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  1. Wow everything looks so different

  2. Wow.. whats new everyone?

    1. Evie


      Hey youuuu!!

    2. Trigunman


      420s and eggs apparently... XD WB sir =^)

    3. ralarcon


      its good to be back... again lol

  3. Back to square 1, newbie status.. even tho im a highish lvl :/

    1. Shoutgu


      i know that feeling bro

  4. Okay, lets play again!

    1. Cyane


      Yay! Hope to see you around!

  5. I'm playing again, but im playing from work now.. so forgive me if I'm afk at times :)

    1. Choko


      Going afk? Unforgivable

    2. Trigunman


      All I'm gonna say bro is... DON'T get caught! XDDD Watch your 6 pal...

  6. I miss playing this game... nowadays i only check forums from my work xD ill try to play at my work :D

  7. Hard work has made it easy. That is my secret. That is why I win.

  8. havent logged in a while O_O are the ppl i kno still here???

    1. ralarcon


      Iono life stuff?? >_>

  9. Uncle Phil:"how do you think I got through collage?" Will:"stretch out the doors" xD

  10. contemplating... worth trying the new x or y? the mega evo's looks interesting :-B

    1. Akioyamato


      Must get Y... Mega charizard Y! Nuff said.

    2. ralarcon


      which one is the black dragon charizard? i want to get that version

  11. in all honesty... I'll see you in PSO2 ill have the same name
  12. Hi, you guys might get upset, the roll back went too far, the exact time coordinates i provided were exactly the time the bug occurred 9/20/13 at 11:48am Pacific standard Time, this is the image: http://img10.imagesh...0/5932/ah1k.jpg The roll back got me 20 levels lower and not my original inventory here is an image link after you guys rollback: http://imageshack.us...4/6592/n0xs.jpg Im level 92 all of a sudden with the wrong, not the inventory i had when i was lvl 112 I was assuming youd roll me back like a minute or two before the time i provided when the bug hit, the roll back went too far and lowered my level and did not restore my inventory when i was lvl 112 topic link if u still needed it and additional info: http://www.phantasys...-inventory-bug/ Character name:Ron Slot:1 id:42103857 yellowboze If you guys cannot do anything about it anymore that is fine i hate bothering people, but i had to at least try one last time... thank you and sorry for any inconvenience
  13. Hi sorry. I didn't know i was suppose to do this before i started this server. well the basics Name is Ron, I'm 21 years of age. college grad with a bachelors in game design Hobbies are games: yes I love playing video games. Art: gatta draw out the next games for y'all right? Martial arts: cold world out there . Dancing: when i ear good music, the body starts moving in its own accord Been playing PSO since dreamcast days and my character "Ron" the humar as been on this long journey all the way up till now in ultima. and Yes Ron will travel to PSO2 It's nice to meet you all
  14. duude what? when ron is all good we can hunt again. what i gatta say about your topic.. is the glass half full or half empty? meditate on that, besides duude its just a game, a great game but still a game. like they say "haters are gonna hate"
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