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  1. Hey Broski if you ever come Online again
    i would like to have my stuff back :D
    Dark Meteor 100/0/100/0/90
    Dark Meteor 0/100/0/100/90
    Arrest Needle 0/0/0/0/90
    SnowQueen 0/15/0/0/90
    Yas9000 Demon 30/0/0/0/90
    Yas9000 Charge 0/0/0/0/90
    Type SH Shot Demon 0/0/0/0/80
    Asteron Striker 0/0/30/0/90
    Ultima Reaper 25/0/45/0/90

    jk but still msg me wonder how you are its been 5 years now since the last time we played together

    1. under9000


      Just saw this, sent you a pm.

  2. hi under miss you

  3. Who made the blue Slicer of Vengeance skin? it's awesome
  4. s> PGF  pm

    1. josiah


      Price, or price range?

    2. Kush


      pm let me know

  5. S> PGF for DTs           pm me offer


  6. https://www.phantasystaronline.net/forum/index.php?/topic/12120-hucaseal/ ^ I bookmarked that for sylph's post
  7. Your tests support the boosts. Sato has no boost (50%) for boss room activation, Nidra does for boss room and Puyo does for the 1/10 and all results supported the boosts. Seems legit imo. The only strange modifier on Sato is for bad sync on 100 PB activation. If you have 0 sync on Sato, reaching 100 PB will never give invincibility. "Tesselate http://puu.sh/pAhFZ/47f5913e0d.jpg Some examples to look for... Nidra: Positive Boss Room (Invincibility) Agastya: Positive 100% PB (Resta Invincibility) and Positive Boss Room (Invincibility) Gael Giel: Positive 100% PB (Invincibility) and Positive Boss Room (S/D) Sato: Negative 100% PB (Invincibility) "
  8. Not sure if this link is allowed, but Tessellate explains that in this thread ( page 8) https://www.pioneer2.net/community/threads/towards-the-future-time-attack-event.2344/page-8
  9. Everyone went ham on the CBs. ^^ thanks for the event once again
  10. It was working perfectly from June 20 to July 20, not sure what changed. Haven't tried it, almost not enough time left in the event to figure it out tho Would disabling the forum notification and only leaving the email checked help? They're both late anyways. oh well
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