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  1. Just adding my personal input to what Soly said. I'm an on and off again player of PSO on this server and normally when I do get back into the game again (I am currently) I have new friends that I've talked into playing with me. Since they are new to PSO we often both play from my home (same IP address). Having the drops restricted when players have the same IP address would be a major issue. It's a shame there isn't some way to do shared drops for rares but then a 1 - 4 roll to see who gets the item instead of who picks it up first.
  2. Normal: 1. Kireek never does a 3 hit combo with his weapon, yet tells you how to do it in the Battle Training quest. 2. Ultima has made things a lot more friendly, back in the day materials didn't stack. 5 Materials would take up 5 item slots. 3. There aren't any quests for the multiplayer mode that send NPCs to accompany you in battle. I would love to know if this is possible though. Challenge: 1. When you beat challenge mode you get to name your S-rank. A lot of the ones I used to see had vulgar names in previous versions of PSO. 2. If you don't have others that know
  3. If you don't remember the name of the mag, a lot of us are long time PSO players here. What did the mag look like? (also I would think its safe to assume the other PhotonBlast was Pilla based on what I'm seeing).
  4. Another digit on the max meseta would be fantastic!
  5. In response here, I would like to see all the combo locked weapons unlocked. IMO combo lock makes lots of good weapons completely unbearable to use. For example Snow Queen, Master Raven, even Glide Divine (I know the tech range boost is the main point however, if it's something you're keeping equipped as a force its really annoying that you can't do basic attacks with it).
  6. Flame Garment and De Rol Le Shield are personal favorites. i wish flame garment had better end game stats. I always thought it was neat that Flame Garment stayed visible in dark rooms and with De Rol Le Shield, I felt that having the Cave boss's head on your arm as a trophy was always neat.
  7. I lost 2 of my No0b/Hps today when taking them out of the common bank I got disconnected and upon logging back in the items were gone. Can anyone help me? Guild Card: 42162276 Character slot: 4
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