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  1. With great power comes great hostility
  2. That all sounds like stuff only a Dark Flow using HUcast would dislike. Good thing you main FOmarl the best class! However this "-attacking the same enemies as others in the party" I can confirm it sucks big time when 50 damage over takes your 4-5K leaving you open to get squished.
  3. So the droplist on this site is for regular non event drops. When events are on the droplist changes for the sections IDs. It's best to pick a drop and commit to it. Frozen Shooter for example is a very easy drop off Hildetorrs ULT. So TTF VR until Dragon then rinse repeat good luck.
  4. Frozen shooter, Arrest Needle, Iron Faust, SRank Zalure Launcher, Charge Yas 9K Demon Yas 9K, Type SH demon and Hell, Heaven Striker, Dark Meteor, Ultima Reaper, Excalibur, Psycho Raven. To start however Frozen Shooter, Iron Faust, Hell Rifle, Baranz Launcher, Spread Needle, Bringers Rifle and Charge Mechs or Psycho Ravens.
  5. My account got deleted wish Cyan Needle. My BF successful login.
  6. That skin legit needs to be in the game
  7. What kinda horses you be seein?
  8. It's RAcast then Ramarl. HUcast is only amazing when you have the gear for it especially in ULT with its low Ata. There is more to this game then HUcast I have one very well geared and I can tell you Path to Salvation is way easier with a Ranger especially RAcast with Iron Faust and freeze traps ( you will not have access to DM anytime soon)
  9. That takes alot more effort then most people are willing to put in. Keep up the great work!
  10. I played with you today no puppies were killed in the process.
  11. Joining WOI under level 125 with less then 1K health and less then 100EDK and not even saying hello before you die instantly.
  12. I think with the amount of time and effort people invested into this and the minor inconveniences and paywalls that are native to PSO2 people will test the waters but many will also realize it is too different for their taste. I think this place will survive just do to human nature and its resistance to change. I personally will still play here during events and what not but yes I will be split if I were to guess 75% PSO2 and 25% PSOBB and see how it goes from there. Either way having options is nice!
  13. C01D1

    New Year Cards 2020

    I want to split between my weapons 1% ten times can I do that? haha
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