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  1. This is the fastest HUcast TTF I have seen on this server:
  2. Purplenum Ultimate Episode 4 Sand Rappy Fire Rod
  3. i don't know why i can't send messages to anyone.  just wanted to say hi. hope to see you soon.

  4. The 1st appearance of "rappies" was in Phantasy Star 3 and are called Chirper, Warbler, and Squaker as animals and Chirpbot, Warblot, and Squakbot as robot enemies. It was in Phantasy Star 4 that they were called rappies with the 3 types being Rappy, Blue Rappy, and King Rappy. This is where they developed the trait of running from battle as they are injured.
  5. Press f12 to open your menu. In the bottom right corner is your total exp and exp needed for your next level.
  6. You can absolutely recommend multi-logging as it is totally allowed on this server. Also, Christmas Catastrophe on very hard gives 2 mats per character per run. But I understand the idea of making the most profitable use of your time. I just also think that giving more options of quests to run can help players of any experience level achieve the desired goal. What is easy to one player might be difficult to another imo. But thank you for your time and effort. I think this guide will be beneficial.
  7. I think there is a lot of benefit to having several options of quests to grind for items, mats, pds, etc. Also, maybe you might want to include Christmas Catastrophe for getting luck and tp mats.
  8. If you are online, please make a room
  9. Updated. Sorry that I have not been around in a little while. I have had a lot of real life stuff going on. Let me know if you want any of the mags that I have made or want a different mag made by me. As always, I charge 15 pds to raise a mag to level 200, plus 10 pds if I supply a ppp mag, plus the value of a mag cell used if I provide it. All mag cells are free except dragon scale, liberta kit, ultima! mag cell, and d-photon core. Just remember: If you want to pay more for mags, that's your business. If you want to pay less for mags, that's my business.
  10. I just wanted to say that a 4 player TA is difficult to coordinate. I personally tried to make a submission. I joined 2 different teams. Unfortunately, do to life and work, things did not work out. I thought at the beginning of this event that UPS was the only team on the server who even had a chance at having enough people that were able to play together for enough time to make a submission in such a short amount of time. To the players on the UPS team.....amazing job. Thank you for your time. Your submissions were amazing!!! I wish that I had a group that could get together and give you a run for your money. But this effort was unbelievably amazing!! To Wilson, well, it ended much like was expected. Just like "Lemon's" battle event. Events like this just leave a sour taste in your mouth.
  11. Happy bee day buzz buzz 🐝🐝🍻

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