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  1. How active is this server compared to 2014-2015? I've been gone for a long time. xD
  2. Any advice for hunting Red Sword or Chain Sawd as a Skyly HUney? Areas/Quests? I'm either level 138 or 139 and my strongest weapon is a VIVIENNE +50, need something to deal decent damage to multiple monsters at once. Or would I be better off going straight for SJS/Lame D?
  3. Actually, when I used /matreset twice and changed blocks, I kept my HP mats.
  4. Wait, so HP/TP mats are completely independent of, say Power/Mind mats, right? I can just quaff all the HP mats I've got without worrying?
  5. How many Mind Mats can I have my FOnewm imbibe before his MST stat won't improve?
  6. Is the comic still happening? Or has it already happened? Either way, I'd like to add in my four cents (characters). Will add screenshots when I have time. Terashi (FOnewm, REDRIA) A result of an attempt to create a race of super newman, which failed miserably. Despite being the runt of the litter, being the weakest physically, Terashi was the only survivor of the attempt, as all his brothers and sisters were killed by their own physical amplifications upon being given life. What Terashi lacked in strength, however, he more than made up for with intelligence, and mastering technics came naturally to him, leading him to join the Hunter's Guild as a Force. Later in his life, he began dabbling in CAST technology, eventually creating a HUcast bodyguard by the name of Juno. Near the end of his life, he began experimenting with his own DNA in an attempt to clone a new, young body for himself. He found difficulty in controlling the gender of his clone, however, and wound up creating two 'daughters' before finally getting the formula right. Once he had created a younger version of himself, transferring his memories and knowledge to the new body was relatively easy. JUNO (HUcast, [DECEASED]) A HUcast created by Terashi when the Cast Creation Law was far less lax. Destroyed a long time ago. Often brought up by Terashi as a memory. Angela (FOnewearl, REDRIA) The older of Terashi's two 'Daughters'. Based on the original clone formula, she has an intelligence quotient close to her father's, and has his ease of technic use, as well as his hair, eyes, and some of his height.Very light-hearted, with a strong moral compass. Outgoing and friendly. Keiko (HUnewearl, SKYLY) The younger of Terashi's two 'Daughters'. Based on the altered clone formula that proved to be altered 'in the wrong way', she lacks the brains that her sister has, but makes for it with deceptive strength. In Terashi's notes he remarks that she is the only 'successful' result of the experiment that made him, as her DNA came from that experiment, albeit secondhandedly. Medium golden brown hair, emerald green eyes, and shorter than her sister. Light-hearted, but shy, especially around people she doesn't know. Innocent and naive. Writing this up has got my creative juices flowing. I think I'll write out sections from Terashi's journal involving the creation and lives of his daughters. Don't know where I'll post it, though. May have to make a free web page dedicated to them, if those are still a thing. I know Geoshitties crapped out a long time ago. I was thinking of doing my own comic of Terashi's adventures in the Ultima ship, with the other characters being people I play with in the actual server, but let's face it, I lack the talent to make anything good.
  7. Posting this in place of Elliot, who tells me she can't log into the forums, register, or do anything, not even talk to the GMs. She doesn't know Kajex, so I'm guessing she doesn't know any of the GMs, that being the reason for her to ask me to do this. I don't have the details. Tell me what to ask her and I'll get back to you.
  8. What items do I need to feed a mag and with what classes/section IDs in order to make a Mind Sato?
  9. Thanks for giving the full answer in my place, Saith. Never would have remembered on my own. xD
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