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  1. hey sis, I miss you and it makes me sad. Come back and cagar with me crying-lashes.gif

    1. jezbuz


      Only if you promise to emotionally support me by holding my hand while i'm cagando. And in the meanwhile, give me tips about your glamorous eyelashes

  2. I just came

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    2. Kotta


      Wait, that's Illegal :onion-head06:

    3. jezbuz


      Did you brought your anchor aswell? @Kotta

    4. RocketTots
  3. Just came here to salut my favorite and realest boiola in the world


  4. Just came here to salut my favorite and realest whale in the world




  5. Just came here to salut my favorite and realest little girl in the world


    Massive respekt and may the anchor protecs you from the storms of life


  6. T > Zalure S-rank Jcutter for Zalure S-Rank Launcher or 3 Nakas

  7. Hey sistah, you want some eyelash tips? d0f8c63ce007db3344259f9e3b67c526.gif

    1. jezbuz


      sisssss you look so baddie. You don't need any tips from me




    2. jdhenry124


      Usagi-chan looking good ngl

  8. nice eyelashes sis. do you brush them daily?

    1. RocketTots


      tenor.gif Feelin' pretty cute. Might go whaling later idk

  9. Me rompiste la ventana... ahora que?!





    (Miss you my little shit)

  10. MMmmmmm jezbuz... Bonita..

    BONITA!!!!!! MMMMM JEEEEEEZZZZZ!!!!!! MMmmmmmm...

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    2. Lipelis


      Oh lordy, it makes me feel so goooooood...

      Btw thanks for the correction "bonito / bonita" hahaha

    3. jezbuz


      No no, you're completely correct, since i'm a girl. And since you're a boy, you are bonito for me mmmMMmmmMmHHhh

    4. RocketTots


      Where can I trade my pds and DTs for SimpCoinz?

  11. Still haven't seen you click your mouse. I guess that's not proven enough
  12. All opinions are valid here, as long as we keep it decently polite. Its great to have a community input, but ultimately it's not a decision made by us. I guess we all should reflect on how we expressed ourselves (me included and i know i have had some excessive trolling in the past, even when i tend to just say nonsense and try to not offend people or be vulgar), even tho i'm not much active in past year and half. I guess we all gave our inputs, but i think it's time for us to move on and let it be. Even tho i not a fan of Saber, i think this is more than enough and keep going this is counter-productive
  13. Bring back Heather (HeatherSirenTide)

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    2. jezbuz


      I miss @Heather Siren Tide saying "Eough" to the bad bois :(

    3. Kotta


      Guys, been talking to Heather In-Game :D


      Seems she's*(he's?) having Issues finding out which email address to log In :(




      [.... uh, I should have at least said It was possible to enter via Its profile name  :onion-head81:]

      also, personally asked nya, meow @serverus :onion120:

    4. Heather Prime

      Heather Prime

      yes i am Heather Tide


  14. RocketTots, first of his name, the newbie repellent. Whale pants lover and the reason of the low ultima's player base.
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