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    Lobby girl
  • Birthday 06/19/1990

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    sandra, meghan, assassina, cristina.
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    Banned for protecting Maya. Lolo lala!

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    London U.K (Portuguese)
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    All my friends from from the past, Nya-chan, trigunman, heathcliff, lockgun, Maya, cupcake, sin-sama, night, king, neko-chan, Hwi, way way, wocket, peppaCAT, Clown. Omega9988, Sciaz, Sorry if i forgot someone.

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  1. I am so confused. So the Maya "ranger" quited in 2013. And around that time a "force" Maya appears. And quits again... Is it the same maya i wonder?
  2. Found kroe's sweater ep1 hildetor blueful id
  3. No. I was joking. But it would be a black daylight scar, and the special would insta-kill all enemies in the room if equiped by a Hucaseal with the ign sandra. If not then the special would be suicide
  4. Daylight scar needs to be upgraded to nightmare scar. Special ability would be insta death to enemies in the field if used with a hunter by the name of sandra. That would be nice!
  5. sandra

    some trades

    2pds? I have no idea the price Is it tekked?
  6. sandra

    some trades

    Hi. How much day scar 45 hit?
  7. In games:


    Iruna online and maybe psobb in the future

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    2. sandra


      My hucaseal was level 192. But i doubt i remeber the login details

    3. Trigunman


      Ahhh, there is a account recovery tool here on the forums, give it a try!


      There are other account tools here too, look at the very top of the page, on the left under ULTIMA -> Account Management

    4. sandra


      I dont mind starting all over. Is not that hard. We will see

  8. hello trig and lock. muahahahhaa

    1. Wayne Jones

      Wayne Jones

      oh sup sandra

    2. sandra


      Elo elo. U still here?

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