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  1. hey sorry i just started following this slow guy named @Dutch Ride and he doesn't move fast, doesn't have ANY dutch tickets, and he doesn't even have any lemurs. LMK what you think about our ongoing relationship kthnxby

    1. RocketTots
    2. Dutch Ride

      Dutch Ride

      Go to bed you two.

    3. jezbuz


      Ewwww. He doesn't go fast, he's a poor pleb without any dutch tickets and doesn't like lemurs?!!! He's totally out of our marriage guest list. Don't even dare to talk with him tots.

      Also found a pretty lemur to adopt. I think we ahould call him High Tide


  2. B > 3x Nakas or Zalure Launcher

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    2. Ricardof14


      hehehe np. E vc esta bem? saudades de jogar e conversar com vc amigo/irmao.

      Consegui coisas muito top esses dias estou muito feliz. E finalmente tbm consegui fazer minha DF. Me conte suas novidades via instagram hehe.

    3. jezbuz


      Pode falar para o instagram sempre que quiser! Eu posso demorar um pouco a responder mas sabe que respondo sempre :)

    4. Ricardof14


      Voce é o nosso lindao do pso sempre educado hehehe. Um amor de pessoa.

  3. Since the event is over, this can be locked GM. Thanks for everyone that contributed and shared their findings with the community!
  4. What ID for Nakas? Skyly? Just want to be sure before adding it.
  5. Had STA changer Iron Frust

    1. Noob Saibot

      Noob Saibot

      Had Panzer Frust keep Irone Frust

  6. ahoy


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    2. R-78


      Sorry but I honestly can't honestly ban you, Mr Honest. This is honestly far beyond honest comprehension tbh.

    3. Lipelis
    4. jezbuz


      #FreeYan2019 i want him to show me the middle finger without moderation (it waaaas a jooookeeeee)

  7. Fixed. Thanks, that was my mistake Also sorry guys for not updating earlier, but I've been a bit busy lately
  8. Made another section with Potencial Event Drops with your both inputs, since we don't have the confirmation of the items yet (potencially they are the same as last year). Last year, Kondrieu dropped Arrest Booster for Yellowbooze and for the Gi Gue it's probably Sword of Ultima. Thank you both for the information.
  9. 🌊 ⚓⚓ ⚓⚓ ⚓⚓ Ahoy I am here ⚓⚓ ⚓⚓ ⚓⚓🌊 Since nobody did this already, i decided to make one. I'll update daily usually at the end of the day, so please try to make my job easier and faster and post in the following order: Item Name - Episode - Monster - Difficulty - ID You can check the item's wiki details by clicking on the item name. Gotta go fast and get those drops! Arrest Booster EPISODE IV Saint Million - Ultimate - Withill Skyly Purplenum Asteron Striker EPISODE IV Goran Detonator - Ultimate - Withill Skyly Yellowboze Bluefull Redria Pinkal D-Photon Core EPISODE II Olga Flow - Ultimate - Greenill Withill Redria Skyly Frozen Booster EPISODE II Merikle - Ultimate - Withill Yellowboze Hand of Justice EPISODE II Delbiter - Ultimate -Yellowboze Withill Redria Skyly Purplenum Mr. Naka's Business Card EPISODE I Dark Falz - Very Hard - Greenill Viridia Vol Opt - Ultimate - Greenill Skyly Viridia EPISODE II Barba Ray - Ultimate - Withill Oran Redria EPISODE IV Kondrieu - Ultimate - Yellowboze Withill Purplenum Sonic Magazine EPISODE I Booma - Normal - Redria Withill SonicTeam Armor EPISODE IV Shambertin - Very Hard - ALL IDS (3x times harder than Ultimate) Shambertin - Ultimate - Withill Purplenum Pinkal Yellowboze Redria Greenill Sword of Ultima EPISODE II Ul Gibbon - Ultimate - Skyly Pinkal Oran Gi Gue - Ultimate - Withill Bluefull Tyrfing EPISODE I Sinow Blue - Very Hard - Withill - Ultimate - Greenill Purplenum Redria Ultima Bringer's EPISODE I Dark Falz - Ultimate - Redria Greenill Ultima's Engine EPISODE I De Rol Le - Ultimate - Withill EPISODE II Gol Dragon - Ultimate - Greenill Regular Drops by Episode: EPISODE I Volt Op - Ultimate - Yellowboze Oran Redria Withill Dark Falz - Ultimate - Viridia EPISODE II Barba Ray - Ultimate - Greenill Gi Gue - Ultimate - Purplenum Mericus - Ultimate - Yellowboze EPISODE IV Kondrieu - Ultimate - Skyly Redria Oran Greenill Bluefull Pinkal Zu - Ultimate - Oran Any suggestion, changes regarding the colors, any item i forgot to include please let me know. Main event link:
  10. Happy birthday Capitan! 

    Wish you the best.

  11. Had fast. 95 dark. Honey Mustard.

    1. jezbuz


      Not yet fanzer frust. My favortie flavor is anchor.

      (11/10 profile pic. Love it)

  12. Happy Birthday my boy!

    Miss you brow ❤️

  13. Your selfie is great too, didn't know that you were so pretty. Would you marry me? 🌈

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