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  1. This could be us, but you playing PSO


  2. Usually, rangers aren't that good for c-mode, because of their low ATP and consequently DMC. Usually you would want to stick with 3 HUcasts and a FO, but if you feel more confortable with a Ranger, you can stick with it. It's fine. In terms of strategies, there are some basic ones to make that work, but since we aren't TAing or whatever, learning by intuition might be better for new people (with some organization and basic guidelines). I'm always down for c-mode. C-mode is fun, but really depends if i have time or not to play.
  3. Positivism like this is what we need from time to time, to remind us how great and privileged we are to be able to experience PSOBB in 2020 together (and bonus points on Ultima). Even though we sometimes act hot headed, say things that aren't appropriate or voice our disgard sometimes about the server (and i'm included on that - guilty), i think ultimately most of the people that are still here have way more good things than bad things to say about Utima. I'm sure i'm one of them at least and feels that Ultima has a different charm than any other PSO server. I'm not much into these things, but thank you all for making what ultima is today and all the good memories that were built here and luckly will be made for a while Also thank you Larva for keeping this server running after so many years. We might disagree in our visions and opinions, but i think there's no problem in disagreeing or having different views about something.
  4. 1c1 always gives me PTSD, since those runs @RocketTots @C01D1 @Tiel
  5. Hey, would you SIMP me please?



    1. Kotta


      Idk, man. That's too racist, and I feel offended, and It's not even about me :onion-head63:

