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  1. Added the following items to my trade list:

    - Lindcray 0/0/0/40|40;

    - Heaven Striker 0/0/0/35|40;

    - PPP mags;

    Check my shop: 


  2. 2017 OlgaFlow PowerUP!

    Even thou i like the idea, i don't think its a good one for xmax. Olga is hard enough for newbies and if it was buffed, that would make newbies too dependent on OP geared people to actually finish a run, which sucks and can be unmotivating to them (i think nobody likes to be 100% dependent exclusively on others). Maybe that could work in anniversary event, since last year you could get a STA from the 3 final bosses, so if you think olga is hard enough, you move on and farm falz for example (which is more or less doable with a full newbie team). Just my thoughts, no absolute truth was written.
  3. Everyone I'm sorry.

    I think you are trying to hard to integrate. Play the game, ask for help and naturally you will end up making friends with who you will spend some good time. I started basicly with no one, but naturally i made friends that i still play until nowadays with them. There are all the kinds of people here and i think you will integrate well, as long as you are respectfull and not forcefull to connect with other people. Good luck and i hope you get a fresh new start here
  4. No Boss Drops. confirmed 3 times....

    And lets be fair. At least mudkipz had a legit point on that topic. Yours simply was rudeness of not being able to stick with a gentlemen's agreement.
  5. No Boss Drops. confirmed 3 times....

    I think some people are a bit confuse. The fact you don't get a banana in lets say 3-4 runs doesn't mean the system is broken, its just all about luck. The DAR reduction of individual drops just means you will see less boxes dropped (rare or not) from mobs compared to shared drops or solo playing (which means in theory that you will slightly less change of getting a rare drop, since sometimes the mobs drop nothing. That doesn't mean that there is a problem with the system). My first RR was a nightmare to get. I went from lvl 110 ish to lvl 170 ish just TTFing with a whitill (1/56 drop rate sounds easy nah? ) and didn't get a SINGLE one and most of the runs were in shared drops. So does that means that the shared drops was broken? No, was simply really bad luck. I know it seems a lie or an exaggeration, but this was true. One day i got a SJS with individual drops and 4 people in the room without hh. That just means i got godly lucky. @Ana G.5 you might have not liked the fyrewolf tone of his comment, but he is 100% correct on his observation. If you told me that you didnt even get a box or a meseta drop during all the runs i would believe that there was a problem with the drop system, otherwise you are just getting more unlucky than you expected. Welcome to PSO a game made by sadistic people to masochist people
  6. No Boss Drops. confirmed 3 times....

    Lulz. That comment literally didn't add anything to the discussion. If you can't deal with the fact that other people can have different opinions than yours, well a forum its not a place for you.
  7. No Boss Drops. confirmed 3 times....

    I think its way better. Actually the 2 player DAR reduction is really good. I think it makes more fair for people those rates. The old ones, were underwhelming. I guess it started there. But i though that was a buff, that i wasn't aware at that time (even thou 100% drop from falz and other bosses with indi drops and more people was really suspicious). That's why i didn't make a topic about it, since i didn't see anyone talking about it.
  8. No Boss Drops. confirmed 3 times....

    Also, forgot to ask, but aren't the indi drop's dar reduction bugged since the Fury of the beast event (right after that bug where it dropped negative %'s in ep4 got fixed)? Cause i remember to find it oddly when i was farming falz with other 2 people with individual drops and ALWAYS getting a drop (meseta, green boxes etc).
  9. No Boss Drops. confirmed 3 times....

    I mean, i understand why people are expressing negatively about this. I agree that there should be a DAR reduction, but if its correct to assume that a RR with a 4 man party gets approximately 1/133, thats really underwhelming. People aren't saying "ohhh look at me i'm retarded and i like easy drops, so should be all easy drops", as some people always bring up in this topics to sum up what is being talked. People are complaining, because, lets face it, shared drops are shit. And they feel that they should not use individual drops, since theoretically speaking, it penalizes them. And its a legit argument. In the end its all about luck. But everybody likes to spend their time in the best and shorter way possible in this game (and this game is enough time consuming already, without even a DAR reduction), like you will never hunt a RR with a Redria if you have Whitill which offers you better odds of getting the drop. I have the luck of being able to solo for my drops, or play with friends that i trust and share the loot with them and keep it civilized (even when we are playing with individual drops, since we always share the loot), but not everyone has that luck. So its comprehensive that people get frustrated with this. I think the problem isn't the DAR reduction itself, but the values of the current DAR reduction (0.43 for 4 man party is bullshit imo). So in the end, some people will prefer to just lock their room and play solo or with friends, or call for items and do some drama cause someone ninja'd their items, or just simply play with random people with indi drops and don't giving a shit about it, but get kinda penalized. One thing is for sure, there's no worst feeling in the world as hunting a godtier item like PGF with other people and after +/- 20 minutes of playing getting not even a damn monomate (not to talk about the 1/300 ish PGF droprate, which makes it really time consuming, unless you get godly lucky). I think the DAR reduction is a bit high right now, but you guys know about game balancing better than me. (Not to talk about the "native" DAR mobs, that with the indi drops reduction even gets lower).
  10. No Boss Drops. confirmed 3 times....

    This. I make your words, mines. That summed exacly what i was thinking.
  11. T/S > Hylian for PoST or DTs

  12. Hello Ultima!

    Welcome! HUcaseal players are baes! Good luck with everything and have fun
  13. He is the real OG. The rest of the people are just wannabes that play FOs, but behaving like FOcasts. You should see him in action to understand the beauty of his art
  14. You're by far the best FOcast in this server!
  15. RAcast RAmar and FOmarl were my favourites for a long time. Now i really love HUcaseal and HUcast. I don't play other thing besides this 2 classes, unless i need a specific ID or the team needs a Ranger or a Force. My favourite class is indeed HUcaseal, because of their sweet ATA and also the fact of being able to use Sue's Coat, which i'm a big fan of it. Also they have swag (jokes aside, but i really like how hucaseal looks like). HUcast is a monster and PRs on him is bae.