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  1. ahoy Ana G.  i no see long you.


  2. Hola Ana. aun estas en el juego o ya te retiraste?

    1. Sergio2kx


      no creo que juege ya desde 2018 no esta conectada 

  3. msg me

    1. final pacman

      final pacman


      great BUSINESS

      the transaction was smooth. we payed each other the value. and let things go easily. which made for fair trade. total exchange girasol 3 dts, 8 dts, 46 pd. Good REP lots of free beez> and good conversation about pso. The overa all trade was rainbow baton. and daylight scar. to cover the lost 4 pd. new friend have card. Thank you AgAin, 

      1. check trade list. need help grindineaster 4 hours a daySpend wisely, the bbarket pd.keep your eyes open and mind on task:L talk to you later
  4. Are you selling the blizzard neddle or no?

    answer plz

  5. @Ragol99 I think you should keep some weapons in case one day you want to play again even for a few moments. It is always good to see them walking there.
  6. That's why no one goes to missions in the mines . And also the baranz has strength but does not have much resistance like buffed belra. Most of them play in ruins anyway. And the problem comes when you play a "quest" where more than "4 belras" appear together. And I say the same, if the players who go on the mission do not carry "good weapons" (we speak of good% and good special) it will become hell for them (no matter what the 4 players are) I understand that you do not have problems Zerk. But you have "good weapons" but I repeat that not everyone has them.
  7. The belra of the "ultimate" mode must have the strength of the "ultimate" mode and not a "buffed belra". Remember that not all players have the "best weapons" Still, I agree that there should already be a new level of difficulty for players with good weapons. A cracked mode as they say, Super ultimate, inferno mode, Dead mode, nightmare mode, or whatever they want to call it. But honestly if such a mode were to come into existence, I'm sure that when all the enemies of the same room are stronger (and not just the belra), all those "experienced super warriors" will come out crying from the room.
  8. I wish you all good night.



    1. R-78


      Good night.


    Goodnight everyone !!!   :onion-head40:

  10. Time for walk  :)

    1. David S. Wilson

      David S. Wilson

      i was just listening to bryan adams "heaven" lol

  11. Ana G.5


    I forgot to say "congratulations to the winner" I'm going to do something (I do not know what but I'll do it) again in the future. Thanks.
  12. Ana G.5


    Moi sanchez find me in the minute 6 block 03 lobby 14
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