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  1. I am down for anything that brings legacy weapons into a new light. New stuff is exciting. Guld Milla Laconium Axe, Rianov 5, prophets of motav they are all to awesome to simply be outclassed by DW imo add upgrade paths to those as well!
  2. I have an Idea how about we buff Prophets of Motav because I found one! Give Snow Queen the ability to freeze even your team mates in a straight line lol... No seriously though about DAR, we need to figure something out because soloing drops for the sake of having a higher chance is counter to what we are here for in the first place. If people are quad logging drops then thats pretty simple to figure out. @R-78 I like her thoughts on this however I want to be able to use Sacred Bow on HUcast as it is optimal for HUcast if 3 submissions are required I can Quad Log.
  3. C01D1

    I heard you like Turtles? Any truth to that? 

    1. Kotta


      Me: reads "I heard you like..-"

      Also me: Obligatory Yo Dawg memes!:onion105:





    2. R-78


      Any truthle to that? I am offended.

  4. Cool idea for sure! Sue's Coat RR min ID Cards besides Whitill and Viridia Laconium Axe PBC Heaven Striker Hit Fire Rod AN with hit Red Sword 50hit or above
  5. 7 was taken 7 ate 9. So I will try a different approach, the number 23.
  6. If I were a baked potato, I would listen to carrots they know what time it is in the garden of life, you cannot teach that I earned my safe passage.


    1. RocketTots


      Carrots are known to lie. Watch out.

    2. C01D1


      Ill watch out, they cannot catch me, I am the truest baked potato.

  7. This is a status update there are many like it but this is my own.


    1. Kotta




  8. I want to submit this status update because I think we need more diversity.


  9. 3 submissions yet? How do we side bet on winners? Who wants to be a bookie?
  10. ULT EP2 BLUEFULL Mericus (Yellow) Ganondorf Shield
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