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  1. Bring back old posts like a Necro lol...
  2. Wow.... How in the hell I thought I manifested an original idea.
  3. I know new weapons are something that rarely happens but this is a mockup I just made that I think could be badass if done correctly. Combination Item a Saber type weapon. PGF required, Yami Model with Hue correction, 3 targets Saber with Hell Slicer KOD special. All classes. An All classes melee PGF combiner weapon would be so cool, not to mention Yami basically looks just like it.
  4. Yeah I always look for unique damage mechanics. The Arrest Faust is basically a Rambling May with extra AoE damage and the extreme ability to Arrest up to 8 targets even behind you when you are surrounded!
  5. This is easially the most welcome change ever and will allow this game to be multiplayer again thank you very much.
  6. C01D1

    New Year Cards 2021

    My Snow Queen now never misses me and I require a cure freeze
  7. So you're saying there's a chance?
  8. Her name is named after a Male Horse.... Hmm....
  9. I have a 85 hit Demolition Comet for that exact purpose
  10. Curious to hear what your plans are for weapons to add 85 hit to. Me personally I am thinking Arrest Faust or wait until Ultima bringers is fixed, SNOW QUEEN could be viable too however I believe it is very viable on any high end Demon Weapon (TYPE SH Demons, TYPE Demon Mechs, DEMON Yas 9K Sambas Fiesta or SOF) or charge weapons such as Charge Yas 9K or Charge TYB. Hell weapons I am unsure if I would do that maybe but Hell is always one of those things that is random at best. Let us know your thoughts. Cheers.
  11. I am down for anything that brings legacy weapons into a new light. New stuff is exciting. Guld Milla Laconium Axe, Rianov 5, prophets of motav they are all to awesome to simply be outclassed by DW imo add upgrade paths to those as well!
  12. I have an Idea how about we buff Prophets of Motav because I found one! Give Snow Queen the ability to freeze even your team mates in a straight line lol... No seriously though about DAR, we need to figure something out because soloing drops for the sake of having a higher chance is counter to what we are here for in the first place. If people are quad logging drops then thats pretty simple to figure out. @R-78 I like her thoughts on this however I want to be able to use Sacred Bow on HUcast as it is optimal for HUcast if 3 submissions are required I can Quad Log.
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