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  1. Just a head's up for all you PSO2'ers here that still frequent the Feoh server (#1) on PSO2, my Trigunman character is going to be transferred over at the next scheduled maintenance interval.  Hopefully I'll see some of you guys there soon!

  2. Right, sooooo I'm going to be "stuck" in PSO2 for a while, I'm getting to see what all the hub-bub is about over the years from Japan.(and as of last year, here in NA)  Now, I'll probably stick my nose in here from time to time, as I can never leave here totally because I have waaaayyyyy too much time and efforts invested in my characters/accounts here.  But yea, you guys probably won't see much of ole' Tri around here, at least for a good while till I get tired of PSO2 probably LOL!  Oh I did see ole' Hatsodoom perusing the PSO2 forums, maybe I'll bump into you guys in-game that play there too.  I'm in the process of getting my Trigunman character moved to ship 1, Feoh where most of you guys play?  Anyways, see you guys on Ragol...  Or Naverius, or Amduskia or Wopal or Lillipa or...

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    2. Grimoire Greys

      Grimoire Greys

      As New Genesis draws nearer, things have slowed down considerably in PSO2. (In JP at least, I can't speak for NA). My friends and I are still playing, buying stuff to transition over with from shops and whatnot while waiting and hoping to get into the beta. It looks really great.

    3. C01D1


      I had a really hard time playing PSO2 from the extremely unsettling perverted nature of it. I like the combat but the lobby area is disgusting, its gross like PEDO gross lol.

    4. Trigunman


      Can't say I necessarily disagree C01D1, this game tends to reallllyyyyy bring out the freaks due to all the cosmetic options I guess.  *sigh*  I don't interact much with these folks but it's quite a show in some of the busier lobbies.  LOL  XD

  3. Oh hell what have I done, I'm trapped in PSO2 and I can't get out.


    Please send help?  :onion-head24:

  4. Well I'll be... PSO2'd!  I didn't think in a million years this would happen after all my initial disappointments and setbacks but...


    TEH HAPPENIN!!!  It has begun!  I honestly didn't think it was possible in spite of all of M$'s and SEGA's effin' chicanery, but incredibly, as of last night, I have installed PSO2 via Steam to Windows 7 Pro and... IT IS WORKING, without any crashes, bugs, glitches or other nonsense.


    SO I AM IN LIKE FLYNN.  Ship 4, whatever it's called, Tri-MobileSUIT is my first character, obviously a re-hash of my RAcast.  Hopefully I'll see some of you guys there who play or when PSO2 New Genesis is released. 


    Yea, I guess this means my PSO time is going to be considerably curtailed, as if it wasn't already, sorry guys...

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    2. Kotta


      Combat Arms became pay 2 win? :onion-head84:


    3. Trigunman


      Yea Kotta there's like 2 versions of it now, Reloaded and Classic. They aren't all that different honestly IMHO either,(they reuse assets between the two ALOT, similar weapons, gear, different names) Nexon sold it off to Valofe too a few years ago btw.  If you still had an account with Nexon, it's now GONE.(there was a transfer window of time from Nexon's to Valofe's CA server back when this happened and if you didn't catch it, your account was not transferred, basically DELETED!)  You can play both through Steam now for free as well, which you seem to get alot more log-in rewards too there.


      If Valofe really wanted to do a "Classic" version of it, they should have went waaaay back to 2010-2011 or so's version of CA, not the 2015 version of it.  Not really sure what the crap Valofe is thinking with that business model IMHO.  Yea, Pay2Win sucks, but they do shower new players and even current players with lots of nice gear on daily log-in rewards, however, they typically doesn't last very long.  They only last like only a few days to a week unless you use renewal kits on the gear, which is kind of cheesy bait & switch BS IMHO.  I only play for sentimental reasons these days and... Well, IMHO CounterStrike sucks in comparison to me now.(and I played it ALOT back when it first came out, CS Retail v1.1 baybeee! I still have that CD too LOL)


      When did you play CA Kotta?  :onion108:

    4. Kotta



      It was a really long time ago xD

      All I remember Is that my latest rank was something with multiple crowns In It :D



      While It's true that there was cash for tons of stuff there, back then It wasn't that relevant.

      [Then there arrived the character models, the subsonic rifle (xD) and tons of other stuffs]


      All I did In the game was play and buy two weapons that were G36E (I think that was the name. I used to steal the opponent's cash version called G63E Valkyrie :onion-head09: ) and mines you drop anywhere that did 80 damage iirc to whoever stood on them :onion-head63:.


      Those were good times, back when I had a kind of decent computer :onion120: 


  5. *cough* Welcome back Crackles!
  6. Woe unto you oh earth, for the beast has gone down unto you and is full of wrath, for he knows his time is short.


    Let him who hath understanding reckon the number of the beast, for it is a human number.


    It's number... Is six hundred and sixty-six.

