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    The Sunniest event of Ultima has come! Happy summer guys, we hope all members enjoy this event. The staff really wanted to bring something new to the community. It's nothing over power but I'm sure some users will appreciate the work that has been done here. thanks to all Ultima members. You guys really make Ultima the great place that is for all of us! Thanks and Enjoy. Summer Items Centurion/Legs - 75 EVP Centurion/TP - 125 TP Centurion/Technique - 5 Technique Levels Trap Search - Makes traps visible Zanbacon - Delicious sword Summer Main Items Blood Sword Do not underestimate the power of blood... Soul Booster Need a boost on Excalibur? Combine them to obtain Hundred Souls. Psycho Black Crystal Give to your Master Raven the ability to curse your enemies with death by making it Psycho Raven. Centurion/Battle Is this game too slow for you? Then this item is gonna be your best friend! +110% Attack Speed Alis' Resolve Foie +35% Barta +35% Zonde +35% New Content Serene Swan Fight with the serenity of the swan. The blessing on this weapon channels photon energy to purify the corruption in its targets through removal of dark energy. Buffed Monsters Morfos have been genetically enhanced Baranz have been upgraded to a better version ____________________________________ Event is active until August 05, 2019 Credits for the Banner to @FALC0N almost one year creating original content for us man! Credits for the Original Topic to @R-78 Credits for Serene Swan skin and portuguese translation to @Noob Saibot Thanks! Good Luck / Bonne Chance / Buena Suerte / Boa Sorte !
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    Serene swan - sorcerer - space ship - ultimate - ep2 - skyly and purplenum
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    Official event topic is here! Last year's drop tables are here! Please post with the section ID and difficulty of any event drops you get, or any monsters that drop their confirmed drop table results!
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    Title. What are your thoughts on this new weapon, the fact that it's likely about to be nerfed into the ground, and from what I've seen the drop rate nerfed too. Trolls welcome and encouraged.
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    Congratulations guys for the confirmed drops so far. Here are some revelations about the drop tables to save you some pain: Centurion/Battle drops on ultimate from Dark Falz: Purplenum and Redria (Whitill was removed this year for people willing to hunt Red Rings) Olga Flow: Pinkal and Viridia Kondrieu: Oran and Yellowboze Epsilon: Skyly and another ID All boss location drops have been made about twice easier than last year The second section ID for Epsilon has a slightly better drop rate than Skyly. Serene Swan drops on ultimate from Gran Sorcerer from episode II on All section IDs Drop rate: 1/1489
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    I'm against nerfing the Serene Swan. In fact, in my opinion this is potentially the best creation ever made for our server. It is a beautiful (kudos to the person who did the skin for it) and a very funny weapon to use, it is nothing that breaks the playability, actually, it is quite the opposite, it gives a nice touch to the gameplay. Its power comes from the character ATP itself, and is very dependant from buffs/debuffs (Shifta/Zalure) to shred the enemies. Otherwise, it is as strong as a blank Yasminkov 9000M. On my humble opinion, I think Serene Swan should stay as it is. Also, here are some wise words from a great sorcerer: "𝓘𝓯 𝓲𝓽 𝓪𝓲𝓷'𝓽 𝓫𝓻𝓸𝓴𝓮, 𝓭𝓸𝓷'𝓽 𝓯𝓲𝔁 𝓲𝓽" - Gran Sorcerer
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    I think it would be just better to remove the veteran title so there would be no more complaints about it being unfair
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    Someone linked an article in a Discord channel I'm in explains how data in PSO works. I'll paste relevant information down below. Some of this is already kind of widely known but there were still a few interesting bits in there. Basically what I gather from this is: Desync doesn't exist, since it never existed in the first place. It makes sense why DMC is worse on players with bad connection. Here's the article if you want to read it yourself: http://www.bumped.org/psublog/technical-concepts-of-phantasy-star-online-universe-and-portable-2/
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    “Ideas to improve the server” come on guys .... a bad idea is a bad idea let’s move on to the next ... Back on topic , v802 would be nice 👍🏼 we have cent battle so why not v802
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    If there is one person you do not 'threaten or 'advise'', it's @Kikorithis guy literally tries to help every player here.
