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    Translations Always wanted to acquire a maxed Red Ring or Wedding Dress? Then this year is your chance! Defensive upgrade [recommended] Price : 1 NYC > Add 1 DEF point to any Shield or Armor. Price : 1 NYC > Add 2 EVP points to any Shield or Armor. The statistics cannot exceed the Shield or Armor variation limits No EVP splitting If you don’t need that, you can also upgrade your weapons. Offensive upgrade Price : 5 NYC > Add 10% to any Weapon. Only Native, Altered Beast, Machine or Dark No Attributes splitting No Attributes relocation No Dark Flow, Dark Meteor, Calibur, Arms You can redeem your New Year Cards with a Game Master at any time until next Christmas Event starts. Happy New Year!
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    When posting your finds in this thread, be sure to call the following things: 1) The Difficulty 2) The Section ID 3) The Monster 4) The Episode Happy Valentine's everyone ^^
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    Valentine's Event 20XX is now Active! Didn't find any present to give to your darling? It's not too late! Valentine's Event is back with all its lovely items! It is time to hunt some gifts for your lover! (It is also time to hunt for singles) Returning Items Last Swan : combine this with Master Raven to make Dual Bird. Master Raven : combine this with a Psycho Black Crystal to make Psycho Raven. Rambling May : a unique weapon for women that hits twice per shot. Rianov 303SNR series : numbers 1, 2, 3 and 4. Bamboo Spear : pretty sure you will like the sound of this bamboo spear. Butterfly Net : how many butterflies can you catch? Zero I guess. Great Bouquet : make sure to give your sweetheart a nice one! Amore Rose : show everyone to what extend you love your partner. Dress Plate : this armor for men is usable at level 1 and its 70 EDK will make sure megids become a distant memory for you. Heavenly/TP : +100 TP Genpei : a shield which look depends on your section ID. Magic Rock Heart Key : no longer waste 50 PDs with Paganini to get those. Photon Booster : yeah, Paganini is a scammer. Blue Black Stone : make one of the Ultima exclusive combinations* Love Rappy's Beak : use this on any non rare lvl 50 mag to make a lovely pet: Love Rappy Charged photon blast trigger: Invincibility 10% HP trigger: Invincibility Boss area trigger: Invincibility Solo mode death trigger: Reverser Activation Rate: 50% Blue Black Stone Combinations Bloody Art => Blood Tornado Type: Dagger ATP: 550 - 600 ATA: 70 Grind: 33 Special: Demon Usable by all classes Crush Bullet => Crush Cannon Type: Shot ATP: 100 - 200 ATA: 50 EVP: -30 Grind: 25 Special: Gush Usable by all classes Dragon Slayer => Sil Dragon Slayer Type: Sword ATP: 600 - 650 ATA: 70 EVP: -15 Grind: 35 Special: Blizzard Usable by all classes Main Event Drops SLICER OF VENGEANCE Type: Slicer ATP: 470 - 525 MST: 20 ATA: 30 EVP: 25 Special: Charge Usable by all classes GLIDE DIVINE V.00 Type: Rod ATP: 185 - 550 MST: 55 ATA: 34 DFP: 80 EVP: 100 RES: 15 EDK, EIC, ETH, EDK, ELT Special attack: Anti level 3 Special use: can restore TP and reduce HP to 1 when equipped for 10 consecutive minutes Foie: +200% power Barta: +100% power Zonde: +100% power Combo unlocked Usable by all Forces RICO'S PARASOL Type: Partisan ATP: 250 - 300 ATA: 40 Special: Charge Shifta: +100% range Deband: +100% range Resta: +100% range Usable by all male characters LINDCRAY Type: Rifle ATP: 800 - 1200 MST: 35 ATA: 75 DFP: 20 Special: Spirit Resta: +100% range Anti: +100% range Usable by all Forces and Hunewearl Good luck! Event will end on March 17th, 2020. Credits to @FALC0N for the banner. Credit for the topic content to @R-78
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    And Lindcray also drops from the bluefull ones
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    Posting some of the bad jokes I like to do to my team. Might post more later. - Drop traps at your teamates to slow them down - Use telepipes at your teamates' feet right before they start attacking a monster - Use telepipes in warps - Make a useless symbol chat with an annoying sound and spam it during the quest - If only you have a charged Photon blast: use it when all your teamates are in the same empty room and can't escape from it in time - Tell your life story before boss warp - Make an open room on episode IV challenge mode and give it an attractive name, such as "TTF RR" or "S>DF 85dts" - Revive your teamates asap when they suicide on purpose - Follow teamates when they hit a multi-button door switch instead of getting the other one - Drop items in front of shops and bank (@pishion's extension) - When a trap is following you, rush to your closest teamate - Spam Gifoie against Deldepths and Rabarta against Slimes - Spam Bringers with weak attacks to activate their special attack - Spam Baranz with weak attacks to make them launch more missiles - Freeze Slimes, Deldepths and Gibbles when they are untargetable - Paralyse Gorans during their teleportation - Use Power Maser against everything (rule 2's extension) - Against loads of Belras get the aggro and run around your teamates (better during Halloween event) - Against Morfos/Delbiters/Dorphons, get aggro and make sure to align with your teamates - Spam confuse traps on Baranzes, especially when someone tries to freeze them - Stay at boss warp limits or in front of a starting terminal and ask "Who's not in the warp?" or "please hit the switch guys" - Drop a red box at final bosses drop locations as soon as they die - If someone asks you to buy them X trimate/trifluid/sol/star, drop X+1, and get them back as soon as they drop one of them in order to take yours - In Toward the future, take the dragon's control and keep flying so most weapons can't hit you - In Toward the future, act like you're going to spawn the hidden monsters but actually turn back before you enter the little rooms - In Respective tomorrow, activate the special terminal to force everyone to do the Tower part before Olga flow - In Mysteries of the void, enable the Garanz switches when a teamate go through the door (video by @Noob Saibot, 58:11) - In Tower of dreams, get a Cure/freeze and rush into the frozen zone lasers (@RocketTots's rule specific case) then eventually afk in the lasers area - In Tower of dreams, cancel a 4 PB-chain by activating those same lasers when doing your PB (my biggest achievement) - Make a new ranger character, give it the required mag and units to equip a DM, turn exp off (/exp -1) then do your Photon blast after every single hit I don't take any credits for the following ones, but they are "cool" as well (to be disliked) - In Path to salvation, rush into the autolocking room then die alone - repetitively die (rush into Mericarols etc) and ask "SD" while staying at the opposite of the Force's position - Constantly ask questions during the game without playing - Post a long question in one message and immediately post a "?" to clear the previous one - Make a hunt room on Shared dropstyle and let everyone know halfway - After every single run, complain that you never drop anything - Constantly ask for free stuff in lobby as well as rooms (Provided by Pansito) - Get a healing mag (preferably Striker Unit since ugly) then stay close to DF users at bosses start (Provided by @bobshlibidich) - Announce the PB you are going to do, and actually do another one to ruin the combo (Provided by @bobshlibidich) - Always say "np" when a teamate thanks someone else (Provided by @bobshlibidich) - In World of illusion, hit Tower switches randomly (rule 6's unique use by @bobshlibidich) - Call a GM for a redeem without actually knowing what you are going to redeem
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    Xmas event 2019 Has officially ended. A total of 83 PGF dropped during this year event, this is the must ever dropped Hope everyone enjoyed the event. Have fun!
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    I'll give my 2 cents here. What's the "best class"? That's a multi factorial question, but if you are a beginner, you should aim for a class that provides you the following: 1) Easy to play and learn; 2) Versatility/flexibility over specialization; 3) Lower cost/usefulness gear ratio; 4) Lowest effort possible for completing a quest; 5) Good crown control; So my opinion is that either RAcast or RAmarl are indeed the best classes for solo (especially when you are starting the game), since they are very good for general purposes. I still have the opinion that RAcast is the best class to solo for beginners that desire to solo almost everything, because i value way more the crown control provided from traps than techs in general, but that's just a personal taste. With traps, you can even adventure on those high enemy density quests, like HoD, MoTV and even some ep4 ones (yeah, dealing with gorans in lowers lvls with low/mid tier gear is kinda hard without traps). Rangers are by far the most versatil and better to farm gear and easier to start with. That's a false dichotomy logical fallacy. That's like looking into the horizon and concluding that the earth is flat, because you see everything flat. If his question was, "what is the strongest class in the game?" that would be valid, accurate and succinct, but ofc if someone is asking for the "best class" to start with, is also implicit what's the easiest one that provides him good results and it's not based solely on ATP. The best class isn't only defined by the damage output. Also, i don't understand what your preconception about easy things, like it's a dirty thing. You should try charge vulcans in a Belra (for example) with a lvl 130 ish HUcast solo without SD and low tier units/barriers etc. Wouldn't be a better advise to someone, saying that they can get a Demon raygun/laser and give it to a RAmarl to deal with big things at low lvls? I think it's way more easier that way and also you don't need extra units to make it work (example smartlink for HUcast). I think that would be a better advise for someone that wants to start soloing and learn the mechanics of the game and have results.
