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  1. Considering I'm a Heathen/Pagan, not really.
  2. Part of the Völuspá, fated to happen... And are you seriously comparing Jörmungandr, the world serpent, to a glorified over grown tape worm?? NO!
  3. Not that Thor... The Proper Þórr! Son of Oðinn and Jörd! Protector of Midgard! Wielder of Mjöllnir! Wearer of Járngreipr! Killer of Jötunns! Not Hollywood bullshit Thor!
  4. Not sure if this is the right place to post but I have a suggestion for a custom weapon I would like to see appear within PSOBBU. Weapon would be a Hammer called Mjöllnir. It's special would be Razonde. Lvl 25 And to be "thrown" and return to the player if possible? high ATP to make it usable end game. Would lower Defence a fair amount to balance the higher ATP. Mjöllnir is a small hammer in comparison. ATA would not be affected. It would have the attack speed of the victor axe already in game, maybe a little faster. But certainly no faster than a regular SWORD. Usable by All Hunters and Rangers provided they meet the ATP requirements, which should be around 400. How do we go about getting this added to the game?
  5. Now sold. Many thanks for a smooth transaction sir!
  6. Can be, give me 5 mins I'll make a game. Title Shop, char Loki
  7. Doesn't bother me in the slightest mate. It's data, 1s and 0s, it's not real .. it's all just a bit of fun! But that said, ive adjusted the prices now But if you're feeling a little guilty you can always give me 7pds for it if you feel it's too cheap, to sway your guilty conscience
  8. Thanks for th info mate, I appreciate the price scaling might not be spot on but the way I see it folk might not have any DTS but a few PDs or vice versa. Or like me they might have neither 😂
  9. Hi folks, my first shop.. here's what I have. Everything is 1PD unless otherwise stated. FLOWENS SWORD+21 0/0/0/20 LAST SURVIVOR 0/35/25/0 LAST SURVIVOR 30/35/0/0 DRAGON SLAYER+34 0/20/0/35 CLUB OF ZUMIURAN 40/0/20/0 PHOENIX CLAW 0/0/0/0 STAG CUTLERY+10 0/0/0/0/30HIT INFERNO BAZOOKA 40/40/0/0 2PDs Rambling May 0/25/0/0 L&K38 COMBAT+3 30/0/40/40 3PD / 1DT SUPPRESSED GUN 0/0/30/15 3PDS / 1DT YAMIGARASU 0/0/30/50 - 7PDS / 2DT METEOR CUDGEL+15 30/0/40/40 7PD / 2DT CRAZY TUNE 0/0/25/0 FLIGHT CUTTER+9 0/0/0/30/35 2PD/1DT MAHU 0/0/0/35/35HIT RAINBOW BATTON+10 40/0/0/40/50HIT 5PD/3DT DAYLIGHT SCAR 15/0/0/0 3pd GOD ARM 4 FOR 1PD GOD HP 4 FOR 1PD GOD BODY 4 FOR 1PD Thanks
  10. That would be amazing! I've always used hunters, never had a force before and it's difficult adjusting haha...
  11. Okay... That's a lot of info the process.. Thanks anyways guys
  12. Hi folks, just started my first Fonewn and am in need of a suitable mag please it doesn't need to be special or perfect just needs to boost my mind stat a little. I have a few swords and 2 PDs, sorry not got many rare items.
  13. Well... Now you tell me 😂
  14. Thanks very much for the information sir! I'll figure it out I'm sure!😂
  15. Hey folks! Long time PSO fan here. Been playing pso since launch day UK for Dreamcast. When that died I played xbox then when that died played on n Pc with BB. Found Ultima some years ago and played for a while then stopped form various reasons. Been back on the server for a few days now. Few changes have been made which are really cool! It's my understanding that Ultima isn't going to be updated anymore, is that true? Also donations, I've searched but can't find a definitive answers but I've come to the impression that if we donate we are gifted an in game item? Is that true and can we choose what it is? Thank you very much! ☺️ In game name is Odinn Humar wearing the old GM costume. Cheers!
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