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  1. Also, while rare, you can get some brightness circles in Oran on Del-Ds.
  2. Ultimate Ep4 Pinkal Zu Love Rappy's Beak Merissa A Angel Harp Girtablulu Photon Booster
  3. If you used different devices (such as 2 computers), you could get drops on all characters as long as the host's device was different from the other players'. So what was 60% on all players becomes 240% on a quadlogger.
  4. Ultimate Mines Ep1 Greenill Baranz Normal Drop Sinow Red DF Shield Canabine Rambling May
  5. Even in our own team, where most are in the same country, it was still difficult to get 4 players to participate because of conflicting schedules and family/jobs obligations. I can't imagine how difficult it would be for a team like Triforce or Terror where everyone is in different time zones and have responsibilities of their own.
  6. Which, whether purposefully or not, would stop anyone below the best time uploaded from posting their own, resulting in not having enough submissions. 15 dts is not as attractive as a DF 100h It was added right before the runs began. The problem for me is not that it was added randomly (it wasn't), but that you should have added that rule near the beginning and taken the registration of the teams at the end of the vote to see if there are enough teams so that people don't waste their time working for a nonexistent reward (getting your score on the leaderboards is not a ''reward''). I never asked for that. Jdhenry did. Most of which you can part with because you'll never use them anyway. I'm not asking you to empty your entire bank, but to give an item to those who actually spent the time for your event as a sign of appreciation for their dedication. They get credit on the leaderboards but not from you. While I have a lot of respect for Shiida and her abilities, everyone worked together as a team and saying it's HER team and HER times and commenting that their times were just ''alright'' devalues the effort they all spend those last 2 weeks. I will stop as well. It's clear that we're both wasting our time because we will not come to an understanding or at least a compromise. Have a nice day.
  7. If you have a limit of submissions, then you take them before the running begins. Then you cancel at that point if there are not enough participants. You don't add a limit WHEN the running starts, but before. Hit the nail on the head there. Also unrelated but: It may sound like a petty remark, but R-78 wasn't the only one who participated in that team and tried hard to get the best scores. At least acknowledge the other 3 participants. It's not her times but theirs.
  8. So because there are not enough submissions, you don't want to give any prizes, even with the amount of gear you'll never use? That's just a dick move. At least acknowledge their hard work and time spent through something aside from a spot in your leaderboard. Imagine something like the Powerball pulling that off ''Oh we didn't sell enough tickets this week so we're keeping the cash prize even though there's a clear winner. Better luck next time''. Not only that, but even with the proposed changes by Lipelis and 3Psy, fewer people would want to participate to whatever TA event you want to host next by fear of having wasted their time for no reward aside from a ''good job'' (which not even that, which is the bare minimum in politeness, would have been given if not for the people's rightful outrage at your complete silence), when they could've played on the main server to drop gear they wanted (it's not like there was an event going on at the same time where people wanted to farm some pretty useful items, that would be an insane thought /s). The Ultima TA community is already bare as it is, this situation doesn't help its case.
  9. We have a lot of talented people on the server, I don't think that'll be a problem.
  10. The reward was lost somewhere in Tower of Dreams. Whoever finds it can keep it.
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