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    Locking this topic. Serene Swan is not getting nerfed. Good luck and enjoy the hunt everybody
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    So... Since nobody posted this yet: Serene Swan: General Description: Looks like Last Swan, but blue (big shout out to @Noob Saibot for this really cool skin). Rifle range, Fires 4 shoots per attack and it's not a female exclusive. Requirement: 170 ATA ATP: +15 ( doubt it's variable, but since i haven't found another for comparison, i'm not fully sure for now ) ATA: +37 Max Grind: +80 making it a 175 ATP weapon Special: Devil Tech Boosts: ??? Equipable by: RAcast, HUcast, FOmarl (haven't tried other classes, since the server is kinda slow right now) Combinations: Still haven't tried to combine the weapon with any other item, but most likely not upgradable. I know this might not be the place to post this, but at least everyone will see it here. Any errors or additional information that you would like to share about the weapon, just let me know that i'll edit the post asap. Enjoy and good luck on your hunts!
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    centurion battle epsilon ultimate skyly confirmed
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    You're just incredibly ignorant and don't know the first thing about PSO balance in the first place. You're missing the point about NO ONE, and I mean NO ONE is saying Yas 9k are balanced. Ofc ranger's have top TA records for tower, because no one has the skill to use HU efficiently in tower. Demons is reduced anyway on HUcast/caseal anyway so the addition of that wouldn't make that big of a difference anyway. HU is very capable of having records in tower, just not many people have the skill for it. RAmars can use yas 9k. so literally no point in bringing them up. Also you apparently have no idea what racist even means. You missed everything I said in the post and disregarded it. I've been playing this game for almost 4 years now on this server and I think I'm very qualified to comment on what qualifies as broken or not. Don't tell me not to comment on stuff when you have not a clue what makes an item balanced or not. You REALLY need to start thinking before you post. It blows up in your face 100% of the time and you look more foolish than you already are. Also I know you're going to bring it up, but I'm not singling you out. Any time you post something not inflammatory/dumb I leave you alone, but that's a rare occasion these days.
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    Hey everybody! I have two updates, actually. Me and @Zabby --and several others have been going back and forth in response to a 'Saturday Ritual' topic in Off-Topic. This comic relates to that. I also drew a Summer Event Pthalo postcard thingy ~. I hope you like them 🤣 -Pthalo
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    Now don't get me with the bullshit of why to change it once it already release, that's it dump or stupid to alter something that has been out already for 3 DAYS !!!. We will never ever be able to please everyone. that it's the reason the examples above don't ask to the community cuz is a never ending discussion. Even whiting the staff. All wanted something different for the weapon. At this moment the weapon wont be alter or change in any way. But in the future if we consider that is for the best to make a change we will do so.
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    better stop putting prototypes on the server, at least until they think it's the end product. What is the purpose of putting things to change afterwards and create confusion for the community? Next time think before launching things on the server.
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    Friends, InternetCountry(Wo)Men, and PSOites, Lend me your ear, i came to praise Serene Swan not to bury it The Nerf that ones do lives after them The Devils is oft interred with the Rifle Range So let it be with Serene The Nobles Hath told you Serene was ambitious. If it were so, it was a grievous fault, And grievously hath Swan answered it. Here, under leave of Hucast and the rest— For Hucast is an honorable man; So are they all, all honorable men and women— Come I to speak in Serene’s funeral. She was my friend, faithful and just to me. But Nobles says she was ambitious, And Nobles are honorable man and women. They hath brought many weapons home to PSO Whose ransoms did the general coffers fill TL : DR- I like the gun xD please don nerf toooo bad
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    What weapon? You mean the one that never drops? Go ahead nerf it might effect 5 people by events end. In fact nerf the drop rates even further and give it charge special and +50 to all stats. Also it should require PGF to be equipped in your MAG slot and at least 500 DTs in your forum account. People still play this??
