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  1. The DM special doesn't seem the problem, since i already tested solo (dual log) spamming only the DM special and didn't crash. Freeze traps seems to not be the problem, but i didn't try with confuse traps so i don't know about this ones. Camera doesn't seem the problem aswell, because i'm always moving the camera and never crashed while moving it. What seems to be the problem is when the poison triggers, that's where i usually crash from time to time. Other thing i noticed is the bottom right corner (position relative to the map), where seems to crash alot, even after i finish the room, if i go there, i dc (tried twice after clearing the room and both times my game crashed, might have been coincidence thou). Other times i standed in that corner to clear the massive waves of belras and dark bringers and always crashed. I dunno, might not have a specific reason to it. Maybe it's just the game's "nature", since that room has alot of things like poison, mobs, weapons shotting etc, the game might flip a bit lol. Anyways, coincidence or not, when i avoid that bloody corner, seems to work fine.
  2. Dunno if its already told but: Delsaber ep 1 Skyly - Genpei
  3. ah damn i just couldnt find Varuna for like hours lol. cgs to the winners, nice event and nice prizes
  4. I regret not reading what gallon was offering and buying a Photon Booster, instead a Photon Sphere for 99 pd. I hate that guy since then.
  5. Redria VH Shamby - Tension Blaster confirmed
  6. Well i agree partialy. Never donated and never had a single dt in my life. all i got was from hunting for hours and saving pds to buy stuff. I'm a patient person and i don't mind "working" and earn all the stuff in this game without spending a single buck. Although some people aren't patient as i'm, so i can relate to some of their frustration with this so called broken economy. The thing is, what you said is true, but if you want to buy something like cent/battle now (months after the event, that i missed) jesus... even saving all those PD's (or overpaying in pds), its really really hard buying it without DT's. And thats really frustrating because nobody wants to trade stuff like that for pds or other items. I got lucky i got mine saving pds and trading some weapons for it, but it took me too long to find a person that had a cent/battle and accept to deal not exclusively for DT's. I even tried to trade PDs for DTs and nobody traded. It's just almost impossible to turn your equivalent value items/pds into dts without donating, for a causual player like me. With this, i'm not saying that the donation system sucks or we should close the donation system or nuke the servers. I just thing some things could be fixed. Correct me if i'm wrong (i might be): You can add 30% in a weapon for 99 PDs (except for hit, only attributes). But you can also add 35 attribute with 15 DT's (that is worth 99 pds in our current "pd-dt" rate). Does this makes even sense? Why couldn't the DT's used only for adding hit on a weapon and pds only to add attribute %'s? Is the pds only worth for trading to DT's? if that's so i'm so screwed in this game. Sorry for my potato english.