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    1. Auli'i


      So the URL clearly says Jade's Mag Shop in it, yet when I click the link, it takes me to that one post where the guy got banned for infinite mag feeding



    2. JADE
  1. Is it on Saturday or February 2?
  2. There are still mags available at my mag shop :)


    Edited by JADE
    Left out link
  3. B>pgf...pm me your price. I can offer DTS and items for trade.

  4. Purplenum confirms heart of morolian from ultimate gal gryphon.
  5. B>0 def ppp mag

  6. How did you determine on asteron striker that purplenum has a "hard" drop and skyly has an "easy" drop? What Ultima staff member confirmed the difference in drop rate?
  7. Yellowboze confirms ultimate goran detonator drops sword of ultima.
  8. Redria confirms ultimate shambertin drops ultima engine.
  9. B>liberta kit 6 pds