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  1. Wow!!!! Bravo take my like! Using AMD FSR Sharpness cranked with Vsync off (introduces input lag). Simply incredible.
  2. @Larva Nope it is still broken.
  3. Hello all. Not sure how true this is but an official remake by the OG team may be in the works. Share any news of it here. I for one would welcome it as long as the game has no micro transactions. https://comicbook.com/gaming/news/sega-dreamcast-games-best-rpg-phantasy-star-reboot/
  4. Oh look the edgelord Stark 1 is back to dislike comments with his tinfoil hat. Must be our Anniversary.
  5. Awesome I am hoping Ultima Bringer's gets the advertised fixes this year! My HUmar hungers!
  6. All good stuff brought to us by a person who cares far more than she should most days. A positive change for sure!
  7. I am glad Larva and R-78 are speaking up against his Toxic BS. He is literally the Shooter McGavin of PSO.
  8. Ultima is not dead, it can be improved in many ways for sure however, that is true of most things. Alot of them were noted and honestly are well known. Toxic and inflammatory comments will not change anything and only serve to hurt our small community. Have a problem? Bring forth a solution. Want more players? Share this out there, tell people Ultima exists. Get them in here, help them out and play with them. The only way the community gets bigger here is by all of us doing our parts. Be the change you want to see.
  9. Hey Larva, thanks for chiming in. I personally don't think Ultima is dead at all and appreciate you even still hosting it. Certainly not when people still care enough to talk about it even if its negative heh. The community is small but passionate. I do however think that bringing in some new staff with fresh ideas will increase community engagement and QOL. We also need to get some of the items fixed up like Ultima Bringers. We also need to really be open to change. This can come as weapon balance and class balance, quests, new events and FORUM contests much like Saith was doing a few years ago. I share the server out where I can, the Ultima trailer still gets views and questions. Cheers.
  10. Bro* man i read what you written on the banned section* 

    man ............

    this is a small community 

    banning people* is just messed up* 
    i just cant believe it .... oh well 
    sorry for your loss if your still banned
    if your unbanned im happy for you win* 

    im probably never gonna get unbanned for the smallest thing i did & Not knowing too cuz back in the days i when playing ultima there wasnt a share drop or individual drop* 
    im just so* Shocked

  11. Stunning artwork, the shading and color choice is spot on. Welcome back.
  12. Howdy Virec! Always nice to see an OG stop by
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