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      (Nothing to see here either)

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      Wassup doggy dog, don't come at me like that

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      @Kotta kinda redundant because the one from Game Boy is actually the first :o

  2. I miss my truck friends 


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      @RocketTots told me that they identifies as a crane now. You better ask their pronouns now

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      plane-crane.gif my preferred pronouns are "beep beep/vroom vroom"

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      What a stronk arm. You must be lifting nonstop, bro

  3. I need attention, let me fill the status updates with a pointless comment :""L

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    Summer Event 2022

    Kinda proud this still exists 😁 my last legacy.
  5. ahoy had honey mustard today, feel stuffed

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      Not yet honey mustard. Belly hurts

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  6. Still going fast?

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      No, just sitting down right now artworks-000686610448-h0g9jm-t500x500.jp

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      These days, he's only fast at eating hot pockets

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      ⚙️ Meme Bean ⚙️ on Twitter: "Tails in the Sonic Movie (2019)  https://t.co/X7x9SJvfF1" / Twitter


      :o Since when Tails became Sanic? so that means SONIC+TAILS=SATONIC?

  7. It is indeed one of the best quests ever made for PSO (that and Realms of War, which I believe that served as an inspiration for Cal's Clock Challenge). I think it is a pity that ROW doesn't have a similar reward system implemented on it.
  8. or perhaps we can relate again, actually happy v-day bf @jezbuz


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      I'm down! Happy bf day mine cute gigantic lizard

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  9. @jezbuz
    u rdy to be defeated again??!? I just launched to the stars this weirdo vegan alligator that eats brocolliii


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      Bro, u mad bro? I chew electric wires to assert dominance over broccoli creatures and to seduce ladies and bring them to the top of the of the tall3et building there is. And you launch alligators that are so weak from only eating broccoli to the stars?! Pffffff


  10. I think boosted Experience, Rares, Happy Hours and the ability to exchange money for maxed gear made Ultima players too spoiled over years, including myself. That's why I don't play since a while, just visit forums to check what's going on. Now there isn't much reason for veterans players to stick on after they made everything they wish in game. And reversing all of such boosts would make people complain even more, it is difficult to do anything at this point. Countless suggestions from the playerbase, including me, has been already suggested to perhaps try to mitigate this issue. This thread has thousands of suggestions, good and bad ones, that are way too difficult to implement, or depends on major's staff decisions. The truth is, you all just don't want to accept we already had enough of PSO:BB, even if it was another server, the core will be the same game. I don't think any other MMO has been supported by fans that many years. It is actually surprising people play Blue Burst in 2021, an update that is 17 years old from a game that is almost 21 years old. So idk, if any you are trying to find something brand-new, then in my opinion PSO:BB isn't for you. Play this game for nostalgia and accepting there won't be much else to do besides hunting the same items and gearing your character towards level 200. If only Lipelis was a GM, nothing of that would happen ...
  11. Folks trying to be cool at the shoutbox be like


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      Was that a GTA reference? :onion-head65:

