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  1. The 1st appearance of "rappies" was in Phantasy Star 3 and are called Chirper, Warbler, and Squaker as animals and Chirpbot, Warblot, and Squakbot as robot enemies. It was in Phantasy Star 4 that they were called rappies with the 3 types being Rappy, Blue Rappy, and King Rappy. This is where they developed the trait of running from battle as they are injured.
  2. Press f12 to open your menu. In the bottom right corner is your total exp and exp needed for your next level.
  3. You can absolutely recommend multi-logging as it is totally allowed on this server. Also, Christmas Catastrophe on very hard gives 2 mats per character per run. But I understand the idea of making the most profitable use of your time. I just also think that giving more options of quests to run can help players of any experience level achieve the desired goal. What is easy to one player might be difficult to another imo. But thank you for your time and effort. I think this guide will be beneficial.
  4. I think there is a lot of benefit to having several options of quests to grind for items, mats, pds, etc. Also, maybe you might want to include Christmas Catastrophe for getting luck and tp mats.
  5. I just wanted to say that a 4 player TA is difficult to coordinate. I personally tried to make a submission. I joined 2 different teams. Unfortunately, do to life and work, things did not work out. I thought at the beginning of this event that UPS was the only team on the server who even had a chance at having enough people that were able to play together for enough time to make a submission in such a short amount of time. To the players on the UPS team.....amazing job. Thank you for your time. Your submissions were amazing!!! I wish that I had a group that could get together and give you
  6. Happy bee day buzz buzz 🐝🐝🍻

  7. I hope your birthday is a great one Jade!  Congo-rats and party hard hon!

    We miss you Mag Queenie, hope you come drop by here at Ultima to say hello on the forums and in-game sometime.



  8. Emewn

    Happy Birthday! JADE ❤️ God bless you so much! ❤️ 

  9. That mag is super cool. If you want, I could make you another sato with the photon blasts, stats, and color you want and trade it to you for that mag as long as it still has the 2 farlla photon blasts.
  10. Photon drops can be used to buy items from other players or to add %'s that are not hit to your weapons in gallon's hunt via paganini. You have to unlock this ability by helping paganini on the east tower and west tower missions on ep2. Thus can be done on any difficulty. Also, a good shotgun is baranz launcher. Some ids including greenill get it from ultimate ep1 baranz. If you want to hunt it but cannot handle ultimate, you can unlock the 1 player missions on normal difficulty until you get soul of steel unlocked. The 1st enemy is a solo baranz on ultimate. You can kill him over and ov
  11. Ultima Bringer's Episode 1 Ultimate Dark Falz Greenill
  12. Anti Dark Ring Dark Falz Episode 1 Ultimate Viridia - regular drop Mr. Naka's Business Card Vol Opt ver. 2.0 Episode 1 Ultimate Viridia
  13. Lucky for me, Windows stopped supporting xp updates years ago. Windows 10 updates are whack imo.
  14. Those windows updates can ruin your computer imo
  15. Hucast cannot use macho blades. However, he can use s-red's blades. It isn't as good of a s/d boost, but it can work until you get your mag blast.
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