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    This is a guide with a compilation of plans used for reaching Max Stats on your characters. The goal is to achieve max stats in certain attributes. These stats are divided into: ATP (Attack Points) DFP (Defense Points) MST (Mind Strength) ATA (Attack Accuracy) EVP (Evade Points) LCK (Luck/Critical Boost) In Ultima server every class have increased Max Stats Boost compared to vanilla PSO, that means old max stats plans made for vanilla PSO doesn't work on this server, since there would be an huge gap until reaching the max stat using the old plans. Ultima Boost: +100 ATP, +100 DFP, +100 MST, +10 ATA and +30 EVP boost for every class. That being said, there's a possibility you won't be able to max everything from certain classes (and it's not really needed to max all stats) due to material slot limitation. It is standardized to max ATP, ATA, LUCK (to achieve maximum accuraccy and raw melee attack power) as a priority for melee based classes, and/or MST, for nuking and force classes respectively, and lastly EVP and DEF when necessary and possible. Generally DEF and EVP aren't very important stats, so these stats can be ignored in most cases as armor and barriers will take care of protecting your character. EVP is interesting for increasing the damage output of certain Photon Blasts like Estlla (final damage output also counts the Synchro and IQ percentage, that means 120% Sync and 200 IQ is needed for maximum damage/buff/heal). DEF is important to decrease the final damage you are getting, discounting Deband and Jellen level, very useful for players that uses sacrificial weapons like Excalibur, Heaven Striker and Dark Flow. There are some classes can only have maxed stats by using special custom mags (obtainable via Donation, Mini-Events or using a Console/Ashura Mag Cell) that can reach stats normally not obtainable with standard feeding charts. Otherwise, you will need a PPP Mag (a 0 DEF mag that is a reward players get from completing Power Plant Plight - Episode II quest), useful for replacing the 5 DEF points with more important stats. ⚠️If you use a Console/Ashura Mag Cell/Ultima's Engine!/other mag cells on a PPP/Default mag that doesn't have all 3 Photon Blasts, you won't be able to add new PB's to the said mag, as it will not evolve anymore after becoming rare (green/yellow name). Kit of Mark 3 (refer to this website to understand how console mag evolution works) Ashura Mag Cell is obtainable as a random item from Easter Eggs and Christmas Presents Ultima's Engine! is obtainable on Anniversary Event as a drop from specified bosses ⚠️You can find details of all armor/units/mags/shields used for these plans on Ultima's official wiki. ⚠️You can build your own plan using Ultima's official calculator. There are multiples builds for each character, depending on your preference. Generally it is more efficient to choose for plans that requires less Units, so you can use other interesting units that may improve your gameplay (Centurion/Battle, V801, V502, Smartlink, PB/Increase, Centurion/Resist etc.) CREDITS Fyrewolf5 - for collaborating with an huge ammount of max stats plans, sharing his PSO knowledge and contributing for the creation of this guide Soly - for developing Ultima's Max Stats Calculator R-78 - for collaborating with several plans available on this guide TripleR - for making "0 DEF and HUcast" C/Arms PPP mag feeding guides JADE - for making the "0 DEF" guide for mind mags and collaborating with many useful tips Noob Saibot (a.k.a. Yannv) - .... Honorable Mentions Cyane, Lemon, Rodrigo Chacon, Night orgodemirk - for making the very first max stats calculator Misombre - for hosting orgodemirk's max stats calculator
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    PSO Etiquette Angel's guide to keeping people from hating you Hey there guys and gals! It's your old pal Angel here, and this is a song about a whale! and this is a little list of handy tips to keep in the back of your head when playing in our pretty little cage: Phantasy Star Online! If you're new to the game or just plain rude you probably don't know that there are a few social norms that most players follow that just generally keep other players happy. I joke around, but I take the topics I'm about to talk about very seriously, and I've taken the time to go out on a limb and list a few of the big ones. So let's get started! 1. Claimed! Have you ever been hunting a big item for god knows how long, just to have it drop and, before you can act, have someone else take it right from under your very nose? It's a stinging sensation that even a trimate can't cure. How do you avoid this situation? It's simple! Lay claim to your hunt! When the entire team has gathered, or when a new player joins the room, let them all know what the item is that you are looking for as well as what drops it! If another player cannot agree to your terms, ask them politely to get the fuck out. if you're on the other end of this, try to be polite: if the item drops, let the player who claimed it know so they can come reap the benefits of their hard work. Aid your compadre in finding the item they want, if you want the item as well, ask them to help you hunt it. It may take a while, but a player who has just found an item they've wanted for a while may feel indebted to you and lend you their strength. 2. Banking When a player needs to grab an item from their bank, they will usually create a room and name it "Bank." If a player is in this room, you should assume that their business usually calls for them to move the item quickly. Joining another person's bank room will cause their game to freeze while you connect, slowing their simple process down. Avoid this by simply not joining other people's bank rooms. If you feel that you absolutely must join that room, or that you're simply too lazy to create a bank room of your own, try not to interact with the person within the room that you joined, and keep these in mind: That person is not there to sell you items That person is not there to run you through a TTF That person is not there to give you free gear That person is there to use the bank, and leave 3. Trading Trading on the Ultima server, until recently, was done entirely through drop trading and really required you to put a lot of faith into someone when trying to trade and obtain an item you want. Now the trade window is fixed, but there is still a little more to learn when it comes to trading. This sounds a little crazy I know, but listen and understand this: some people actually have anxiety and may agree to a trade that actually isn't beneficial to them simply because they aren't good at saying no. So what does that mean for you? How do you keep your trades clean and fair? Don't gyp another player when you're making your offer or conducting your business. If you know the item you're selling is only worth 20 photon drops and you continually try to lowball a person or bully them into taking that item for more than it's worth you are trash. If you know the item you want is worth 50 photon drops and you offer 30 photon drops and an item that is only worth 10 photon drops you are trash. If you deliberately try to sell someone an item that you know has little to no use or is weaker and less useful than they intend you are trash. this is easily one of the harder concepts to grasp and understand because of course you want to profit and keep ahead as much as possible, so you want to use up any wiggle room that you have but I personally think it's just better to pay what an item is worth, or always be open to reverse a trade after it's gone through if your customer is unhappy with what they purchased. No one likes to feel swindled, so try not to be a buttface. 4. Buying, Selling, and Trading (B>,S>,T>) Is the hunt not doing so hot? Spent hours looking for that one item you just can't seem to find? Got a few Photon Drops or other valuable items you're willing to part with? Sounds to me like you're in the perfect position to begin a transaction! But how do you go about doing it? It's simple really! Use the B>, S>, or T> commands to let other players know you mean business! (literally) B> stands for Buying! Lets say I wanted to buy a Psycho Wand. With that being the item in question here, I would simply set up a trade room: start a new room (any difficulty is fine, but keep in mind: players who cannot yet play on higher difficulties can't enter your room if you set it to a higher difficulty, thus limiting your business) and set the name as B> Psycho Wand, since Psycho Wand is the item in question here. The bait is set, create the room to cast out your fishing line and wait to hook a seller! Once someone enters the room, ask if they have the item in question, the tell them what you're willing to give up to obtain it. Remember! Don't lowball other players when presenting your offers! Once the two of you have settled on an agreement, commence the trade! You can go with the good old fashioned drop-trade method, or use Ultima's new and improved Trade Window! Need a little extra Photon Drops? Got a fresh item begging to be sold? Have no fear! S> stands for selling! It's virtually the same concept as above, except this time, you're fishing for buyers! Create a room (whatever difficulty you like) and set the name as S> "insert item name here"! T> stands for trading! This command is used when you wish to exchange items for goods rather than using Photon Drops. This command is very rarely set by itself, and usually follows the B> or S> commands. To add trading to the mix, simply type B/T> or S/T> when you go to create your room. This lets players know that you are interested in trading as well as buying or selling. Easy right? 5. Is This Seat Taken? There will come times when you happen upon a party of players that is 3/4 full. Sometimes people reserve spaces for friends or other players to join them in combat. If someone tells you your spot is taken, don't be rude, don't catch an attitude, just apologize and leave. I know for me, it sucks to have to tell someone they have to go just because their spot is reserved for someone else. Don't make this process any harder than it has to be. 6. Unwanted Medical Attention If you've played in a room on Hard level or higher, more or likely you've come across someone who may run around with their HP dropped to a ridiculously low amount wielding a large yellow greatsword. I like to call these people, Flow-ers. What you may not know, is that they may or may not have intentionally dropped their HP in order to use the Wave attack on their weapon, the Dark Flow. What you want to do is avoid healing this person as best you can. If you are injured and need medical attention near this person, resort to swallowing as many mates as you can to fill your bar without filling theirs. Now, you have to understand, that healing someone who is purposefully dropping their health to use this attack, can leave them defenseless with low health. This may lead to them being one hit by their current prey. Now, no one is perfect. We have all panicked every once and a while after taking major damage and the first thing we want to do is heal ourselves. RESTA! Oopsie, you've gone and healed a Flow-er. What happens now? You may find yourself on the receiving end of a curse out. Have no fear, simply apologize to that person and try to avoid repeating that same mistake. Now this part is important, if you are on the other end of this and are healed by accident, remain calm. You are alive and I can almost guarantee the world has not ended. Try to avoid saying mean or hurtful things to that poor fonewearl whom's range reached a little farther than she expected. Be creative and use your wits to find a way to drop your HP back down to an acceptable range without hurting your fellow player's feelings. Don't be that douchebag that gets super upset because you received a little unwanted love. Stay clam and slay that monster another way. 7. Relaxing on the Beach Many of us know the irritation that comes with having to shoot down those little rats with wings on the beach of Respective Tomorrow (RT) and there sure are a lot of them. That section is easily one of the most dreaded areas of the PSO world simply because of how long it takes to take out a series of irritatingly evasive enemies. Keep this in mind, the more that are helping out, the faster this section will go. Don't leave your teammates to clean up the beach while you go relax somewhere because you are too lazy to shoot a few flies. This causes the process to be even longer than it would if you would stay and continue to help. Press on brave hero and this part will be over before you know it. 8. The Ever Illusive 4 Way Photon Blast This is easily one of the more important things I will teach you, so listen up! Of all of the players on Ultima server, maybe 30% are ever on the same page when it comes to doing a 4 Way Photon Blast. This is either because of a lack of knowledge of PB, or a lack of communication, so here are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to releasing the energy of your floating little companion. The main goal of a 4 Way Photon Blast is to sligshot energy into Mylla & Youlla (Twins) and give the entire team an incredible Level 80+ Shifta and Deband. When someone calls out a number between 1-100, what they more or likely want to hear is where your Photon Blast Meter currently is. Depending on how well you type and your current fighting situation, it should take anywhere between 1-3 seconds to let your team know how much energy your Mag has built up. Simply type the number next to the yellow meter in the top left corner of your screen and you'll make everyone a whole lot happier. The meter is located in the top left corner of your HUD, peep it. Keep in mind that Forces (usually) do not build Photon Blast as quickly as other players. The tradeoff for this is that Forces have the ability to imbue teammates with Shifta and Deband up to level 30 by themselves. Try to be patient with them while they build Photon Blast. Okay so is eveyone at 100? Yes? Yes? Yes? Yes? Good, what happens now? Now the fun starts. Players should now begin to call out the name of the Photon Blast they are about to use. This portion of the process is severely important as it lets everyone else know what Photon Blast you will use, as well as what Photon Blast NOT to use. Become familiar with the different names for each Photon Blast as well as their original names. Heres a quick list to help you out: Farlla otherwise known as the Snake or the Serpent, or even sometimes the Dragon. Estilla otherwise known as the Dolphin, or the Fish Golla otherwise known as the Deer, or the Stag Pilla otherwise known as the Mage, or the Tower, people usually know the real name of this one so I haven't heard many nicknames for him Leilla otherwise known as the Lady or the Woman, or the Healer and finally, the most important of the bunch Mylla and Youlla otherwise known as the Twins Now, back on track, the name of your Photon Blast should be called out to let everyone know what you intend to use. The purpose of this is to bring everyone in the group to the same page before the blast is initiated. Always remember to wait at least 5 seconds after you call the name of your blast before you use it. This wait period is crucial to having the blast go successfully. It allows other players the chance to object and stop the blast from happening before any Photon is wasted. If there is a problem, or if you need the other players to wait, quickly tell them before the blast is started. Everyone NEEDS to be on the same page here in order to get your super-powered Shifta and Deband, so be patient! Everyone is at 100 and I'm not, what do I do? I will let you in on a secret lad, you can Donate your Photon to the Blast even before you reach 100. On your keyboard, (if you're on a desktop it is usually located directly above the arrow keys, if you're on a laptop, it may be located on the far right of your keyboard) there is a key labeled "End" Press the "End" key during the period after someone has used a Photon Blast and before the animation for the Blast has started to donate your photon! The timing of this is crucial, you must press the key while the other players are doing their poses. If the animation for the Photon Blast has started, you will not be able to donate your Photon and you will miss out on the benefits of obtaining high powered Shifta and Deband! Location Location Location Where should a Photon Blast be done? I'm glad you asked stupid idiot. There are certain areas where Photon Blasts should not be initiated due to glitches within the game. I could list them all for you, but it's much easier to just say this: Hallways and other tight spaces These places are very bad for Photon Blasts. Because of their height or restrictive area, hallways may cut off the range of the Photon Blast, denying its benefits to certain players. Take the time to move to a new, wider area before you initiate the blast! ALSO make sure that all four players are in the same room before you start it! A player can be 2 inches away from you, but outside of your room, this causes the game to think they are in a different area and they will not receive the benefits of your blast! Be patient with this game's mechanics and you'll do just fine! ONE MORE THING. The Photon Blast Mylla and Youlla are the gift that keeps on giving. If you happen to be dead at the time someone uses the Twins, you can donate PB to be brought back to life! This is especially useful in dire situations where a Force is not available and your team is out of Moon Atomizers and really needs your help! Don't be stingy with your Photon Blast! 9. Don't Beg for Things Trust me when I say, there is nothing more irritating than a beggar. I know, I know, you're new to the server and you need help! There are certain ways to go about doing this, and trust me, repeatedly asking high level players for items will do nothing but irritate them. If you want help, here's how you get it: Earn It I know that sounds crazy, but hear me out. Putting a little bit of struggle into the game when around higher level players may invoke a sense of pity in them. I know I personally hate to see a new player struggle with a friggin saber as they go into higher levels. If you impress another player, they may find a few items in their little toychest to dish out to you and help you along your way. It's sort of a respect thing I like to think but what do I know? What will not work, however, is following another player around saying things such as, "u have items for me?" or "can you give me good weapons?" It will simply irritate that player, and even if they had weapons to give you, they will probably not want to give them to you now. Be patient, work hard, and people will reward you! 10. Weapon Slang Have you ever seen players saying things such as 100/0/0/50/50? Of course you have, well if you are anything like me when I first started out, you haven't the slightest idea what the hell that means. Let me break it down for ya noob! each weapon can be imbued with attributes! These are stats that will allow the weapon to deal extra damage against it's respective foe. The categories are as followed, Native / A.Beast / Machine / Dark / Hit With that knowledge in hand, we can apply this template to any weapon, allowing you to state the stats of the weapon. Let's say for example, I have an Excalibur. The Stats for my weapon may be something like this Excalibur 0/0/45/50/40 Keeping with the template, this means that my Excalibur will deal a 0% bonus to Native enemies, a 0% bonus to Altered Beasts, a 45% bonus to Machine type enemies, and a 50% bonus to Dark type enemies-- as well as having a 40% hit increase. The higher these percentages, the more damage they will deal to their respective enemy. Players may often ask you about the stats of your weapon either out of curiosity, or out of interest in your weapon, meaning they may want to buy it. If you are against this, simply tell them the item in question is not for sale. Alright morons. I'm pooped but I'm willing to bet you learned your butt off today. I could talk for ages about how to shape you into a beautiful member of PSO society, but there are some things you'll just have to learn for yourself. I may update this list with more things in the near future but for now, just keep these in mind and you'll do fine! Welcome to Phantasy Star Online Ultima!