  12. I know I know. But I took all of these quotes in a ironic way (please read the context), since I see a lot of people trying to justify the exodus from our playerbase with some of the reasons above. As you, I also don't believe only one person, a team or custom items would cause people leaving Ultima.
  13. Ok, you asked me to quote you so "I can't change peoples words", here it is:
  14. It might not be against rules, but it is kind of common sense that one of the parts should at least try to be respectful. Otherwise this topic will become just another drama novel going to limbo just as many other countless topics. Except that you know he have some clear mental issues, high level of autism and uses heavy drugs; remember him saying that multiple times. So I don't agree that the words from someone with autism, Alzheimer or some other kind of mental issues have the same weight as words from someone 100% sane. Telling someone in such conditions to go commit a suicide is totally unnaceptable in my opinion. Here, most of these quests specified in this topic (if not all) have been brought up to Ultima thanks to lots of conversations/negotiations with other content creators: Me, him and R-78 have been extensively at that time testing such quests and reporting bugs to Soly. Only after countless hours of testing they finally left the Test Server. Many other quests, that were otherwise only available in Japanese language, is now live on Ultima because he did know who to talk to in order to get them available here. Ultima Discord, as I said previously, was heavily revamped like two years ago and we pretty much used most of his Discord layout/organization as a base. So yeah, because most of his contribution to the server is on backend of things, doesn't mean he didn't do anything in all these years as a staff member. Since I was at the backstage for quite some time, I'm sure I know more than you about the good stuff he did. And such things as: - Ultima have less players because of the unbalanced custom items - People is leaving the server because of Triforce - Ephinea is more crowded because they embraced the vanilla aspect of the game and their staff is more democratic All of that I quoted above and much more are just logical fallacies, which doesn't always correspond to the truth; there's not a single study proving people like vanilla better, how impactful to the community is the stuff being said on shoutbox, and vice-versa. If this is just what you believe, that he is "harmful" to the community, it's okay. He probably thinks the opposite of your team. (BTW I must reiterate I don't have anything personal against anyone from Triforce and I know lots of kind people from there that I used to play with a lot in the past.) And there's nothing stop you and others from moving on and playing on a "more democratic" server, with more active staff members, balanced items, etc. But unfortunately we are stubborn and still choose to talk/play here. Even though there are technically "better" places to play PSO right now, I like the fact we still have Ultima. That's it. Well, you once suggested a really interesting stuff about lead admins right, so other GMS would have more power to give final decisions regarding the Ultima right? Larva totally ignored you, if I remember correct. And of course, who wouldn't get mad on this situation? I don't even rememebr how many times I suggested stuff (even directly at staff's channel) that were of crowd's interest and never got the proper attention. What I'm trying to say is that this is all pointless. is it ALWAYS the same problem, staff members have great ideas, which doesn't get the approval of Larva. What is the point of complaining about the same thing for years? Hence I say if you don't like Ultima how it currently is, I wouldn't put hopes in it changing. I already learned that.
  15. I guess I'll be the one with an unpopular opinion but at this point in time, I don't really care, I don't really like what the Ultima environment has become in the last year or so, and that makes me glad I quit being an active player for good. I know I'll be bashed by my thoughts but the recent posts, dramas and shit that happened on shoutbox stinks like some childish drama, and most of you should be ashamed for wasting so much time offending a staff member in shoutbox (regardless if he was being a nice person or not). That's not how people request things to change for better, at least not in real life.... Now the very author of this topic 11:59 PM: "Ok guys let's talk to Larva about a serious problem we have on this server, we don't agree with Wilson's attitude because of this reason, and this another reason and finally this last reason.. I think we should improve on that, and that either and finally this." 00:00 AM at the very same topic: "Hurr durr whales, memes, Wilson is a dick, asshole, Larva read this plox I beg you" How do you expect this kind of topic will go anywhere, if you can't be serious and say stuff without offending someone? People need to be cohesive when trying to express themselves. It would be just easier if you guys just ignored Wilson, didn't give him attention on serious matters, because in the very end, it is all up to Larva to decide things. If we go back to Emewn, for example, the offenses against him were really uncalled for and aggressive. Like I already saw someone from a very known team here saying he should commit suicid for the good of the community. Like WTF dudes?? His opinions (Emewn) might not have been according to "human rights" but still he didn't commit any crime and as far as I know he does have the right to voice his shitty opinions, you like it or not. Now he is permabanned (congrats, you all did it, now the server is glorius again right?) but I'm sure some of you did or said even worse stuff IRL than what Wilson/Emewn would say in his entire life. Now some people are trying to make the same thing to Wilson they once did to Emewn. Sick... 😑 As much as I don't agree with Wilson's behaviour, I really disliked his decision on Time Attack Event to not reward people who worked hard towards making his event a little more relevant, I honestly think leaving him as a staff member is better than not having anyone. He doesn't owe us anything or is even get paid, so I'm glad for every staff member who still spends some of their precious time to please such little playerbase. And I heavily dislike with the statement from Grantz that "people don't care for TA on Ultima". I might not live the TA world like Wilson does but once in a while that kind of competition is awesome, and I'm sure some people here like challenges. Sadly this community never embraced this aspect of PSO, which you like it or not, is one of the reasons PSO still lives in 2021. There was once a time where I was really working towards becoming a staff member alongside Wilson. Not sure if anyone remembers how messy looking for specific server information and how unpleasing the Ultima Discord was a few years ago, but we as a staff really worked together towards making the official community more bearable. And most of the great ideas came from Wilson, as he had a really well organized Discord server, which served as a model for our own. Most new quests, optimizations and a few other game improvements people unfortunately don't care about, came to Ultima all thanks to him. Liking him or not, it was thanks to him that Ultima moved a little forward in the right direction in the past years. Currently it might not be a very successfull server? Perhaps... Ephinea still have a greater playerbase than us? Of course... But I believe we should all be glad that someone still cares to run a server of a such old game, and we have serious staff members that sacrifice their time to deal with all the shitstorm that happens once in a while on Ultima. We liking Larva's decisions or not, people are able to play freely here because he still cares somehow to keep the server running. TL;DR, this topic is pointless. We should like Ultima for what it is; I personally had to be part of the staff channel, live the struggle the staff members have to live and even get banned by Larva itself to understand the dynamics of Ultima. You believing it or not, what the server is currently now is the best it could be, given the conditions.
  16. I suggest you to rename 20XX to 2021, that way people won't be confused and realize this topic belongs to the current year.
  17. That event took so long to start that I was almost thinking an Ultima's Brazilian Carnival Event 2021 would be happening instead
  18. Hey, that was just a picture of mine using a Flame Garment armor
  19. The event will start when GM @Lipelis tells Larva to fire it up
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    I would like to wish you a really happy bird...