  6. I agree. That's a good point about the massive post. I didn't check his post lately, since i haven't been that actuve lately, so my suggestion is pointless (didn't know that you guys were already that coordenated). I would like to suggest that a GM pin his or your topic so it stays at top and more convenient to find. @R-78 @Soly (sorry if it's already pinned lol).
  7. I appreciate the effort of documenting and organizing all the relevant information and guide newbies throughout their journey, but if i may suggest, you and @C01D1 should merge your topics and do a definitive beginners guide in one topic. Essencially, you both have the same goal - organizing and documenting all the must know information to people that are starting. That way would be easier and more intuitive for people to find the information that they need, instead of looking for multiple topics. You could organize the info for things like: - Getting Started - Mechanics - Tools - Quests to farm for X objective - Etc.
  8. Likes: 1) Community in general - To be honest that's the main reason that kept me active in this server after so many years. 2) Easy to reach out everyone through forums - Even tho the forum is not a Ultima's exclusive, i like how people use it. If people use it so actively, shows that the forum is well structured and welcoming for communication. 3) Buffed Ep 2 - yeah, probably not a popular opinion, but i like the Ep2 buffed aspect of the server. Can be challenging and sometimes punishing in terms of experience (especially for little newbies, but also sometimes frustrating for experienced players with high end gear due the lack of consistency ), but that incentives you to explore new solutions in terms of gear, mechanics and strategies. Ep2 was the reason that made me learn about SNS glitching when i started and in some way, not being exclusively a hostage of high end gear with max stats when i couldn't afford. 4) Variety - The variety of custom gear is one of the main reasons i chose to start my experience in ultima and not in any other active server at that time. The feeling of desiring to have a 100 souls, a lindcray or even a Asteron Striker when i started playing was great, because they were strong weapons and looked very cool. Exploring all the Ultima's unique weapons was a very nice experience for me personally. 5) Exclusive event drops - Probably another unpopular opinion, but i really love the feeling of some high end items being dropped only during specific times of the year. Makes you desire them and in some way makes your PSO experience longer. If PGF was all year around, that wouldn't be so special and i probably would lose the interest on grinding it after a while, or wouldn't feel the experience so special after getting my first. It can be frustrating to have PGF dropped only during 3 weeks a year, specially during xmas time where we are more busy, but overall i think it's a postive aspect of the game. Dislikes: 1) Leadership - I already expressed my opinion about this countless times on previous topics so i'm not repeating myself. 2) Lack/Poor Communication and difficulties in connection between staff and community - With some exceptions, this is my biggest turn off in this server. Still i have to admit that some things have got better in the last months, but there is still a big space to improve. 3) Lack of direction or philosophy for the server - This happens alot in the "creative department" of the server. Example: Lindcray was introduced a long time ago and it's arguably an overpowered single target weapon for DPS with a irrelevant drawback (TP consuming). After that, it's hard to make any similar interesting weapon, because will be either weaker and uninteresting or power creeped and even more busted. I'm fine with it, but then Serene Swan cames out (and probably the only interesting weapon introduced after Bomb-Chu that really add something new to your playstyle) and we all know how that ended lol. The fact that the main admin wanted to nerf it after introducing SS in the game, claiming that the weapon was too overpower (and for FO lol), shows either he doesn't understand anything about the game or lacks a direction or philosophy for his own server. The way that Serene Swan was handled also reinforces my point 2). The HH lack of criteria, between most GM is also an example of my point. 4) Not introducing newbies in a friendly way - i saw people making this point and i completely agree. It can be hard for a new brand player to know where everything is and the tools that exist etc. I don't even have to talk about the people that donated and wanted to change their DTs for items in the donation items list with absurd prices. 5) Overly Defensive atitude of some staff member when the server or them are negatively criticized - Everything is labbled as drama and you don't have the oportunity to express your views and opinions to improve on a certain matter even if it's in a civil, polite and fair way. The debate is not incentivited, but rather ignored and destroyed by the basic and vulgar demagogy as usual - "Drama". This had happened in the Serene Swan topic for example, but it has been always like this in major topics where the community tries to express their concerns. Solutions: Well i think most of my turn offs are self explanatory in terms of solutions so i won't develop too much my resoning on this. 1) Leadership - Transfer the Leadership to someone that is more suited and has time to put on it. 2) Find people that have better communication skills that are more interest and have more understanding of PSO. Some staff member here are doing nothing for a very long period of time and lack the empathic or social/communicating intelligence. Shoutout to R-78 that was the best decision to include in the staff. People like her is what i personally think it's suited for a GM. 3) This mostly depends on the person that makes the decisions. If he is not interest on improving this point, there are no miracles. 4) A complete newbies introduction guide about this topic with the all information so nobody feels lost. 5) Again, similar to point 2). Change the people that are on the staff. Bring people that better understand the game and with better social/communication skills that have enough real life time to dedicate a couple of hours per day to manage the community and all the aspects of the server in an organized way. PSO and Ultima won't last forever, but since we are here now, at least we could have a better experience in all this aspects. Also a thought or two about my 5) like point about the event drops - We all know its very frustrating of not getting a PGF during the 3 weeks period of the year. This could be "fixed" (or at least more interesting in my opinion) if we could have an weekend only event during a random weekend of the year (out of the PGF season) where it dropped and people that didn't get a PGF would have another change during a weekend to get. It doesn't even have to be PGF but can be any other event item, or even some sort of drop that only dropped during that weekend and you could redeem for another event only items. I don't know if the concept is tecnically viable, but it would at least spice things up and bring more interest to people in different time frames.
  9. Howdy fellow farmer, just out here chorin' and harvesting the crops. Hoping you can come lend a hand. giphy.gif

    1. Kotta


      You sure are over-full of funny gif and resources.
      Were you probably the best at Clown Academy back In those days? :onion-head65:

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      Spam bot reporting to duty. Downloading portuguese language settings.

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  10. I'm going to donate some stuff too the pool, but i can only be available in about 5-6 hours from now
  11. Hey spam bot. Spam some pretty words to me please.


    1. Gui


      Stop spam viado

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      This spam is scaring away potential new players from Ultima PSO:BB server.

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  12. This sums up everything and how i feel about all this (and it didn't affect me directly). I don't like these values/morals (or the lack of them) in our community, especially by someone that is server staff member of a community that i like alot. And i can say something about that, even tho knowing that i will be labled as being toxic or doing "irreversable damage to the community and scaring away people from the server" or the classic "yOu GuYs OnLy MaKe DrAmA lolz". And the event host behaviour is worst than any negative comment written in this topic about this matter. But Willy doesn't understand why people react like this lol. So yeah, i care about this and i have the right to express my opinion on this. Not because it's a matter of gear value, but because it's a matter of decency and a very unfair resolution. This all situation was really "small PP energy".
  13. relationship goals ❤5e7f8ded8a537083168569b9180fd513.jpg

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      I like how the forum cleverly hides the tigers until you read more xD

    2. RocketTots


      had husband

  14. this is how i feel right now. tenor.gif



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      That's my 24/7 mood

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