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  1. Welcome back fella matey! 🔥
  2. S > Maxed DM for 150 DTs or equivalent PDs. PM @RocketTots for more details, because my inbox is full.

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    2. jezbuz
    3. RocketTots


      PD ratio is 25:1

    4. C01D1


      I only have 100 hit DMs and I only play the test server

  3. Yay! Now we can make new topics about SS and flame with each other again to decide if SS should or not be nerfed!
  4. Someone's mom is gae. I'll let you with this deep thought, so it helps you meditate and open all your nirvanas

    1. R-78
    2. jezbuz


      Gae bolg is my mom @RocketTots she's a wonderful lady

  5. Dem moves boiiiiiiiiii, you never told me about that! Straight 🔥


    1. jezbuz


      It's smoke in my eyessss. Now i have that song stuck forever in my head

  6. tenor.gif

    1. jezbuz


      Hey Daddy! Come hold my hand


  7. I'm not saying that you are wrong on what you said, in terms of the "best class" of all. I'm just saying that your advise to a new player is bad, because it's a very reductive and a "tunneled" vision way of seeing things. I know that the question itself is vague: "what's the best class to solo", but It implies alot of more things other than killing stuff fast or having more damage, even if it's not specified and explicit on his words. I just gave my 2 cents about it, i'm not here to argue who is right or wrong. I didn't write any universal truth, but in my personal opinion, your advise for a new player is not the best one.
  8. I'll give my 2 cents here. What's the "best class"? That's a multi factorial question, but if you are a beginner, you should aim for a class that provides you the following: 1) Easy to play and learn; 2) Versatility/flexibility over specialization; 3) Lower cost/usefulness gear ratio; 4) Lowest effort possible for completing a quest; 5) Good crown control; So my opinion is that either RAcast or RAmarl are indeed the best classes for solo (especially when you are starting the game), since they are very good for general purposes. I still have the opinion that RAcast is the best class to solo for beginners that desire to solo almost everything, because i value way more the crown control provided from traps than techs in general, but that's just a personal taste. With traps, you can even adventure on those high enemy density quests, like HoD, MoTV and even some ep4 ones (yeah, dealing with gorans in lowers lvls with low/mid tier gear is kinda hard without traps). Rangers are by far the most versatil and better to farm gear and easier to start with. That's a false dichotomy logical fallacy. That's like looking into the horizon and concluding that the earth is flat, because you see everything flat. If his question was, "what is the strongest class in the game?" that would be valid, accurate and succinct, but ofc if someone is asking for the "best class" to start with, is also implicit what's the easiest one that provides him good results and it's not based solely on ATP. The best class isn't only defined by the damage output. Also, i don't understand what your preconception about easy things, like it's a dirty thing. You should try charge vulcans in a Belra (for example) with a lvl 130 ish HUcast solo without SD and low tier units/barriers etc. Wouldn't be a better advise to someone, saying that they can get a Demon raygun/laser and give it to a RAmarl to deal with big things at low lvls? I think it's way more easier that way and also you don't need extra units to make it work (example smartlink for HUcast). I think that would be a better advise for someone that wants to start soloing and learn the mechanics of the game and have results.
  9. All points are very important, but number 3 is the most important of all. I want to add a point: Number 9 - Always greet your teammates when entering in a random room with a "GO TTF VIADO" even if it's not a TTF game (greets to my boi Gadita). There's no other way
  10. B > Photon Crystals 5:1 any amount works

  11. hey sorry i just started following this slow guy named @Dutch Ride and he doesn't move fast, doesn't have ANY dutch tickets, and he doesn't even have any lemurs. LMK what you think about our ongoing relationship kthnxby

    1. RocketTots


      @Dutch Ride how dare you giphy.gif

    2. Dutch Ride

      Dutch Ride

      Go to bed you two.

    3. jezbuz


      Ewwww. He doesn't go fast, he's a poor pleb without any dutch tickets and doesn't like lemurs?!!! He's totally out of our marriage guest list. Don't even dare to talk with him tots.

      Also found a pretty lemur to adopt. I think we ahould call him High Tide


  12. B > 3x Nakas or Zalure Launcher

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    2. Ricardof14


      hehehe np. E vc esta bem? saudades de jogar e conversar com vc amigo/irmao.

      Consegui coisas muito top esses dias estou muito feliz. E finalmente tbm consegui fazer minha DF. Me conte suas novidades via instagram hehe.

    3. jezbuz


      Pode falar para o instagram sempre que quiser! Eu posso demorar um pouco a responder mas sabe que respondo sempre :)

    4. Ricardof14


      Voce é o nosso lindao do pso sempre educado hehehe. Um amor de pessoa.

  13. Since the event is over, this can be locked GM. Thanks for everyone that contributed and shared their findings with the community!
  14. What ID for Nakas? Skyly? Just want to be sure before adding it.
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