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  1. Holiday Battle Tournament

    Myself and Ipol will do ours this evening time difference is making it hard to organize
  2. Holiday Battle Tournament

    I am in
  3. 10 Anniversary Ultima

    Mr. Nakas Card Bluefull - Vol Opt - Ult
  4. Pthalo's Awful Art Thread

    Man this is outstanding!!! I should commission you to make a anime version of the real life me! haha. Great work!
  5. Good Bye from Arlene

    Good luck in your future endeavors. Sucks to see anyone leave and sorry your experience here became so toxic. Cheers.
  6. Triforce Event Drop Table 2018

    man seriously...... I have done almost 80 runs and am yet to see it drop for anybody.
  7. Triforce Event Drop Table 2018

    Is this supposed to be Hildetorr?
  8. Ultima Triforce Event 2018

    Thanks and very nice lobby!!!!
  9. No-Title-Name

    I really do not understand how people play a game only to be anti social and scam people. Like seriously just quit already and play single player games.
  10. Allow the room leader to set a 25 50 75 percent stat handicap to nerf all the players in the room. The higher the handicap the better the rooms drop rate lol.
  11. A combiner for Guld Milla would be amazing! PS: Higher ATP or rifle range perhaps a bit of both? For its droprate I believe it should completely outclass Yas 9K or at least come closer.
  12. Ignoring options Question

    Press the any key
  13. Taking items out too fast

    That is Chaos!
  14. From what I have seen implenting a rep reward system every month would be amazing. The more you help people the nicer you are to the community, people can then vote for you (every forum account only gets one vote per month) and you can recieve mystery awards!! Every month everything resets. Awards and recognition would go a long way in curing bitter elitest attitudes and making our community even more awesome. Sometimes the best players on this server are the unknown averages heros who help whenever they can and may not even have Dark Weapons!! Food for thought.
  15. Why is hard so hard

    That's because it was inspired by you! The quote was to legendary and had to be memed with Spongebob. I originally even posted it under your comment on chatbox! lol