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  1. If we're lucky we might get the option to spend New Year's Cards on adding hit or weapon specials this year. Not 100%, we'll see what the GM Gods decide.
  2. Sonic knuckle drops REDRIA from Blue Sinow also
  3. Ult - Ep2 - REDRIA - TOWER - DEL Lily - New Years Card
  4. Awesome. Thanks for that Kotta. Im not looking to rip anyone off. Just looking for some fair offers of DTs so I can add some hit. Cheers all and Merry Christmas btw. P
  5. I hhad heard 300Dts through 2nd hand information. You're probably correct by challenging that price as the past listing for STA are 200-250 Dts and even one listed for 275. What is your recommended price for STA 777?
  6. Last year there were a couple that went for as much as 300 Dts. I would not be expecting that much. There's one listed for 200 Dts below this post. I could consider a 100-200 Dts offer. Maybe on the lower end if someone includes an interesting weapon or 2.
  7. Reply with offers. DTs only.
  8. @Wavebustershould you have high machine bonus in power glove also?
  9. I just reconnected with an old friend who use to love PSO on Xbox. He's going to be joining the server shortly.
  10. Lindcray - Ep. 4 - Girtabulu - Whitill confirmed
  11. Hey all! I started off on the wrong foot trying to grift people with 50NYC for 90DTs and for that I apologize. I have 50NYC. Trading them at 1NYC = 1.5DTs. Can do all 50 or break them up. I will keep them available until March 30th and then prob use them for hit if no one buys. I was just tying to get more DTs as I don't have a lot of hit on my weapons. Thank you all for your time and consideration and happy new year!
  12. Sheik I don't know what that is, but I appreciate you commenting on my post!
  13. Ok. We'll I'm going to leave it at 50NYC for 75Dts. If anyone decides they want to do that. Let me know. I appreciate all you saying no in many different languages!
  14. Lol. Ok I can see this post is very unpopular. Does anyone want to do 50 NYC for 75Dts?
  15. I have 51 NYC. Looking for 75DTs. Pm me if interested.
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