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  1. I honestly think we all want the same thing here, I personally know how much work goes with maintaining private servers and yes it is impossible to please everyone I run hundreds of servers and have ran my own private servers in the past where I did it all myself. Everyone wants a voice and all good ideas should be heard. Not all ideas can be executed for many reasons, but if as a community we come to a consensus I think all efforts should be made in order to facilitate such requests. We are a passionate bunch, we play here because we choose to, @Larva created the playground in which many of us can fall back in love with the game we remember and cherish, but its easy to see the burn out. We have all been there what starts off as a passion project becomes something much bigger, people with different backgrounds and beliefs, ideas and opinions get involved and before you know you hardly recognize your original vision or even why you put up with it all especially when it spills over into your life. A shout out is required here, @Larva, @serverus, @R-78, @Soly, @Fyrewolf5 and all the other staff and veteran players that make this possible we as a community appreciate everything you do but we KNOW we can help you make this an even better place to play the game we all know and love. So please lets all stop the fighting, lets try and forget the past or at least learn from it and the way things were and focus on how things can improve and we can improve as a community, this can be a wonderful place again. Cheers.
  2. Its literally like Terror tries his best to take whatever point hes trying to make and destroy it by being and asshat, I don`t think hes real at all in fact I think its all an act. Nobody could possibly be that ignorant. Literally Terror is saying "It was alot of words and too long for me to read so I didn`t bother because I hate Lipeilis because people like him. I hate people that are good for the community....). Stick up for your life partner Stark1 ! I would expect nothing less!
  3. Yes but how hard would it be just to say hey community I am working on SS right now disregard the class requirements as its temporary, more to follow thanks! lol
  4. I may be off base.... However, I recommend for the people like myself who spent almost the entire event trying to land SS that we be able to exchange these for other event items with drop rates that are very similar. SS was a horrible weapon to hunt and its nerf made it pretty useless imo (Its Ranger only now the only class that does not need itas that class have Demon yas 9K and Charge Yas 9K). People spent alot of time and DTs and PDs finding then maxing this item I think an item exchange would go a long way in soothing the community. Im curious to know how the community feels. Cheers.
  5. Its called having peoples back, instead of stabbing people in the back. I would not expect you to understand.
  6. Honestly at this point people need to look within themselves, If you are full of keyboard warrior rage, then you leave no room to listen. @jezbuz and @Noob Saibot have gone above and beyond for this community and deserve the upmost respect, their opinions are as valid as everyone else's here and threats of a bans and getting cursed at are ridiculous and uncalled for. I know as leadership you become a target sometimes but you must be better then that and prove yourself with your actions and feedback to build trust in your community. You must be the example, nobody is perfect but if your in a position of power you must know that people are looking up to you to make just decisions and be fair. Good luck folks. I am done with this topic as its becoming a teenage wasteland. Cheers.
  7. Thank you Soly, Truly you maintain a professional and transparent demeanor. You are example for others to emulate, all we want as a community is leadership that listens, we all choose to be here. If you have to beat your chest say your in charge you never are... You need to be in charge of yourself first in order to lead. Appreciate the candid feedback and honesty. Cheers.
  8. Combo lock DW based on time. Limit Cast SD level to 30 max even with PB stack. Allow PGF to drop all year at like 1/2000 rate all IDs. Keep SS as is its fine. We are all so concerned with what breaks the game when the fact is we are all so well geared and have grinded so long everything is relatively easy. If it's hard it's only cause the game is basically glorified 1 hit KO dodgeball in the endgame. Smile folks the sun will shine.
  9. This is why you are the teacher, taking notes.
  10. Ill bring my selfie camera and I will practice my hair flips
  11. Yeah all he does is spam DM and go AFK. He enters PD shops, looks then says "NO" and vanishes. He also uses frozen shooter special over and over to cause major DMC.
  12. I remember this day. It was the day I found my first PGF, it came at a cost but it was for the good of the DM. I am now officially a DM spammer and will cause as much DMC as possible. Have a great day!
  13. What weapon? You mean the one that never drops? Go ahead nerf it might effect 5 people by events end. In fact nerf the drop rates even further and give it charge special and +50 to all stats. Also it should require PGF to be equipped in your MAG slot and at least 500 DTs in your forum account. People still play this??
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