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    The idea of this thread is for it to serve as an alert any time Happy Hours (HH) are in effect. When HH is in effect, drop rates are boosted, which makes hunting things a lot easier. However, HH lasts only 3 hours (180 min) and occurs randomly throughout the week. This thread will let you know when HH are in effect, even when you are away from your computer. The usefulness of this thread depends on everyone working together to post alerts when HH happens. All are welcome to post alerts! Post how much time remains until Happy Hours ends (minutes / hours). Don't post what time it started or what time it ends, because we all live in different time zones. ONLY post if Happy Hours are on. This will prevent people's email inboxes from being cluttered To make this thread more useful to you, follow this thread. By doing so, you will receive emails every time someone posts an alert in this thread (you may need to adjust your account settings to allow these emails to be sent to your email). EXAMPLE OF WHAT TO POST:
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    New quests have been implemented on the server: [Episode I / Ultima] Strange Sighting [Episode I / Ultima] Passion of the Blacksmith [Episode II / Ultima] Dolmolm Research [Episode II / Ultima] The Military Strikes Back [Episode I / Event] Christmas Fiasco [Episode II / Event] Christmas Fiasco [Episode IV / Event] Christmas Fiasco [Episode I / Ultima] Maximum Attack U: Forest [Episode I / Ultima] Maximum Attack U: Caves [Episode I / Ultima] Maximum Attack U: Mines [Episode I / Ultima] Maximum Attack U: Ruins [Episode II / Ultima] Maximum Attack U: Temple [Episode II / Ultima] Maximum Attack U: Spaceship [Episode II / Ultima] Maximum Attack U: Central Control Area [Episode II / Ultima] Maximum Attack U: Seabed [Episode II / Ultima] Maximum Attack U: Tower [Episode IV / Ultima] Maximum Attack U: Crater [Episode IV / Ultima] Maximum Attack U: Desert Many thanks to Matt, Armand and other content creators for making this happen! Thanks to Larva and Soly as well.
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    This post may be seen as an attempt for drama, but I honestly need to get my thoughts out in the open. I have Ultima's best intentions in mind and honestly it's heartbreaking to see Ultima in the state that it is. I enjoy most of the people here and have fun playing here. This isn't to stir up drama, I only just hope this serves as a wake up call to Larva. Ultima's lead admin, Larva, is effectively killing his own server. Countless suggestions have been ignored/shot down even though 90% of the server base has backed them. I realize it's his server and he can do whatever he want, but whatever he's doing now is obvious not working. Ultima barely peaks over 50-60 during the week, and that's even with Happy Hour. I've seen others servers, as of lately, peak at almost 150 people, probably more. Things I see that contribute to its decline: Lead admin is hardly around, except during events. Events are often started late/ended late because of this. EVP buff is a blatant cash-grab for donations looking into from the outside. It may have no been the intentions of the server, but it drives away people from playing because it just looks like you almost have to donate just to hit anything when starting out. Repeat abusers of the forums go unpunished/unbanned. There are users with several warnings who go unbanned or unpunished, therefore leaving them to continue trolling. Perhaps a 3-strike rules within a certain time-frame could be something that could be implemented in the future to prevent frequent abusers. End-game gear is event only. PGF is only available during Christmas, a time where many people are busy visiting family over the holidays. Even if you have more time, the rate is usually obscene to where you're lucky if you get one. If you don't have time or aren't lucky enough, you're either forced to trade for one, or just try again next year. It has been suggested countless times to add this to the drop-tables year round, even at a difficult rate, but it's been ignored countless times. This is especially inexcusable when Olga Flow drops nothing 3/4 of the year except when they add event drops to his drop table. Lead admin is very impatient. Lately, valid criticisms have been seen as $/%tposting or attempts to cause drama in his eyes. Honest criticism and suggestions have been responded with malice and labeled as $/%tposting even though the original poster had no intentions as such. In conclusion. It's been exhausting as well as almost heart-breaking to see Ultima's status as of the last few months. There has been an increased amount of drama(that I realize I'm guilty of contributing to it), events have been starting/ending late. 5x exp has lasted months at a time. It's all just declining. When I started back in 2015, we had active GMs(Soly, Cyane, and kind of Kajex and Mio), events started on time. Drama was a bit more rare, although it still was pretty prevalent. But now we only really have Mio and R-78(I appreciate them both for putting in the hard work that they do), and drama is almost every other day. I would LOVE to see this server be the best that it could be, but honestly I'm not sure if it'll even get there at this rate. I reiterate that this isn't a drama post or an attempt to stir up something, it's an honestly post listing grave concerns of a server I've come to know and care about over the almost 4 years I've been here. I don't doubt this'll be deleted/locked soon after posting, but I please encourage Larva to read this with an open heart.
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    New features have been implemented with the latest server update. Monster HP Bar: Displays the HP Bar of the current targeted monster in its information window. Enable this from the Launcher options. Mag reverser: Your mag can now trigger Reverser if you die. This only applies in One Person mode. In-game Commands: /changename new_name You can change each of your character names once every 3 months. Enter this command twice with the same name to perform it. /changesectionid section_ID You can change your section ID once every 3 months. Enter this command twice with the same ID to perform it. Section_ID has to be viridia greenill skyly bluefull purplenum pinkal redria oran yellowboze or whitill. /matreset type You can now reset the type of materials you want. Enter this command twice with the same type to perform it. Type has to be all power mind evasion defense luck hp or tp. Thanks to @Soly !
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    English: Good afternoon everybody! I'll be making a mini event that consists into adding hit into weapons. The price is 60 pds for 30 hit, if you only say you want 20 hit you will have to pay the 60 pds. I will be doing hit splitting also. The limit of hit you can add is up to 70% and nothing more. I won't be adding hit on Dark weapons. See you in the HIT EVENT room! Español: Buenas tardes a todos! voy hacer un mini evento que consiste en colocar hit en armas. El precio es de 60 pds por 30 hit, se me dicen que solo quieren 20 hit pues de igual manera tendras que pagar 60 pds. Voy hacer division de hit tambien. El limite de hit que puedes agregar es 70% y nada más. No voy añadir hit en Dark Weapons. Nos vemos en la sala HIT EVENT! Português: Boa tarde a todos! estarei fazendo um mini evento que consiste em adicionar hit a armas. O preco é de 60 pds por 30 hit, se apenas quiseres 20 hit terás de pagar os 60 pds. Farei divisão de hit também. O limite de hit que podes adicionar vai até 70% e nada mais. Não irei colocar hit em dark weapons. Vemo-nos na sala HIT EVENT! Français: Bonjour tout le monde! J'organiserai qui consistera à ajouter du hit sur des armes. Le prix est de 60 pds pour 30 hit, si vous ajoutez 20 hit vous devrez tout de même payer 60 pds. Je pourrai répartir l'ajout du hit. Vous ne pourrez pas monter au dessus de 70 hit sur une même arme. Vous ne pourrez pas en ajouter sur une Dark weapon non plus. A bientôt ! 日本語(ツンデレ風): 御機嫌よう。にHITを追加するミニイベントを行なってあげるわ。 30HIT当たりたったの60PDだよ。でも、20HITしか要らない場合でも60PDになるから気をつけてね。 原則、70%HIT以上まで追加する注文はお断り〜。 あと、ダーク武器が大っ嫌いだからダーク武器だけにHITを追加しないからね。 では!イベント部屋にて参加してね!
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    Well I'm leaving the server again. Mostly this time around because we're sitting on so many good ideas that just don't seem like they ever will happen. We've had a good run. By releasing some of the ideas that never were, perhaps it can build some hype and motivate the existing staff to release some of these. The skins are ready and stats are ready for a lot of these items. They just were not released. Here are some items I helped to introduce to the server: KajeX Inventions and collaborations on Ultima Abuelita/Battle Arrest Needle Asteron Striker (Supposed to be usable by hunewearl, but isn't) Blood Sword Centurion/Arm Centurion/Luck Centurion/Mind Centurion Power Glide Divine V.00 (Currently broken - doesn't boost 3rd technique. If reverser isn't possible, suggestions of Anti or Shifta would suffice.) Godric/Ability Godric's Cloak (Currently broken - doesn't boost ata and is usable by wrong classes) Hylian Shield Master Sword Noob/Hp Psycho Bridge Rico's Parasol Slicer of Vengeance (Currently broken - skin is wrong and looks horrible) Stealth Sword - Desperately needs more ata Sue's Coat Sword of Ultima - Desperately needs more ata and atp Virus Shield: Volt Opt - My very first weapon skin for Ultima Zan Beacon But there's a lot that we had in mind that just never could happen. I can provide skin files for these upon request, but don't expect my PMs to work. My inbox is 11x over the limit. ^^ Unreleased Weapons: Arrest Faust - Iron Faust in yellow and usable by hunters - Meant to be like arrest needle for hunters. Cancelled because we couldn't seem to make it hit multiple targets. Dual Excaliburs - Two excaliburs in a top-class weapon like mushashi and yamato. Frozen Faust - Iron Faust in red and usable by hunters - Meant to be like a less effective frozen shooter for hunters. Cancelled because we couldn't seem to make it hit multiple targets. Last Holy Ray - Holy Ray with added piercing - Meant to be part of Valentine's day event, but Larva couldn't seem to get the piercing to work (think arrest rianov-5). Was meant for all forces and hunters to use for Arrest. If piercing still is unable to work, possible suggestion is Master Raven animation (3 bullets, 3 times from a single rifle barrel) Lavis Sword - Made with "Photon Amplifier" (unreleased) to extend range of Lavis Cannon Light Bridge - Skin Only - Stats were never chosen Manly Banana - Troll event item (much like zanbeacon) that is a negative atp canon rouge in yellow and is combo unlocked. Meant to honor Cyane Morolian Rifle - Made with "Photon Amplifier" (unreleased) to extend range of Tension Blaster Power Drill - Made with "Photon Amplifier" (unreleased) to extend range of Drill Launcher Panther Umbrella - Skin only. Stats were never chosen. Powermage Saber - Skin only. Stats were never chosen. Samba's Fiesta - Made with "Photon Amplifier" (unreleased) to extend range of Samba's Maracas S-Blue's Blades - S-reds but for rangers. Ultima Bringer's Rifle - Was meant to be part of Valentine's Day event, but larva could not get piercing to work (Think Demons Rianov-5 for Forces and Hunters). If piercing still is unable to work, possible suggestion is Master Raven animation (3 bullets, 3 times from a single rifle barrel) Ultima Shredder/Ripper/Twin Devil/Blood Blade (Name Undecided) - Girasole with Ultima Reaper skin - Meant to be berserk girasole added to Halloween event. Cancelled because we couldn't get the skin to work and a certain person who isn't with the server anymore refused to help debug it. Unknown Name - Combo unlocked L&K38 Combat only usable by force classes Unknown Name - Upgrade to Twin Blaze for androids. We aren't able to upgrade the level of gifoie it casts, but the suggestion is to try and boost the gifoie technique boost on the weapon by 100% so casts can actually deal a bit of gifoie damage when using this upgrade to Twin Blaze. Whoop Ass - Made with "Photon Amplifier" (unreleased) to extend range of Rocket Punch Zebra Parasol - Skin only. Stats were never chosen. Unreleased Units Centurion/Body - "A reinforcing unit for protective gear. Boosts DFP by 75 when equipped." Centurion/HP - "A