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  1. Triforce Event Drop Chart

    Magic Hammer - Greenhill - Deldepth - Ep II (Ultimate)
  2. Happy Birthday, you little sh*t <3

  3. Triforce Event Drop Chart

    Fire Rod - Greenhill - Dark Falz - Ultimate
  4. S > Arrest Needle 0/0/0/45|60

    S > Fury of the Beast 0/40/0/0|40

    S > Adept

    S > Psycho Wand

    S > Cent/Battle

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    1. pishion


      im interested in MG+ but i could pay you till sunday when salem pay me xD

    2. jezbuz


      You would be a bae if you bought it for DTs... but sure its reserved to you.

      Edited by jezbuz
    3. scorch2112


      interested in AN and adept, pm me and we can try to work something out :)

  5. B> Blood Sword without hit. Native and or Dark prefered.

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    2. Terrybriggs711


      let me know when your on i have one with 50 machine for u

    3. jezbuz


      Alright, i'll be on in like 30 minutes :) ill hit you up by pm or something.

    4. Terrybriggs711


      for sure im just hanging on block 2 cleaning banks and feeding ill see u soon

  6. New Custom Mag MiniEvent

    Ready to redeem the 3 mags.
  7. S > Lindcray 0/0/0/45|30

    1. Tro


      How much?

  8. S > Blue Black Stone 5 Dts and Lindcray 0/0/0/40|30 (offer) and v502 (5 pds or 1 Dt).

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  9. B> PPP mag and tri stated Master Raven

  10. B > Chromatic Orb or Macho Blades

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    2. Ki Fung Chan

      Ki Fung Chan

      I don't think applies to macho blades do they? They're used to buffing

    3. jezbuz


      yep, i'm not interested in stats on it tbh. i'll do 70-99 pds or 10-15 dts for one, even if it has like 80 hit.

    4. Terrybriggs711


      i would sell 15 dt

  11. Without the intention of being rude, i don't get the logic of this topic and don't know why do you even loose your energy doing this. Ok, i think nobody likes that weapons have to be hit dependent (at least i don't), or have the obligation to donate or get dts to increase hit (which isnt an obligation at all, you can still hunt almost if not all items with hit, but ofc, sometimes you win sometimes you don't). I've been around sometime and never donated and i think i have pretty good gear that makes the game more or less easy tbh. My gear is far away of optimal or maxed and the only weapon i use maxed is a hundred souls which isn't even mine. I get, sometimes is frustraiting failing hits against those hateable apes on ep 2, but that doesn't make the game unplayable. The 100 souls i use with 80 hit, fails alot against the apes while using the special in fomarl (because fomarls are legally blind), but you can always use rabarta, freeze them and hit them pretty well. This logic applies when using any weapon in the game. I was planning maxing the hit on a lincray i got with 30 hit, but soon i tried it out with smartlink, works pretty good to my standards and now i think its a waste of dts maxing it (unless your minimum standards are hitting falz with SSS using lindcray with fomarl, but you can also SNS glitch on falz with a lower hit lind and works well). What i'm saying is that, for example with my rangers, i can basicly solo hunt almost everything with gear with 30-50 hit, without depending on other ppl. Even a asteron striker with 30 hit + v502 works pretty well in ep 2. Even a iron faust with none or low hit works pretty well. To finish this might be really unpopular, but i think would be interesting an overall rangers nerf, cause rangers are lulz and in my opinion, they make this game kinda easy. I think nobody finds funny killing falz in seconds with a racast or even a ramar using a charge yas9k with some dark % with S/D zalure. Or i think nobody finds funny a ranger killing the mobs fast as hell just spamming a sphered DM. But thats just my opinion, worths what it worths i find the game really enjoyable as it is. And was a challenge to get better over the time and finding good gear to be decently strong. And lets be honest, the game would be boring if had a way that you could hit 100% of the time in all monsters with HHH or SSS with missing a single once. That would kill all the knowledge and strategy you need to play this game.
  12. S> Lindcray 35/0/0/40|0 ; Slicer of Vengeance 45/0/35/0|0 ; Slicer od Vengeance 35/30/0/0|0;  Blue Black Stone.

    1. kat2388


      How much for bbs see my list if want any

      Hi jez

    2. jezbuz


      Hey @kat2388 :D

      Im looking for 5 dts for BBS (looking mostly for dts), but i don't mind doing it for 30 pds :)

      Edited by jezbuz
  13. Both Olga's Idolas are great, Easily my favourite soundtracks of the game. They really give you the menacing atmosphere while fighting Olga. The falz Idola i'm tired as hell, maybe because of the all hours i spent to find a RR without success ahah. I also like jungle/CCA, seabed, ruins and spaceship themes. Also Shamb Idola is pretty good: