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  1. Happy Anniversary of the great escape bringing you screaming into the world.

  2. I agree that having people play more challenge mode and Battle mode would be great. I think Mr. Nakas Cards destroyed CM (People did it for S Ranks mostly) and there isn`t much incentive to do PVP here when an event is going on and if you did not get the drops you want you need to focus on that first or wait another year. Also PVP is very unbalanced with the classes, everyone is a HUmar spamming Zonde and Traps.
  3. Saber while I understand there is more to the game, not all of us are willing to treat it like a second job. I have played Challenge mode and its fun but honestly I am here to hunt with the people I enjoy playing with and helping people. Some people play Pokemon to play the game for the story or Legendary Pokemon. Some people play and want to hunt for the perfect IV Pokemon and Shinys and finishing the game as a speedrun. Whatever floats your boat! As for us dishonoring the game... That is a very strange statement, we have all dishonored the game as soon as we played on a private server with non legit weapons and items. You almost sound like an old golfer crapping on people about using Hybrid irons instead of old 2 irons. Cheers.
  4. Valid points, as such I have stated that this was solely to provide a consistent chance of a drop during events and getting rid of Happy Hours. If anything Happy Hours makes it ALOT easier to get a drop during its 3 hour duration then what I have proposed, but honestly we will never know because even if 100% of the people said yes to this proposal it would still need to be implemented. A pipe dream to say the least but a good debate nonetheless.
  5. I am fine either way to be honest, as I stated I have what I require. I just wanted to put an idea out there to see if anyone thought it was viable as I brought it up and was asked to make a poll. Do you play here often at the moment? The server is not dead and still has a pretty active community of dedicated players. All the best.
  6. Dear lord man. I have grinded this game a hell of alot more then I should have thousands and thousands of hours. I am sure you and many others have as well and have felt the burn out. I literally have every single item I want or need at this point it is pure repetition. The drop rate change would not have to be locked to 2X (that is only a base to go off of to get the conversation started) however somewhere in the middle of it all and abolishing the need for GM activated Happy Hours (ONLY during events) is certainly not a bad option and you still need to put in the work and works with everyone's schedules and lives especially during the holidays when they want to spend time with family and still have a chance at PGF. More effort required then camping out HHs thats for sure.
  7. Is it extremely dumbed down to do that? The droprate would still be harder then Happy Hours. If anything having random Happy Hours seems to be less thought out and only seems to make the richer even richer and the HH vultures control the market. Its easy to see who would defend Happy Hours as the be all end all, chances are they only hunt during to sell stuff here to play else where or believe in the status quo. To suggest I should move on to a different server for simply making a suggestion is how people stop saying anything and stop caring.
  8. Well if the droprates get nerfed that is the opposite of what I am saying. The only way this would work is if whatever they are now gets split in half for now and for the duration of all events. I guess the same argument goes for HH as well. However keep the conversation going!
  9. The game is easy. This is only balancing the scales so that the game is not (HH to win). From a GM perspective I can only imagine constantly being nagged about starting HH. However lets see how the poll makes out and let democracy reign.
  10. That is why you are a robot. I will stick to dumb jock things.
  11. Do you think Happy Hours 3X drop rate at random times or, a constant 2X droprate during the whole duration of the events would a better solution? Imagine being able to play at anytime with drop rates that are reduced! Playing the event as you see fit instead of being tied to bad drop rates or missed Happy Hours that make you QQ There seems to be some confusion. What I am suggesting is as follows. if something is 1/300 droprate ie. PGF off Olga it gets reduced to 1/150 droprate for the ENTIRE event and eliminates the requirement for HH instead of 1/100 during HH which is random and may or may not happen at all that day Do not fear change folks, give this some honest thought. Never again will you feel like your being inefficient without HH while hunting. Peace.
  12. I understand that 2X might be a bit much in the ideal hunting scenario. However it is also important to remember DAR as a factor. RNG also creates the possibility of never getting an item as well and based off the lower chance then HH I think the number of drops for any given item would be very similar. However you are right on your math based on a on 1 drop expected for X amount of hunts over time. It does get rid of GM intervention on HH I wonder however overall what the server thinks perhaps make a poll?
  13. That is exactly what I am saying. Leave HH for the non event times, this on average will produce a similar number of drops but be distributed much more evenly across the community instead of HH vultures who peddle their wares for extremely high prices. Not to mention many of us work, have kids and play during times when nothing drops for 8 hours only to find out HH is on at 23:59 on a work night and people got 3 times as many drops (Most likely more)! I honestly think its worth a try! That however is my opinion I am curious on the rest of the users here think.
  14. I have been saying this for years but I figured I would make it official. In my opinion based on peoples real lives and love for the game a balance can easily be made for events. Droprates during HH are 300% improvement. What I propose is taking the droprates for items and reducing them by 50%. That effectively gives you what would normally be a 1/300 droprate reduced to 1/150 droprate for the duration of the event, this only works if HH is completely abolished during events. This makes it fair for everyone at all times and does not give an massive advantage for those that camp out and only log on for HHs and spend less time playing but getting more loot and controlling the market, to be honest this should of been done years ago as nobody will be bugging GMs for HH during events. If they want to toss a HH on for like the last day or something that would rain loot!!
  15. Sure next time it happens I will
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