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  1. True! Happy B-day to my bois Morphos! 1 year of being SwwwWWWwwooooOOOooooLLLLL
  2. Damn i got offended before reading that. Now there's no turning back (it was a jokkeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee reeEEeeeEEEeEEEEeEEEEeEEEE)
  3. It happens that.... There are FOUR elements! :0
    [you have to watch carefully to notice that the fourth element Is not exactly an element, but It Is still an element, even though It's not like the other elements, so It's an element of Its own, unlike the other elements, which are colorful elements, but unlike the colorful elements, this element Is a cute elelelelelelelelemen-]

    Long Story Short: You're missing 2/4 elements now (¯∀¯)



    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. jezbuz


      I was born with gift of the c-word element. That worths for the other 4 elements #hatersgonnahate

      Also, Terminal Montage channel is awesome ahah

    3. RocketTots


      how many c-word tickets do I need for gold name?

    4. jezbuz


      You have to change 99x phatan c-word tickets for a c-word element and then selling it for domino's pizza vouchers and bribe GM Lipelis with it. Izi

  4. Inspiration quote of the day:

    (っ◔◡◔)っ ♥ all the elements are required ♥  - Lipelis, 2020

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    2. jezbuz


      That's a good life style. Protect yourself with lots of tin foils or they will steal you

      (out of reactions for today, this is so sad)

    3. RocketTots


      Be honest guys, GM @Lipelis was just being honest

    4. Yannv


      @RocketTots Did you know that in order to become a veteran, it is required to have all the 3 elements?

  5. Hey sailor be sure to wear your mask when you go out.5ec535d8f0f4192c7b16b7f5?width=600&forma

    1. jezbuz


      CAROLE FOOKING BASKIN!!!! She looks like she's looking for a new husband to feed to him to the big swol kittens.

      Also, do you like my mask?


    2. RocketTots


      I'm in love ❤️

  6. The higher the better, since the EXP grows with difficulty, so you will net more EXP per boss. And don't worry, dying is part of the game and thats how you learn the gimmicks of this game. Also, your teammates will always revive you so you get the EXP (what matters to get the exp is that they revive you before the end of thedeath boss cutscene. They can even revive you during the cutscene and you will get the EXP). So you should be cool.
  7. Depends on your objectives. If you want the rewards given by the Gov quests, the harder difficulty the better (but overall the rewards are not that great anyways). If your objective is to follow the story or to unlock all the gov quests, you can do it in any difficulty. iirc, if you unlocked it in normal mode, you should have access to them in any difficulty on that char (i might be wrong on this, since it was a long time ago that i unlocked it). Episode 2 and 4 you can play as soon as you have the lvl requirement. In Normal/Hard/Very Hard shouldn't be a big deal. On multiplayer mode, you have all the important "non gov" quests there to play at any time. If you want to play the story, you have to go through most of the single player quests. My advise is to run with other people, especially people well geared that can rush throught it. It's more time efficient to just rush and get the bosses EXP. For that, you just have to hit the boss or cast a tech on them and you should get the EXP. Ofc if you want to enjoy the run aswell, you should look for people at your level, but if your objective is only to level up faster, just boss rush and don't worry with the other mobs EXP that you will eventually lose. If you can't tag the boss fast enough, just ask your teammates to slow down a bit and then after tagging, let them know that they are free to go.
  8. Hey So i got a CHARGE Suppressed Gun 80 hit that i would like to change it to HELL Suppressed Gun 80 hit. Is that possible? Would require me 50 PDs and a Hell Gun series right?
  9. Hey, do you consider yourself the realest C-word alive? I consider myself the realest C-word alive and i don't know if it's possible that two people being the realest C-word alive at the same time? Maybe this proves the multiverse theory?

    1. jezbuz
    2. Lipelis


      mad at starlord...

  10. A-word m-word ️, I just wanted to let you know that I'm F-word tired of this C-word


    What do I do?

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. jezbuz


      I think it's better for both of us, if you start refering to me as J-word. Deal L-word?

    3. Lipelis



    4. RocketTots


      Listen J-Word and GM L-word, be honest. It's time that we stop stigmatizing C-words and live our best C-word life. Don't deny your inner C-word. C-words are people too.

  11. I'm having epilepsy from your profile picture moving like that, please remove thx

    1. RocketTots


      hey your profile goes to fast. Its giving me irritable bowl syndrome.

    2. R-78


      Keep it up and we might just end up disabling gifs from profile pics lol

    3. jezbuz


      I'm a strong and independent man, i don't need another man to tell me what to do

  12. Hey i heard that you are looking for ID cards. I have the following. Let me know if you are interested:




    1. Yannv


      Thanks for the offer, but I already have this on my inventory:


    2. jezbuz


      Nice card :o that's a very rare yu-gi-oh card

    3. Yannv


      I had a really huge Yu-Gi-Oh card collection back in the years, unfortunately I ended giving them away to a friend who discarded it months later.


  13. Dear Diary,

    Today i kept spamming messages to my crush @bobshlibidich saying how much i love him and he keeps ignoring. I think i should keep expressing my deepest feelings that i have for him, till i have his love.

    With love Jezbuz 💋

    1. Yannv


      I would like to share my love to my good colorful friend @bobshlibidich the bonds of our friendship can't be broken.


    2. pishion


      Thats my bae <3 

    3. Dutch Ride

      Dutch Ride

      You're both clowns

  14. #WeAreAllBabs @bobshlibidich

    1. RocketTots


      had bf babshlabadach @bobshlibidich

    2. Yannv


      cry sniffles bf @bobshlibidich mine bf

    3. bobshlibidich
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