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  1. Gotta get my hands on those fausts! look fun (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ
  2. Hey there, ya here's the server's discord: https://discord.gg/mC5UX7Y Have fun! 👍
  3. It just occurred to me, but I believe on Ultima the base stats of all classes were boosted by a fixed amount. If I find the announcement, I'll link here. Take the above chart as reference only (that's based on official sega psobb server). 😅 Sorry, don't mean to derail your thread. As far as ultimate team my vote goes to: Slot 1: FOmarl / FOmar Slot 2: anything other than FO Slot 3: anything other than FO Slot 4: anything other than FO
  4. So it sounds like you might be saying there's really no innate advantage to one Fo over the other? Well, there are innate advantages to certain FOs (see below chart and especially notice the highlighted fields). I would say use their innate perks / stats to cater to your preferred playstyle and select gear around that. Many of the super effective Ultima gear is equippable my many classes. Check out the link I sent you before coupled with the item database to see what's worth getting. Though if we are wanting to avoid damage cancel and nuking is less effective, fomar and fomarl are going to be your better shooters and meleers correct me if I am wrong. Those are my thoughts too! FOmar/FOmarl are great choices for FO melee/range damage (FOnewm too, but to a lesser extent). Best to choose a class that has weapons/armors/class perks that most closely match the play style you get most enjoyment playing. I feel that FOnewearls' very high MST isn't enough to make her shine. Tech weapons with damage % multipliers (think Psycho Bridge, Psycho Wand, Sorcere's Cane, Glide Divine V00 and the like) are more effective at increasing nuke power than MST points alone. Her support boosts to Resta/Anti alone are outshined by FOmarl's. Penetrating megid is only occasionally handy, and there are a couple weapons that you could easily switch to get the same benefit (Demonic Fork, Ultima Reaper). Besides EP1, most enemies high such high element resistance that even with her 1.3 boost to the simple spells, she'd do more damage using powerful melee (Tyrfing, Vivienne) or range (Sacred Shot, Bringer's Rifle) weapons than spells for attacks to single enemies. In fact, probably her best strength is probably her ATA. She could most effectively use demon's weapons (Slicer of Fanatic, Bringer's Rifle) though.
  5. Howdy Britain, welcome to Ultima! I mostly play FO these days, so my post will be from that perspective. What is everyone's ideal squad? My opinion on what is an ideal team is more dependent on good equipment and less about races, although there are definitely some things to consider with certain race/class combinations. Differences in stats can more or less be accommodated with different equipment. On Ultima there are a number of class-bending weapons that really change the dynamic of how players can effectively play different classes. Take a look here for a summary of the new items: Useful specials for weapons: ✅ Hell (insta-death) ✅Demon's (reduces HP) ✅Freeze ✅paralyze ✅confuse ✅✅ bonus points for weapons that do high damage or hit multiple enemies and also have those specials Useful units: ✅ centuion / battle (boost attack speed even way more than V101, next time there's an event that has this dropping, make this your top priority to get it. In my opinion, this is single most important unit to have, forces included. You can do more damage and avoid damage from enemies easier with it) ✅ arm units (high acc is necessary if you're missing. You want to reduce misses as much as possible) ✅ V502 (increase specials chance of working) including death ✅ smartlink (significantly increases bullet accuracy for non rangers even though there is no change to your stats) 🚧 NOTE ON TECH DAMAGE: Besides equipment, at least 1 FO is helpful for jellen/zalure/shifta/deband. If you're going for an IDEAL squad, then probably not a good idea to be casting attack spells too often because of something called damage cancel. Add to that the fact that a lot of enemies on Ultimate have higher HP and even higher tech resistances, rendering nuking less feasible (on certain enemies). For this reason, my FO's attacks to be about 70% damage coming from melee/guns and 30% damage coming from spells.
  6. No one has reported anything from Falz on any difficulty from what I've seen. Are you the first? 😉
  7. should actually be able to be done if android os running on switch though. love that box art [emoji6] Sent from my SM-G970F using Tapatalk
  8. thx bob, got it! sorry about that Sent from my SM-G970F using Tapatalk
  9. Hey, was that Ultimate? For anyone who missed, you can enter data in questionnaire here as many times as you want: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScRUThtiYrY3nK-BQ2CIKbb79bzp1f_j3M4yWaKhD3_57K7EQ/viewform So far here is chart of people who either used the form to enter the data themselves or posted in this thread.
  10. Please use this form to report your Easter Event hunt findings: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScRUThtiYrY3nK-BQ2CIKbb79bzp1f_j3M4yWaKhD3_57K7EQ/viewform An easy to read drop chart is automatically updated based on those responses. This will save Bob from having to repeatedly update the main thread w/ updated Chart. Users will always have up to date chart when they access it: 2020 Easter Event Drop Chart: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1HTHccov3hYACXWGIRVln0xH7PnyOdIksT3jbYVul8yU/edit#gid=2110169300 You should be able to be set notification of changes to the spreadsheet too (I think you need a google account for automatic notifications of changes). Happy hunting 😉 Sample:
  11. Does this mean new 3d models can be added to the game? Newb here
  12. Welcome to Ultima! Sorry you had a sour experience. I've been in the same boat! Here are a few insights into why this my be the case and what you can do to get around it. Trust me, this game is still very much a fun game to play! 😉👍 Most folks have played all the standard vanilla missions (forest --> ruins, temple --> seabed, desert --> subdesert) in this game, so going to play through them can be a little slow for those who have played this game a lot. (long stretches going from room to room with few enemies, sometimes getting lost, sometimes getting stuck when a locked door requires multiple people to unlock). Add to the fact that these same folks probably have decent gear, so running through the vanilla freeplay levels can be a breeze. An easy fix is to play missions with high number of enemies / higher challenge. ✅ QUESTS, QUESTS QUESTS. There are tons of quests on this server, many of which are custom that have mad-fun spawns (way more enemies than normal) These days, I usually play these and put the name of the mission in the party name so others joining will know exactly what to expect. 1️⃣ Free play in one of the stages while you wait for more people to join. 2️⃣ Once you have a solid party, have everyone meet at the Hunter's Guild to start the quest. 3️⃣ When everyone is at the Hunter's Guild counter, go to the ULTIMA section, and you'll see a bunch of custom quests. Most of the missions in this section will have way more spawns than usual. Choose one and have fun! 4️⃣ At the end of the mission, see if anyone from the party will want to join in for another quest. Unless there's a push for me to play RT/TTF (power leveling a char, or hunting an event exclusive item), then I usually can't be bothered to play them because I've burned out of those myself 😅. I bet you a stack of 999,999 🟨 meseta that many other people feel the same way and would be happy to try something different, provided there's a good challenge (more enemies/spawns). Also, you may have luck using the discord group to help form parties beforehand. See ya in game! Example of Episode 2 custom quests:
  13. Pretty much all the new equipment is the released during events. A good place to read about the diff weps and see them is in the events section of the forums. Also this item database is up to date w all the equipment on this server. Very handy https://www.phantasystaronline.net/forum/index.php?/wiki/items/
  14. WELCOME TO ULTIMA SERVER! Indont believe there are any class changes, but there are tons of custom equipment now available that change how you normally play some classes (ex bazookas for forces, and shotguns for hunters). Link to the Ultima discord is in my sig 👌😉 Lotta custom quests too!
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