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  1. Yes, which was actually funny because a couple hours earlier, I just found a Grants 30 in one of my banks and wondered how I got it. Used it on my new FO char only to replace it a couple hours later xD I made him that same joke, pretending to post his rare finding on forum. Ok sure... if you help me move my racast mag stats first.
  2. Do you actually want me to... ? And I didn't know he was unbanned.
  3. DAR = Drop Anything Rate = odds that a monster will drop an item for you (meseta, monomate, dimate etc, or rare item).
  4. Ultima drop tables rates already include DAR calculation. 1/1137 isn't a possible base rate (without DAR).
  5. So just wondering... Do you guys realize OP made that thread for trolling purposes? Eitherway, it's only up to @Larva to decide on this.
  6. We could check that... assuming you used trade window to give him the items. Did you use trade window?
  7. He definitely doesn't have your Heavenly/Abilites. The only ones to be found are the 3 on your character Z and 1 in your shared bank. Then you have 3 Centurion/Ability on Zan.
  8. Rambling May is a Valentine Event drop so you won't find it in the regular drop tables. (You can also get it from a series of quests but it's a long way for a 0% one which is not worth it)
  9. Proved that the quest is duo-able with @Ender Edit: here's video proof
  10. R-78

    Shiida's Hit Event

    Seguimos durmiendo
  11. R-78

    R-78 mall

    Lucky I was just about to go to sleep
  12. R-78

    R-78 mall

    Sure you can make one now
  13. R-78

    R-78 mall

    Do you have a room up?
  14. If anyone has item tickets to redeem, feel free to ask a GM by Monday 18th of July. (If unavailable in that period, a PM will grant a reserved belated redeem)
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