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  1. hey, wanna run a TTF or something? meet me in lobby 1

    1. jezbuz



  2. #FreeArmando

    1. Ricardo Gomes

      Ricardo Gomes

      are you crazy?

    2. rayblasterx


      I believe all prisoners can change. My son has done his time :S Let him out on good behavior

    3. Death
  3. yo e donado miles ya debe de ver anti ddos
  4. why are yall witch hunting on a sale topic just fucking tell soly to take a look and let him deal with it jesus christ
  5. if u see me around i can help you no worries its an easy hunt
  6. welcome to the server your name ( real life name ) is cool brah if you see me in game ( all my chars names is armando) hmu if u need help ok brah
  7. yo ill take those devil wings if u still got
  8. Armando


    i have a 50hitter
  9. if u like mobs go to pts secret room thats how i boost my characters to ultimate... but of course you need op shit lol
  10. no i want to meet her not break into her fucking house
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