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  1. Ok. Thank you for your submission. Unfortunately, this is not a winner for 3 reasons. 1) It was submitted several hours after the event ended. I would've forgiven this. 2) That is not the response I wanted from Kireek in battle training. Meh. The response was given 2 rooms previous. But the worst one by far was 3) That is not a screenshot of you. That was clearly gotten from pso-world or some similar source. Sorry. Thank you to everyone who participated in my little event. It was a huge success. Look for the 1 year anniversary event in January with bigger and better prizes.
  2. Congratulations! You are the 6th winner.
  3. There are plenty of great prizes left. Only 4 off of the list have been awarded.
  4. Here is my submission from normal. http://imgur.com/k1urTZp http://imgur.com/RR4XrY9
  5. I hope you have the most wonderful of birthdays today. :)

    1. DON SUAVE


      Happy Birthday friend! Make some memories!


    2. Skunk


      Happy birthday have a lot of fun my friend!

  6. Now that the summer event has ended, don't forget to get your screenshots in for this mini event.
  7. Since there have been so many happy hours, I will extend this event until Friday 10:00 pm est. Have fun with the end of the summer event.
  8. Congratulations. You are 5th! Good job. I love Rati, too.
  9. Got the pm. You are 4th. Congratulations.
  10. Congratulations. You got third.
  11. Perfect. You are the 2nd winner. Congratulations.
  12. Perfect. Congratulations! You are the 1st winner.
  13. You only need one. I just love agastya so much, I wanted to show off.