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    Hey, what do you have against birdies? 


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    I wish you have a really happy and fun birthday today 😃 I prepared this cake to my favorite turtle as an incentive for you to GONNA GO FAST and make your child turtles proud. Hope you are smiling the same way as 'The Creature' on this cake.





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      Disregard the fact that I reported you for offending the offendant.



      it was a jokeeeeee



      Yannv has been permanently banned for the 10th time.


      Yannv has been permanently banned for the 9th time.


      Thank you for remembering my hidden birthday which no one sees because of all the other turtles born on february 17th :(









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      This thread crashed my computer. Thanks

  21. Very interesting. Your ADEPT+Cent/Ability plan gives about the same DFP (you gotta see this @ink)(154 away from max) compared to 2xCent/Ability plan (which is 147 from max), with the advantages of better resistances+reduced TP consumption. I will replace it sooner or later, as soons as I have "free time" =P Cent/Ability+ADEPT Pros - Resistance/All +6 - Slight TP reduction Cons - MST won't be maxed if using Merges (negligible as you mentioned, because custom shields already covers most of the important Tech-boosts) - Needs a custom made mag (which isn't that bad considering you can currently rellocate mag status points using New Year Cards) That plan is also really cool. I'll add it ASAP either.. Being honest, I never really liked Newman plans, it is so frustrating not being able to max all of the important stats together, without a lot of sacrifices (on this case, sacrifices are important units that matter a lot for decent gameplay). Not to say switching mags/units together is totally a not "noob-friendly" thing to do. But that scenario unfortunately won't change unless Ultima decides to give Newmans at least more 100 extra material usage =P Even though your plan is an intesting approach, IMO it isn't really an improvement compared to the current Cent/Mind plan. The pros I see here are being able to use a non customized mag, having better overall resistances, reduced TP comsumption and always having max ATA, but having to use 2 Adepts for melee purposes is a huge drawback to gameplay, because you would: - Cast considerably slower techniques while meleeing (because you can't equip V801 with C/Battle and Smartlink Together) -> that would be the least harmful scenario; - Do really slow melee attacks -> If not using C/Battle, then why bother... would be better to use a more melee-friendly class; - Miss a considerable ammount of melee attacks -> If not using Smartlink but using C/Battle+V801/V502. But Forces are fragile like dandelions so they have to use ranged attacks mostly. Also IMO it is a waste to spend material/points maxing ATP (and even worse, LCK) on newman forces because they will never be able to compete with Hunters/Rangers dps. Demon special usage only really depends on ATA, and a little bit of ATP helps finishing off. Even though Adept is overall a better unit on almost every situation, because it gives lots of points to every stats, Centurion/Mind gives the freedom to allocate points only to the stats that really matters, while Adept doesn't. Anyways I'll consider your plan as an alternative, but IMO I suggest you reworking a little bit the ATP/LCK and reallocate such points to MST; after all that's why you use a Force mostly, for magics right? Melee is mostly a support thing Interesting. I never thought about this, will see if I can add this little bit of information. Anyways, it is good to remind players they have the freedom to tweak the plans as they want. Now this plan, I really liked it, even though I still think C/Mind is superior overall, this plan shows its purpose clearly. Melee uses specific melee gear only, nuke uses specific nuke gear only. I should remember to rework a few of the plans that considers extra MST for Merges now that you reminded me they are outclassed lol You can consider Hylian Shield instead. He only used Red Ring as a placeholder for MST. Considering extra MST for Merges is only important if the playe is going to use a lot of Gifoie. Topic is maxed stats, but using standards (as seen on first page before the plans itself), not just a "throw 3xCent/Ability+V101 and u be good bro". All of the plans posted have a lot of reasoning behind them, they are suited for specific uses, and so on. Centurion/Battle is considerably faster than V101. 110% Battle speed vs 45%. It's not about attacking a couple miliseconds faster, it's about being able to stunlock more enemies and doing a greater DPS (damage per second). which matters a lot in TA (killing spawns a couple miliseconds faster makes you the winnner) or complex quests like Tower of Dreams, for example. Also, @ink, V101 is not considered a endgame unit here so I don't add V101 oriented plans because increased battle speed is undeniably way better than a little bit of extra stats. Everyone that plays here, sooner or later is going to get a C/battle and keep it as their main battle unit. Also ewwww, katanas are so terrible, they are only useful for skipping Seabed floors.... lol BTW I don't have an ETA to add such plans because I don't play this game anymore so this is just extra work/math for me, BUT they will be added definitely.
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