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    Some of you should check your donation changes O:
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    If you ever want to get your point across sincerely, try not starting your sentences like that. Stop being so conceited and passive aggressive. You may not like Mud or R-78 but they both know more about the game than we both do and probably ever will. Mud actually went full nerd mode and explained things to you and you disregarded it. Relax.
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    That would be totally broken. In just one attack of 4 bullets you could reduce a monster's health to 0.4% With the rifle range do you realise it is just going to outclass every single demon weapon in this game? Yasminkov 9000M, Samba Fiesta, TypeME/Mechgun, Bringer's Rifle, Hand of Justice...
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    A single target handgun will never break the game no matter how OP it may look on paper. Ive been using it and the only thing i find needs a nerf is probably the rifle range, other than that the weapon is fine. Its not gamebreaking or anything like "omg this weapon does EVERYTHING", sure its a good handgun but thats all it is. If it receives a class usability nerf and its only usable by females the weapon could stay exactly as it is except maybe the rifle range. This is because out of all the ladies in the game the only one who will actually use it is hucaseal as everyone else has better options or their atp is too low to use it effectively (specially if it receives an atp nerf) If its gona get nerf into oblivion anyway then make it so bad that it doesnt replace Last swan. That way i dont have to waste DTs on this too.
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    If they're gonna nerf this, they should go ahead and nerf Psycho Ravens while they're at it, since they're just as OP.
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    Another level 30 Tech, this time coming from Da Ral Lie 🤔
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    Hola todos! hace unos meses empecé a jugar y olvidé presentarme, es un gusto volver a jugar este gran juego después de tantos años y espero hacer muchos amigos. Mis pj: Fonewm Lv 156 "Drew" (ID Pinkal por el momento xD) Hucaseal Lv 92 "Neytiri" (ID Whitill) Siempre estoy dispuesto a ayudar en lo que pueda o hechar muchas risas, pasen la voz! Saludos desde Perú
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    A scythe that uses Ill Gill’s weapon model. I’m honestly surprised no Sega didn’t make it an enemy part weapon on Episode 2. It would probably be a pain to program but it’s special could randomly be Storm, Blizard, or Hell every time you use it.
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    While we are out of luck with the Serene Swans, we get this instead:
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    Want a SONIC TEAM ARMOR Arrest Needle Psycho Raven Snow Queen Mags and Cells? Survive this SCAVENGER HUNT. Proove your WILL, your PATIENCE, your SKILL, your BRAIN. I repeat.. use your BRAIN. really use you BRAIN This is a 6-Staged Scavenger Hunt. Access to the 1st stage will be granted right here. When: Monday, 8th of July 2019, 20:00 CET. A riddle will be given to you. The solution of this very riddle is the password to a room on the Ultima Ship. Somewhere, you will encounter a character who will - for an Item Request - exchange information about how to get to the next stage of this Scavenger Hunt. Retrieving the correct item will grant you a REWARD and SCAVENGER POINTS of which I will keep track for each participant. GET READY! HAPPY SCAV'ING.
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    I think the weapon is fine as it is. Hunters need something like this as a replacement for L&K38 and master raven. it is like the perfect blend between the two. people who actually play this game will understand how shitty it is vs ep2 miniboss mericarol etc that can spit at you before you are even in range to hit them. Perfect fix. Forces / hunewearl have Lindcray, angel harp, (bringers rifle) and are arguably more useful than hucast / hucaseal in this situation which is wrong lol. rangers have many options and rightfully so as rangers. Hunters had super soaker which you guys nerfed into the christmas cracker water gun.. and now it is barely used on this server. May as well have not been made at this point. I wasted dts / pds on getting 2 of them unique specials and adding 50 hit just to see them nerfed.... Please don't make the same mistake twice. Also in this day and age most of the quests we have here have very large enemy counts per spawn. A single target weapon with rifle range is not in any way shape or form broken. Its still a situational weapon.
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    I don’t think there should be any nerfs. There’s a zillion busted items already. It’s the whole purpose. Let us have our fun.
