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  1. That's what the droprate was on the original game, hence Vanilla flavor.
  2. Except for making a new account, I don't think so.
  3. Adding to Starlord's post, Lost master blaster also has Saint Million and you can farm alis resolve at the same time, unlike most other ways to fight Saint Million which make you go in subterranean desert
  4. Centurion Legs Satellite Lizard Ult Oran
  5. Zanbacon on vhard booma oran too
  6. Cent legs on purple satellite lizard ultimate too
  7. Alis Resolve on Dorphon Ultimate Purplenum
  8. Status updates look more and more like my Facebook feed.

  9. Ultimate with Purplenum ID you find them on crimson assassin in episode 2 or canune in episode 1 It is also reward from the quest ''Raid on Central Tower''
  10. Necroposting ftw You might want to double-check the builds tested with the hylian shield (like fonewm builds) because the max stats thingy gives the player 20 ata instead of 20 mst with the hylian shield, and as far as I'm aware, and I may be wrong, MST and luck don't go higher than their maximum, even with armor/barrier bonuses, so you're wasting mind mats or Mind points in a mag. Someone confirm/correct me please.

    1. duja1001
    2. JADE


      Thank you both

  12. bobshlibidich


    Back in those days, colour didn't exist :3
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