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  1. New Years Cards (NYC)

    It's gonna be a new tool to add hit to weapons I think
  2. T heard they nerfed drop because I spammed WOI
  3. If you would've had those 300+ olga kills from woi you would've been more fortunate there because even if you don't find one well you're coming out with well over 500+pds banked and it's faster to get to olga there vs RT so you may have gotten better odds also.
  4. The old suffering of every year haha

    My way of getting to Olga is by WOI
  5. 10 Anniversary Ultima

    Would've been nice if it was a double saber animation.
  6. 10 Anniversary Ultima

    With the enemies high evp espically on ep 2 probably 2 or 3 special hits out of 5 hits is gonna confirm with hucast ata.
  7. 10 Anniversary Ultima

    Even if PR has a poor special it's insane dmg output makes up for it. As for TYB, it's special of any sort is meh, it's regular slow combo animation on male classes is meh. Sorry but there is no comparison PR tops this new TYB anyday. Glad I didn't waste no PBC on it.
  8. 10 Anniversary Ultima

    I feel as though sacrificing a Psycho Black Crystal ain't worth it like it is for Psycho Ravens...
  9. Let's talk about the new Fausts

    The only thing i can say atm is @MadOrNah
  10. 10th Anniversary Event Drop Table 2018

    I heard it's on par with the DARK FLOW
  11. Holiday Battle Tournament

    wait you defeated Mudkipz??? how is that possible.....
  12. Holiday Battle Tournament

  13. Holiday Battle Tournament

    I'm in only if i get to compete against my greatest foe Sylph777 other than that I'm out.
  14. 10 Anniversary Ultima

    As one of the new Ultima Veterans on this server, I would like to say @MadOrNah