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  1. Come play with us, we don't bite, we are all very kind and we will be happy to help you leveling and get your first items ❤️ Ultima is a lovely place full of people that still love PSO 20 years later ! Don't be afraid about losing all your progress, it never happened in 12 years and server is doing backup every so often. We have a good and solid community with good GMs. And you can still enjoy the game by playing solo . Also yeah, you can play native 4k on Ultima with mods to improve graphics ( ex : Reshade ) and even enjoy RTX on PSO, that's what I did before my RTX 3080 died (RIP
  2. I want it used in the 2021 banner ! Nice job
  3. Welcome back dude, happy to see you're back playing good old PSO
  4. And also, if you have a good computer, you can run multiple Virtual Machines so with one device you can quadlog and enjoy 240% droprate. Maybe it was also possible with VPN, who knows... Anyway, I didn't know until few days ago that multilogging was such a thing and a problem for the server but now I do. I think it's the right decision, a good breakthrough / step forward. This is the kind of improvement that keeps me playing on this server. I hope the future looks bright for Ultima. Love you all. ❤️
  5. I'm online, please send me a PM for the mag

  6. Always happy to see you around Sock I hope you'll drop PGF this year so you can give it to me for free
  7. B > Excalibur & Rianov 5 with hit ! PM offers please

  8. VIVE LE QUEBEC LIBRE *breath in General De Gaulle*
  9. Yuji Naka (OMG is thy why the Naka's Card are named like that?!!) was the head of SonicTeam when PSO came first on DC. He gave an interview to Polygon (and more to come!) about PSO and how it worked back in time, I enjoyed a lot reading this so I though you may want take a look ! https://www.polygon.com/interviews/2020/7/26/21332950/yuji-naka-sega-phantasy-star-online-20th-anniversary
  10. It's okay, I'll be more lucky for the next event (I hope...)
  11. Nice topic, here's all my finds during this nice event : - That's it! hope you enjoyed reading !
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