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    To be honest this is quite distasteful... but I am not gonna get to discuss this stuff.. I'll just lock the topic
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    The time has come where I begin a new journey and end this chapter. Being in the Ultima community for 3+ years has been amazing. I met new people and played with some awesome friends and I never had any problems from the staff. I spent countless hours and late nights hunting for the best items with amazing friends. I remember when i first join this community I was a noob with low level gear but after advancing my skills and obtaining better gear I was running with the pros. This was a hard decision to make leaving Ultima but I'm starting a new chapter in my life. I want to thank @R-78 @serverus for always helping me when i needed redeeming and everyone else I met on this journey I want to thank you also. My team Triforce you will always be my brothers and I will never forget the team. Ya'll stand for great things Triforce and thats why I joined that team and stayed loyal. I won't say this is a goodbye but more like see you later and maybe someday I will come back to Ultima but for now all good things must come to an end. Oh and I can't forget about @Larva keep making this community great bro! Thank you Ultima for having me all of these years and this is not a goodbye but see you later. See ya'll in the near future Ultima.
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    Any RA class will be far easier to lvl and and far cheaper to gear. For a new player to this game, RA is clearly the answer if you need a basis for gathering items and experience. RA has far more choices for cheap low level gear. That "down time in ult" is exactly the issue. I don't think anyone will argue about the "down time" required to get good gear. The fact of the matter is that RA has far more options for "Good" gear at that point and it is far cheaper than that of HU.
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    Hi All, New to PSO, huge fan of Phantasy Star 2 on the Megadrive, had (still have) a Dreamcast but never got a chance to play PSO back in the day, bought the Gamecube version and a broadband adapter a while ago but could never get it to connect to the server (schtserv). Got Ultima all and working (had to mess around with my over reactive anti virus!)!!! Tried it last night, quite good, just getting to grips with it all, using an xbox 1 controller. Picked a Hunter and got up to level 6 but think i will go back and start with a Ranger. Anyways, see you all on Ragol
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    Number 1, use jellen on every boss especially olga Number 2, use striker mag and asteron striker on a Cast, to do 0 damage and dmc everything Number 3, use /npc 6 (flowen skin) as fomarl or fonewearl Number 4, spam constant dmg techs as a force ( see number 2 for reference) Number 5, If you see a hunter with low health, make sure to heal them Number 6, Run out in front of everyone, especially if you dont know the area, and hit every button you see Number 7, Be unnecessarily aggressive and whine every chance you get (#Razfeldt4thchancefreedom) Number 8, Start a run with 3 other people, then go take a shower or cook supper and come back to free loot Number 9 (Provided to you by Rockettots) Leave a trail of meseta everywhere you go so you dont get lost Number 10 (provided to you by Rockettots) Hit every laser fence possible Number 11 (Provided by jezbuz) apon entering a room demand in all caps TTF GO GO GO if i missed any other fun stuff feel free to add
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    Not at all, you can't buy maxed red rings, wedding dresses, etc. with simple dts or pds, only with the best of RNG can one drop which would be far worse odds than something like a PGF or STA even. As for the Offensive Upgrade assuming you look at that with pure stats alone 99pds=30% at Gallon's Shop, while 15nycs=30%, making each NYC at worst equal 6.6pds only with more utility. The hunt for them was probably the fastest 6 pds you could make, not to mention if you don't like what this year has to offer you can save them for next year and have a head start. The value and utility is AMAZING!
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    is the morphos buff part of the valentines event? Like... are they meant to symbolize undying love of pain? Please let me know.
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    without gear or funds to equip a hucast, it is clearly not the best class to solo. The easiest and cheapest class to solo farm things is RA, probably racast or ramarl. HUanything is spendy to actually get good gear for. Suggesting someone start out as a hucast without any good gear is basically telling them to swing a sword at shit because they might hit it for BIG dmg like 2/5ths of the time. As a GM realize you are talking to people who don't have resources to set them up. Likely not asking "What is the best class to do time attack?" they are likely asking "what is the best class to solo quests, level, play with others, and hunt items?".