reinforcing unit for protective gear. Boosts HP by 125 when equipped." Centurion/Legs - "A reinforcing unit for protective gear. Boosts EVP by 75 when equipped." Centurion/Luck - "A reinforcing unit for protective gear. Boosts LCK by 60 when equipped." Centurion/Technique - "A reinforcing unit for protective gear. Raises the levels of all your techniques by 5." Proof of Tech-Saint (Cancelled - Not Possible)- "Raises ATA by 30, cuts TP consumption by 25, raises the level of all your techniques by 3" Probably should be very rare. Sonic/Ability - "When equipped, this unit will increase ATP, MST, EVP, DFP and LCK by 40, and ATA by 3." State/Maintenance - Exists on other servers already. Removes all status effects. V503 (Cancelled - Not Possible) - "When equipped, this unit will increase the success rate of special attacks. Also raises ATA for Hunters and Forces using ranged attacks." (Smartlink and v502 combined into one unit) V802 (Cancelled - Not Possible) - "When equipped, this unit drastically decreases techinque casting time." Consider this the "cent battle" unit for forces. Other Unreleased Items Troll Booster - "When combined with a certain item, it..." Special item to be used on rabbit wand and final impact. When combined, it creates Saber (preferably with red box lol)! Halloween Costumes - New item "halloween costume" to be used on Red Ring to allow it to look like Cat Ears, Rabbit Ears, and other "costumes", but retain the stats of min red ring. Proposed Modifications to items: Rika's Claw - Boosts gi techs, but is not equippable by forces. GI boosts aren't as useful for non-forces. Modify this weapon to allow it to be used by all forces. This would be a much cooler weapon for boosting techs on fonewm and fomar since magical piece is so girly. Clio - This is a good weapon for boosting zalure range and can be used by ramarl, but not hunewearl. Modify this weapon to allow it to be used by hunewearl. This would make hunewearl more desirable to use. Nei's Claw (Real) - This weapon boosts simple techs and is insanely rare. However, it's not usable by the one class with native simple tech boosts. Modify this weapon to allow it to be equipped by fonewearl. Perhaps people will want to start donating for this weapon if it can be used on fonewearl. Siren Glass Hammer - Natively boosts gibarta and has grants special. Neither are very good. Increase gibarta boost to 100%. Add grants boost of 25% to help the usefulness of the special. Sword of Ultima - Raise stats to be at least as good as Zanba. A weapon with the server's name in it should be an amazing weapon. ATA is waaaaay too low and so is ATP. Virus Shield - Great shield for newer players, but its ata is lower than red ring and its tech boosting abilities are for unpopular techniques. DEF/EVP and resistances are also lower than most other shields. As a result, very few people use this shield and its value is quite low. Modify the boosts from 20% gi boosts to 45% gi boosts. Change EDK, EFR, ELT resistances from 10% to 25%. These changes should make this a more popular shield. Power Maser - Very weak weapon and combo locked. Unlock this weapon. Psycho Raven - Amazing gun, but still not usable by all males. Allow it to be equipped by fomar and fonewm. Sambas Maracas - There are no guns for male hunters and forces with long ranges. Modify Sambas Maracas to increase the range to handgun or laser range. This will allow male hunters and forces to have a longer-range weapon for dealing damage. The special is basically useless and the atp is incredibly low, so this shouldn't imbalance the game, especially since the weapon cannot grind. Gael Giel - The most valued mag in the game. However, it does nothing at bosses. Consider adding invincibility or shifta/deband at bosses. Blood Sword - Great weapon. Limited classes can use it. Change requirements so fomar can equip. All other forces can use it. I'm not sure why fomar was excluded. Dancing Hitogata - Considering how rare this weapon is, it should be amazing, right? Nope. Barely does damage. (I've tested with 100 100 0 0 100 stats and it still barely does anything on a fomar with max atp, ata and luck.) Consider giving this weapon a significant boost, like adding 300+ atp and 30+ ata to it. Guld Milla - Once an invaluable weapon for rangers. Now that we have added gush yasminkov, this collector's item isn't very good. The range is shorter than yasminkov, but the yasminkov works just as well if not better for gush. Allow it to be equippable on ALL androids (hucast, hucaseal) and it would become a very popular item. Daylight Scar - Add Fomar to list of classes that can use this weapon. Vivienne and other weapons are easy to obtain by Fomarl. Fomar has no such luck. Adding daylight scar would allow Fomar to get weapons that are obtainable year round (unlike Girasole which is a damn hard drop) In addition to the changes above, there are a lot of areas in the game where the drop table makes zero sense. Here were some proposed changes I made in January 2014. I think we finally added antidark ring to the drops somewhere, but no other changes have happened. Changes to server drops Olga Flow Ultimate Viridia - Drill Launcher 1/37 Greenill - Antidark Ring 1/64 Skyly - Master Raven 1/64 Bluefull - Dress Plate 1/37 Purplenum - Antilight Ring 1/37 Pinkal - Rocket Punch 1/64 Redria - Centurion Arms 1/37 Oran - Le Cogneur 1/64 Yellowboze - Photon Booster 1/64 Whitill - Two Kamui 1/64 Shambertin Ultimate Purple - Remove Rage De Feu (Bad item from this boss). Replace with Last Swan. No need to move it elsewhere. It drops from goran detonators. Just delete from shambertin. Oran - Remove Zero Divide (Bad item from this boss). Replace with Meteor Rouge. Move Zero Divide to an id for Vol Opt ultimate. Whitill - Remove izmaela (Bad item from this boss). Replace with Trap Search 1/37. Move Izmaela to an id for Vol Opt Ultimate. I'd suggest also changing the rates for heavenly resist, raikiri, and laconium axe to make them easier (somewhere around 1/37). These items aren't good enough to be 1/104 drops. Because this would make Zero Divide unobtainable, it should be moved elsewhere. I propose Vol Opt in Ultimate for at least 1 ID. It's not that strong of a weapon, so it seems like a waste having it as such a hard drop at Shambertin. Vol Opt Very Hard It would be so cool to move Virus Shield to be a permanent drop for at least 1 ID. I suggest Very Hard because it's not the strongest shield. New players would appreciate it in Very Hard mode as they level. Either that or add it to mines offensive very hard after we fix the quest. Again, just some ideas. But this might give players something to look forward to year round so that we don't have to have events turned on all the time. Epsilon Ultimate Oran - Change rate for ano rifle to something easier, like 1/100 or 1/64. It shouldn't be harder to get than wedding dress. Purple - Change rate of rika's claw to something easier, like 1/100 or 1/64. It shouldn't be harder to get than wedding dress. Viridia - Final impact seriously? xD I'd suggest rianov SNR-2 and let users add specials to it. Redria - Change from Secure Feet to Sword of Ultima
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    Valentine's Event - 2015 The time to defend our sweetheart's has arrived and so our brave manly hunters must get ready for the ferocious battles against the terrible monsters that reside in Ragol! Returning from the our Anniversary Event to aid our heroes: -Mr. Naka's business Card (to know how it works) http://www.phantasystaronline.net/forum/index.php?/topic/2130-s-rank-weapon-event/ (hope the old guy can take it) The heroes of Ultima summon the Triforce Event centurions: -Centurion/Power -Centurion/Arms -Centurion/Luck From the Christmas Event we call our forth: -RESTA MERGE -RED MERGE -GIBARTA MERGE -RAZONDE MERGE -SOUL EATER -Tablet And calling the power of our hearts manliness the new items! -SLICER OF VENGEANCE -GLIDE DIVINE V.00 -RICO'S PARASOL EVENT IS ACTIVE
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    Since the official thread is already available let's post the confirmed drops down below to complete our drop chart. Please only post if you find the item with all those informations Item - Mob - Section ID - Episode - Difficulty to keep it neat. Feel free to add the regular drops as well, I'll keep this post update until the end of the event. Happy hunting everyone! COLOR LEGEND: Viridia Greenill Skyly Bluefull Purplenum Pinkal Redria Oran Yellowboze Whithill Lindcray EP1 ULT ◀︎ Dark Bringer ◀︎ Dark Bringer ◀︎ Dark Bringer EP2 ULT ◀︎ Sinow Zoa ◀︎ Sinow Zoa ◀︎ Sinow Zoa ◀︎ Sinow Zoa EP4 ULT ◀︎ Girtablulu ◀︎ Girtablulu Master Raven EP1 ULT ◀︎ Dark Bringer ◀︎ Dark Bringer EP2 ULT ◀︎ Sinow Zoa ◀︎ Sinow Zoa EP4 ULT ◀︎ Girtablulu Last Swan EP1 ULT ◀︎ Delsaber ◀︎ Delsaber ◀︎ Delsaber ◀︎ Delsaber EP4 ULT ◀︎ Zu Rambling May EP1 ULT ◀︎ Crimson Assassin ◀︎ Crimson Assassin ◀︎ Crimson Assassin EP2 ULT ◀︎ Delsaber ◀︎ Delsaber ◀︎ Delsaber EP4 ULT ◀︎ Zu ◀︎ Zu EP1 VH ◀︎ Crimson Assassin EP4 VH ◀︎ Zu ◀︎ Zu Angel Harp EP1 ULT ◀︎ Melqueek ◀︎ Melqueek ◀︎ Melqueek EP2 ULT ◀︎ Sinow Berill ◀︎ Gulgus ◀︎ Sinow Spigell EP4 ULT ◀︎ Merissa A ◀︎ Merissa A ◀︎ Merissa A EP1 VH ◀︎ Guil Shark ◀︎ Guil Shark Slicer of Vengeance EP1 ULT ◀︎ Dark Bringer ◀︎ Dark Bringer ◀︎ Dark Bringer EP2 ULT ◀︎ Sinow Zoa EP4 ULT ◀︎ Astark ◀︎ Astark Glide Divine v.00 EP1 ULT ◀︎ Gran Sorcerer ◀︎ Gran Sorcerer EP2 ULT ◀︎ Dolmarl ◀︎ Dolmarl EP4 ULT ◀︎ Astark ◀︎ Astark ◀︎ Astark Rico's Parasol EP1 ULT ◀︎ Crimson Assassin ◀︎ Crimson Assassin EP2 ULT ◀︎ Delbiter ◀︎ Delbiter ◀︎ Delbiter EP4 ULT ◀︎ Pyro Goran ◀︎ Pyro Goran ◀︎ Pyro Goran ◀︎ Pyro Goran Rianov 303SNR-1 EP2 ULT ◀︎ Sinow Berill EP4 ULT ◀︎ Astark Rianov 303SNR-2 EP1 ULT ◀︎ Ob Lily ◀︎ Ob Lily ◀︎ Ob Lily ◀︎ Ob Lily EP4 ULT ◀︎ Del Rappy ◀︎ Del Rappy EP1 VH ◀︎ Poison Lily EP2 VH ◀︎ Nar Lily Rianov 303SNR-3 EP1 ULT ◀︎ Gran Sorcerer ◀︎ Gran Sorcerer ◀︎ Gran Sorcerer Rianov 303SNR-4 EP1 ULT ◀︎ Melqueek ◀︎ Nano Dragon EP2 ULT ◀︎ Dolmarl ◀︎ Dolmarl EP4 ULT ◀︎ Satellite Lizard Amore Rose EP1 ULT ◀︎ Bartle ◀︎ Merlan ◀︎ Bartle ◀︎ Merlan ◀︎ Bartle ◀︎ Bartle ◀︎ Bartle ◀︎ Merlan ◀︎ Merlan ◀︎ Bartle ◀︎ Merlan EP2 ULT ◀︎ Deldepth ◀︎ Deldepth ◀︎ Deldepth ◀︎ Deldepth ◀︎ Deldepth ◀︎ Deldepth ◀︎ Deldepth ◀︎ Deldepth ◀︎ Deldepth ◀︎ Deldepth ⎿ ◀︎ Gulgus ◀︎ Mil Lily ◀︎ Ob Lily ◀︎ Mil Lily EP1 VH ◀︎ Booma ◀︎ Canane ◀︎ Booma ◀︎ La Dimenian ◀︎ La Dimenian ◀︎ Booma EP2 VH ◀︎ Nar Lily EP4 VH ◀︎ Ba Boota ◀︎ Ba Boota Great Bouquet EP1 ULT ◀︎ Ob Lily ◀︎ Ob Lily ◀︎ Ob Lily EP4 ULT ◀︎ Ba Boota EP1 VH ◀︎ Poison Lily EP4 VH ◀︎ Ba Boota Butterfly Net EP2 ULT ◀︎ Merillia ◀︎ Merillia EP4 ULT ◀︎ Yowie EP4 VH ◀︎ Yowie Login EP1 ULT ◀︎ Ob Lily ◀︎ Ob Lily ◀︎ Ob Lily EP2 ULT ◀︎ Sinow Berill EP4 ULT ◀︎ Yowie EP1 VH ◀︎ Poison Lily EP4 VH ◀︎ Astark ◀︎ Yowie Bamboo Spear EP1 ULT ◀︎ Melqueek EP2 ULT ◀︎ Mil Lily EP4 ULT ◀︎ Astark EP1 VH ◀︎ Guil Shark ◀︎ Guil Shark EP2 VH ◀︎ Nar Lily ◀︎ Nar Lily EP4 VH ◀︎ Satellite Lizard Genpei EP1 ULT ◀︎ Delsaber ◀︎ Delsaber ◀︎ Delsaber EP2 ULT ◀︎ Ill Gill ◀︎ Ill Gill EP4 ULT ◀︎ Pyro Goran ◀︎ Pyro Goran ◀︎ Pyro Goran ◀︎ Pyro Goran Kroe's Sweater EP1 ULT ◀︎ Melqueek ◀︎ Melqueek ◀︎ Melqueek EP2 ULT ◀︎ Ill Gill EP4 ULT ◀︎ Merissa A ◀︎ Merissa A Dress Plate EP1 ULT ◀︎ Delsaber ◀︎ Delsaber ◀︎ Delsaber EP2 ULT ◀︎ Epsilon Love Rappy's Beak EP1 ULT ◀︎ Crimson Assassin ◀︎ Crimson Assassin ◀︎ Crimson Assassin EP2 ULT ◀︎ Love Rappy EP4 ULT ◀︎ Zu ◀︎ Zu ◀︎ Zu ◀︎ Zu EP4 VH ◀︎ Zu ◀︎ Zu Blue-Black Stone EP1 ULT ◀︎ Gran Sorcerer ◀︎ Gran Sorcerer EP2 ULT ◀︎ Delbiter ◀︎ Delbiter Magic Rock "Heart Key" EP1 ULT ◀︎ Crimson Assassin ◀︎ Crimson Assassin EP2 ULT ◀︎ Baranz Photon Booster EP1 ULT ◀︎ Dark Bringer ◀︎ Dark Bringer EP4 ULT ◀︎ Girtablulu Heavenly/TP EP1 ULT ◀︎ Gran Sorcerer ◀︎ Gran Sorcerer ◀︎ Gran Sorcerer EP2 ULT ◀︎ Ill Gill EP4 ULT ◀︎ Del Rappy EP1 VH ◀︎ Chaos Sorcerer ◀︎ Chaos Sorcerer ◀︎ Chaos Sorcerer ◀︎ Chaos Sorcerer EP4 VH ◀︎ Del Rappy REGULAR DROPS: EP1 ULT ◀︎ Vol Opt V.2 ◀︎ Vol Opt V.2 ◀︎ Dark Falz ◀︎ Sil Dragon ◀︎ Dal Ral Lie ◀︎ Dark Falz ◀︎ Dal Ral Lie ◀︎ Mil Lily ◀︎ Vol Opt V.2 ⎿◀︎ Mil Lily ◀︎ Indi Belra ◀︎ Dark Falz EP2 ULT ◀︎ Barba Ray ◀︎ Sinow Spigell ◀︎ Gol Dragon EP4 ULT ◀︎ Dorphon Eclair ◀︎ Pazuzu ◀︎ Goran Detonator ◀︎ Goran Detonator ◀︎ Pazuzu ◀︎ Dorphon Eclair ◀︎ Satellite Lizard EP1 VH ◀︎ Vol Opt ◀︎ Chaos Bringer ◀︎ Delsaber EP4 VH ◀︎ Pazuzu "Enemy and id are the same as last year" ⏤ confirmed by Fyrewolf5 ⎜Drop chart from 2017 is now included, refreshed and up to date.
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    The sale of raffe tickets has finally ended and the prize list has been revealed! 1722 New Year Cards have been successfully delivered! 892 raffle Tickets have been bought and 1660% attributes have been added to weapons, so that Ultima is going to spend a wonderful year... As a reminder, here are the raffle entries. Now it is time to start the year with some other beautiful goodies! [Claimed] Handgun: Guld [40 hit] - ItchyFlamingo [Claimed] M&A60 Vise [60 hit] - starscreme [Claimed] Yunchang [70 hit] - Noopy [Claimed] Prophets of Motav [70 hit] - JADE [Claimed] Izmaela [85 hit] - Lupus San [Claimed] Heaven Striker [85 hit] - Rimmer [Claimed] Charge Calibur [85 hit] - yanvbraz [Claimed] Love Heart [50 def/20 evp] - JupiterDeMars [Claimed] Red Ring [85 def/25 evp] - Ricardo Gomes [Claimed] Wedding Dress [100 def/40 evp] - Wemerson Santos [Claimed] SonicTeam Armor [0 def/0 evp] - Gatekeeper [Claimed] SonicTeam Armor [0 def/0 evp] - Alex Deagle [Claimed] Psycho Black Crystal - nnorton44 [Claimed] Centurion/Battle - billysh [Claimed] D-Photon Core - radezz Every weapon comes with [0/0/0/0] as attributes. Every armor is maxed and has 4 slots. How will that work? 1) I generate a random number in [1-892] 2) The user who got that number in the above list is the winner. 3) If the winner has already won an item, go back to step 1. 4) The winner chooses one item in the prize list (one that has not been selected yet). 5) The item is reserved. It can now be claimed at any time by this user. 6) Go back to step 1 while there are prizes remaining. This will start tomorrow and times will depend on how long winners take to reserve their item. Good Luck and Happy New Year!
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    I'm making the drop table this time around. Please write the item, episode, monster, section ID and difficulty, so I can compile the info for other players to see. I'll try to update the drop table at least once a day. If there's a (c), it means I confirmed it as well. Nessly's drop chart: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1HTHccov3hYACXWGIRVln0xH7PnyOdIksT3jbYVul8yU/edit#gid=2110169300 Centurion/Body Very Hard Episode 1 Sinow Beat or Gold Viridia (c) Ultimate: Episode 2 Indi Belra Pinkal (c) Viridia Delbiter Yellowboze (c) Episode 4 Astark Whitill Yellowboze Centurion/HP Very Hard Episode 1 Some monster in mines Bluefull Ultimate: Episode 1 Hildetorr Redria Viridia Episode 2 Indi Belra Greenill Purplenum (c) Episode 4 Del Rappy Whitill Redria Girtablulu Greenill (c) Centurion/Luck Ultimate: Episode 1 Hildelt Bluefull (c) Hildetorr Skyly (c) Oran Episode 2 Gran Sorcerer Viridia Ill Gill Whitill Pinkal Episode 4 Astark Redria Viridia Fury of the Beast Ultimate: Episode 4 Girtablulu Yellowboze (c) Redria (c) Whitill Skyly (c) Girasole Ultimate: Episode 4 Kondrieu Viridia Skyly Godric's Cloak Very Hard: Episode 1 Pan Arms Bluefull Ultimate: Episode 4 Dorphon Éclair Purplenum Whitill Skyly Harmonic Resonance Core Very Hard: Episode 1 Garanz Bluefull Redria Pinkal Ultimate: Episode 1 Baranz Whitill Viridia Bluefull (c) Kiss of Death Ultimate: Episode 2 Ill Gill Yellowboze (c) Delbiter Whitill (c) Pinkal (c) Olga Flow Viridia Kroe's Sweater Ultimate Episode 2 Olga Flow Greenill (normal drop) Whitill Episode 4 Dorphon Éclair Yellowboze (normal drop) Proof of Sonic Team Ultimate: Episode 1 Dark Falz Pinkal Episode 2 Gal Gryphon Purplenum (c) Skyly (c) Samurai Armor Ultimate: Episode 2 Olga Flow Skyly (c) Pinkal (c) Yellowboze (c) Soul Booster Ultimate: Episode 2 St Million Skyly Stellar Shard Ultimate: Episode 4 Saint-Million Redria Viridia Shambertin ALL IDS Kondrieu Whitill Yellowboze Redria Purplenum Oran (c) Sue's Coat Ultimate: Episode 2 Deldepth Redria Greenill Pinkal (c) Yellowboze Virus Shield Vol Opt Ultimate: Episode 1 Vol Opt Skyly Pinkal Whitill (c) Water Gun Very Hard: Episode 2 Gi Gue Redria Ultimate: Episode 2 Gi Gue Yellowboze (c) Redria Viridia Pinkal (c) Normal Drops Ultimate: Episode 2 Gal Gryphon (Gal Wing) Greenill Bluefull (c) Whitill (c) Gal Gryphon (Red Scorpio) Viridia (c) Official Event topic: Last year's drop table:
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    New Suggestion - Lead Admin role. Someone basically just under Larva who can do all the owner stuff without actually being the owner. They can sort stuff like events, mini-events, new items, hiring new mods, etc. This would mean the server could continue to improve without every decision being run by Larva. This would need to be someone trustworthy and active, and my vote would be @R-78
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    Thanks for everyone who contributed in the drop table. The official drop table has been released so I decided to write it down for reference. So here it is: Arrest Booster Olga Flow - Ultimate - Ep2 - Test Subject Disposal Area (Seabed) Viridia Greenill Bluefull Pinkal Redria 1/256 Kondrieu - Ultimate - Ep4 - Big Pit (Subterranean Desert) Skyly Purplenum Oran Yellowboze Whitill 1/292 Asteron Striker Zu - Ultimate - Ep4 - Crater Surface and Subterranean Desert Viridia Skyly Purplenum Pinkal Oran 1/1137 Pyro Goran - Ultimate - Ep4 - Subterranean Desert Greenill Bluefull Redria Yellowboze Whitill 1/975 D-Photon Core Olga Flow - Ultimate - Ep2 - Test Subject Disposal Area (Seabed) Skyly Purplenum Oran Yellowboze Whitill 1/64 Frozen Booster Merikle - Ultimate - Ep2 - CCA/Tower ALL OF THEM 1/512 Hand of Justice Delbiter - Ultimate - Ep2 - Seabed/Tower ALL OF THEM 1/512 Mr. Naka's Business Card Dark Falz - Very Hard - Ep1 - The nearest place to heaven (Ruins) Viridia Greenill Skyly Bluefull Pinkal 2/73 Vol Opt v2.0 - Ultimate - Ep1 - Monitor Room (Mines) Viridia Greenill Skyly Bluefull Pinkal 3/64 Barba Ray - Ultimate - Ep2 - VR Temple Final Purplenum Redria Oran Yellowboze Whitill 1/32 Sonic Magazine Booma - Normal - Ep1 - Forest ALL OF THEM 21/100 Gobooma - Normal - Ep1 - Forest ALL OF THEM 6/25 Gigobooma - Normal - Ep1 - Forest ALL OF THEM 21/80 Booma - Hard - Ep1 - Forest ALL OF THEM 3/49 Gobooma - Hard - Ep1 - Forest ALL OF THEM 7/100 Gigobooma - Hard - Ep1 - Forest ALL OF THEM 16/209 SonicTeam Armor Shambertin - Ultimate - Ep4 - Meteor Impact Site (Subterranean) ALL OF THEM 1/292 Sword of Ultima Gi Gue - Ultimate - Ep2 - CCA/Tower Viridia Greenill Bluefull Yellowboze Whitill 1/640 Ul Gibbon - Ultimate - Ep2 - CCA Skyly Purplenum Pinkal Redria Oran 1/525 Ten Years Blade Sword of Ultima + Psycho Black Crystal Tyrfing Sinow Blue - Ultimate - Ep1 - Mines ALL OF THEM 1/758 Ultima Bringer's (Rifle) Dark Falz - Ultimate - Ep1 - The nearest place to heaven (Ruins) ALL OF THEM 1/146 Ultima!'s engine Olga Flow - Very Hard - Ep2 - Test Subject Disposal Area (Seabed) Purplenum Redria Oran Yellowboze Whitill 2/85 Da Ral Lie - Ultimate - Ep1 - Underground Channel (Caves) Purplenum Redria Oran Yellowboze Whitill 2/85 Gol Dragon - Ultimate - Ep2 - VR Spaceship Final Viridia Greenill Bluefull Skyly Pinkal 1/32 Last year's list by Lemon
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    This kind of thing should be in a announce in the main topic of the event, last night i only saw people spaming rt and seabed, i was one of these players, ultima is hidding info from the events through the years, making the players waste their time, i didnt saw a drop table since the valetines event, anniversary event didnt had a oficial end announce, i noticed that the event has ended when i got a "wrong" drop that i didnt expected, just take a look in xmas 2012 topic event, that event started before 25th december like this one, and in the main topic says that the pgf only drops from 22th to 6 or something like that, why this event hasnt that kind of info? I want to believe that they forgot about that, because if they are hidding these info only make the players get frustration and waste time, i need to give thanks to serverus for that info, he saved like 1k hours that could be wasted by the whole server hunting a item that isnt dropping til 25th, this drop is the most waited item and we all know that, the item will be active only 12 days, that means that we have only 12 days to figure out which id drops and then start hunting which has no sense for me, if yall know that this item is the most wanted, why are u hidding info from it? Sorry for complain but i feel annoyed when things like this happens, making players waste their time, remember, the players make the server live, so they need to start to take care about the players.
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    We'll try to clear some doubts about this drop system. DPP = Drop Per Player, the new drop system being implemented. DPR = Drop Per Room, the original drop system that has always been in psobb. DAR = Drop Anything Rate, the chance a monster has to drop an item or not (number between 0 and 100, this doesn't decide which item you get) What is this new drop system? This is a system that gives players individual drops. What you see is yours, what others see is theirs, you don't see other player's drops But why? To solve the issue of players "calling" drops and/or "stealing" your drops. Since they can't see your drops, you don't have to worry about sharing items, although you can do if you want, after you pick up the items. That means if I am hunting with other players we all get the item we are looking for? Not necessarily, here is a comparison between the original system and the new one. First we'll explain how drops work: You kill a monster, The server generates a random number to see if you get anything from that monster (this stage is critical for the new system, where the DAR is used) If you get anything, then the server generates another random number to see if you get the monster's rare item If you don't get the rare item, then you get a common item. Drop system specifics DPR: Someone kills a monster The server proceeds to generate a drop for it If the room gets lucky and gets a drop, everyone in the party sees it and can grab it. DPP: Someone kills a monster The server proceeds to generate a drop for each player in the area where the monster was killed If a player gets lucky and gets a drop, only they can see it and grab it. So being specific, in DPP, each player gets a chance of getting an item different from everyone else. Not necessarily dropping the same item for each player but that possibility exists. That means we get 4 times the chance to get an item in a full room of players? Originally yes, currently not. Originally you (as a whole room) would get 4 times the chance to get a drop, because each player will get a chance of getting a drop, so something has to be done about it and it has been done, which is reducing the DAR to a sensible value so you don't get as many drops but neither none. Current DAR reduction Player DAR 1p = 1.00 2p = 0.67 3p = 0.55 4p = 0.43 How do I use this drop system? This drop system is disabled by default, you can use the following commands /dropstyle = Tells you which drop system is enabled /dropstyle 0 = Disables the new drop system /dropstyle 1 = Enables the new drop system The drop system takes effect on the room, so if you have DPR enabled but join a room with DPP, you will be playing in DPP.
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    I just want to throw out a quick thank you to Cyane, Soly, and all of the other GM's of this server. It is a lot of work to run a server, and especially to design and host events and mini events; but really makes the server interesting to play. I love the mini events (I love trivia and the added rewards really add an incentive to play) and I always have great support on the forums. Again, just wanted to say thank you and let you know that you are appreciated!
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    The Sunniest event of Ultima has come! Summer Items Centurion/Legs - 75 EVP Centurion/TP - 125 TP Centurion/Technique - 5 Technique Levels Trap Search - Makes traps visible Zanbacon - Delicious sword Summer Main Items Blood Sword Do not underestimate the power of blood... Soul Booster Need a boost on Excalibur? Combine them to obtain Hundred Souls. Psycho Black Crystal Give to your Master Raven the ability to curse your enemies with death by making it Psycho Raven. Or upgrade your Sword of Ultima to Ten Years Blades. Centurion/Battle Is this game too slow for you? Then this item is gonna be your best friend! +110% Attack Speed Alis' Resolve Foie +35% Barta +35% Zonde +35% Serene Swan Shoots 3x4 bullets per combo. Has a rifle range. Can be used by any Hunter or Ranger. This item can now be found in episode I as well, in case you get bored of Spaceship. ____________________________________ Event is active until July 26, 2020 Thanks to @Yannv for the portuguese addition Credits to @FALC0N for the Banner Good Luck / Bonne Chance / Buena Suerte / Boa Sorte !
