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  1. hola! Feliz cumpleaños broo y feliz año nuevo...

    pd. cuando vuelves :(

  2. s>x99 pds

    1. M. Bison

      M. Bison

      Whatever the 99 pds?

  3. S>christmas presents, 2 pds each

  4. S>x99 pds, looking for dts

  5. What about on set a killcount system on events? To activate some things, like exp x5 or rare enemies, or x2 rates idk, for example: if we are in easter event, if the whole server kills 5k monster the exp x5 is activated, if the whole server kill 10k the rare enemies is activated, those number are randow xD idk if 5k is good or not for exp x5 is just a example, and idk if we are in aniversary event when the whole server reach 15k the sta drop is activated, then the people will focus in the others "tiny" drops like asteron striker in the begining of the event, i also think that the drops need a change, i think the people are tired hunting on bosses for example, falz drop rr, lindcray, cent/battle, master sword,etc... So when those items drops in the events, the people will need to run ttf, rt or quests that the people are really tired, for example, people spam ccas to lvl up, when gal gryph drops hylian the people are tired of doing cca because they played a lot of this lvling up, in simple words, the bosses should not drop always the nice drop, hylian or any item should drop like pbc on morfos, or sinow soas, ill gill or those mobs that are fun to hunt, dorphon, etc. Just my opinion xD ofc pgf will always drop on olga, but in that case we need a diferent way to hunt olga than rt and seabed, 10 years or more of rt is a nightmare, adding some quest to hunt bosses would be awesome like military strikes back to hunt olga idk
  6. S>blank Psycho ravens

  7. S>blank psycho ravens, B>glide v00

    1. R-78


      Price on PR ? Offer on Glide ?

  8. S> psycho ravens (blank)

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