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  1. I appreciate that you are taking effort. But this is beyond creepy lol.
  2. The ears in general look pretty bad. Horns I support!
  3. You are correct. The amount of crap we do in quests that are second nature... The seabed drop downs etc. It's interesting because the only time I really notice it now is when I see my recordings after the fact lol.
  4. EP1 Path to Salvation. Can we just get rid of that laser fence by the waterfall? Lol. It serves no purpose and everyone exploits around it.
  5. Windows 10 is actively deleting the launcher with real-time virus protection. Also this game must be run in Administrator mode with Windows 7 compatibility. Worked for me earlier today. New Win 10 update has tossed some curve balls.
  6. What the hell... If you bought US currency and got billed Canadian guess what... You are Canadian!
  7. As a person that has seen many people struggle with mental health issues like PTSD BPD etc. I can tell you that even in your lowest of lows you can literally lie to yourself and say it's going to get better. Your life is not over until it's over find something you love and chase it. Your issues will always be there and that's OK, but never give up yourself you are still on the right side of the dirt. Good luck.
  8. Alienware sends its regards! https://www.pcmag.com/news/hands-on-alienware-concept-ufo-a-switch-style-windows-gaming-handheld
  9. Happy Easter, from our quarantine household to yours! 

  10. Whitill ULT EP1 HARMONIC RES CORE Baranz Confirmed
  11. That's nice of you Bob. I will upload one like to your profile.
  12. via Imgflip Meme Generator
  13. EVP can actually make you avoid a physical hit. The easiest example I can think of is RAmarl. Maxed evasion works extremely well on her. During TTF the room before Baranz where there are 4 Sinow Blues they cannot hit you with max evade you can stand there forever and not die, try that with high defense you will die! In fact the argument can be made that RAmarl is superior to RAcast in some scenarios because of her lower Def and HP. She dodges more often and gets knocked down easier avoiding the dreaded 1 hit KO that casts can face.
  14. I am really curious to see how far you go on this.
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