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    I believe that if we fully understand the establishments created by the enforced agencies of life, we can conquer our inabilities to focus as one unit, create a social consciousness and manifest the purest energy in the universe; blorgon9400c. One simple unit of blorgon9400c is enough to power an entire city for 400 years without failure
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    Honestly I'm thankful everyday for the fact that I have two dads.
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    Ok the Veteran promotion system has been updated and it is 100% automatic so please no revolution
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    The year is 2025, green names have been on for 2 years. Summer event has been left on for a year, the 42069th Centurion/Battle has just dropped, lowering the value to 5 pds.
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    If Rianov 5 had hell instead of dark every ranger would want one. The day that some item is created to make that happen I will be a happy man.
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    And TJS's special is "not really the same kind of special" as Dark Flow's special, this was about a "free man's" equivalent which Ria5 (or Arrest Needle like @R-78 pointed out) fits pretty well. When someone compares apples to oranges you can not get hostile over a comparison of apples to pears so to speak.
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    I mean, we can just let them nerf it instead like they were going to if you're not happy with it @Emewn
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    No one ISN'T saying rifle range mechs aren't broken, I'm pretty sure soly/kajex have already considered disallowing adding specials to yas 9k because of that. Hunters, especially males, already have a decent amount of DPS options available to them. Psycho Ravens are incredibly useful and can kill things almost as fast as demons could. Serene Swan already having rifle range AND usable on male Hunters is already broken and you want to give it demons? It's DPS potential alone is already enough. Type ME/Mechs are a good enough option for demons already. People already are thinking, they're just thinking better than you are. Making this game dumb easy does not equal fun, at least for most.
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    Probably been mentioned before but since we end up with tons of the same items clogging up our banks after hunting for one with hit and/or perfect stats, would it be possible to add a quest to scrap extra items for pds, grinders, materials or something like the event cards that are redeemable for adding %s?
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    Buff Blood Sword to be at the minimum stronger than Hundred Souls. I suggest at least 1500-2000 ATP range or more considering it is a single target Saber, while Hundred Souls is three targets. As it is currently, there is no point for it to exist since Hundred Souls outclasses it vastly. I don't think we need Serene Swan to become just another Last Swan, which is female only. About Anniversary Items, which were considered as failures (Arrest/Frozen Faust and Ultima Bringer's), I suggest: Arrest Faust - to act like an Iron Faust but, using Hold/Seize special (lower levels of Arrest), let only Humans or Newmans use it --> If it isn't possible to make it act as an Iron Faust, make it act as a combo unlocked Cannon Rouge, just like Banana Cannon. Frozen Faust - to act like an Iron faust but, using Frost/Freeze special (lower levels of Blizzard), let only Humans or Newmans use it (Banana Cannon exists though, casts already have ice traps, so only human Hunters could benefit from its existence) --> If it isn't possible to make it act as an Iron Faust, make it act as a combo unlocked Cannon Rouge, just like Banana Cannon. Ultima Bringers - make it act like Rianov 303 SNR-5, but using Bringer's Rifle skin. Make it uses Demon's special (if after further testing it is considered game breaking, switch to Devil's, but I really doubt it would be, seeing there are not many situations with perfect aligned enemies for piercing feature).
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    My game is slow loading, it starts here at the loading screen then at the character screen then ship select and block select. All in total it takes me more than 6 min to get into the game. In game everything works fine and I have no issues it is just coming into the game literally takes 6 min or more and i just timed it.
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    EP1 Whitill Dark Falz Red Ring
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    I personally agree with Norton. Modifying the veteran system and how it works currently isn't the most problematic thing right now. However, dwelling deeper into cases such as people not obeying the Terms of Service (for example, having multiple accounts, etc.) seems like something that the administrators should put more effort in. This is only but an opinion, but I think that focusing on things that the people are more concerned would be a more effective and helpful way to preserve ultima and keep a great community.
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    Love this. ID cards definitely need a banner and some sort of usefulness. They are cool trophies but I'd like to show them of and have them actually be worth using.
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    System has been fixed and tested, Donations system is working as it was before. @Soly did it once again I took a code he used from last year and that fixed the problems. LOL
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