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  1. I cannot believe it OMG Thank you so much!
  2. Congrats Kotta that certainly is great to see such a rare drop. You have inspired me to keep grinding.
  3. Is cereal soup? 

    1. Kotta


      Ask Suzaku If he finds Cereal In the Soup store and my answer will depend on that



  4. HUmar can attempt to solo all content. The result = death though lol. I still think HUmar should get proper S/D buffs added to it.
  5. C01D1

    Valentine Event 2022

    I can feel the love already
  6. C01D1

    New Year Cards 2022

    Quite the imagination this year! Not sure what I will do gives me stuff to think about.
  7. RAmarl buffs are OP anyways
  8. What is this Diablo 1? Dupes.
  9. Is this shop legit?
  10. My personal RAcast build, I did this to allow for a Tellisus HUcast mag to be equipped which are very cheap and come with 3 PBs. This keeps 2 slots available for V502 and CURE Units. One gets used up by Cent Battle of course. Happy Hunting! 115 Power 35 luck MAG 3 182 15 0 Cent Arms 1450 ATP MAX DEF 508 / 706 ATA 234 MAX EVP 626 / 729 LCK 100 MAX
  11. Ult - EP1 - Indi Belra - Viridia - Ultima Reaper
  12. Great info, I was using Confuse traps on my RAcast took them awhile to split, I will have to time a run with both classes and compare.
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