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  1. Ultimate Ruins Chaos Bringer - Slicer of Vengeance Oran
  2. Note that I clarified "separate stacks". The 99 items were all stackable. I'm not insane enough to require forking over 99 individual items. I almost forgot about that mini event before I made my post.
  3. More love for Europe starting in ten minutes.
  4. I'll shoot myself in the face before I offer to collect 99 separate stacks of items from people in a mini event.
  5. I was joking.
  6. B > T-Mobile Employee (I want the new t-mobile employee code).  If you work for T-mobile, let me know if I can bribe you.  :cc-in-love:Let me know what you want.  Offering DM or DF.

    Edited by kajex
  7. Yes. We've done custom mags before.
  8. Quick poll.  


  9. Just for fun... Getting a little feedback. Constructive feedback is fine, but if this turns to drama, I'm gonna lay down the hammer. I'd just like a sense of what you'd like to see next.
  10. You might notice a couple of pages back that Saith was correcting someone when they posted an incorrect monster drop. This should be a good indicator of whether or not you can trust the drops people post in this thread.
  11. It's over the limit just like red ring. And no need to use any booster items. All of those items just get a permanent stat improvement by default now. The only thing you may need to hunt is grinder for all the new grind increases. Heart key is a drop in this event. Just make another love heart. Save your PDs.
  12. Since this has not been posted anywhere yet (that I can see), here are the boosts we gave to existing items. Rambling May - Allow +50 grind Angel Harp - Allow Hunewearl and Hucaseal to equip and add +50 grind. 550-575 atp (up from 300-320 atp) - Note that this gets a 30% atp boost in addition to these stats with the use of Sweetheart. Sweetheart - Add +50 ATP, New resists 53 EFR(+51), 5 EIC(+3), 5 ETH(+3), 20 EDK(+10), 10 ELT(+0). Love Heart - Add 200 DFP (to 396). Safety Heart - Add 20 ATA/ATP/DFP/MST/LCK like red ring, Increase Resists to 30 EFR(+5), 50 EIC(+25), 30 ETH(+5), 5 EDK(+5), 5 ELT(+5) Magical Piece - Up the GI tech boost from 30% to 40% Congeal Cloak, Ignition Cloak, Tempest Cloak - Change tech boosts from 10% to 30% on each Dual Bird - Change ATA from 22 to 45, Increase atp to 200-222 (from 200-210), Increase grind to 50 (from 21).