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  1. Nah I am done I said what I needed to say. Close the topic.
  2. I will tell you what's rude talking crap about an entire group of people behind thier back like you know anything about us Saber. Next time you have something to say about the entire team of Triforce please don't. I guess it's a shame we don't have anybody of even average skill wasn't that the exact words you stated? Don't come in here preaching. Wth have we done to you? As for your precious TA records please by all means show us some solo action so we can really see what above average looks like.....
  3. Pso 2 will be released soon and this epeen stroking will be a distant memory. TA as it stands is overall pretty toxic atm, as I stated there are people that do good in that community as well.... However I will always watch people's work but have zero interest in going down that rabbit hole. I will continue to post my videos in order to help people and have fun at the same time. Good luck however.
  4. There is no doubt in my mind that you Shoutgu are one of the best players to play this game that is currently active, so let me put that out there. I also know that without your skill your team would suffer to the tenth degree. I have huge respect for Solo TA make no mistake. No this is to do with an individual who in my opinion should know better painting everyone on Tri Force with the same brush which is not sensible considering we had nothing to do with any of whatever was agreed or disagreed upon.
  5. You need to add an exclusion for your anti Virus
  6. I appreciate your opinion Starlord as always. I think my biggest concern is comments that literally call all of Tri Force crap by people that should know better. A team logo does not dictate player skill or ability, to which I am sure you would agree. I honestly just want to be able to log onto Ultima without a buttload of drama and trolling. All the best.
  7. Hello all, I would like to start off and take a moment to speak about the often mentioned time attack. There exists a community across PSO that runs missions where many only want to toot their own horn, not everyone but a large margin which is really to bad as I for one would consider beating old records if it changed its attitude and celebrated competition. You cannot simply join this community because you are wrongfully deemed not worthy right from the start and will be put down, the key players are already in place and as such you are crap at the game (not exactly a good way to inspire others and a reflection of your own social issues). What makes a player good btw? I would argue that what makes a players good in PSO or any game is patience, good social skills, good gear, good situational awareness, good class knowledge and a willingness to learn and evolve. What anyone chooses to do in this game should be celebrated and not put down. If you want to hunt endlessly for items and min/max your stats to me that is fantastic go for it! If you want to read guides and get better times on missions great go for it! However.... Its time to stop crapping on either side because honestly all it does is show your own insecurities. The only TA records that matter and hold any weight is SOLO TA with vanilla weapons and gear, that is the ONLY reference towards individual skill and discipline as originally intended. To each their own but stop with the flak and toxicity it just makes you look like a jackass and not worth wasting our time or even acknowledging. Have fun doing whatever you want and be civil, you do you! Cheers.
  8. That is a very professional apology that comes from a very experienced apologist. Based on what we have seen you are a very angry and vindictive individual. I for one tried to help you but I believe that words and actions cannot fix your attitude. I judge people based on patterns and you have a very self destructive personality and a lack of respect for people. I think it's a decent gesture that you apoligized and I am hopeful that you relax and embrace your life rather then lead a negative one putting others down do to your own apparent insecurities. Good luck it's to bad things got to this level.
  9. Green names are on and that increases rare spawns... Thus rare drops. However many of those drops are fairly useless. The drop table is also modified at the moment due to the Christmas event being live.
  10. Welcome man!. Good time to join with anniversary event going on and Xmas is next!
  11. PRs are worth nothing now in fact I wouldn't be caught "Dead" using them (Get it? Because of its horrible range) I will make a room in Block 3 for everyone to drop off their gently used PRs to me for immediate "disposal". I promise I will not sell them as who would be stupid enough to buy such garbage. It is known.
  12. Individual drops man... Nobody can steal your drops. If you prefer to play alone then it will slow down your speed thus giving you even less of a chance. The world is full of good people as well!
  13. How many POD hunts have you completed?
  14. Happy Anniversary of the great escape bringing you screaming into the world.

    1. Virec


      Thanks brother I appreciate it :)

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