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  1. Discussing Easter event.  Will post an update as soon as we know when you can expect it.  Soon is the goal.

  2. Round 2 recruiting - Skin help needed.  If you know how to make skins or want to learn, now is your chance to make a new item for the server.  Please reply below and I'll add you to our group PM of ideas.

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    2. Auli'i


      I'm still interested in making them if you wanna give me some deets

      E: But you'll have to provide whatever it is the texture(s) is for x-x

      Edited by Auli'i
    3. kajex


      Nice. Adding you now.

    4. Lone Ranger

      Lone Ranger

      if you are teaching, i wouldn't mind learning too

  3. And just in case I'm busy... SKIN VOLUNTEERS NEEDED.  We might need some help with Easter items.  Please reply here if you are committed to learning how to skin or already know how.  I will be making a PM for all skin recruits.

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    2. kajex


      All of you are in a group PM now.  Thank you so much.

    3. Lipelis


      I dont see that new PM yet, pls let me know Kajex! Thanks

    4. kajex


      Sorry about that.  You are now added.

  4. Drop should begin around noon PST. And "crazy" does mean good, not crazy like TJS drop rate.
  5. More than 100 of the fabled Parasitic Gene Flow have dropped this year. Is it enough? Thought you were done hunting it this year? What about the drop rate? Enjoy an encore PGF weekend at a drop rate that larva calls...
  6. Ultima Christmas Event 2017

    To my knowledge, nothing new this event. Rambling may and girasole are the main drops people hunt outside of PGF. DF shield is also exclusive to this event and used to be valuable (though I'm out of touch with item prices). Remember tension blaster creates morolian blaster as well, and that drops from this event.
  7. Typically I have to make sure the controller is recognized as controller 1 (as indicated by the LEDs on the controller) prior to launching the game. Otherwise, I have had no issues. But if you launch the game before the controller is recognized, you're gonna have a bad time.
  8. Halloween Event 2017

    They turn into flesh eating zombies and we collect their severed heads. Better?
  9. Halloween Event 2017

    You murder the Rappy and collect its soul. (Dark, yes, but it's Halloween.)