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  1. If Rianov 5 had hell instead of dark every ranger would want one. The day that some item is created to make that happen I will be a happy man.
  2. Thanks man! Very nice of you.

  3. The best stat is defense. That is why I max that first with a 200 defense love Rappy.
  4. That is beautiful man. This is what it's like when doves cry.
  5. Oh man... I just paid 80dts for a max red handgun and changed my ID to Orange for nothing lol.
  6. I get my PGFs by swearing on the old gods and the new in the light of the seven......
  7. Man! Are you this guy?
  8. The rules were not clear cut enough in this tbh. Sure Rule 6 but if you look at the videos of rule 6 online, suicide is a preferred strat, keeping the gate closed is a preferred strat. I took a chance on my battle and lost. I suicided in order to try and get over to my opponents gate as I knew 2 minutes in it was going to be a turtle (I had planned for this). It was and I sacrificed my round because of it (although if it worked it would of been awesome I gambled and lost). I guess the point is Battle Mode is easily exploited, a win should of at least required a certain amount of point spread. I lost with zero kills against me and 8 minutes of waiting for a loss but I took the loss and never disconnected although I could of jumped thru my computer with anger. NPC skins should of been illegal but as with everything else it was not clearly defined as such none of this can be held against anyone.
  9. Yeah that was pretty amazing.
  10. Myself and Ipol will do ours this evening time difference is making it hard to organize
  11. C01D1

    10 Anniversary Ultima

    Mr. Nakas Card Bluefull - Vol Opt - Ult
  12. Man this is outstanding!!! I should commission you to make a anime version of the real life me! haha. Great work!
  13. Good luck in your future endeavors. Sucks to see anyone leave and sorry your experience here became so toxic. Cheers.
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