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  1. Bomb Chu Yellowboze Del Lily Ep2 Ultimate Stealth Sword Greenill Sinow Spigell Ep2 Ultimate
  2. I'm in that pic! I'm the one getting flattened.
  3. Yes, the Green name ''event'' which consists of higher rare monsters appearances (and makes your name green) , has been removed since monday.
  4. I'm gonna say thanks as well. It's my first hit event and was really happy to add hit to my favorite weapons, like this bad boy: I understand the price hike (having personally farmed more than 1200 pds in 4 days) and the no splitting thing (there was already enough work for only 2 GMs, hit splitting as well would have been a nightmare) and am really grateful to @serverus and @R-78 to have wasted there weekend for us ungrateful souls, even when they're not in top shape.
  5. You don't need to have hit on your weapon to add some on it.
  6. I have the same question. If I have triple attributes weapons, can I delete 1 attribute to add hit or can I not use the weapon for the event?
  7. Even if it was the case, if a mod starts a thread with "I'm just asking for the lulz", you're not going to get an answer by asking them.
  8. My opinion is the same as Kikori and some others in that Monsters' Evp and elemental resistances should be lower because the former creates a pay-to-win situation, which I despise while the latter makes nuke forces irrelevant aside from ep4 except if they have extremely high tier rods. The rest (Atp def etc) is fine by me. To answer the question of the poll, I'd rather have the enemies closest to Ultima rather than Vanilla.
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