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  1. I can investigate for you when I get home. Prety sure CCA is Multi Stream OGG so keep that in mind. https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/shadow_sigma/learned-how-to-change-pso-music-t350.html Multiplexing Ogg bitstreams multiplex multiple logical streams into a single physical stream at the page level. Each page contains an abstract time stamp (the Granule Position) that represents an absolute time landmark within the stream. After the pages representing stream headers (all logical stream headers occur at the beginning of a physical bitstream section before any logical stream data), logical stream data pages are arranged in a physical bitstream in strict non-decreasing order by chronological absolute time as specified by the granule position. The only exception to arranging pages in strictly ascending time order by granule position is those pages that do not set the granule position value. This is a special case when exceptionally large packets span multiple pages; the specifics of handling this special case are described later under 'Continuous and Discontinuous Streams'.
  2. Extract and replace all. https://www.pioneer2.net/community/threads/nier-automata-x-psobb.15069/
  3. Yeah I like the original better as well more detail and very thought out
  4. Hello all, I posted a video of the efficiency of spamming first room in LHB for the hunt for Bombchu and Ganondorf Shield. You can stand on the right hand side on the dark spot about two tiles back and hit the Merc with Serene Swan without them hitting you and without getting hit by the Blue Flowers from behind. Rinse and repeat good luck with the event. I have with team and solo versions. WITH TEAM SOLO ATTEMPT IS HERE
  5. EVENT WAS NOT STARTED! Please ignore everything above this post.
  6. Yellowbooze - Ultimate- Espilon- Cladding of Espilon
  7. For Rangers Greenill and Purplenum are best. Whitill is good for Red Ring and Wedding dress and imo is one of the better cash flow IDs.
  8. Hit event is coming up. Are you prepared? I spend 4 days grinding from 13 Photon Drops to 553 at this time, 660 is the mark I want to get to but WOI is pain.

    1. Dutch Ride

      Dutch Ride

      Yeahhh get that bread!! 

  9. C01D1

    Hit Event 2019!

    You an add hit to any weapon that does not have 3 stats. We are still unclear if we can merge or lose the stats of a 3 stat weapon yet.
  10. C01D1

    Hit Event 2019!

    That is a fantastic Idea, also it should have 12 DM special beams instead of bullets, it should kill things so hard it deletes the enemies off the server permanently.
  11. C01D1

    Hit Event 2019!

    I am just trying to be positive. A hit event with no splitting is still better then no hit event period. It does not personally effect my redeems as I had accounted for that possibility just based on the man power alone in manually making the items from a GM standpoint. Just keep swimming.
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