    1. jezbuz


      Six Six Six, the number of the beast

      Six Six Six, fhe one for you and me

  7. ROFL, I'd believe it! Good ole Shithack... Yea, it sounds exactly like something Lee would do.
  8. Fried pink slime pieces for $6.99? Harrrrrrrdddd pass sir.
  9. Hot damn! Summer event is early, whoooo hoooo! Nice artwork as usual Falcon, love the FOnewearl! P.S.: Prepare for Serene Swan debates...
  10. Yes and you've missed MY point. Katanas are a single-target weapon. Swords are multi-targeting weapons, up to 10 targets. At best a "Katana" clone of Excalibur/100 Souls can only hit up to 3 CLOSE targets. I.e. for a hunter, katanas and even sabers are INFERIOR for hitting multiple targets, which is far more desirable. They simply do not have many weapons to choose from for hitting multiple targets at once, save partisans or slicers. Can you guess which blade Triblader my lvl 200 HUmar uses about 95% of the time? Look, I love katanas too, I own 2 IRL s
  11. You already have one, it's called the Tsumikiri J-Sword. It's also the second strongest sword in the game, next to a Dark Flow. https://www.phantasystaronline.net/forum/index.php?/wiki/item/&id=003200 Sorry, but J-Swords single-target combos are rather useless next to a Sword's multi-target, wide arc combo. It is what it is...
  12. No, PSOBB is capable of higher resolutions than the console systems. Any changes in character design will have been made by Sega in the porting the game to PC. The only things that have been modified appearance wise here at Ultima are the custom weapons and armor exclusive to this server. Hope this helps!
  13. I agree with Yannv's assessment... If you have to bring a mule weapon, at least let us get some hit off the thing if it has some on it in the process. 50 PDs + Mule weapon, get it's special and hit percentage transferred to non-special weapon, that seems reasonable IMHO. Besides, 50 PDs ain't exactly cheap...
  14. I hope your birthday is a great one Jade!  Congo-rats and party hard hon!

    We miss you Mag Queenie, hope you come drop by here at Ultima to say hello on the forums and in-game sometime.



  15. Like the new Signature my friend.! 🥅:onion117:

    1. Trigunman


      Hey man, thanks, how are you?  Yea, I joined the merry (clown XD ) men of Triforce some months ago.  While my plans for PSO2 along with joining some of the Tri-hards there with the ARKS have fell through thanks to the utter stupidity of M$'s release of the game, I'm not going anywhere.(the recent reports I've read are that PSO2 release has been an utter damned dumpster fire, until M$ decides to fix it or Sega pulls their head out of their rear and releases it on Steam) So no worries, I still have 4 lvl 143s to get to lvl 200, haha!

      It's funny you mention my Zelda themed siggy Larva, I've currently got the Zelda bug after watching game play of the recent Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening reissue for the NIntendo Switch.  I'm seriously considering getting a Switch just for that game, I still have it (Zelda DX) along with my Gameboy Advance SPs, but the reissue is amazingly well done and looks just as fun as I remember it on the Gameboy! (that and the Switch has some really good stuff coming out on it!)

      I trust you and the family are safe and doing well Larva?  :onion-head11:

    2. Larva


      Hey man, everything is fine here with the family, hope your doing safe too. Sorry for taking so long to reply to this but for some reason I never saw it before sorry about that. And Zelda: Link's Awakening my son and I we started to play the game in the switch but we didn't finish it, unfortunately i haven't have time to continue the game and he don't like to play it alone lol. But some day we will continue it. It's great to still see you around in the server/forum. Sometimes i see new names here, but nothing to see friends names around :D . ill try to be here more often but damn work take must of my time :(.

      Anyway, stay safe in this pandemic :onion-head11:

    3. Trigunman


      Haha!  Good to hear from you Larva!  Better late than never right? XD I trust you and your family are well, safe and prospering my old friend.  Yea, I still haven't gotten around to getting a Switch yet, but all things in good time.  Yea, that old game is a freakin' classic, it's kinda funny your son doesn't want to play without you, I find that rather endearing, how sweet, hehe.  Enjoy these precious days with your son Larva, you won't get many more sadly the older he gets.  Yea, sometimes I feel like I'm almost like a fixture in this place haha!  This old game still keeps me coming back for more adventures it seems, mentoring new players and helping older ones while catching up with them in their own lives never gets dull for me I guess.  =^)


      I completely understand about work schedules Larva.  Thankfully I have a 8-5, M-F day job, but still I have other things that keep me busy outside of work too, as I'm a guitarist at my local church and that keeps my Thursday nights and Sunday mornings pretty occupied.  Then there is my family here locally that manage to keep me on my toes, my parents, grandma and aunt.  Sadly my grandma and aunt have contracted COVID but they are recovering, I pray they will fully recover soon, if you would please keep them in your prayers.


      Don't worry about ole me Larva my good man, I've found out some secrets to stay well and I shall pass them on to you!  ^_^  Ivermectin has been in regular use on both his staff and his patients by Dr. Pierre Kory in the St. Jude's Hospital up in Milwaukee, as per his testimony in front of the US Senate.  He's had a 100% cure and uninfected rate with that old drug.  Personally, I have also found a recent US National Institute of Health study where they were researching a vaccine candidate for COVID-19, the test candidates were Chloroquine, the very old and trusted drug for a variety of aliments, Remdesivir, a still experimental drug being pushed by the AMA and...  EGCG taken from GREEN TEA.  I've been drinking green tea for years now Larva and I can't remember the last time I've had a cold or flu.  The EGCG works incredibly to protect the body's cells by blocking the cell's receptors from any virus's RNA attack, the virus can't attach itself to the cell to inject it's RNA to multiply and survive, so...  It dies off.  Any brand of Green Tea will work, you just need to steep it for a bit longer than usual to get the most EGCG out of it.  Take it once a day, or hell I drink it twice a day ( I don't drink coffee, so I get my caffeine from it haha) to protect yourself.  I've been exposed to at least 4-5 people confirmed to have COVID this year and every time I was tested, it came back negative.  You be the judge.  ^_^


      Anyway, be blessed, you and your family, be well and prosperous old friend.  Have a wonderful Christmas and New Years if I don't see you Larva.  God bless!


      -Jay aka Trigunman



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