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  1. Seems as though Ultimas numbers are dwindling, is the day of reckoning coming for Ultima? can it be saved? is it just me? just a thought :"L
  2. Make S Rank weapons great again if they ever were :"L
  3. The only way evp would be useful is when players pvp
  4. Even if it is a joke, DWs for example would be garbage just like S rank weapons because ep 2 enemies (ill gills) for example would always evade first combo specials making it useless and not worth being an xmas only item. That extra 150-185 wouldn't even be a proper compensation for it.
  5. When I first started Ult on Suspect, My first guns to hunt for were two frozen shooters with hit stats then a Berzerk shot, spread needle, a Rianov S5 (which can outperform a Dark Meteor in certain areas), drops from ep 4 boss but best bet is to hunt that with a team.
  6. Because hucast can use crush cannon, they're considered the best class now
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