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  1. ULT EP2 BLUEFULL Mericus (Yellow) Ganondorf Shield
  2. Awesome I'll be on to pew in a bit. GL all. Thanks staff.
  3. Ok was just curious thanks.
  4. Was this on Ultima though? While it's not in the rules maybe that's what you expected @Duja. Just curious if it was a current run or an old one. Are the TAs coded different on different servers? Not meaning to grill just asking.
  5. God I wish work wasn't so busy I would of done this.... Yes that shit was the stuff of legends.
  6. Add an exception to the PSOBB folder in whatever flavor of virus scanner you are using. Its a false positive.
  7. Best advice for you is to hit 100 Dark resistance for PD hunting. Fairly easy to do via Dressplate armor this will make WOI alot easier for you. Next get yourself up to level 200, even at 150 you gain the ability to use Red Ring and it's costumes. For damage, an Arrest Needle with hit will work wonders or a Baranz Launcher, RAmar works extremely well with Demons special, it's pretty easy and cheap to obtain a Bringers Rifle with hit. As for more damage, make sure your Mag is properly stated for your class with an emphasis on Power. Use Power mats to boast your ATP further, eventually you will need to max your attributes on your favorite weapons.
  8. This guide is for beginners TTF to CCA is most likely the best route especially with 5x exp takes like less then 3 hours to get to 100. I will add your guide.
  9. I have linked this guide from mine. That way you get the best of both worlds while still going from the quickstart.
  10. Yeah I fixed it, didn't realize it played havoc with people with Bat eyes that need dark themes lol.
  11. There is an extremely easy way to get 15 resistance UNITs I made a video, its perfect for beginners! Also I have nothing to do with that calculator, I write the stats of things down on a notepad lol.
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