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    Translations Always wanted to acquire a maxed Red Ring or Wedding Dress? Then this year is your chance! Defensive upgrade [recommended] Price : 1 NYC > Add 1 DEF point to any Shield or Armor. Price : 1 NYC > Add 2 EVP points to any Shield or Armor. The statistics cannot exceed the Shield or Armor variation limits No EVP splitting If you don’t need that, you can also upgrade your weapons. Offensive upgrade Price : 5 NYC > Add 10% to any Weapon. Only Native, Altered Beast, Machine or Dark No Attributes splitting No Attributes relocation No Dark Flow, Dark Meteor, Calibur, Arms You can redeem your New Year Cards with a Game Master at any time until next Christmas Event starts. Happy New Year!
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    The Sunniest event of Ultima has come! Happy summer guys, we hope all members enjoy this event. The staff really wanted to bring something new to the community. It's nothing over power but I'm sure some users will appreciate the work that has been done here. thanks to all Ultima members. You guys really make Ultima the great place that is for all of us! Thanks and Enjoy. Summer Items Centurion/Legs - 75 EVP Centurion/TP - 125 TP Centurion/Technique - 5 Technique Levels Trap Search - Makes traps visible Zanbacon - Delicious sword Summer Main Items Blood Sword Do not underestimate the power of blood... Soul Booster Need a boost on Excalibur? Combine them to obtain Hundred Souls. Psycho Black Crystal Give to your Master Raven the ability to curse your enemies with death by making it Psycho Raven. Centurion/Battle Is this game too slow for you? Then this item is gonna be your best friend! +110% Attack Speed Alis' Resolve Foie +35% Barta +35% Zonde +35% New Content Serene Swan Fight with the serenity of the swan. The blessing on this weapon channels photon energy to purify the corruption in its targets through removal of dark energy. Buffed Monsters Morfos have been genetically enhanced Baranz have been upgraded to a better version ____________________________________ Event is active until August 05, 2019 Credits for the Banner to @FALC0N almost one year creating original content for us man! Credits for the Original Topic to @R-78 Credits for Serene Swan skin and portuguese translation to @Noob Saibot Thanks! Good Luck / Bonne Chance / Buena Suerte / Boa Sorte !
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    This probably will get nowhere, but had to vent so here we go. As the title states, the rate for PGF is ridiculous. I understand it was an easier drop in the beginning(don't feed me the "it's been the same rate all event long" bs), but the current rate it's at, 1/341, is just too ridiculous. I think this is about the worst rate it's ever been, or at least tied for it. Myself, and several others, are just way too demotivated to hunt PGF after seeing that stupid droprate, which is more than FIVE times what it started out as, at a rate of 1/64 as I was told by a GM that shall remain unnamed. PGF dropped way too often at first to be 1/341, now I barely see 1 drop per HH. This isn't asking for the rate to be changed, which would be nice, but just informing to whoever this may concern that the rate is just pure idiocy.
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    Time to [tl;dr] post here. Probably because they care about other people, and this is actually appreciated. I am not trying to take side just because I am one of the participants myself, but I will give my honest opinion regardless of whoever would have "won" this event. The event time was really not a good time as it was overlapping with Summer event. If you waited just one more month and made it in August, I'm sure lot more people would have tried, as there is no Ultima event going on in this period. You said this was because you were going to be busy starting from now, but how does it matter? If you are the judge of this event, all you needed to do is waiting for the deadline and checking the videos + announcing the winners. (this should take no more than a day) There was no need to be active during the submissions time. (unless you really were willing to participate to your own event, which is... weird) This is kinda disappointing that you can't find a middle ground about the question of rewarding the participants or not. Yes it was meant to be a competition but can't you aknowledge that the time and efforts spent by my team (which broke old ultima records) deserved something? Well I am pretty sure you actually specifically disliked (and certainly trashed) our ROW run because it is a gameplay you sure despise a lot. But 2 weeks in order to learn 3 long quests are far from enough... and that is assuming the 4 players are available during those 2 weeks. If it was a 1P or 2P teams event, it would sound more reasonnable, but I think you can understand how hard it is to gather 4 players to regularly play together and learn new quests? Since we noticed the DM strategies were good enough to end up with 5:07 left, we decided not to waste more time in this quest and focus on the other two. Of course I am not proud of the ROW run but we had schedules issues, we still managed to get 24 hours of practice together, and pretty much sacrified our last weeks of summer event. Trust me I would understand you don't want to reward a team if their submitted times were lame or even decent, but this is not the case. Well, your golden rule makes you officially clean for not rewarding anyone. So onto the next point: Why did you wait for the poll to end in order to add that latest rule? Why didn't you specify it before the poll ended? I think this is pretty clear: you saw the people chose the hardest quests, you pretty much knew most people would not make it to the end, and decided to add a safety rule in order to save your gear thanks to the quests choice. Else you could have considered Yan's suggestion here: Applicable on CCC as well: you could just consider which wave everyone reached and count every remaining wave as negative timer for score calculation. Example: every missing wave is counted as a 10 seconds penalty, Team 2 made it to Wave 98 before timer reached 0, there were 2 waves remaining so their entry is scored as " - 20 seconds left remaining " so they are still qualified and can try to catch up the 20 lost seconds on another quest. That way, the people who could not finish a quest could still submit something to your event. And there are a couple people in that case, they could not submit times because they did not pass Tower part in CCC. So the reason why there was only one submission is because the others were just unable to complete the quests, but they actually tried to participate. Not because Don't you think if this extra rule was here since the beginning, the people could have voted for something else than CF+ROW+CCC? This would actually be a good strategy, as it is a competition event, you choose the most difficult set of quests in order to eliminate as many teams as possible. But that rule makes it totally different since you require other teams not to be eliminated, so people would rather vote for the easy MU3 quests to make sure everyone can do it. So as it was, it looks like you've always been planning to sanction the 1st team if other teams were not capable of completing the quests. It's like saying "you won this competition but since your rivals were too noobs, here's your replacement rewards: If you wanted to be that generous to the point you originally wanted to give the whole content of every account you had, how is that a problem to at least give just a couple of items you don't even use to reward the participants for their time spent and efforts? Just as a symbolic move? Doesn't even have to be something as valuable as your top tier items. Everyone would be happy: the participants at least got something at the end and didn't TOTALLY waste their time, you wouldn't have got all the (justified) rant in this topic for not doing anything, and it would motivate everyone to look forward and participate to your next event if there is one. But now with such an event ending, how can people trust you for the next time you try to host a TA mini event? And no "their time will forever be on the leaderboards" and "her team improved their abilities to play together" are not rewards. Most people don't ever look at those charts. When a new record is done, it is normal that you add the time to TA leaderboards, since that's literally the purpose of it. And if all of that was just about getting names into those leaderboards, you could pretty much summarize the event topic to this: Exact same "rewards" and conditions, except that you don't get any dates restriction so it's actually even better. Regarding the promised rewards, I told you but I will say it again. Why does it have to be ALL or NOTHING? Just in your listed stuff there are 50 weapons 80 hit 2 weapons 85 hit 2 weapons 90 hit 2 weapons 100 hit 4 SonicTeam armors including 8 Dark flows 2 Dark meteors Literally 60 endgame items at least. This is obviously way too much for just 4 people. Hence why I told you that I and my team were planning to share the rewards with all other participants if we were to win this event. You said you didn't like this idea, just tell me why? Wasn't your goal to motivate people and get as many players as possible into Time attack, the only game aspect that you enjoy? I'm sure a lot more of people would have attempted to run this event if the rewards were split better, like 4th place gets 15x4 dts 3rd place gets 4 weapons 80 hit 2nd place gets 4 dark weapons 1st place gets all the remaining items There's still a big value gap between every prize so you still get the competition spirit you wanted, but it also suddenly becomes much more attractive. Especially to anyone new to TA (2 of my team actually were) who could be afraid to try it if they know only the best team gets something. Now you are basically saying "you were warned you wouldnt get sh*t if there is no other submissions" so it's like "it's nothing but your fault that you decided to participate to my event". True I guess, but I didn't know you would rather have no one showing interest to your event than one team playing the game. So yeah my team was the one to blame for doing that gamble. Nice reasonning. So I listed 3 important points that could make your event get more popular. Dates and duration Prizes repartition Clarity of rules before the votes Leaving that here, I'm not going to force you to give anything, and you took a straight decision already anyways. I am actually more concerned about the lack of humanity than the absence of rewards itself. And don't get me wrong, I personally was actually prepared to get nothing since the day I started as I sure don't really need anything in this game, so this post is only my opinion rather than a way to pressure Wilson in order to give anything. For now I just want to congratulate my teamates for doing their best and achieving new records, even though they are not as pro as you. And I feel guilty for inciting them to run the whole thing for nothing so I am sorry about that. I believe there is nothing more to expect from you here so feel free to lock this topic.
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    Since the new Easter Event got a few changes regarding drops, I've decided to make this topic. Post here your event items findings and it will be added to this list! I need the following information: Item Name, Enemy, Room ID, Episode (area isn't needed unless you are 100% sure of which enemy dropped it) and Difficult. You can find most of the room information through /roominfo command. Use Ctrl+F (or Search) to find the desired item information. If you can't find information (N/A), that means the item wasn't found yet or it doesn't drop on this event. This topic will be updated as new drop locations are found. All of this information was copied from previous player made drop table topic. If you find something wrong with the drops, please let me know. Main Event Topic Check this topic to see more information about item combination and event discussion: 🗡 SWORDS Girasole EPISODE IV Kondrieu - Ultimate - Viridia Greenill Skyly Bluefull Pinkal Fury of the Beast EPISODE IV Girtablulu - Ultimate - Viridia Skyly Bluefull Pinkal Redria Oran Yellowboze Whitill Kiss of Death EPISODE II Delbiter - Ultimate - Greenill Skyly Purplenum Pinkal Whitill Ill Gill - Ultimate - Bluefull Yellowboze Olga Flow - Ultimate - Viridia Oran 🔫GUNS Water Gun EPISODE II Gi-Gue - Normal/Hard/Very Hard/Ultimate - All IDs (Viridia Greenill Skyly Bluefull Purplenum Pinkal Redria Oran Yellowboze Whitill) - Better rates as difficulty increases 🌂CANES Not Available (N/A) 👘 ARMORS Godric's Cloak EPISODE II Migium - Very Hard - Bluefull Purplenum EPISODE IV Dorphon Eclair - Ultimate - Purplenum Oran Whitill Viridia Skyly Bluefull Sue's Coat EPISODE II Deldepth - Ultimate - Pinkal Redria Yellowboze Whitill Kroe's Sweater EPISODE II Olga Flow - Very Hard - All IDs (Viridia Greenill Skyly Bluefull Purplenum Pinkal Redria Oran Yellowboze Whitill) Olga Flow - Ultimate - Greenill Bluefull Purplenum Whitill Samurai Armor EPISODE II Olga Flow - Ultimate - Skyly Yellowboze Pinkal Redria EPISODE IV Saint Milion - Ultimate - Purplenum Oran 👓 SHIELDS Virus Shield: Vol Opt EPISODE I Vol Opt - Very Hard - All IDs (Viridia Greenill Skyly Bluefull Purplenum Pinkal Redria Oran Yellowboze Whitill) Vol Opt - Ultimate - All IDs (Viridia Greenill Skyly Bluefull Purplenum Pinkal Redria Oran Yellowboze Whitill) - Easier Drop Rate 🔩 UNITS Centurion/Luck EPISODE I Sinow Gold - Very Hard - Greenill Redria Yellowboze Delsaber - Very Hard - Viridia Skyly Purplenum Hildetorr - Ultimate - Skyly Bluefull Oran Dark Gunner - Ultimate - Greenill Pinkal Oran Yellowboze Whitill EPISODE II Barbarous Wolf - Very Hard - Viridia Gran Sorcerer - Ultimate - Viridia Purplenum Yellowboze Whitill Ill Gill - Ultimate - Skyly Purplenum Pinkal Whitill Delbiter - Ultimate - Pinkal EPISODE IV Goran Detonator - Very Hard - Pinkal Oran Whitill Astark - Ultimate - Viridia Redria Centurion/Body EPISODE I Sinow Gold - Very Hard - Viridia Skyly Purplenum Delsaber - Very Hard - Pinkal Oran Whitill Dark Gunner - Ultimate - Viridia Skyly Bluefull Purplenum Redria EPISODE II Indi Belra - Ultimate - Viridia Purplenum Pinkal Redria Yellowboze Delbiter - Ultimate - Viridia Bluefull Redria Oran Yellowboze EPISODE IV Goran Detonator - Very Hard - Greenill Bluefull Yellowboze Astark - Ultimate - Redria Yellowboze Whitill Pazuzu - Ultimate - Skyly Dorphon Eclair - Ultimate - Skyly Del Rappy - Ultimate - Greenill Skyly Purplenum Pinkal Oran Centurion/HP EPISODE I Sinow Gold - Very Hard - Bluefull Pinkal Oran Whitill Delsaber - Very Hard - Greenill Bluefull Redria Yellowboze Hildetorr - Ultimate - Viridia Pinkal Redria EPISODE II Hildetorr - Ultimate - Skyly Indi Belra - Ultimate - Greenill Skyly Bluefull Purplenum Oran Gran Sorcerer - Ultimate - Skyly Bluefull Pinkal Oran EPISODE IV Goran Detonator - Very Hard - Viridia Skyly Purplenum Redria Satellite Lizard - Ultimate - Whitill Del Rappy - Ultimate - Viridia Bluefull Redria Yellowboze Whitill Girtablulu - Ultimate - Greenill Purplenum 💊 MISCELLANEOUS & MAG CELLS Soul Booster EPISODE IV Saint Milion - Ultimate - Skyly Proof of Sonic Team EPISODE I Dark Falz - Ultimate - Pinkal EPISODE II Gal Gryphon - Ultimate - Skyly Purplenum Harmonic Ressonance Core EPISODE I Garanz - Very Hard - All IDs (Viridia Greenill Skyly Bluefull Purplenum Pinkal Redria Oran Yellowboze Whitill) Baranz - Ultimate - All IDs (Viridia Greenill Skyly Bluefull Purplenum Pinkal Redria Oran Yellowboze Whitill) - Easier Drop Rate Stellar Shard EPISODE IV Shambertin - Ultimate - All IDs (Viridia Greenill Skyly Bluefull Purplenum Pinkal Redria Oran Yellowboze Whitill) Saint Milion - Ultimate - Viridia Greenill Bluefull Pinkal Redria Yellowboze Whitill Kondrieu - Ultimate - Purplenum Redria Oran Yellowboze Whitill 💧 REGULAR DROPS EPISODE I Anti-Dark Ring - Dark Falz - Ultimate - Viridia EPISODE II Parts of Egg Blaster - Baranz - Ultimate - Skyly Red Scorpio - Mericus - Ultimate - Whitill Spirit Garment - Dolmolm - Ultimate - Whitill Stink Frame - Dolmdarl - Ultimate - Whitill Diska of Braveman - Sinow Zoa - Ultimate - Whitill Yamigarasu - Sinow Zele - Ultimate - Whitill Asuka - Mericarol - Ultimate - Whitill Wedding Dress - Epsilon - Ultimate - Whitill Gal Gryphon Wing - Gal Gryphon - Ultimate - Oran EPISODE IV Tempest Cloak - Dorphon Eclair - Ultimate - Redria
