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  1. I don't see your name anywhere in Time attack records, and last time I accepted one of your challenges, this is what you replied:
  2. The chat issue has always been a thing, sometimes selecting recommended answers makes you crash.
  3. I did not forget. It is an obvious one, but most people who run TOD have an STA already and as I said in my post I am not listing all of them. Another good one I actually forgot is when people ask you for a telepipe, set it in annoying places like on poison flowers, in Desert 3's big antlion hole, or in a blocked area (katana drop trick in Seabed specific rooms with locked lower doors).
  4. Posting some of the bad jokes I like to do to my team. Might post more later. - Drop traps at your teamates to slow them down - Use telepipes at your teamates' feet right before they start attacking a monster - Use telepipes in warps - Make a useless symbol chat with an annoying sound and spam it during the quest - If only you have a charged Photon blast: use it when all your teamates are in the same empty room and can't escape from it in time - Tell your life story before boss warp - Make an open room on episode IV challenge mode and give it an attractive name, such as "TTF RR" or "S>DF 85dts" - Revive your teamates asap when they suicide on purpose - Follow teamates when they hit a multi-button door switch instead of getting the other one - Drop items in front of shops and bank (@pishion's extension) - When a trap is following you, rush to your closest teamate - Spam Gifoie against Deldepths and Rabarta against Slimes - Spam Bringers with weak attacks to activate their special attack - Spam Baranz with weak attacks to make them launch more missiles - Freeze Slimes, Deldepths and Gibbles when they are untargetable - Paralyse Gorans during their teleportation - Use Power Maser against everything (rule 2's extension) - Against loads of Belras get the aggro and run around your teamates (better during Halloween event) - Against Morfos/Delbiters/Dorphons, get aggro and make sure to align with your teamates - Spam confuse traps on Baranzes, especially when someone tries to freeze them - Stay at boss warp limits or in front of a starting terminal and ask "Who's not in the warp?" or "please hit the switch guys" - Drop a red box at final bosses drop locations as soon as they die - If someone asks you to buy them X trimate/trifluid/sol/star, drop X+1, and get them back as soon as they drop one of them in order to take yours - In Toward the future, take the dragon's control and keep flying so most weapons can't hit you - In Toward the future, act like you're going to spawn the hidden monsters but actually turn back before you enter the little rooms - In Respective tomorrow, activate the special terminal to force everyone to do the Tower part before Olga flow - In Mysteries of the void, enable the Garanz switches when a teamate go through the door (video by @Noob Saibot, 58:11) - In Tower of dreams, get a Cure/freeze and rush into the frozen zone lasers (@RocketTots's rule specific case) then eventually afk in the lasers area - In Tower of dreams, cancel a 4 PB-chain by activating those same lasers when doing your PB (my biggest achievement) - Make a new ranger character, give it the required mag and units to equip a DM, turn exp off (/exp -1) then do your Photon blast after every single hit I don't take any credits for the following ones, but they are "cool" as well (to be disliked) - In Path to salvation, rush into the autolocking room then die alone - repetitively die (rush into Mericarols etc) and ask "SD" while staying at the opposite of the Force's position - Constantly ask questions during the game without playing - Post a long question in one message and immediately post a "?" to clear the previous one - Make a hunt room on Shared dropstyle and let everyone know halfway - After every single run, complain that you never drop anything - Constantly ask for free stuff in lobby as well as rooms (Provided by Pansito) - Get a healing mag (preferably Striker Unit since ugly) then stay close to DF users at bosses start (Provided by @bobshlibidich) - Announce the PB you are going to do, and actually do another one to ruin the combo (Provided by @bobshlibidich) - Always say "np" when a teamate thanks someone else (Provided by @bobshlibidich) - In World of illusion, hit Tower switches randomly (rule 6's unique use by @bobshlibidich) - Call a GM for a redeem without actually knowing what you are going to redeem
  5. You probably did not get into the trigger zone that spawns the enemies. It is usually in the center of the room or near entrance. That or you had a two buttons door that requires two players to open.
  6. De Rol Le Shell is unobtainable. You get De Rol Le Shield directly from the quest Dangerous Deal with Black Paper 2 on normal.
  7. R-78

