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  1. Ah bah bienvenue à vous alors :3 On a une commu et une guilde FR sur le jeu, la Team UPS, n'hésitez pas à venir nous voir on est plusieurs à jouer sur le jeu
  2. Henlo @Meowth ! And welcome aboard I'll just quote a post from an other topic, that could be useful
  3. Henlo, Here you can find a list of commands you can use in-game, so for 1x exp rate the command should be /exp 1 You can hide your HUD with /hud but it will hide your entire HUD. Also keep in min that shortcuts are pretty useful in many cases so I suggest you to maybe get used to it Also, there is now addons for PSOBB like Floor Reader, Chatlog and much more, that's something you want to install ! It's a must have. Also, do not hesitate to ask questions on lobby, most of us will be happy to answer you, you will also find here a list of Ultima's Custom
  4. Dorphons : Christmas Fiasco / Lost Master Blaster Bulk : Path To Salvation (?)
  5. Welcome on Ultima @321Tommy ! Thank you @EDEN for the links, and let me add some cool stuff too : Get familiar with PSO abbreviations, can be a bit tricky to learn but never hesitate to ask a player what is he/she talking about if you don't know This is something you need to install. Addons allows you to have Floor item reader, chatlog, monsters reader and much more directly on the game. It's a must have today . Also it's pretty easy to install : download addons, drag them into PSOBB folder, and you're good. As you probably already sa
  6. Event was truly amazing, thanks a lot for your involvement @R-78 and for everything else you did : Fixed Banners, Community Poll for Morfos, balanced HH, better HH logs, and MUCH more ! ❤️ Also, big thank you to @TheIronSheik for this amazing spreadsheet you did, it's getting better and better after each event, not to mention players that also reported every event drops on that topic too, you guys truly did an amazing job and I'm proud to be a member of this community ❤️ ❤️ May Ultima never dies ❤️ Long life to the server ❤️
  7. I found this little beauty during last hour of HH. Can't be happier I just miss an Ali's Resolve and event hunt will be complete for me 😊
  8. Welcome on Ultima @Jonecas3 ! Here's some useful links to start your journey with us : List Of PSO abbreviations Instaling lua add-ons on psobb guide (You NEED this) : one of them is the floor reader so you can see what dropped on the floor, including weapons stats! Ultima's custom equips Official Max Stats Guide Optimal gear for each classes Don't be affraid to ask questions about the game, we all start somewhere and most of us will be happy to give you the right answer You also have to know that there is events happ
  9. Now I want the same with Bill Nye's head ❤️
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