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  1. Happy birthday! Hope you had (or you are still having) a good day. 😎

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      Thank you!

  2. Or you all start showing the owners intellectual property papers OR I'LL CALL THE COPS! I HEAR THEY LIKE BOIS AND GALS THAT ARE STUCK ON THE 90'S!
  3. @Patrick BellYeah as Larva mentioned, virtually double the boost of rabarta merge (30%x2) which makes the main perk of the shield imo. Stats are inferior of the regular RR, but in compensation you get 60% Rabarta boost, which is interesting, especially for some situations. Overall interesting concept and cool asthetics, but RR is better for general purposes, but this shield adds something new to your playstyle, which i like it alot.
  4. S > Charge Supressed Gun 80 hit for 297 Pds (or 3 PS) or 45 DTs.

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      Ewwww leave @nnorton44 you stinky

  5. And it's a different and cool idea! I personally like it. I used the values that you provided just to make my point and to make a better visualization of it. i don't have enough knowledge to know how would be the balanced values for that, but my intuition says that it would only be viable to give a small boost % to it to not make the game unbalanced (let's not forget that there are some megid boosts already in the game and maybe their boosts combined can be a bit restrictive when introducing a new boost, to keep the game balanced). Ultimately i think the main difficulty is making an unit like that. It would be a difficult technical thing to do, because there's no unit in the game that interacts with the techs proc percentages (at least i don't remember existing one). So, just for that, sadly i think its unlikely to be implemented. Also, there's another interesting thing about megid. According to some people (never tried it by myself), If you confuse an Ill Gill and "make" him use his Megid Scythe on an Epsilon, he can instant kill the epsilon. This means that his scythe proc hit percentage overcomes Epsilon EDK (which, after checking is 110 this value is impossible to overcome with any weapon of the game). It shows that Epsilons don't have an extra code that forbids them to be megid'd. Assuming that it isn't a glitch and the maths behind work somehow equal (if you notice your character EDK matter to survive megid in general, except for mericarols so the math must work the same way around), it means that any extra decent boost to megid's proc could make it too broken and unbalanced. Cheers man for having and sharing your own ideas and discussing them in a polite way.
  6. Even tho i like the general concept of it, i think it wouldn't work and i'll try my best to explain why, even if i might be a bit inaccurate (other people might be more suitable to explain this better than me). -I assume that Paralyze with techs would never work, because would require extra coding, to code a new way behaviour to techs. According to the people that understand coding, seems that this game has his limitations regarding making new things from nowhere. If you see all the custom weapons that ultima has are made from a pre existing models, where you change it's proprieties, values and skins making a new weapon. Would be difficult to add that information and making new techs that paralyzed enemies. If you are talking about the shock that happens for example when you use Razonde on those robots, then i think it is a different code that allows them to get shocked, you can't shock 100% of the enemies in the game, even if you had like 35463451342643452% boost. Take Delbiter's inherent stats, for example to explain the Hell and Freeze Boosts cases: EDK(Enemy Dark Resist): 92 ESP (Enemy Special Resist for some specials): 112 To summarize how hell procs with a weapon first: 1) The weapon first checks matematicaly if you land and attack, based on your accuracy (aka ATA) and the "native" EVP of the enemy in question. If it checks and you land the attack, the game then calculates the, let's call it, Proc Special Hit Percentage (Probability of a specific special to trigger). 2) Proc Hit Percentage = ((Special's Proc hit Percentage + Bonus Proc Percentage)-(ESP)) So as you see bonus Proc Hit Percentages play a big role on the math. So, to understand this, take this example of the proc with hell on a delbiter, using for example, RAcast with V502 equipped and assuming that the 1) checks. Hell procs uses EDK instead of ESP to calculate 2). RAcast has a 93% proc hit ratio (no bonus from being an android, the only bonus comes from v502) ProcHitPercentage = 93 - 92 = 1% (this means that you have 1% of procing hell in a delbiter, slim odds, but possible) Funny thing, is that Megid seems to also work with some gear combination and megid lvl (might be wrong on this one, because i'm not 100% sure, but some people already said that they megid a delbiter). So i can assume that megid has an inherent value of proc hit ratio superior to 92% (this also assuming that proc hit ratios on techs work on the same matematically way as weapons). If you add 200% bonus proc ratio, that would be 93+200 = 293% of proc hit ratio success, meaning that megid would always always kill the delbiter. See how broken would that be? The same reasoning can be used to Freeze too (even tho, i'm not sure if the game checks ESP or EIC, but the general idea stays. My intuition says that freeze also works with ESP). Technically the delbiters are "imune" to freeze, because of the ESP > 100, except for frozen shooter (this one only because the game reads the weapon's special attack with the same proprieties of a hard attack, and that's why the weapon procs freeze so well, even with low or no hit) and for some reason barta techs too. So if you can freeze a delbiter with rabarta, means that virtually the tech's ProcHitPercentage inherent to Rabarta, is > 0% and if you had add 200% of boost on it, well you can guess. Another possiblility, is that techs have a different calculation to check if the "special" lands or not, making it impossible to code boosts on specials, since it would require new coding from nowhere to make possible to add Proc hit Percentages on techs. Cool concept and interesting idea, but would be really difficult to implement it, either because of techically difficulties or for being difficult to make it balanced, making the units too broken or too meh.
