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  1. Hello ! What does "CTR" means ? At the far right of the armor list here : http://www.sandrenyl.com/pso/armor.html ? PS : Thank you so much ♥ Sandrenyl ♥ Noopy Edit : Thank you TripleR !
  2. Hi ! I am Noopy ! I am not a very new player and that is why I wanted to make a presentation. Well, I played on Ultima as a test (I did not know Phantasy Star Online before), and I never though I would stay...hu....woaw 9 months now ! So here I am ! Almost as a Noob as months ago, mainly because I don't speak a lot in game.... In the game I have one character of each class, (all between lv 70-145 as I write this post) they are : Loxias, Kamery, E-102, E-110, Røøkìe, E-97, E-107, Sielle, Ashitaka, Bleu, IRIS and Rouge Out of the game, I am me ! That is to say a friendly frenchy guys, who like many thing (from cooking to reverse engineering). I plan to stay here a little longer so never hesitate to ask me something in the game, people helped me A LOT, and so I like to help back. Noopy, PS : You can recognize me in the game with that : Have a nice day !
  3. HH start ! 180 min left !