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  1. Easter Drop Table 2018

    Water gun very hard gi gue whitill ep 2
  2. Gallons shop is unlocked. Go to episode 2 shop on multiplayer mode. To unlock the single player missions, you must unlock the appropriate government missions. So for the cave missions, you must unlock government mission 2-1. You can access those missions by going to the principal's area and speaking with Momoka on episode 1 and 4 and Nol on episode 2. These are done in multiplayer mode. Also, difficulty doesn't matter, except for the prizes you receive for beating the boss missions. So, if you unlock the government missions or the single player missions, they are unlocked on all difficulty levels.
  3. B>drill launcher pm me offer

    1. Lucapy


      i am have one for you

  4. @JADE and @Shin celebrating 7 years of wedded bliss.


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      Congratulations. Hope you both celebrate many more years :)

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  5. Happy Anniversary to the best man on Ultima. 7 years strong.

  6. Farewell for now

    Bye bye for now. I'll miss my nephew. But real life is more important. Keep in touch. You know I worry about you. We will be here if you decide to return.
  7. I tried this. I had crippling slow motion on my PC the entire time this was on my PC. It also gave me at least 6 other programs. Thank goodness I was able to remove them all. Not good for me. But good luck to all. Also, best wishes to @Ragol99. I hope your RL journey is successful.
  8. B>luck materials 1:1 I need 18.

  9. Pm me when you are available.
  10. If you are on, room jade password tiger.
  11. Your hunter must be at least level 100 with the 900 atp. Equip the blade and then use the syncesta...according to pso-world. I have a hunter that I could try it with, if you would like.
  12. OK...I have windows xp. I can't find a recording program that works on it for free. The best I found records for 3 minutes max and makes my PC have death slow motion. Good luck on the event. Too bad technology will be a main factor to determine the participants. I wish I had the ability to record my runs. But, alas, I will just be a cheerleader.
  13. Found him...said I should call him Rocky.