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  1. If anyone plays TERA on Celestial Hills server, I'd be glad to trade you some of my good gear here for gold or items over there. Inbox meh

    1. Auli'i


      You will never get my TERA gear

      Everybody asks if I'm you on PSO, it's very annoying

      So for that, you will never get my TERA gear



      But for real I think I might just quit entirely soon and I have a max geared Archer/Ninja/Mystic and you could just have it all lol. I'll PM you if I do

  2. Lemme try that again, a geist weapon that doesnt suck. All of those weapons, while some are cool, are not viable as a way of regaining TP. We don't really have a weapon that makes it worth it for a force to use to steal tp. Closest would be the Vivi, but its atp lacks too much for a good battle force weapon, and its tp steal alone doesnt make it worth carrying around if you're not a battle force. Easy fix, some custom weapon that doesnt suck at stealing TP. Maybe base it off of the Imperial Pick since thats a rad but underused weapon
  3. Idea: a geist weapon that doesnt suck at stealing TP!
  4. where are the ultima devs? It's time to push some new items boys. Mix the game up, make it fun again #MakeUltimaFunAgain

    1. Show previous comments  8 more
    2. alejox-1123@hotmail.com


      and this server need a armor to force "Element armor this armor give plus of Ra and gi habilities for 30-40%" :'v

    3. Starlord


      We have to build a wall around this bitch XD

    4. Soly
  5. lel


    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Angeldust
    3. Evie


      very satisfying 

    4. Komishiro85


      My comment doesn't seem to be working :(  I said hello Veteran but it never showed up :(

  6. Inga wurst burfdai

    1. Starlord


      If you're American and you're over 21, I believe it becomes BARFDAY.

    2. Malxerz
  7. Christian and I are secret lovers, confurm'd

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    2. MrHucast


      you are wasting your time

    3. McLaughlin86


      Christian is too ugly to know how to love :"L

    4. ultrajerky


      Gratz for dating that little gremlin

  8. Its DM season, all the DFs are hiding

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    2. radezz


      Im a DF and you will never find me :3 dw

    3. Colorado Wilson
    4. Wayne Jones

      Wayne Jones

      :"L that's why I can not found any DF now :""L

  9. Lol force is already an overpowered class, but to compete with hunters and rangers, you gotta play by their rules. But thats where lv 30 S/D + Hundred Souls or Lindcray comes into play. Ez Pz
  10. Weapon slang does bother me on some weapons though because its like, "Selling HS!" okay so are you selling Heaven Striker or Hundred Souls??????????
  11. Ya'll better start puttin some RESPEKK on my NAME

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    2. SelahIsASpot


      shes a fkin pleb, can we ban already?

    3. Starlord


      She's birdwoman.

    4. ultrajerky


      All tree y'all, put some respek

  12. step juan: git stehp tew: gud
  13. I believe that I can become the Hokage!

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    2. leezy


      Hokage huh,that your ninja way

    3. Zoomcat7


      I believe that I can become the Jabba

    4. Starlord


      Angeldust looks like one of my middle school teachers.

  14. S> 90h Ultima Reaper - 800 dts

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    2. Starlord


      I hear antifreeze is a lot better than bleach.

    3. Cyane


      i'll turn you to dust if you do prices like that

    4. McLaughlin86


      I'll toss in the ammonia for you.

  15. S> SoV 0/100/0/0/80 - 400 dts lelelelelelelelelelelel

    1. ultrajerky


      fufufufufufufufufufu, fair price..... FUFUFUFUFHFUHFFUFUFHUFUFHFHFHFHF!!

    2. leezy


      Someone was willing to spend alot on one,,this is fair price