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  1. Sue's Coat is a pretty well design frame. It is pretty good giving you extra ATP also, with 2 cent/resists you get 100 EFR, which is pretty good for tower and such. It's an OP frame and not broken like STA (which is a damn boring frame imo). I like Virus armor alot too, but only because the particles. For shields i love Epsiguard, but just because how it looks like.
  2. were my gold name? x8

  3. were my gold name? x6 then

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      Shut, you insolent!

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      Just read about how you need to be liked and stuff for gold names....  there goes my shot x,x

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      No one likes me tho.:cr-dunno:

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  4. hey bae lord :D

    1. jezbuz


      Hey ladyboy! Welcome back! :D

  5. goodbye

    Even thou you had problems with some people (and some people were really unfair with you and damn assholes), i think those people didn't even made a effort to know you. You are what is good in this community. Since i know you, you were always a kind person, easy going and really really nice person. Also you were always a respectfull and correct person, that made everything to get everyone in the team well. I really enjoyed the games we played together and really loved the times we just stayed in a room or in the lobby just chilling and talking. From all the people i play with regulary, i only have like 4 or 5 close people that i really trust in this game and like to chat and you were one of those. Farewell buddy, hope you hop from time to time so we can chat a bit from time to time. Anything you need, you know you can always count on me. Also, i would love to at least hunt some PGFs with you during the next event, so think about that please
  6. B > D-Core or Gael Giel pow/dex. I pay well in DTs.

  7. B > Zalure Gun/J-Cutter or 3 Nakas. Paying in DTs

  8. Missions for HappyHour

    Even thou i love the idea i think lemon's 1) and 2) points are a really good conter argument. i don't agree with the too much hh thing. i'm not the type of complaining, but a final boss 1/200 ish rate for 3-4 weeks a year with 1 hh each 2-3 days its kinda shit (not to even talk about pgf drop last year, but at least, he had alot of hhs during that event i thin in a exaggerated way imo). I grind over and over, but damn i have a restrict number of hours to play daily (2-3 hours per day). That makes you forced to grind alot of hours to have a tiny chance to get it. Also, usually i can't even farm other event items during the event (that happened with master sword), so i need to wait for another year (which i don't even know if i'm still around at that time anymore) or buy those items at a overpriced price. I know drops like STA or PGF shouldn't be free, but damn they shouldn't even be that hard with the too little hh. And if you keep at those high rates, at least more hh should happen (cmon its only during 3-4 weeks a year). I know it might be an unpopular opinion, but right or wrong, that's my opinion. I don't think the droprates of some items during events are balanced with the number of hhs. I don't need shit like "ah people are always complaining blablabla", because imo its a legit opinion and should be taken in account (and im sure i'm not the only one thinking like that) and not keeping saying that there are alooooot of hhs (even thou during some other events, which wouldn't require that much, there was excessive number of hh, i.e., valentines event) and people just complain.
  9. B > D-Core offering DTs for it

  10. 9th Anniversary Event Drops UNOFFICIAL

    Asteron Striker - Skyly - Goran Detonator - EP4 Desert Ultimate
  11. Ello Gov'na!

    Welcome! Good luck and i hope that you have some fun with us
  12. B > Arrest Needle with hit or PoST. Offer DTs or a Heaven Striker 0/0/0/35|40

  13. Added the following items to my trade list:

    - Lindcray 0/0/0/40|40;

    - Heaven Striker 0/0/0/35|40;

    - PPP mags;

    Check my shop: 


  14. 2017 OlgaFlow PowerUP!

    Even thou i like the idea, i don't think its a good one for xmax. Olga is hard enough for newbies and if it was buffed, that would make newbies too dependent on OP geared people to actually finish a run, which sucks and can be unmotivating to them (i think nobody likes to be 100% dependent exclusively on others). Maybe that could work in anniversary event, since last year you could get a STA from the 3 final bosses, so if you think olga is hard enough, you move on and farm falz for example (which is more or less doable with a full newbie team). Just my thoughts, no absolute truth was written.