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  1. Whitill Del Rappy Zelda Magazine Hard
  2. Congratulations on your bling bling name!!!!

    Well deserved!!!

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    2. jezbuz


      Nice bling bling name! Congrats Bro!

    3. Terrybriggs711


      Grats to you too @Shin , thankyou  

      @jezbuz, hell ya ill be down for some runs tonight hmu for sure

    4. nnorton44


      Congrats!! Nice to see you active :onion107:

  3. I like all of the intricate symbols on the original skin
  4. JADE



    Well deserved.



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    2. JADE


      Well, he helps this noob all of the time

    3. jezbuz


      Yay! Welcome to the gold club Shin! Now it's time to play less, troll more and shitpost more. Those are the main values and ethics of the gold club.

    4. Shin


      Thank you everyone. I will do my best.

  5. Hylian Shield purplenum ultimate gal gryphon
  6. I played vanilla gamecube for too many years. One of the draws of this server for me was the buffed monsters on Ultima. I feel that it has added a new dimension to the game for experienced players. It is very difficult to start on any server. But I feel that Ultima's unique buffing is fun for players and presents a unique experience for those experienced players that want a challenge. There is a balance between the monster buffing and the buffing of the weapons and armors. I, for one, would not like to see this server become like all of the others. Sure, it's fun to be over powered against your foes. But, it makes the game boring. It's like putting training wheels back onto your bicycle. I feel the only benefit to debuffing the monsters would be faster time attack times. But most of the players on the server could care less about time attack. As for the monsters' buffs causing a pay to win experience, I know a lot of players, like @mudkipzjm have all of the gear maxed and brag about never donating a single cent to Ultima. I have a lot of the maxed gear myself and have donated a very miniscule amount compared to all that I have gained. I do not feel that you need 80 hit on every weapon, especially if you can master the sns trick. It does make things easier, but isn't necessary imo. Of course you do need to be a higher level to be successful in ultimate. But, there are so many amazing missions on this server, it isn't difficult to find good ones to help you level quickly. Bringing back crack mode would be amazing if they can prevent the hacking that happened when it was around.
  7. Shin

    Congratulations, @JADE!

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    2. Trigunman


      D'oh, we're all out of veteran badges ATM, I need to light a fire up my supplier's rear orifice about another shipment... :onion118:

      All things come to he who waits Shin. :onion-head11:

      Congo-rats Jade! :onion120:

    3. Lucapy


      congradulations jade

    4. JADE


      Thank you all


  8. Joyeux Anniversaire. Peace ;)

    1. JADE


      Merci beaucoup

  9. Happy birthday J.A.D.E. !

    💃 AYO!! 💃 

    1. JADE


      Thank you boiloa

  10. Happy Birthday :cr-floating:

    1. JADE


      Thank you

  11. Usagi

    Happy birthday :cr-happy-birthday:

    1. JADE


      Thank you so much

  12. Jade happy birthday fren!! Thanks for all you do for us <3

    1. JADE


      Thank you :cc-in-love:

  13. Happy birthday!

    1. JADE


      Tyvm :wub:

  14. Your name might have been 1 character too long. Also, in blue burst, each class can have a different section id with the same name. Also, you can type /changesectionid * ingame where * is the desired id. You can do this once per 3 months per character.
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