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  1. Great. Cannot wait to test it.
  2. bobshlibidich


    Translation: I'm asking people what they're willing to pay for it and I won't accept anything until they're willing to pay whatever I want or even higher.
  3. bobshlibidich


    2 pds. Seriously though, instead of making this fake auction, just give the price you want to sell those at. It's not like D-Photon Core is a hard item to sell.
  4. Also, while rare, you can get some brightness circles in Oran on Del-Ds.
  5. Ultimate Ep4 Pinkal Zu Love Rappy's Beak Merissa A Angel Harp Girtablulu Photon Booster
  6. If you used different devices (such as 2 computers), you could get drops on all characters as long as the host's device was different from the other players'. So what was 60% on all players becomes 240% on a quadlogger.
  7. De Rol Le is canonically a centipede, not a tapeworm.
  8. What stats are you looking for? I'm not trading mine at the time, but I'm sure someone who would like to trade would be interested in knowing.
  9. No way is a hylian shield 30 dts. 10-15dts at worse, but if he wants to buy one at 30dts, I'd gladly sell mine.
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