    New Year Cards 2020

    No because weapons have a realtime ATP variation which is the same for all.
  8. R-78

    New Year Cards 2020

    Check the PSO wiki If the shield has invariable stats (in other words: DFP Min = DFP Max and EVP Min = EVP Max), then there is nothing to do with the shield. Else, you can add DFP and EVP until they reach their max value.
  9. R-78

    New Year Cards 2020

    Dark Bridge, Psycho Bridge, Rods and event Charge arms are allowed. No. You will already be adding attributes by groups of 10%, is it that terrible if you can't split that into 2 X 5% ...?
  10. R-78

    New Year Cards 2020

    Translations Always wanted to acquire a maxed Red Ring or Wedding Dress? Then this year is your chance! Defensive upgrade [recommended] Price : 1 NYC > Add 1 DEF point to any Shield or Armor. Price : 1 NYC > Add 2 EVP points to any Shield or Armor. The statistics cannot exceed the Shield or Armor variation limits No EVP splitting If you don’t need that, you can also upgrade your weapons. Offensive upgrade Price : 5 NYC > Add 10% to any Weapon. Only Native, Altered Beast, Machine or Dark No Attributes splitting No Attributes relocation No Dark Flow, Dark Meteor, Calibur, Arms You can redeem your New Year Cards with a Game Master at any time until next Christmas Event starts. Happy New Year!
  11. It is not a bug. The Shifta/Deband level provided by your mag when you launch Mylla & Youlla is (IQ/10)+1. So as Usagi said, just raise your IQ. When doing two consecutive and identical photon blasts, only one takes effet. That is why you always have to either do 4 different photon blasts OR separate two same PB by a different one. But in the latter case, remember all your team will not necessarily see the same order because you always see other players' actions "late".
  12. Nope the limit is still 9 characters. While you can actually type 10 at creation, only 9 will display in game.
  13. It is super lame. Doesn't shoot 5 bullets but only 1. Feel free to test it yourself on Test server.
  14. No. You can guess STA didnt use to be 1/2 from Kondrieu and PGF is not 0/1 on 8 IDs
  15. Have you registered here? https://www.phantasystaronline.net/forum/index.php?/registration/
  16. Making one bank for every item type, I don't see the point of it. Bank items are already automatically sorted by types so it is no big deal to find a specific item assuming you are looking in the right bank. Making the bank storage capacity larger, I'd strongly support it if that was possible. I am honestly annoyed I will soon need to create an 8th account because all the others are almost full. State/Maintenance has been suggested countless times so I'll just repost Saith's reply A new box color for ultima items sounds fun, but not sure if worth the development.
  17. R-78

    Christmas Event 2019

    More importantly, fix the Morfos
  18. Whatever, I'm leaving the decision to other staff members, if they still accept you here or not.
  19. Indeed, this does not excuse everything you did, and so your other account will remain banned. I actually read your private message (the one you sent Saturday) after I banned your other account for good. If you really thought my actions were unfair, you should have tried to discuss first, instead of sending all those slurs. That attitude never gets anyone anywhere and you should know that. So now I can tell you: No, the second time I banned you for a week was definitely not simply because you posted << The F(art)-word >>, there were many other offenses you posted that day, which I will refrain from posting here. Not only those chatbox incidents but also your behavior in game has been reported several times. At least your apologies are better than nothing. Personally I am not going to ban this account. I don't care either if you want to start fresh again. It is easy anyway to change your IP, name and be a new person so no one notices. You already lost everything you had, and didn't win anything at the end, so I just hope this was a good lesson to you. Feel free to make a new game account, but I will ban you again at the very first offense toward the community. - The impulsive ban hammer b****
  20. Devil/Technique should not drop from Nar lilies though
  21. Update your game via launcher in order to get the right item names.
  22. I don't like the idea of scheduled happy hours, because easily abused: one could just make 8 PGF-ready rooms at boss warp, wait for the HH to begin then kill 8 Olgas straight for example. And also what @Stormpsobb said, would just incite people to only play at those scheduled times.
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