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  1. Ultimate 1 Ruins Bluefull Dark Falz Ultima Bringer's
  2. Ultimate - IV - Kondrieu - Naka's Card - Yellowboze
  3. Ultimate 4 Desert Yelloboze Shambertin Sonic Team Armor
  4. Say goodbye to your social life, it's time to grind !
  5. Integrated GPU is largely enough to run PSO I think. @gonzagoni try to install PSO on Windows so you'll also have Addons support, I think it's a better idea than running it using Wine.
  6. Looks like a driver issue since you've installed a new GPU. Have you installed new drivers with your HD 5570 GPU ? You usually have to do it when you change a GPU in a computer. For a fresh install, I'd suggest you to use Display Driver Uninstaller . Download and extract it. Launch the software after you rebooted your computer in Safe Mode, it will completely wipe old or corrupted drivers for a fresh install. After that, reboot and go to radeon website to download and install latest drivers. It should fix your problem Let me know if it worked ! Edit : Looks like you use Wine to play PSOBB, so i'm not sure if DDU works with Linux too
  7. hi i want this please Master Raven [30/0/0/55|0] 16 PDs // 2 DTs

  8. It happens because your inventory is full (even if it display 29/30) , be sure to have enough space, I usually free 10 spots before opening Lantern
  9. Ultimate 1 Caves Purplenum Pouilly Slime Heart Container Ultimate 1 Caves Pinkal Pouilly Slime Non event drop Ultimate 1 Caves Skyly Pouilly Slime Heart Container Now we have the full chart for Heart Container
  10. Ultimate 1 Caves Redria Pouilly Slime Non event drop Ultimate 1 Caves Whitill Pouilly Slime Non event drop
  11. Ultimate 1 Caves Viridia Pouilly Slime Heart Container Ultimate 1 Caves Oran Pouilly Slime Non event drop Ultimate 1 Caves Yellowboze Pouilly Slime Non event drop Ultimate 1 Caves Greenill Pouilly Slime Heart Container
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