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    Deep below the depths of Ragol, Seething in the darkness, Piercing cries of anguish can be heard. An ancient curse is reawoken; Thought to be eradicated by the Hunters, The plague was actually merely contained, And now threatens to contaminate the surface once more. Its host creature has mutated, Becoming twisted and ferocious, Easily vanquishing many unsuspecting hunters. The survivors flee in a mad scramble back to the surface, Gibbering madly about the return of the Cursed Belras. The Monster Cursed Indi Belra It has been sighted on ruins on episode 1, seems to be much stronger and more vicious, be sure to bring a full team of hunters to increase your chances of survival. The Weapon Ultima Reaper Currently the best scythe type in the game. Stats ATP 666 ATA 45 EVP -20 DFP 0 LCK 0 GRIND +15 Required ATP 580 (so all classes can equip it) Special Unreduced hell, perfect to slice up everything, especially in ep4 A little bit bigger range than a regular partisan Can hit up to 15 enemies in one swing Megid pierces when equipped Description "The user of this cursed scythe will surely go to hell..." "It is said this weapon was once from the grim reaper himself" "The owner of this scythe will die in 13 years (gg will use anyway)" "It is said the red color comes from all the victims it slayed" "This weapon feeds itself from its victims souls" "This scythe was used to cut Godric into pieces" Additional New Items! CHROMATIC ORB Many rumors surround this mysterious new form of crystallized photon energy. Hunters claim to glean them from the wreckage of corrupted epsilons, pulsing with mysterious colors, though the extent of its power has yet to be discovered. It's believed they may be heavily irradiated by faulty barrier generators, handle with caution. Will you be the first to unlock all of its hidden potentials???? MANLY BANANA Little is known about this large manly gun, other than it is the favored weapon of the mightynewm Cyanide, last seen battling with determination through enemy hordes, on a search and rescue mission to a remote outpost near the outskirts crater impact zone to recover the survivors, if any are even left. VAMPIRE CLOAK The cursed plague has made the leap to another nearby monster this year. While more commonly known for their ability to drain the energy of its opponents to power their offensive capabilities, the mutations have infused their hide with peculiar new defensive capabilities now too, making their pelts into a valuable commodity. GIRASOLE The legendary Girasole makes a new appearance for this event, in addition to its usual spot in Christmas Event. A powerful doublesaber prized by hunters of all types for its ability to deal devastating combos with dazzling flair, this weapon that 'draws in the power of the sun' may prove useful for combating the darkness. HALO SOUL Our spooky little halo rappies friends are also back with some nice goodies for us: Jack o' Lanterns! These mysterious Lanterns, which normally only contain various mag cells to use, now have special Costume Kits for hunters to go trick or treating with! These costumes provide neat new customizations for players to toy with, though they are generally less durable than more standard hunter garb(i.e. don't use 'maxed' gear with this). See how many outfits you can discover! Halo Rappies can only be found on episode 2 in the temple in any difficulty. Hallo Rappy/Jack-O'-Lantern Cell of MAG 213 Cell of MAG 502 Heart of Chu Chu Heart of Opa Opa Heart of KAPU KAPU Heart of Chao Parts of RoboChao Heart of Pian Pioneer 2 Parts Halo Soul Halloween Event Has Arrived To Haunt Hunters Once More! Item Details
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    With the end of this Christmas event, I'm guessing our little St Rappys are happy about less of a beating they're getting until next year. hope the event has been kind to you all, atleast kinder than for these little guys
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    English: Good afternoon everybody! On the 17th and 18th of September I'll be making a mini event that consists into adding hit into weapons. The price is 40 pds for 30 hit, if you only say you want 20 hit you will have to pay the 40 pds. I will be doing hit splitting also. The limit of hit you can add is up to 70% and nothing more. I won't be adding hit on Dark weapons. See you in the HIT EVENT room! Español: Buenas tardes a todos! En el 17 y 18 de septiembre voy hacer un mini evento que consiste en colocar hit en armas. El precio es de 40 pds por 30 hit, se me dicen que solo quieren 20 hit pues de igual manera tendras que pagar 40pds. Voy hacer division de hit tambien. El limite de hit que puedes agregar es 70% y nada más. No voy añadir hit en Dark Weapons. Nos vemos en la sala HIT EVENT! Português: Boa tarde a todos! No dia 17 e 18 de setembro estarei fazendo um mini evento que consiste em adicionar hit a armas. O preco é de 40 pds por 30 hit, se apenas quiseres 20 hit terás de pagar os 40 pds. Farei divisão de hit também. O limite de hit que podes adicionar vai até 70% e nada mais. Não irei colocar hit em dark weapons. Vemo-nos na sala HIT EVENT!
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    As I noticed several bugs coming back quite often, I decided to make a general topic covering the symptoms and the solutions if known. IMPORTANT: Take pictures of the bugs if you want to make a topic about them. Here's the list of the common bugs : - Error 908 - Error 903 (can't log in) - Items turned into '???' - Unsealing bugs | SOLVED - Ghost items - NPC glitch - Can't type username/password - Joining party error - Error 100 (DC-ing while doing stuff ) - Messed up title screen/graphics - Game won't launch - Lag - Antivirus detects PSOBB as harmful - Launcher is unable to download updates - Merge-swapped | SOLVED - 1/2 drops never drop | SOLVED - Mag evolution messed up - Huge amount of stackable items/meseta - Forum doesn't load - Banked items, dc and 'lost' them - Can't invite new team member - Error code 2 - Game starts up after pressing start, but closes in a split second - Game patches over and over - Invisible walls and floor More info for each bug : Name: Error 908 Cause: Something is blocking the connection to the server Solutions: Check that "Test server" is disabled in the Launcher options. Turn DEP off for psobb. https://www.dell.com/support/article/uk/en/ukbsdt1/sln288643/what-is-data-execution-prevention-dep-?lang=en Whitelist the Ultima PSOBB folder so that your antivirus doesn't see it as harmful. Add it as a firewall exception or turn your firewall off. Set the launcher application to run as an administrator. This will allow you do download updates correctly. Restart your computer and then launch the game via the Launcher application. Change your DNS settings to Google’s on the Protocol Version 4 https://www.windowscentral.com/how-change-your-pcs-dns-settings-windows-10 Re-download the game and latest update https://www.phantasystaronline.net/forum/index.php?/downloads/ --- Name: Error 903 Cause: The login server is down or the server is under maintenance. (or you have no internet access) Symptoms: Unable to log in, people who are still online from before the login being down, will lose all their progress from the moment the login went down. Solution: Log out, try again later, check the forums for info. --- Name: Items turned into '???' Cause: Mostly occurs in the common bank/inventory. Symptoms: Some items will turn into '???' items and disconnect you. Solution: If its only one item, take it out of your bank and drop it, log out, login and bank all your items, then relog again. If this doesn't help, ask a GM. --- Name: Unsealing bugs | SOLVED Cause: The item you try to unseal has been found before the unsealing fix. Symptoms: Mags will turn back to level 5, weapons will lose their % or even go into negatives and the kills will randomly be 0 again. Solution: Bank your weapons with % and mags in your bank, take snapshots of the killcount (/killcount command). For the kills showing 0, drop the item and pick it up again. The place in your inventory affects the killcount command. Else ask a GM for help. Don't forget, on ultima unsealing weapons takes more kills to unseal then other servers. For ex. Limiters will need 4K more kills to show the 'use' option to unseal it. --- Name: Ghost items/players Cause: Error in the created game/lagg Symptoms: Dropped items will not be seen by other players, or will still be on the floor after being picked up. Solution: Take the items you can, and recreate a fresh room. --- Name: NPC glitch Cause: You took an unexisting NPC. Symptoms: Your character wont load and you won't be able to move in the lobby. Solution: Go in the dressing room (at the character selection screen) and change apearance to default. Type NPC/0 to be normal again. --- Name: Can't type username or password Cause: Wrong keyboard settings Symptoms: You won't be able to type anything at all at the login screen. Solution: http://www.phantasys...rd-to-chattype/ --- Name: Error at joining party Cause: Mostly caused by a connection error/program error Symptoms: You will get a message 'PSBB.exe has stopped working' and PSOBB will close. Or you see the city from a topview and can't do a thing. Solution: Hold 'alt' + 'backspace' to reset PSOBB, ask for the room to be recreated. --- Name: Error 100 Cause: Mostly caused by a bugged/hacked item. Might also be in common bank. Symptoms: You will get disconnected while doing stuff like, feeding a mag, unequipping an itemtake out an item from the bank, pick up your 30th item,... Solution: Browse trough your items to look for bugged ones, and follow the steps above to get rid of it. --- Name: Messed up title screen/graphics Cause: Wrong patch update. (like updating an old version with a new patch) http://img502.images...11812391246.png Solution: http://www.phantasys...__10#entry33853 or this : http://www.phantasys...itchy-graphics/ --- Name: Game won't launch Cause: The source folder is corrupted or files are missing (not in the same folder) Symptoms: The game won't launch, sometimes giving you an error. Solution: Redownload the source folder and make sure everything is in the correct map. You can always use a shortcut for the .exe. --- Name: Lag Cause: An issue with your internet connection/speed. Also caused by fog. Symptoms: The game will run very slow at several episodes/quests Solution: Check your internet connection, lower the resolution and game quality. Download an anti-fog skin. --- Name: Antivirus/firewall issue Cause: Antivirus/firewall acknowledges PSOBB.exe as a virus. Symptoms: Game won't run. Solution: http://www.phantasys...with-installer/ --- Name: Launcher unable to download updates Cause: Antivirus/firewall blocks the launcher's internet connection. Symptoms: The launcher fails to download an update with an error along the lines: "The underlying connection was closed" Solution: Whitelist the launcher under your firewall or antivirus that has any type of network scanning capabilities. You can also download the latest updates manually from the downloads page. --- Name: Merge swapped | SOLVED Cause: Common bank doesn't like merges lol Symptoms: Any merge put into the common bank has a chance to be replaced by another, mostly razonde merge. Solution: Take pictures of your merge and trade it back with a GM. --- Name: 1/2 drop never drops | SOLVED Cause: When a droprising event is going on, all drops who go higher then 1/1 won't drop. Example : a 3X event on a 1/2 drop = 3/2 so it won't drop. Symptoms: Rare monsters won't drop their 1/2 drops. Solution: Wait to hunt those after events, they are still 'easy' to get, as the appearance rate of rare monsters is high on ultima. --- Name: Mag evolution messed up Cause: Wrong character/ID reference from the mag Symptoms: http://www.phantasys...2804#entry32804 Solution : Log in and out, has a slight chance to resolve the problem. Needs to be resolved in the binaries. This will normally prevent the bug from happening : http://www.phantasys...8132#entry48132 --- Name: Huge amount of stackable items/meseta Cause: The common bank bugs these things Symptoms: Meseta, monomates, PDs and such will be multiplied by a very high number. ex. 2344523X Monomates Solution : Get the items that are valuable to you out of the bank, and make a topic for a request for a bankswipe. Remeber, bug abuse can get you banned. --- Name: Forum inaccessible Cause: Error with the SQL database | Queries not executed correctly or no connection to SQL database. Symptoms: U will get this image : http://img7.imagesha...40/sqlerror.png Solution : Refresh the page, try again later. More info here : http://www.phantasys...__10#entry35992 --- Name: Banked items, dc and 'lost' them Cause: bad sync between client and server (bad connection ? ) Makes the storing pointer messing up. Symptoms: While banking several items, your game will dc and when you log back in, the items are 'gone'. Solution: Look in your bank, u will have stored the first items of your invent instead of the items you wanted. Else there might have been a rollback and then, nothing you can do about it. --- Name: Can't invite new team member Cause: Player is writing a message/ looking at something with f12 Symptoms: You will 'fail' at the inviting Solution: Let him close all his menus, and try again. Reloading blocks could also help. --- Name: - ERROR CODE 2 Cause: Missing files/blocked patcher by antivirus/firewall Symptoms: You'll get an error message upon starting the game (Error 2) Solution: Disable your antivirus while downloading/updating the client and installer. More info here : http://www.phantasystaronline.net/forum/index.php?/topic/6760-error-code-2/?hl=error --- Name: Game starts up after pressing start, but closes in a split second Cause: A wrong resolution is selected in the game options. Symptoms: The game will try to draw the game rectangle but will crash cause the resolution is too far off. Solution: In the launcher, go to >options>resolutions and try to change it to one that is supported for you. --- Name: Game patches over and over Cause: You're not using the online.exe or not as administrator mode Symptoms: Your game will keep patching over and over and create a .pat file in your PSOBB root folder. Solution: Run online.exe as administrator and/or rename the PsoBB.exe to PsoBBbackup.exe and the PsoBB.pat to PsoBB.exe --- Name: Invisible walls and floor Cause: You probably have a software like Raptr or part of AMD Catalyst software that will interfere with PSO's graphics Symptoms: You walls and floor will be almost invisible Solution: Disable the software described in the cause Still have a problem? I hope this helps you solving your problem, else you can always post a new topic to get specific info. Post a topic by these rules : http://www.phantasys...rollback-topic/ This topic will be updated whenever we discover a new common bug/solution.