  7. What i said wasn't an personal attack to you, but my opinion about what can be improved about how the server deals with this kind of matters (which can be wrong or right about the reality.). You got all the right of being pissed with my reply, i don't take it bad or personally, after all there's nothing wrong in disagreeing. I know we all have our personal lifes and you do the best you can out of your in real life schedule, but if you had time to write a reply to my post in that way, you could use that time explaining me why i'm so wrong. That's the principle of the dialogue between people. Maybe i'm really wrong and the post was unfair, but you also took my post out of context and i don't think you understood what my message was. But if nobody explains how things are done or there's little communication with the community, i don't see it being so weird people having these kinds of opinions. The only staff members that promote an open dialogue in a correct way is @Solyand @R-78. Also @Fyrewolf5, even he isn't active nowadays, but he always did a good job. And it's not a matter of quantity of communication, but of quality. It's true that some people might be rude or unpolite, but i'm speaking for my head, not for what other people say or think. Also people believe on that "bullshit", because you aren't open for dialogue or communication with them or generally you don't ask for people's input on major changes or new features. Not even to contextualize your options. I think you as the owner of the server, at least you could improve on that matter. Also i'm pretty sure some people do not agree with a single word that i said and again, there's nothing wrong with it. Indeed there's alot to improve and I as part of the community have the right to express my personal believes and having people agreeing or disagreeing in a civil way. In my personal point view, you don't have to give suggestions, but you have to hear what the staff and the community thinks about a specific topic, communicate showing why people are right or wrong, think and decide what you think it's better for the server, that's what i expressed on my previous topic. I don't think that's a lie, because it's not what happens here and in my opinion could definitely improve. This topic about discussing about SS, would never happen if you communicated better with us or had firm convictions for what content you want to provide to us. I totally agree with this kind of structure and i see that it's a good way of doing things, never said the contrary. That's why we work and we have better results if we work as a team (except in few cases). But i also believe (and this is pure speculation, but if it's not, think it should be that way) that is you that ultimately take the final word on what you want for your server, even if most people don't agree. Do you even need more input about the weapon to have a decision about it in your mind? The same way you didn't like the Mud's reply (which i personally don't agree with his comment, but i also don't think it wasn't a matter of being considered offensive), i didn't like the way you replied to me. After all, i'm just a chilled guy that likes to play here and sometimes express what i think about something, because i love being part of this server. When we point out the other people's mistakes, we should at least give the example first. What you said it's not exemplary. If you want to try to solve things in a civil way, the way you replied me and the way you replied to mud, it's not the way. Even if some people say that you don't care about the server, i do believe you care and also never said on my post or implied that you didn't. But that doesn't mean alot of stuff needs to improve, starting with proper communication. I don't agree with any change to SS, but i've already expressed my opinion in a different topic. Some people agree, some others don't. Either way, the final decision will not please everyone. I'm fine with whatever the decision is because i don't have the right to decide what it should be done or not, is a fun weapon and i like how it looks. I don't think there's something more to discuss with the community about SS, this is the second topic where people discussed about SS. We want to see things getting done.
  8. The same way hunters or forces shouldn't be using shots (example, crush cannon). With all respect, i don't think that's an accurate or correct argument, in my opinion. I don't think that this server has a philosophy of being purist with the class concepts and their general perks. You guys never restricted yourselves from allowing weapons that aren't supposed to be on forces or hunters, why is the SS now a problem? If the server had a general concept and a philosophy to follow when developing weapons, then i would agree with that argue, but it's not the case. For example, the staff made Lindcray, which following your reasoning, shouldn't exist but no one ever cared about changing it or discussing possible changes and now why in the world SS is mind blowing now? I mean, it's a valid point, i won't argue that maybe SS shouldn't have rifle range or shouldn't be usable by FOs or hunters. The problem with most of this stuff is consistency of the leadership in adressing these topics. If you want to change SS, change it. If people cry that it was changed, well that's their problem we can't please everyone, but you have to have a philosophy and know what you want for your server and make things happen. I can't speak for everyone, but i'm tired of all this thing "ah shouldn't be like this, should be like that" and not making stuff happen or the leadership never taking decisions only considering what they think it's right, making an endless and non productive discussing (as it has been happening until today, since the weapon came out). Just make things happen and take a decision, the server is yours, the community has the right to express their opinion, but ultimately the decision is always your. If you don't agree with some of the weapons perks, or the weapon is not what you want for your server and you think it's better to change it, change it. Just be consistent on things and make things happen. It's better to say "we will change the weapon" and change it, than saying one day that the weapon is going to be changed and then "ahh we probably won't change it for now, maybe in the future dunno", just because community pressured to not change it. And for the last note, if it's to be consistent with the server's philosophy, SS should not be changed. Also if it is to be changed, it should be changed already. The later the worst, the more people will spend DTs on the weapon, the more people will get frustrated.
  9. S > Yasminkov 7000v 45 hit for 20 DTs or 150 PDs

