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  1. Halloween Event 2017

    They turn into flesh eating zombies and we collect their severed heads. Better?
  2. Halloween Event 2017

    You murder the Rappy and collect its soul. (Dark, yes, but it's Halloween.)
  3. Well, it's finally time

    Thank you for your contributions for the server. We really have appreciated your help, and your skins you created were awesome! Feel free to stop in to say hello in the future.
  4. I used to do this as well. It's a nifty way to get the ID you want.
  5. I have uploaded photos of all of the new items to the Ultima facebook page.


  6. Triforce Event 2017

    Photos of all of the new items are available here: https://www.facebook.com/ultimapsobb/
  7. Triforce Event Drop Chart

    Well since no one found Morfos or Barba Ray drops, or the v. hard drops... I may have edited something in the first post xD
  8. Triforce Event Drop Chart

    Last year's items are not all on every ID. The drop tables from last year are not changed. Master sword is not available on every id. All nine new items are. I hope this clarifies the confusion.
  9. Triforce Event Drop Chart

    I'll give you a freebie. Someone probably f**ked up and thought a Pyro Goran dropped it when it was really Merissa A. You were at least in the right area and it could have dropped (depending on the quest) while you were hunting the wrong enemy. To be clear, there are zero drops in this event from Pyro Goran from any ID. Feel free to mark confirmed Viridia Merissa A down.
  10. For like the fifth time, search lost noob hp (in all possible spellings of the unit - n0ob noob no0b) and you'll see a constant list of people who say the unit was eaten by their banks. Soly is constantly recovering lost units for people. It never was supposed to boost hp. It even was nerfed to make it less of a boost. We should have just removed it entirely after the glitch was discovered a few years ago. Lower hp will in many cases keep you alive longer, as higher hp classes don't get knocked back and gryphon lightning, shambertin tornadoes, recobox, and other monsters will just wreck you if your hp is too high. It's one hit death instead of falling down. Even though we could have just fixed the glitch (turning it into the troll unit it was intended to be) everyone who had one gets a unit that's the strongest hp boost in the game. And if you bothered to look at other topics, you'd see we already are discussing ways of compensating the change, such as additional hp. You already can get more of a gain with four heart containers than noob hp offered, and if we boost it further, it will be even more extreme. (600 hp if we make them 150 each). We already have two other topics about this and don't need a third.
  11. Triforce Event 2017

    Awesome. Once we get a few more, I'll start adding them to the event posts.
  12. Triforce Event 2017

    Nice. Keep pics of the new weapons coming.
  13. Please post pics of your character with the new items in the event topic, and I'll add them to the event announcement/main topic. It sounds like they've all been discovered now.

    1. Ana G.5

      Ana G.5

      pics like this?

      hylian shield 00.jpg

    2. kajex


      Pics of the new weapons from this year. We already have posted hylian shield and master sword. People might want pics of the new weapons now that they've been found.

    3. R-78


      I'm not sure why you didnt take those ?