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  1. High lvl techs

    I know it says other for the area you are in, but the enemies have all ep 1 drops. I think that it might count as ruins 4.
  2. High lvl techs

    I got grants 30 in the last room of max attack s on ep 1. I think the spaceship area there is good for high level techs.
  3. I miss you. Hugs.

  4. Triforce Event Drop Chart

    I believe that greenill shambertin drops its regular drop considering that I saw a banner for rianov 5.
  5. Triforce Event Drop Chart

    Yellowboze normal dark falz bug catching net
  6. Triforce Event Drop Chart

    I think that dark bringer dropped his arm. And good job.
  7. I am sorry for the inconvenience, but all of my mag feeding operations have been postponed due to hurricane Irma. Since I live in Florida, I am busy with preparations and potential evacuations. I hope you all understand. 

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    2. Junsui


      Look after yourself! Take care! :3

    3. jezbuz


      Take care! Hope everything goes well with you and your family.

    4. Stephen Burgin Sr.

      Stephen Burgin Sr.

      Thought and prayers are with you. stay safe.

  8. I hope you are doing well and survived Irma.

    1. radezz


      Thank you, we are all ok here, just no power or internet, but alive

  9. Triforce Event Drop Chart

    Centurion/resist viridia ultimate dorphon eclair
  10. Triforce Event Drop Chart

    I just got a rage de feu from goran detonator. Looks like it's someone else.
  11. Triforce Event Drop Chart

    Posted on the chatbox whitill Merissa (red) great fairy sword courtesy of @griffeni.
  12. B>ppp mags

  13. Ultima Summer Forum Minievent 2017

    How do we get the special zambacons?
  14. JADE's Mag Shop's Anniversary Event

    Ok. Thank you for your submission. Unfortunately, this is not a winner for 3 reasons. 1) It was submitted several hours after the event ended. I would've forgiven this. 2) That is not the response I wanted from Kireek in battle training. Meh. The response was given 2 rooms previous. But the worst one by far was 3) That is not a screenshot of you. That was clearly gotten from pso-world or some similar source. Sorry. Thank you to everyone who participated in my little event. It was a huge success. Look for the 1 year anniversary event in January with bigger and better prizes.