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    Well, it's been a while since I've formally joined an actual team here at Ultima... Soooo, time to retire the ole Trinity Flag I guess and blaze a new standard with some new blood. Thanks to C01D1, Duja and all of Team Triforce for the invite and vote of membership! I hope to make you guys proud, lift up Team Triforce and continue my personal mission of mentoring of new players and assisting others in their hunts as well as my new teammates with my existing accounts of lvl 200 and sub lvl 200 characters. Trigunman, Triforcer, Triblader, Tri-MSUIT, Quad-Shot, Quad-Tekk, Quad-Cutt and Quad-Bash are all now at your beck and call. *salutes*
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    Raid On Central Tower - 2 players - no PB - 39"37 remaining - Linde (fomarl) aka @R-78 and me, Jupiter (ramar)
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    High IQ content like this are the best
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    Does anyone know the sexual orientation of @RedSniper's mom? Asking for a friend.
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    Being heterosexual around these parts is a fast way to get disliked imo
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    Hello i was change my profile picture
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    oh had 40 nyc , had armor and weapon
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    3º PGF. Storm God
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    Accounts don't get deleted for no reason. Use this https://www.phantasystaronline.net/forum/index.php?/account-management/account-recovery/
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    actually found a Razfeldt 0 0 10 0 | -5 from an ep3 Gulgus. He kicked me right in the gigush before i defeated him.
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    1st welcome i have brothers too
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    People can argue and express their different opinions without hating each other.
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    I'm not saying that you are wrong on what you said, in terms of the "best class" of all. I'm just saying that your advise to a new player is bad, because it's a very reductive and a "tunneled" vision way of seeing things. I know that the question itself is vague: "what's the best class to solo", but It implies alot of more things other than killing stuff fast or having more damage, even if it's not specified and explicit on his words. I just gave my 2 cents about it, i'm not here to argue who is right or wrong. I didn't write any universal truth, but in my personal opinion, your advise for a new player is not the best one.
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    FINALLY SEND ME MY Dutch Tickets. It's been 2+ years you corona virus.
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    I enjoy ramarl a lot as a starting class, especially if you are considering soloing. JZ/SD makes things very easy when paired with RA’s crowd control capability. All comes down to your preferred play style; however, it does open up a lot of doors in solo and group play without a FO.
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    Nice find and very rare Beware lowballers
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    @TheGrimReaper n.n ❤️
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    I had this issue when I had a driver active for a controller that wasn't being used/plugged in (in my case it was vJoy Device, which I used for a GameCube controller adapter). To fix this I disabled the device under device manager. If you have other controller drivers, you can try disabling them one at a time until it fixes the scrolling; all of my controller drivers are all under Human Interface Devices in device manager (win 10)
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    'Tis better to have lost at love than to have never loved at all...
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    Hi, ok first the "basics" Name: Zanji123 Age: 35 (yes i'm old) Hobbies: Pen and Paper, JRPGs, Reading, gaming in general A little more about your self: i firstly played PSO on the GC (offline) and hat some fun with it 🙂 after that i played PSO Zero on the DS and was kinda hooked..... a LOOONG wile ago i played BB on a private server (don't know which wone though) but not for very long but it was fun. Than yesterday while browsing through youtube i found a video about PSO and this server so i was like hey i could start a new game 😄 I'm from Germany (Nürnberg) btw
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    B> 8 NYC with DTs 1:1 Done: ty @Usagi
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    Hey, just checking in. Does anyone wanna talk about Serene Swan again yet? or wait a bit longer? or no? errrrrrrrr?
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    I'm just gonna leave this here https://clips.twitch.tv/RacySparklyBearKAPOW thanks a lot @Harvest
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    single target on shamb/kondy/saint million
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    All points are very important, but number 3 is the most important of all. I want to add a point: Number 9 - Always greet your teammates when entering in a random room with a "GO TTF VIADO" even if it's not a TTF game (greets to my boi Gadita). There's no other way
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    https://ibb.co/GFw7NmN https://ibb.co/svLkMPL https://ibb.co/gyVWD0Z https://ibb.co/r0FJbjC Happy to come back Ultima,drops make you happy😁. It's third drop and fourth drop this year. Enjoyed the event very much, Thank you Ultima.
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    Check the PSO wiki If the shield has invariable stats (in other words: DFP Min = DFP Max and EVP Min = EVP Max), then there is nothing to do with the shield. Else, you can add DFP and EVP until they reach their max value.
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    I hope my luck stays like this
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    excuse me i am Captain heather tide is seawoman.
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