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  1. Welcome to the lobbywhore and shitposter Veteran club jerubuzo :st2:

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    1. jezbuz


      Ohhhh didn't notice actually ahah. thanks!

      Man, i really feel the lobbywhore and shitpost spirit growing inside me!

  2. S > Tons of crap: 


  3. Lmao loved that wallpaper, 10/10 ahah. Congrats to the winners. Good job!
  4. bonjour

    Amarantes are great! If you ever have another chance to visit Portugal, you should try the "Pastéis de Nata de Belém" or the "Travesseiros de Sintra". They are both an unique experience. Anyways welcome! Hope you enjoy the server and i look forward to do some games with you (Sorry to not reply in french, but my french is really limited ahah).
  5. bonjour

    Bonjour ça va bien? Croissants sont tres bons.
  6. So basically i was running a LHB with 4 people for c/b with individual drops, out of hh. In the room before, i was "crying" about not getting a single c/b, since i was getting a bit frustrated with my luck. Then that happened. I still think it's a pretty impressive drop, since it was out of hh and with individual drops 4 men party. What are the odds for real. Also, did a random HoD run once and found this beauty. Was my first ever weapon with >50% hit.
  7. New Years Cards (NYC)

    Please, take my bump @Larva
  8. COMMAND /dropstyle1

    You have to put a space between the dropsyle and the 1. The correct way is /dropstyle 1 and not /dropstyle1. Hope it helps and good luck!
  9. Christmas Event Drop Table 2018

    Phonon Maser - Recobox - Episode II - Ultimate - Withill Regular Drop: Asuka - Gol Dragon - Episode II - Ultimate - Whitill
  10. Let's talk about the new Fausts

    It's called an opinion, not being an elitist. An opinion it's not an absolute truth and doesn't make you an elitist. Some may agree others don't and there is nothing wrong of having different opinions and be free to express ourselves our personal point of view. If having a different opinion than yours makes someone elitist, well boy you are the only person in this world that is not elitist, because i don't see anyone agreeing with any of your point of views. Also Destiny and Ultima are different and offer you different ways of enjoying the game. Ultima doesn't have to be equal to Destiny and vice versa.
  11. for whatever reason, I once blocked ppl from following me, it's fixed now :L

    1. jezbuz


      Now it's good ;)

  12. S > 5x Halo Rappy Souls - 10 PDs each;

    S > Soul Booster 7 DTs;

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    2. jezbuz


      Ahaha, thanks alot @Lipelis :P i really don't know how anyone can live without a Zanba like this.

    3. snail_lord


      i will take it :o 

      if no one else has already 

    4. jezbuz


      @snail_lord consider it yours. Let me know your availability. I'm usually around 10 pm Western Europe Time (should be around 4-5 hours ahead, if you live in USA).

  13. Let's talk about the new Fausts

    So my opinion on this is that the design it's not good enough not even interesting. The items don't have to be broken or too strong to be worthy. They need to add something to your playstyle, like bomb-chu (this was a really cool and interesting design and add something to the playstyle and not broken at all). About the new panzers It could be an option for people that have low/mid tier gear, but as stated before, they aren't interesting enough and the rates don't reflect the usefullness of the item. I mean, if i was starting playing now and needed gear i wouldn't even think about investing time and effort to get any of those items, because they are really hard to get and i could simply replace them with whole year obtainable items and way cheaper in time and money (1/200 ish in a final boss, its damn difficult). Another thing that you must note, is that panzer faust drops with low stats. I think that it's programmed to be like that. This means that your arrest/frozen faust will be expensive for you, when you have better options that lipelis stated well and way cheaper. I don't agree with them being multi-target, that would be a bit broken and i don't like broken weapons. I think the problem is more with the concept/design and their droprates. They should be moved to another Mob other than a final boss, with a better rate (like lindcray for example. And lindcray is a god tier weapon and has a fair rate, fair stats when dropping, etc). About Ultima Bringer, i don't know what to say. The concept, the usefullness and the rate are in the same line as the previous ones. Bringer's rifle its a way better option in terms of raw power and price and also obtainable during the whole year and easier. You don't miss that megid boost, because it's not exclusive at all, since some other weapons have this. Also, bringer's rifle it's usable in more classes. I really don't have opinion on making the demons pierce, but i think it could work and not be broken. In my opinion, the weapons should stay as they are, but where they drop and the rate at which they drop, should be changed in the future events. EDIT: Also forgot to add: You could simply use a boomerang or a s-rank arrest j-cutter with 0 hit SNS glitching, and having way better results than using a Arrest Faust (not to talk that you probably have to add hit on it). The same thing can be done with a blizzard s-rank j-cutter instead of a Frozen Faust.
  14. 10th Anniversary Event Drop Table 2018

    Haven't tried yet, but seems interesting. Is it possible to add charge on it or you can only get berzerk? I'm thinking adding one of these or maybe spirit, depending on the equipable chars.