  10. I was about to write my thoughts on the weapon, but then rashan summarized my thoughts perfectly. I'm completely against with the nerf of the rifle range. What makes the weapon more interesting it's the fact of having rifle range and being equipable by hunters, because that adds something on your playstyle (for example, to deal with the farthest plants on tower in ROCT, LHB etc). I think the weapon is good as it is and i'm really against any change. The weapon doesn't even compares to other broken weapons like Charge/Demon Yas9k, weapons which i don't see anyone worried about nerfing.
  11. You're absolutely right. Well observed. I dunno how didn't check that. Thanks for the information, i'll edit my post.
  12. So... Since nobody posted this yet: Serene Swan: General Description: Looks like Last Swan, but blue (big shout out to @Noob Saibot for this really cool skin). Rifle range, Fires 4 shoots per attack and it's not a female exclusive. Requirement: 170 ATA ATP: +15 ( doubt it's variable, but since i haven't found another for comparison, i'm not fully sure for now ) ATA: +37 Max Grind: +80 making it a 175 ATP weapon Special: Devil Tech Boosts: ??? Equipable by: RAcast, HUcast, FOmarl (haven't tried other classes, since the server is kinda slow right now) Combinations: Still haven't tried to combine the weapon with any other item, but most likely not upgradable. I know this might not be the place to post this, but at least everyone will see it here. Any errors or additional information that you would like to share about the weapon, just let me know that i'll edit the post asap. Enjoy and good luck on your hunts!
  13. HB boy. Hope you have a good day :)

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      Cheers my man!!! Been a good day :)

  14. T > Zalure S-Rank J-Cutter for Zalure S-Rank Launcher.

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