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  1. I haven't played in months and I hopped on tonight for some nostalgic purposes. I saw my armor had different names.. one is now 'friend ring'. My Daylight Scar is now '5th anniversary blade'. I couldn't find any posts on the forum about name changes. Please let me know what's up... -Phenom
  2. Thank you! This site was down earlier now to dig through all the not-so aptly named files!
  3. Hello all! On my Android phone, I used Zedge to get a couple of the SE chat sounds on my phone and I loved using them for message sounds! Now I have an iPhone and Zedge doesn't do ringtones or messaging sounds anymore! Does anyone know of a place I can get the SE sounds isolated? Thanks! -Captain Matt
  4. Wow guys. Thanks for ALL the feedback again! If I can get me mitts on a controller, I will make an updated version of the video and cover turbo keybinds, performing the trick multiple times with the keyboard and the controller, and setting up the turbos. I would BET you can do the same thing for the keyboard... Back at my apartment, I have a Corsair K90 mechanical keyboard with 18 macro keys and repeating functionality. (What I have found though is that some games seem to be intelligent enough to limit turbo keypressing..) I looked back at the last video I made. I don't know about you guys... but we killed 2nd stage Falz on ultimate in LITERALLY 20 seconds... We only had to deal with the spinners once. https://youtu.be/89-gixSHZ2Y?t=1493 <------------------- All in all, did this video help any of you guys? I am aware that many of the people more prone to respond are avid players of the game and would know this already... ALSO, suggestions for future videos?
  5. Here's a quick way to break out of ice. Many people seem to get frustrated or are unaware of this trick so I thought I would make a video demoing and explaining it. Let me know what you think! I have another fun video idea planned in the future -CM/Phenom/Yusuke/Sophie
  6. New video! Thanks for your great response guys
  7. Damn, you guys. Thanks for the overwhelming response to the video! I have another I thought about making! I'll make it today if I find time before my plans tonight. Or I'll put it up late. You guys are really ripping on the FO! I mean... that's why I have a CAST SHIFTA AND DEBAND PLEASE emote in basically the second most convenient place in my chat icons... I just started playing FOmarl and it's tough to manage! My casting speed and damage aren't high enough to be effective at damage output. Really, that class exclusively excels in support until the late levels.... LOL @MrHucast 's sig.
  8. This was a sick team. The amount of damage being put out was by far the most I've ever seen in my LIFE! Thanks to this amazing team. (Still processing as of 7/6/16 10:28 central time)
  9. Haru!!! I have lots of crappy rares! What time zone are you in? Im available this weekend and can drop you some stuff. Oh.. I play HU so... I'll have pretty much exclusively HU items.
  10. LOL penis boss XDDD You might be thinking of Live and Learn or Battle inside the Spaceship. IDK their volume numbers...
  11. Headed home today! See all of you wonderful people tonight! Sent from my SCH-I545 using Tapatalk
  12. Fun story: I'm pretty close to the lake and there's a secluded beach people regularly hang out at. I heard some people were gonna be there and decided to head out. After the short trek through the woods, I find no one was actually there. I was a little dismayed to have been misinformed (not lied to) but decided to stay there myself for a bit. I watched the stars alone for about 40 minutes. It was great. Reminded me of the time someone set up some episode 2 beach quest with all the fun commands. Real life shooting stars are better, but I have fond memories with you all as well.
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