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  1. Edited original post to correct/update virus shield since it has all changed since last year (and I don't think the Ultimate drop locations have all been discovered). Edit: Here's a link I put in the shoutbox.
  2. This "should" be fixed. Have you tried downloading the update soly pushed today? (Try downloading it via your launcher.)
  3. Whatever you do, DO NOT click the "Do Not Click Me" under "About Me" in my forum profile.

    1. Yannv



    2. jezbuz


      LOOOOOL. I couldn't control my curiosity and it was totally worth ahahahah

    3. kajex


      Hahaha.  I couldn't resist.

  4. 10 year blades had too much cheeba. Also I noticed arrest faust skin is broken too. Though since I was AWOL when it launched, it may have always looked this way? But I doubt it.
  5. And instead __________ dropped. (Fill in the blank.)
  6. kajex

    Easter Event 2019

    Episode 2 temple rappies drop the eggs.
  7. Just for fun (as this is about to turn off). There were a few designs we did not use. He submitted a lot of skins.
  8. I hear a request for a meseta room. OMW.
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