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  1. is it true psu is back

  2. Sell me a master sword

    1. Ricardo Gomes

      Ricardo Gomes

      soon i found one i sell to you :0

  3. Mr soly i need to redeem

  4. I think only about 15-20% of players on this server is familiar with ROCT
  5. just a 9% chance of getting hell shotted and 9% dmg received from light attacks
  6. It's a key changer in pvp
  7. Is this based on pve only are both pve and pvp.....
  8. Id say the best Ramarl is GeneralMa
  9. PVE wise are both PVE and PVP?
  10. Santa i can really use some power mats as a present <3
  11. I would just like some pow/def/hp/materials dear santa with extra love on top of it and few items like spread needle some fresh mags.