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  1. Awesome I have returned
  2. As long as he keeps his posts on topic (Which is PSO) things will be fine. If we gets political, craps on people, religious rants or prejudice again then end it quickly.
  3. He can do that with Red Handgun alone man. Be careful he makes PGFs fall out of Boomas
  4. He still plays though in the game. I see no reason to let him start lighting up these forums again ever. Believe me when I say he will hurt server loyalty not help it. As a player in game I do not mind him at all but he cannot control his outbursts.
  5. I use Zanbacon its the Morbin Mechgun in the game for FO
  6. I cannot believe it OMG Thank you so much!
  7. Congrats Kotta that certainly is great to see such a rare drop. You have inspired me to keep grinding.
  8. Is cereal soup? 

    1. Kotta


      Ask Suzaku If he finds Cereal In the Soup store and my answer will depend on that



  9. HUmar can attempt to solo all content. The result = death though lol. I still think HUmar should get proper S/D buffs added to it.
  10. C01D1

    Valentine Event 2022

    I can feel the love already
  11. C01D1

    New Year Cards 2022

    Quite the imagination this year! Not sure what I will do gives me stuff to think about.
  12. RAmarl buffs are OP anyways
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