Disk Vol.12                                                
      DUEL1 – Spaceship arena in battle mode          
      DUEL2 – Temple arena in battle mode          
      START – Battle start in battle mode             
      END – Battle over in battle mode                
      WIN – Battle won in battle mode                                                
      LOSE – Battle lost in battle mode         
      DEATH – Battle mode death                                                    
      J_KANTEI – Tekking jingle                   
      j_levelup – Level up background jingle (not the real jingle, just the background ambience when the jingle plays)
      BASS – Connecting to the lobby and to a party          
      QUEST – Quest loading                                                            
      MAP1 – Warping out of a dungeon        DO NOT USE   
      MAP2 – Warping to a dungeon                                    
      DRAROAR – Dragon/Gol Dragon cry                            
      DRADEATH – Dragon’s death cry / Gal Gryphon Intro cry     
      DELDEATH – De Rol Le’s death cry                               
      DFDEATH – Dark Falz’s death cry                             
      GOLDEATH - Gol Dragon’s death cry                      
      MAILA – Mylla&Youlla (single)                                 
      MAILA2 – Mylla&Youlla (chain)                       
      ESTLA – Estlla (single)                                                            
      ESTRA2 – Estlla (chain)                                                            
      PAILA – Pilla (single)                                    
      PAILA2 – Pilla (chain)                                                    
      FARLA – Farlla (single)                                                        
      FARLA2 Farlla (chain)                                                    
      GOULA – Golla (single)                                                    
      GOULA2 – Golla (chain)                                                        
      REILA – Leilla (single)                                                        
      REILA2 – Leilla (chain)                                                    
      LOBBY - Lobby                                                            
      VALENTINE – Valentine’s Lobbu  
      EASTER – Easter Lobby          
      HALLOWEEN - Halloween Lobby
      JINGLEBELL - Christmas Lobby    
      ZARATHUSTRA – Lobby Event 7                                                   

      SMILE – “I Just Smile” from Burning Rangers; used in some quest(s)
      CARNAVAL – “Vamos a Carnaval” from Samba de Amigo; used in some quest(s) 
      MAMBO – “Mambo de Verano” from Samba de Amigo; used in some quest(s)            
      CHU_F – “Chu Chu Fever” from Chu Chu Rocket; used in some quest(s)      
      NOMAL – “Chu Chu Rocket” from Chu Chu Rocket; used in some quest(s)  
      DREAMS – “Dreams Dreams” from NiGHTS into Dreams; used in some quest(s)   
      MILES – “Believe in Myself” from Sonic Adventure; used in some quest(s)
      MATTER – “It Doesn’t Matter” from Sonic Adventure; used in some quest(s)  
      ESCAPE – “Escape From The City” from Sonic Adventure 2; used in some quest(s)         
      DELORURE – De Rol Le; seemingly useless  
      OPENING – “The whole new world;” plays at Ep.1 intro, but seemingly useless          
      CUBE_OPENING – “The whole new world;” plays at Ep.2 intro, but seemingly useless       
      ENDING – “Can still see the light;” plays at Ep.1 credits, but seemingly useless      
      CUBE_ENDING – “World with me;” plays at Ep.2 credits, but seemingly useless      
      EP_ENDING_FO – “World with me -remix for pso bb-;“ plays at Ep.4 credits, but seemingly useless   
      test_bgm – seemingly useless         
      test_se – seemingly useless    

      Edited by Fyrewolf5
    3. McLaughlin86


      Thanks a ton, both of you. Saved me some time.

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  7. Don't listen to this guy, he's ugly :"L Welcome.
  8. Boy I sure love HDD failure.

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    2. McLaughlin86


      wish i had your life then tbh

    3. SelahIsASpot


      i wouldn't wish that on anyone.

    4. ultrajerky
  9. Me every day of my life:

    1. thelionorion


      This message is brought to you by H2O!


    2. McLaughlin86


      Water's the shit soda is piss

    3. mudkipzjm


      you're piss m8

      get b8d


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    1. SelahIsASpot


      "yeah, fuck you bitch." - dad

    2. McLaughlin86


      never forgetti

    3. SelahIsASpot


      always regretti