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  1. HB boy. Hope you have a good day :)

    1. Link1990


      Cheers my man!!! Been a good day :)

  2. T > Zalure S-Rank J-Cutter for Zalure S-Rank Launcher.

  3. Probably you have white widow equipped on your huney? If that's the case, report here too please:
  4. I'm still DCing and i already have updated my game via launcher. I think the problem was the new update, because since then the problem started. If a GM could unequip it from my account's char, would be cool because i could access to my RA gear, otherwise i'll wait for the fix.
  5. Also i got dced right after i equipped the shield and as duja said, you get DC as soon as you join the room (so basically we both can't play our chars as long it's not fixed, since there's no way to unequiped it now). I feel like a happy Watson tho. Good job
  6. Welcome to the lobbywhore and shitposter Veteran club jerubuzo :st2:

    Edited by Noob Saibot
    1. jezbuz


      Ohhhh didn't notice actually ahah. thanks!

      Man, i really feel the lobbywhore and shitpost spirit growing inside me!

  7. S > Tons of crap: 


  8. Lmao loved that wallpaper, 10/10 ahah. Congrats to the winners. Good job!
  9. jezbuz


    Amarantes are great! If you ever have another chance to visit Portugal, you should try the "Pastéis de Nata de Belém" or the "Travesseiros de Sintra". They are both an unique experience. Anyways welcome! Hope you enjoy the server and i look forward to do some games with you (Sorry to not reply in french, but my french is really limited ahah).
  10. jezbuz


    Bonjour ça va bien? Croissants sont tres bons.
  11. So basically i was running a LHB with 4 people for c/b with individual drops, out of hh. In the room before, i was "crying" about not getting a single c/b, since i was getting a bit frustrated with my luck. Then that happened. I still think it's a pretty impressive drop, since it was out of hh and with individual drops 4 men party. What are the odds for real. Also, did a random HoD run once and found this beauty. Was my first ever weapon with >50% hit.
  12. You have to put a space between the dropsyle and the 1. The correct way is /dropstyle 1 and not /dropstyle1. Hope it helps and good luck!
  13. Phonon Maser - Recobox - Episode II - Ultimate - Withill Regular Drop: Asuka - Gol Dragon - Episode II - Ultimate - Whitill
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