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    Hope you had a blast with us here and that it made your last days worth living. You were silly and responsible for your actions, a real man when it came to that, as well as a fun company while we had you around. I didn't knew you for long but I sure miss your company on teamspeak, you made the place more lively, the silence filled it for a few days now. See you in the next life
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    This upcoming weekend! Well my event is this as Larva remark on the easter event. Im going set special atack on yasminkov series. what i mean with this. Every ones that yasminkov weapon´s can be find but without special so my mini event is this. Im going set special atack on this weapon´s in exchange for the same weapon´s another weapon with the special you want and 33 pds i think is fair enough because this weapon with special are the best of the best XD well a little example. So i want a yasminkov 9000m with hell. well you need bring me a yasminkov 9000m + a mechgun series with hell + 33 pds. what i mean with mechgun? (you need a vulcan glating mechgun any of those for me add the special to your wep) For a yasminkov 7000v you need the yasminkov 7000v a rifle series with the special you want + 33pds. Type weps same steps as yasminkov, example typeme/mech u need the type of course A vulcan (berzerk, demon etc etc) and 33 pds. for yasminkov 2000H you need yasminkov 2000h a handgun series + 33 pds And a least the wepons like supressed gun or w/e its name mawua same id cards Water gun etc etc ... O yea the stats gonna be the same of the original yasminkov you gave me i hope to have explained well PD:any question ask mio lol Español Bueno mi evento trata de esto como Larva mensiono en el evento de semana santa. Yo estare añadiendo ataque especial en las armas yasminkov. Que trato de decir con esto bueno. Todos sabemos que estas armas yasminkov estan en drop pero sin ataque especial asi q mi mini event consiste en eso. estare agregando especial a estas armas que tiene q hacer bueno si tu quieres que yo agrege un especial a tu arma necesitas traerme las arma mas otra arma con el espcial q quieres y 33 pds creo q es lo justo ya q estas armas con especial son lo mejor de lo mejor XD bueno aqui un ejemplo. Si tu quieres las yasminkov 9000m bueno entonces necesitas traerme. las yasminkov 9000m + una de la serie mechgun con hell + 33 pds (que trato de decir con mechgun series bueno que puedes traerme ya sea una mechgun un glating o un vulcan ) Si quieres la yasminkov 7000v entonces traeme las yasminkov 7000v + uno de la serie rifle con el espceial + 33 pds y para yasminkov 2000H bueno entonces traeme las yasminkov 2000h + una de las serie hangun con el especial + 33 pds A si tambien las supresed gun y la mawua id cards water gun etc etc Type mismos pasos q yasminkov, ejemplo typeme/mech tu necesitas type porsupuesto un vulcan (berzerk, demon etc etc) y 33 pds. o si los status seran los mismo que de la yasminkov original que me den bueno espero averme explicado bien. PD: cualquier pregunta pregunten a mio XD
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    The next game update will include various balance changes: Serene Swan: bullets number reduced from 4 to 3. Red Ring: drop rate adjusted to 1/315 on Whitill, equalling Redria and Skyly. Dark Flow, Dark Meteor: combo locked but ATP increased by 185 and 150 respectively. Lost Heart Breaker: definitively removed due to its too high amount of Epsilons. Happy Hours: rates nerfed from X3 to X2 but duration extended from 180 to 240 minutes (4 hours). Fixed Vol Opt glitch: Gizonde will no longer deal absurd damages to its first form. Episode 1 monsters buff: +15% all stats on Ultimate (including bosses). Photon drops are removed from the following quests: World of Illusions, Intelligence Defense Systems. And some general server changes: Maximum %hit on redeemed weapons decreased to 60%. No more Easter Events from now on, Easter items will be relocated in the other events. All the changes will take effect later today, with the next Ship restart. Enjoy!
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    Hey yall check out my first PSO video, i am trying to gain a follow so check me out and tell me what games you guys wanma see and ways i can improve! Thanks!
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    I just wanna take this time to thank all of the GM's and @Larva for giving us 3 Happy Hours' back to back to back a few days ago. We were able to hunt these amazing Summer Event items with our teammates and friends in the Ultima community and have fun hunting during Happy Hour. I don't complain too much on this server because I know ya'll work hard and do the best ya'll can to give us new content on every event and I know ya'll have real lives outside of Ultima and I'm grateful to be able to play a game that's 20 years old and one of my favorite games that we're keeping alive. I like to hunt and have fun and I really don't comment too much on these topics because I understand all GM's cannot be on here 24/7 and I'm thankful that ya'll help us with any questions we need answered and/or redeeming donation tickets to increase the attributes and hit on our weapon when ya'll on here. I wanted to acknowledge the GM staff in Ultima community of all the hard work ya'll put in and the help we need in Ultima community is greatly appreciated. Again thank you Ultima GM staff for everything ya'll do for us on this server and making it a great community.
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    Here's a breakdown of when you can find all event items on Ultima. For more details and images of server-exclusive weapons, see this page. This page will probably evolve and be updated as more items are released. Please help me to find errors or missing info by commenting below. Special thanks to Cyane for the artwork. Event Drops Valentine's Day (February) Easter (April) Summer (July) Triforce (September) Halloween (October) Anniversary (November) Christmas (December) Special One-Day Events Event Drops By Item Type Weapons Armors Shields Units Combination Items Mag Cells Special GM Redemption Unobtainable Server Exclusives
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    Since there has been issues with auctions in the past, this are the new rules for auctions: Auction Rules You must set a starting bid that you feel it is ok to let your item go. Do: I am auctioning this PGF, starting bid is 100 dts Do not: I am auctioning this PGF for 1 meseta, if i don't like the bids i'll keep the item. You must set a limit date for the biddings to stop. Do: This auction will end on the X day of Y month Do not: This auction will end when i feel like Hope this helps ending with the auction issues, asked Larva for permission on this rules. This will be added to the forum/game rules topic after taking any doubts about them here. Español Como han habido problemas con licitaciones, estas son las nuevas reglas para ellas: Reglas de Subastas Debes establecer un precio que te sientas bien para dejar el item con su licitador. Hace asi: Estoy subastando este PGF, puja incial es de 100dts No hagas: Estoy subastando este pgf por 1 meseta, si no me gustan las ofertas voy a mantener-la. Debes establecer la fecha límite para dejar de recibir ofertas. Hace así: Esta subasta terminará en el día X en el mes Y. No hagas: Esta subasta terminará cuando yo quiera. Espero que esto termine con los problemas de las subastas, pedí permiso a Larva para estas reglas. Esto va a ser añadido al tópico de reglas del foro/juego después de acertar algunas dudas.
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    877 Pods, 107 konds That was the most intense hunt for a single item in my time here, longer than even this took last year - Complaining
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    This topic will contain links to the most fun/useful threads on the forum. General Forum Forum and Server rules - Scared of a ban? Know how to behave by reading this first Donation guide - Don't know how to donate? Follow these simple steps to get your precious goodies. Show your screenshots - Show off with your ingame pictures Show your video's - Watch or post player-made video's on Ultima Server ideas - Browse to the suggestions to improve the server, or post some more Quick questions - Ask a quick question and get a quick response Information database and calculators - Original site by orgodemir, preserved by @Misombre Guides Gameplay Droptable - Information concerning the droptable of ultima Section IDs - Need some input on which ID suits you best? Check it here Item/Weapon/Gear effects - A detailed explanation of every item that has a special effect When to get Items - A table of when you can hunt event items. Item combinations - An overview of the coombinable items and their results Material plan & endgame stats - Look ahead, start making a plan to max out your character stats at level 200 Max Stats Plan Compilation Thread - Compilations of different material and units plans to max out your character Max stats overview - A useful overview of the max stats each class can get Ultimate MAG guide - The 101 ultimate very detailed guide to MAG's. Everything you need to know about them. Noobguide - Even the newbs have their rules, read them here PSO Etiquette - Always know how to behave with this respectful rulebook Official max stats guide - Guide to maxing out your stats Vol opt killing trick - Learn the trick to kill Vol opt in a flash with gizonde S-rank weapon info - Some basic information about S-ranks Ultima priceguide - An unofficial suggestive price list for weapons. Prices may have changed but it's to get an idea. Ultima Price Guide V2 - Updated for 2013-2014. Obtaining Type-M Weapons - Guide to obtaining Type weapons. Classes General Class Overview - An overview of the classes with some explanations and a useful MST table FO guide 1 - Guide for FOrce classes made by Zynetic RA guide 1 - Ranger guide made by Justice RA guide 2 - Ranger guide made by Justice Skins and tweaks Guide to make skins - Basic guide on how to make and use skins How to replace sounds - Guide on how to replace in game sound effects Reduce ingame music - Like the PSO music but you'd like it to be less loud? Fix it with this guide Map XboX controller to keyboard keys - Guide on using PGP to bind keyboard keys to your controller. Quests Enemy counts - Wanna know where to find most of monster x? This topic lists in which quests to find them. (Newest quests not included) Convert enemy parts - Guide on how to convert an enemy part into a weapon (quest chain) Type-M weapons - Guide on how to obtain those famous M-type weapons Add hit to monster weapons - Guide on how to add hit to a weapon made from an animal part. Up to 50 hit Gallon's % to weapons guide - Guide on how to add % on weapons in the Gallon quest How to obtain the soul eater - Gude of quest chains on how to get the Soul Eater weapon (KIREEK's scythe) SS-rank TTF guide - How to obtain the Black and Purple ring from the TTF quest Claire's deal - Find the items she needs here to exchange them Black paper drops - As you might guess, the rewards that can drop from the Dangerous Deal With Black Paper quest Bugs Rollback rules - Look how to make a correct rollback topic to get your rollback done as fast as possible Common bank crashes - If you have a ???? item crashing you in your bank, check this thread out Game won't start after updating - Check out how to solve this Interruption on ALT + TAB - When tabbing out of fullscreen mode, the game crashes? Not anymore with this handy guide Frequent bugs list - Always first check if your bug isn't easy to fix with these steps Got any topic you'd like to see added to this navigation thread? Post it below.
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    Mr. Whiskers - boy Lily - girl
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    There are many times where I have been with a particular online game community, only to feel intense estrangement. Puzzle Pirates, Maplestory, WoW, Guild Wars 1`& 2, etc. But I've finally found the place I feel like I fit in. on 5/27/2019 at 5:47 PM, I started playing PSOBB for the very first time, and I fell in love with the game. It is now 8/28/2020, and I have never been happier with an online game/online community. PSOBB SUNG to me with it's unique OST and made me addicted with it's gameplay system that required actual thought and effort. No way to cheese it, only hard work and good times listening to Mother Earth of Dishonesty or Image of Hero. Those synth tunes are like butter to my ears. PSOBBU did something no other game could- It partially restored my dulled sense of wonder. Even after beating episode 1 a few times, each new difficulty had something new around the corner and I was and still am excited to learn. Episode 2 and 4 blew me away so much that I elected to seek out episode 3 so i could play it and that made me all the more happy beating that game, listening to tower of caelum or IDOLA the holy fruits. (Pollux is HARD!) But what I could have never been prepared for, was how beautiful this community would be and how deeply it would connect me with others. Even striking up casual conversation, people I knew would be like "woah, PSO? I haven't played that in years!" and then I'd be building new gaming groups who loved PSO just as much as I did! I'd never had that before! Most people would make an excuse to not play something online, but this one was irresistible. it literally made me gaming buddies. It literally even helped one of my friends spend more time with his brother who lives far away from him. I never knew that PSO would help me connect families back together. and the community online was and still is fantastic to a tee. Sometimes I still can't fathom how much fun i have randomly hunting around and then having a buddy or 3 connect in and show me the ropes or blast Ob lilies away with me. (I hate ob lilies, I'm a RAmar.) I had some hard times getting used to/learning the upper echelons of things, but now I'm familiar with what PDs are, and how to make crazy cool weapons and what quests to do- how to feed your mags and how to be good at the game. I'm sure I'm not the best, but I've improved so much over the year. I even got into all of the main and side story quests which were so cool to play! Unearthing the mysteries of ragol was a pleasure absolutely unbound by any conventional gaming notions. I doubt I could have gotten there without your help and the folks who were generous enough to bring me along on more of the dangerous missions. I was so proud getting to stage 5 on WOI! that's my personal best so far at Level 148. Any time I played, everyone was fun to be around with those silly icon chat messages (which inspired me to make my own) and were super patient and great to work with. Every fight felt like a team effort, and at times, I was kinda teaching too 😮 To the devs and forum admins/mods, I thank you for making such a great game and community to be in. To the community of Ultima PSOBB, I also thank you. You are singlehandedly the greatest bunch of folks to be around. I want to especially thank folks like Trigunman, Nills, Saber+7, Clappy, Rivaul, Nessly, Amaranthine, drdingus, C01D1, Kotta, applesaucin, jdhenry124 and R-78 on the forums and in game for everything. Thank you, thank you, Thank you. I also want to thank these folks who i fought with bravely on the surface and underground of ragol: Relmitos, Laure, Demi, Android71, Xander94, Pthalo, A.J., Val, Marn, Princess, Maverick, MecaZora, FireHawk, NOLAftw, CAT, Cute, leyfon, Millie, Stray*, Ztriderr, Kalira, Minty, FFmaster-, Emizzle, Mercy, Tyrone, ShogunGX, SJCL, Yris, Ill Gilly, Sam, Xena and Megumi. you taught me everything I need to know to be a great RAmar. and lastly, thank you everyone. I'm now a die hard fan who reads the lore, listens to the music and remixes, and has played the entire series and I couldn't be happier. And it's all thanks to PSOBB Ultima. To everyone who reads this: I can still see the light.
