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  1. Easter Drop Table 2018

    Then the other guy probably did a mistake. Thanks for the confirmation.
  2. Easter Drop Table 2018

    Hm, i think someone confirmed that Oran Saint Million drops Samurai Armor. Maybe you are refering to Shambertin?
  3. Easter Event 2018

    Proof of Sonic Team - Skyly - CCA (Ep.2) - Turkey
  4. B > Berserk Raygun with at least 50 hit

    Edited by jezbuz
  5. B > Zalure Gun or Blank s-rank Gun (S-rank j-cutter works too)

  6. B > Zalure Gun or 3x Nakas for 15 DTs

  7. What do I do now?

    Wrong. The true end game, is the pilar climb. i took like 1314542524 years to get my first sucessfull pilar climb. Was a damn challenging final boss for me
  8. B > Tri-Stated Master Raven (with no hit)

    Edited by jezbuz
    1. Terrybriggs711


      Yo buzzy has some nice 3stats on list

  9. S > Chromatic Orb 8 DTs

    B > Triple Stated MR with mid/high stats

    Edited by jezbuz
    1. nnorton44


      ill take the luck mats

    2. jezbuz


      2 hours ago, nnorton44 said:

      ill take the luck mats

      Consider them yours. Ill pm you later, when i can get on, or in the shoutbox

  10. Farewell for now

    Sad to hear that. Anything you need, hit me up on discord. Keep in touch. Hope everything somehow turns out well for you. See ya "cuz"
  11. Hi! :)

    Welcome boy! Have fun around with us
  12. Sue's Coat is a pretty well design frame. It is pretty good giving you extra ATP also, with 2 cent/resists you get 100 EFR, which is pretty good for tower and such. It's an OP frame and not broken like STA (which is a damn boring frame imo). I like Virus armor alot too, but only because the particles. For shields i love Epsiguard, but just because how it looks like.
  13. were my gold name? x8