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  1. We have two amazing volunteers helping with the Triforce Event!  I'm seriously excited.  So many fun things incoming!

  2. Triforce Event Update:

    I always get ahead of myself to hype up the events.  I know people want news.  Sometimes there's news.  Sometimes there's nothing.  This week is a busy week for me, but also for Soly.  To move things forward, I have added three volunteers to a skinning PM.  There has been some nice progress today.  I really like one of the skin submissions so far and it has my approval to be a new server weapon (but remains to be seen if our idea can actually work).  Another weapon skin shows great progress.  Thank you to all members of the community to pop in to help.

    The goal of the Triforce event is to get user collaborations finalized and hand off the implementation of the skins/weapon ideas to Soly for item creation.  If anyone else would like to participate, hit me up.  The new items we are creating will happen no sooner than the end of the week, but at that point we should have a better ETA of when the event can go live with new loot in place.

    We've added a lot this year, and the community remains active.  Thanks for your support.  We'll try not to disappoint.  

    1. yanvbraz


      Being honest the only useful weapon from last event (Easter) was Samba Fiesta. All other weapons were just "beautiful versions" of weapons that already exist, except they had slower projectiles.

    2. kajex


      They can't all be winners.  

    3. Salem11


      Then good luck for choose :) 

  3. One potential skin volunteer.  Any other volunteers? 

    1. mudkipzjm


      If that volunteer isn't auli then i suggest contacting her haha

    2. griffeni


      um i might be up for it depending on what things you want reskinned

    3. yanvbraz


      I can give a try re-skinning stuff.

  4. A sword named after the server needs to not be a steaming pile of shit.
  5. New Custom Mag MiniEvent

  6. If you want to give me 10 new year's cards, I'll change your name or appearance lol
  7. What about rocket punch? It would need to be 2000+ atp to have similar DPS to other guns. (Yes I'm nit picking lol) Contests with your impossibly hard quests. Only soly said the current game code isn't capable of registering times for a leaderboard. (Shame.)
  8. Would it be helpful if we added tension blaster to the drops soon? Or let you redeem new year's cards for them or something?
  9. Not one vote for Morolian Blaster LOL
  10. That's kind of what this topic is helping us decide. I'll just say probably. I'm so happy to hear feedback in such a positive topic. Normally there's drama. A bit of the voting feedback surprises me, but it's good feedback.
  11. Please vote on the best new weapons for 2017!
  12. Easter Event 2017

    Tech Boost: Foie: 20% Barta: 20% Zonde: 20% That's the main reason we made the change to Nei's claw. Foney now has an additional option for boosting techniques. Though comparing to additional tech boosts of force gear, perhaps it needs a boost. TBD. It's the same reason Rika's Claw can now be used by forces (so a male force doesn't need to carry around an ugly, pink barbie wand). Wizard/Technique is a crappy item, and the weakest technique unit (far below Heavenly/Technique). Wizard/Resist is a good item and better than Heavenly/Resist. Whether it sounds cooler or not, "Centurion" naming is obvious that it is a higher unit. It was renamed for consistency in unit names.
  13. Easter 2017 items have been added. if I'm missing anything, let me know. In case anyone gets mad at me for adding the new item names that haven't been discovered yet, remember all of them are available to anyone who reads the unitxt.
  14. I think Easter is ready! Should be starting in the next 48 hours!  :cr-floating::cr-floating::cr-floating::cr-floating::cr-floating::cr-floating::cr-floating::cr-floating::cr-floating:

    1. Biza


      Two weeks later.....sooon xD 

    2. Salem11


      I know already but thanks for info :)
    3. kajex


      Soly is now saying today is the day