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    Hello all, This is a quick start post I have compiled for new people and individuals that may require a little extra information. Good luck with your hunts and if you are new here welcome to the server! IMPORTANT NOTE!!! IF YOU CANNOT MOVE PRESS F11!!!! LEVEL UP FAST: Sometimes 5X Experience is enabled making this even faster. Fastest way to level up is by spamming TTF VR (toward the future) until you are level 100. Then you can unlock CCA (central control area) by pressing the 3 switches at jungle-, mountain- and seaside area. Once you have unlocked cca you can rush/kill Gal Gryphon over and over again. He gives you the highest exp in game. do that till lvl 200 Max stats calculator (where you can make a plan for your lvl200 character): https://www.phantasystaronline.net/forum/index.php?/tool-box/calculators/max-stats/ COMMANDS: Usefull commands you will need! you can just enter them into the chat by pressing ENTER: /dropstyle 1 will change the dropstyle to individual drops so nobody will be able to steal your drops. you should do that asap! /bank willl switch to a shared bank which can be access by all your 4 character on your account. execute it again to get back to your character bank /lobby will exit every quest and put you to the lobby /map will maximize the map if you need to check for something. execute it again to minimize /hh will check if happy hour is active und how long it remains. happy hour (180 min duration) gives you a 3x times increased droprate. 1/90 will be 1/30 while hh is active all the other commands are here: https://www.phantasystaronline.net/forum/index.php?/tool-box/commands/ TRADING: People on this server love to trade items. there is a whole market in the forum where you can sell/buy stuff. There are 2 currencies accepted by the players: Photon Drops (PDs)(THESE CAN BE FARMED IN GAME) and Donation Tickets (DTs) (THESE ARE FORUM ACCOUNT ONLY) PDs drop while playing or you can collect them at some quests ie. WOI EP2. DTs you can get by donating real money to the server or selling items. 1$ = 1 DT = 7.7 or 8 PDs Subject to negotiation not set in stone. DTs are the ultimate currency. There are items that go for 2 PDs and others go for 500 DTs You can always ask at the chat box on the start page of the forum if you want to know the price of any item. A beginners guide to grinding and getting rich on Ultima Ty JDHenry Where can I hunt items and When? Ty Kajex Useful abbreviations for EVERYTHING; Ty R-78 Ultima Custom Equipment WIKI; Ty Saber +7 Installing LUA (ie. Floor reader); Ty Yannv Drop tables https://www.phantasystaronline.net/forum/index.php?/droptable/drop-tables/ How to send Donations https://www.phantasystaronline.net/forum/index.php?app=donate&module=donate&controller=send&do=sendTotal PSOBB Ultima Item WIKI https://www.phantasystaronline.net/forum/index.php?/wiki/items/ Keyboard Controls Tutorial videos
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    I'm sure if it was a team submitting a beautiful gameplay composed by 4x HUcast using Dark Flow the entire run he would think twice about not giving prizes. But it was just a "DM spam" run, which was the optimal choice given the short deadline and the fact everyone were more worried about farming Centurion/Battles rather than getting only 15 DTs from his event (or nothing in this case). I was supposed to also submit a game with a few friends, but we commited the mistake of accepting Wilson itself on our party and many disagreements happened, so we ended giving up before moving to CCC or ROW. Many times he didn't listen us, ignored our requests to extend the deadline and if we didn't record the gameplay as he believes that is the only way to play the damn game, he wouldn't play. Anyways I'm not sure if anyone did that already (and I'm not reading all of that shitstorm that this topic became into again) but I just wanted to congratulate the team who destroyed all the current records for Cal's Clock Challenge and Realms of War (idk if there was a record for Chrismas Fiasco 1 before). Although most of the people who voted for the hardest set of quests ever didn't bother to even attempt playing the event, that French community accepted the challenge, sweated a lot, sacrified their time in order to bring us some entertainment. They more than deserve consolation prizes and appraisals from the community. 👏👏👏 @R-78 @3Psy @Noopy @JupiterDeMars Bravo!! Now for Saber+7...
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    🌊 ⚓⚓ ⚓⚓ ⚓⚓ Ahoy I am here ⚓⚓ ⚓⚓ ⚓⚓🌊 Since nobody did this already, i decided to make one. I'll update daily usually at the end of the day, so please try to make my job easier and faster and post in the following order: Item Name - Episode - Monster - Difficulty - ID You can check the item's wiki details by clicking on the item name. Gotta go fast and get those drops! Arrest Booster EPISODE IV Saint Million - Ultimate - Withill Skyly Purplenum Asteron Striker EPISODE IV Goran Detonator - Ultimate - Withill Skyly Yellowboze Bluefull Redria Pinkal D-Photon Core EPISODE II Olga Flow - Ultimate - Greenill Withill Redria Skyly Frozen Booster EPISODE II Merikle - Ultimate - Withill Yellowboze Hand of Justice EPISODE II Delbiter - Ultimate -Yellowboze Withill Redria Skyly Purplenum Mr. Naka's Business Card EPISODE I Dark Falz - Very Hard - Greenill Viridia Vol Opt - Ultimate - Greenill Skyly Viridia EPISODE II Barba Ray - Ultimate - Withill Oran Redria EPISODE IV Kondrieu - Ultimate - Yellowboze Withill Purplenum Sonic Magazine EPISODE I Booma - Normal - Redria Withill SonicTeam Armor EPISODE IV Shambertin - Very Hard - ALL IDS (3x times harder than Ultimate) Shambertin - Ultimate - Withill Purplenum Pinkal Yellowboze Redria Greenill Sword of Ultima EPISODE II Ul Gibbon - Ultimate - Skyly Pinkal Oran Gi Gue - Ultimate - Withill Bluefull Tyrfing EPISODE I Sinow Blue - Very Hard - Withill - Ultimate - Greenill Purplenum Redria Ultima Bringer's EPISODE I Dark Falz - Ultimate - Redria Greenill Ultima's Engine EPISODE I De Rol Le - Ultimate - Withill EPISODE II Gol Dragon - Ultimate - Greenill Regular Drops by Episode: EPISODE I Volt Op - Ultimate - Yellowboze Oran Redria Withill Dark Falz - Ultimate - Viridia EPISODE II Barba Ray - Ultimate - Greenill Gi Gue - Ultimate - Purplenum Mericus - Ultimate - Yellowboze EPISODE IV Kondrieu - Ultimate - Skyly Redria Oran Greenill Bluefull Pinkal Zu - Ultimate - Oran Any suggestion, changes regarding the colors, any item i forgot to include please let me know. Main event link:
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    TRIFORCE EVENT 2019 During Seven years the powerd of Goddess hasn been protected by our heroes. This time Darkness has become stronger than ever. The Dark Lord seeking to obtain the Ultimate Power to destroy all, to bringing etharnal darkness to Ragol turning it in to the Dark World. In this Era of Chaos the Ultima's Hero shall raise and protect our server, fight the dark army and bring light to Ragol once again. Only those who show true bravery and courage will overcome the darkness, Will you be the hunter to bring light into the darkness of Ragol and emerge victorious? The 7th Triforce Event of Ultima has just begun! Returning Items Swords Master Sword Legendary weapon of The Hero. This sword will bring light into the darkness. Boomerang Enemies might be stunned to see you wielding a child's toy Magic Hammer You got the Magic Hammer! You can drive the wooden stakes down into the ground! You can use it to pound on other things too! Great Fairy Sword With black roses etched into it, the Great Fairy's Sword is the most powerful of all blades. Bug-Catching Net You borrowed the Bug Catching Net! There may be some other things you can catch with it, too. Power Glove "I love the Power Glove! It's so Bad!" Stealth Sword An antique sword with photon camouflage made in a strange lab on Pioneer 1. - Kill Silently - Guns Bomb-Chu These mouse-shaped bombs will scurry along until it hits an opponent and explodes. They won't blow up you or your friends! Sacred Bow This holy bow, a favorite of the Hero, was blessed by the 3 Goddesses to smite their enemies. Canes Fire Rod You found the Fire Rod! This rod commands the red fire! But watch your Magic Meter! Zelda Magazine It's dangerous to go alone. Take this. Units Centurion/Arms +35 ATA Centurion/Luck +60 LCK Centurion/Power +75 ATP Centurion/Resist +15 RES Godric/Ability -50 All Shields Hylian Shield A magic shield that has accompanied The Hero on many adventures and helped him repeatedly to save the land of Ragol. And for this year's Triforce Event of Ultima, introducing a new item..... The GANONDORF SHIELD ~ Many thanks to @Usagi-chan for the awesome skin! Hint: it drops in different areas of Episode II on several IDs. Big thanks to @FALC0N for helping Ultima with event banners for exactly one year now! Thanks to @serverus for the spanish translation. Thanks to @Noob Saibot for the portuguese translation. Thanks to @R-78 for building up the topic and. Good Luck everyone!
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    The Stat of the SS wont change nor the special. Only thing in consideration is the class usable and the range and now trowing there another option with the combo lock .. who knows maybe that's a thing
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    A compilation of drops for the summer event. Please post item, episode, id, area, monster, difficulty, all that fun stuff. Happy Hunting! *All drops are ultimate unless specified* OFFICIAL DROP TABLES RELEASED CLICK TO VIEW Thank you to all those who submitted their findings so that others could hunt the items they wanted. BY ID Skyly Alis' Resolve - Ep4 Crater Dorphon Centurion\Battle - Ep2 Control Tower Epsilon Centurion\Legs - Ep4 All Satellite Lizard Centurion\TP - Ep4 Subterranean Desert Goran Bluefull Centurion\Technique - Ep2 Seabed Deldepth Centurion\Technique - Ep1 Caves Nano Dragon Psycho Black Crystal - Ep2 Seabed Morfos Soul Booster - Ep2 Central Control Area Gibbles Zanbacon - Ep1 Forest Gigobooma (Normal) Yellowboze Centurion\Technique - Ep2 Seabed Deldeph Centurion\Technique - Ep1 Caves Nano Dragon Centurion\TP - Ep4 Sub. Goran Psycho Black Crystal - Ep2 Seabed Morfos Redria Centurion\Technique - Ep2 Seabed Deldepth Centurion\Technique - Ep1 Caves Nano Dragon Centurion\TP - Ep4 Sub. Goran Psycho Black Crystal - Ep2 Seabed Morfos Soul Booster - Ep2 Central Control Area Gibbles Pinkal Centurion\Legs - Ep4 Sub. Yowie (?) Centurion\TP - Ep4 Sub. Goran Purplenum Centurion\Battle - Ep1 Nearest Place to Heaven Dark Falz Centurion\Legs - Ep4 All Satellite Lizard Centurion\Technique - Ep2 Seabed Deldepth Viridia Trap Search - Ep1 Mines Baranz Oran Alis' Resolve - Ep4 Crater Dorphon Centurion\Battle - Ep4 Big Pit Kondrieu Centurion\Technique - Ep4 Crater Ba Boota Greenill Trap\Search - Ep1 Mines Baranz Whitill Centurion\Battle - Ep1 Nearest Place to Heaven Dark Falz BY ITEM Alis' Resolve Ep4 Crater Dorphon - Skyly Ep4 Cater Dorphon - Oran Centurion\Battle Ep2 Tower Epsilon - Skyly Ep1 Nearest Place to Heaven Dark Falz - Purplenum Ep1 Nearest Place to Heaven Dark Falz - Whitill Ep4 Big Pit Kondrieu - Oran Centurion\Legs Ep4 Subterranean Desert Yowie - Pinkal Ep4 All Satellite Lizard - Skyly Ep4 All Satellite Lizard - Purplenum Centurion\Technique Ep2 Seabed Deldepth - Bluefull Ep2 Seabed Deldepth - Redria Ep2 Seabed Deldepth - Yellowboze Ep2 Seabed Deldepth - Purplenum Ep1 Caves Nano Dragon - Bluefull Ep1 Caves Nano Dragon - Redria Ep1 Caves Nano Dragon - Yellowboze Ep4 Crater Ba Boota - Oran Centurion\TP Ep4 Sub. Goran - Pinkal Ep4 Sub. Goran - Skyly Ep4 Sub. Goran - Redria Ep4 Sub. Goran - Yellowboze Psycho Black Crystal Ep2 Seabed Morfos - Redria Ep2 Seabed Morfos - Bluefull Ep2 Seabed Morfos - Yellowboze Soul Booster Ep2 CCA Gibbles - Redria Ep2 CCA Gibbles - Bluefull Trap Search Ep1 Mines Baranz - Viridia Ep1 Mines Baranz - Greenill Zanbacon Ep1 Forest Gigobooma - Bluefull (Normal) BY AREA Forest Zanbacon - Gigobooma Bluefull (Normal) Caves Centurion\Technique - Nano Dragon Yellowboze Centurion\Technique - Nano Dragon Bluefull Centurion\Technique - Nano Dragon Redria Mines Trap Search - Baranz Viridia Trap Search - Baranz Greenill Nearest Place to Heaven Centurion\Battle - Dark Falz Purplenum Centurion\Battle - Dark Falz Whitill Central Control Areas Soul Booster - Gibbles Redria Soul Booster - Gibbles Bluefull Seabed Centurion\Technique - Deldepth Bluefull Psycho Black Crystal - Morfos Bluefull Centurion\Technique - Deldepth Redria Psycho Black Crystal - Morfos Redria Centurion\Technique - Deldepth Yellowboze Psycho Black Crystal - Morfos Yellowboze Centurion\Technique - Deldepth Purplenum Control Tower Centurion\Battle - Epsilon Skyly Crater Alis' Resolve - Dorphon Skyly Centurion\Legs - Satellite Lizard Skyly Centurion\Legs - Satellite Lizard Purplenum Alis' Resolve - Dorphon Oran Centurion\Tech - Ba Boota Oran Subterranean Desert Centurion\Legs - Yowie Pinkal Centurion\TP - Goran Pinkal Centurion\Legs - Satellite Lizard Skyly Centurion\TP - Goran Skyly Centurion\TP - Goran Redria Centurion\TP - Goran Yellowboze Centurion\Legs - Satellite Lizard Purplenum Big Pit Centurion\Battle - Kondrieu Oran (Please tell me if the colors are hard to read on white theme)
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    well i hope everyone enjoyed the event it was so fun for me and all credits to larva he is the one behind this he told me hey servers i have an idea why u dont host a hit event and i said ok lol well i dunno when will be next event thanks to everyone enjoy the server be happy xXD PD:saith will be redeem hit for some hours good luck xD Thanks to fyrewolf for the help
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    Ultima will always be my home.
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    I'm going to be hosting a mini event this Saturday on Feb 04 at 11 p.m GMT. Or 04/Feb/2017 for you others. It will be a wordsearch puzzle that i'll create that is PSO themed. I will be posting the puzzle in this thread, and will be taking submissions via PM so there's no chance of cheating. The first 3 to PM the completed wordsearch will receive a prize. Annnnnnnnnnnnddddddddddd we have our winners! First place goes to: El Socko - Arrest Needle 5/0/0/100/30 Adept + 15 dts Second Place goes to: RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR - Arrest needle 0/0/0/80/30 + 15 dts Third place: Pixcani - PBC + POST + 15 dts THANK YOU ALL WHO ENTERED
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