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  1. I totally misread the title on my phone and was like "oh god. Please not a Hitler topic to close."
  3. Official drop tables are live. Hunt away. https://www.phantasystaronline.net/forum/index.php?%2Fdroptable%2Fdrop-tables
  4. So farm master ravens. Once the current event ends, sell them at the re-balanced market prices (which will be higher when they stop dropping). Then you can trade for your psycho ravens.
  5. Ultimate Ruins Chaos Bringer - Slicer of Vengeance Oran
  6. Note that I clarified "separate stacks". The 99 items were all stackable. I'm not insane enough to require forking over 99 individual items. I almost forgot about that mini event before I made my post.
  7. More love for Europe starting in ten minutes.
  8. I'll shoot myself in the face before I offer to collect 99 separate stacks of items from people in a mini event.
  9. I was joking.
  10. B > T-Mobile Employee (I want the new t-mobile employee code).  If you work for T-mobile, let me know if I can bribe you.  :cc-in-love:Let me know what you want.  Offering DM or DF.

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